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News Roundup, Nov 2014

Nov 30

WeHo Mayor John D'Amico Addresses Rodeo Drive Anti-Fur Demonstration

Salt Lake City bans horse-drawn carriages

Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Pig-Crate Ban

Too Many Dogs: A Simple Solution
"At the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota recently, the
barking could be heard even over the constant wind."

Deer hunts catch interest
"They enjoy the outdoors, the skill and that there's no negative
ecological footprint, said Tovah Cerulli, author of "A Mindful
Carnivore." The 34-year-old former vegetarian and vegan turned hunter
wrote his master's thesis on what he calls adult-onset hunting."

Dog stuffed in a sack with a plastic bag around its head rescued by
Animal Welfare officials

Persian Film Shows Animal Rights Abuses in United Arab Emirates

Animal rights group sounds alarm over 40m livestock deaths on UK farms

Mass animal sacrifice at Nepal festival goes ahead despite protests
Great number of animals killed in Hindu festival in Nepal

Pinay animal rights advocate from Cebu is Miss Earth 2014

Hampton Creek's data scientists team up with chefs to find the holy
grail of plant proteins
"They're weeding out billions of proteins from hundreds of thousands
of plants to figure out what could form the basis of a vegan
equivalent of an egg."

Get stronger on a plant-based, vegan lifestyle by following this method

Why going vegan may be your best new year's resolution ever

Portland Police arrest 35 in Black Friday vegan strip club riot
"Casa Diablo, billed as the world's first vegan strip club, held its
first ever Black Friday sale Nov. 28, and was clearly unprepared for
the onslaught of excited customers who braved the rain for hours for
the club's 5 a.m. opening."

VegRehoboth ThanksLIVING Dinner a resounding success

Local author celebrates animals with “A Pig in My Backyard”

Ina Hughs: Vegan fashion grows a following
"I learned about the growing "designer vegan" business this week when
I came across a report in The Week brief coverage of a new fashion
label called Vaute Couture which made a big hit at a show celebrating
Fashion Week in New York."

Be Vegan, But Do Not Impose Please

Nov 28

Christie vetoes politically charged pig crate bill

Lawsuit filed after group told they can't protest pet store
"SAN DIEGO - An animal rights group wants to protest in front of the
National City Puppy store owned by David Salinas."

Will food scandal lead to animal welfare law?
"BEIRUT: Several groups that advocate for animal welfare are hoping to
capitalize on the recent food scandal to improve the conditions for
animals in Lebanon's slaughterhouses."

12 Wild Photos From Nepal's Massive Animal Sacrifice

Animal Rights Protesters to Target Rodeo Drive On Black Friday Over Fur Sales

Animal rights' group ARAN to demonstrate in Dublin holding dead foxes

Barnardo furriers given cold shoulder by angry protesters
[International Fur-Free Friday]

Nepal's mass animal slaughter under way

Animal activists condemn research site

Switzerland Should Ban Dog Sausages and Cooked Cat, Group Says

Reindeer hide on sale at Edinburgh's Christmas

Filipino farmer seeks justice for hacked dog

Siberian animal rights activists protest after hamster stunt at
Parade-Allee circus

Animals Australia allege camel cruelty while live export company loads
ship in Adelaide

A vegan Thanksgiving
[Catskill Animal Sanctuary]

Triangle Vegetarian Society Hosts One of Nation's Largest Vegan Meals
Raleigh offers diverse dining options for vegans

A vegan Thanksgiving

Giving up 'cold turkey': What do local vegans eat on Thanksgiving?

Whole Foods Market's SW Region Recalls Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Business and entrepreneurs seize opportunities in rise of veganism

For MMA's few committed vegans, dietary challenges are worth the rewards
"That group would be MMA's small contingent of committed vegans, like
UFC bantamweight Alex Caceres."

JLo: Veganism isn't freaky!

A low-fat, plant-based vegan diet is the best prescription for diabetes!

Isn't Vegan Food Supposed To Be Healthy?

Vegan brunch at Equinox satisfies an omnivore's appetite

Nov 27

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Protests: Animal Activists Plan Naked
Demonstration to Protest SeaWorld Float

Wildlife officials consider deer hunting in state parks

Why the U.S. Is One of the Cruelest Places in the World for Lab Animals

PETA to DPS: Check the circus elephants

Brian May wins award for animal rights campaigning

Animal welfare advocate calls for more humane slaughter | Video humane+slaughter+Video/10417144/story.html

Town's reindeer parade called 'cruel and irresponsible' by animal rights group

Animal cruelty 'outrage' over 'flying hamsters at circus'

Whole Foods Recalls Vegan Pumpkin Pies

These Celebrity Vegetarians Won't Be Eating Turkey This Thanksgiving

Veganism for babies: A choice or a danger?

Bill Clinton's Vegan Diet and How He's Changed From McDonald's
""Two of the nation's leading vegan and vegetarian organizations say
they're willing to give Clinton a pass since he is mostly adhering to
the tenants of the diet" reported ABC News after Clinton's "cheating"
on his vegan diet was recently revealed by Dr. Hyman."


Jenkintown's Flora restaurant offers vegan fare globe_times_chronicle/news/doc547635fb57e8b345333437.txt

Nov 26

Stop eating cats and dogs say animal rights campaigners in Switzerland
"Hundreds of thousands of Swiss people eat cat and dog meat say
activists, who want the practice to be made illegal."

Lakritz: It's time for a charter of rights for animals

Court rejects animal rights group's complaint over Ebola victim's dog
"A Madrid court has “entirely” rejected a complaint brought by an
animal rights group against the region's health chief for ordering the
dog of Ebola survivor Teresa Romero to be destroyed to prevent the
transmission of the disease."

Animal rights protesters in Nepal seek to stop Gadhimai festival sacrifice

Obama pardons turkeys: 'I know some will call this amnesty'

Animal rights activists lose bid for tighter Rowell Ranch Rodeo rules

More invest in animal cruelty investigator training

PETA Plans Protest for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Celebrating the Turkeys at a Vegan Thanksgiving
[video; Farm Sanctuary]

Talking Tofurky With Newly Vegan Cory Booker

How to make that one vegan in your family happy on Thanksgiving how_to_make_that_one_vegan_in.html

No Turkey, Thanks! Stay Vegan for Healthier Holiday

Gluten-Free? Vegan? Thanksgiving Recipes For Alternative Diets

A vegan Thanksgiving

The stereotypes around vegetarians and vegans must stop: I've never
worn tie-dye, I'm not weak, and I can't stand Morrissey

Carrie Underwood Taking a Vegan Time Out

Nov 24

Monkey breeding farm protesters arrested in SW Florida

Animal rights group calls for new law - to stop Swiss eating CATS on
Christmas Day

Citing RTI reply, activists say Byculla Zoo trading in animals illegally

Wildlife Trade: 30,000 Endangered Animals for Sale Online with China
Biggest Customer

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Calls for Harvey Nichols to stop selling fur as film
reveals horror trade

Feral cats get winterized homes from animal rights groups

Petition Calls for Prosecution of Two Animal Rights Activists

Advocates, workers question euthanasia policies at Irvine animal shelter

Giving thanks for life

SC: Regulate animal sacrifice

Thanksgiving Fundraiser Goes Vegan To Support Rescue Animals

No Turkey, Thanks! Stay Vegan for Healthier Holiday

Animal Rights Campaign Makes A Stop At UK
"Just days before Thanksgiving, one group on the University of
Kentucky campus is asking students to rethink that traditional turkey

A Vegan Thanksgiving With Cory Booker

Hungry vegan fans raise $50,000 for first meatless butcher shop in Twin Cities

Robertson goes vegan ahead of UK Championship defence

Vegan charity against UK poultry targets Nando's
"Vegetarian and vegan charity Viva! has launched a campaign aimed at
turning consumers away from chicken and towards a meat-free diet."

Healthy Habits brings vegan meals to Dagsboro

Nov 23

Seven charged with trespassing at Hendry County monkey farm
"HENDRY COUNTY, Fla. - The animal activists say they were walking back
to their cars when the cops came rushing in from out of nowhere."

Funeral For Frozen Chicken Held By Animal Rights Activists At Grocery Store

Animal charter of rights drafted with policymakers in mind
"A Canadian animal rights group is promoting its “Charter of Rights
and Freedoms for Animals” as a way to further their protection, but
its practicality is being questioned by other legal experts."

POLL: Phuket's great animal debate

India police seize animals bound for Nepal sacrifice

British cat owner gets death threats after claiming to post photo of
pet locked in cage, submerged in bath

Group Teaches San Diegans How To Slaughter Animals For Food
"Local group Death for Food wants to connect meat eaters to the
process of how meat gets made by demonstrating how to slaughter
animals. Animal rights activists and vegans are not happy about it."

Chattanooga's Pilgrim's Pride one of worst poultry slaughterhouses in state
"Representatives of Animal Welfare Institute and Farm Sanctuary sent
letters to executives with Pilgrim's Pride and Tyson Foods notifying
them of their findings, which are based on a review of inspection
reports from last winter obtained through a Freedom of Information Act

Adams Man Starting Organization to Target Animal Abuse

Animal lover Hilary Swank co-hosts 'Fox's Cause for Paws'

Elephant welfare law could imperil circus in Oakland

Girl killed by dogs wanted to create shelter

Animal group removes pets from Helmetta shelter

Pets Plus stops selling animals raised in puppy mills north_penn_life/news/doc546a7f748b712651719286.txt

A Louisiana Town Wants to Kill This Young Girl's Dog

The turkey pardon: A guide to America's most absurd holiday tradition

20 years of Tofurky: Why eat fake meat?

Tofurky Thanksgiving: Vegan Entrees For The Holidays

A meatless Turkey Day: Student group offers free, veganized
Thanksgiving classics OPINION/141129673

Vegan Survival Tips for Thanksgiving

Why I Am a Pegan -- or Paleo-Vegan, Part One

Ask Well: Can Athletes Be Vegans?

How becoming a vegetarian can CURE diabetes: Plant-based diets improve
blood sugar levels, scientists claim

RZA Advocates Going Vegan With New PETA Campaign [VIDEO]

Colbie Caillat Wants to Start a Vegan Clothing Line

Nov 22

The English Badger Culls and "Wild Animal Rights": Yet Another Debate
in Britain's Parliament

EDITORIAL Protect animals with deeds, not just laws

Intensive Dutch animal farms seen vulnerable to disease

Facebook user bombarded with death threats from animal lovers after
'locking cat in box and putting it in bath as punishment for eating
her pizza'

Director to return to Oxford in screening of film that shows plight of
circus lions Director_to_return_to_Oxford_in_screening_of_film_that_ shows_plight_of_circus_lions/

Temple committee 'encouraging cattle smuggling'
"KATHMANDU, NOV 23 - Indian animal rights activists have alleged that
Gadhimai Temple committee has been persuading the people in the
bordering town of India to smuggle cattle to Nepal."

Plaintiffs ask for summary judgment in 'ag gag' lawsuit
"A coalition of animal and civil rights groups that filed a lawsuit
targeting Idaho's new Agricultural Security Act have asked for a
summary judgement in the federal case. The plaintiffs argue that the
material facts in the case are not in dispute and a trial is

Dogfighting thrives in years since Vick case

Toledo Furs hanging it up after 67 years
"During the early 1990s, furriers faced protests and criticism from
animal rights advocates, and Toledo Furs was among those picketed once
by such groups."

Locavore movement takes to deer hunting across US
"They enjoy the outdoors, the skill and the unknown '' and there's no
negative ecological footprint, said Tovar Cerulli, author of "A
Mindful Carnivore." The 34-year-old former vegetarian and vegan turned
hunter wrote his master's thesis on what he calls adult-onset

Chick-Fil-A Denies Animal Abuse As Angry Consumers Flock To Facebook
Page To Demand Mercy

Group: Tennessee poultry plants racked up citations

Animal shelter co-founder defends spiders' lives

Why I Grieve the Loss of a Pet Like the Loss of a Person

Man charged with killing neighbor's dog

Animal activists protest outside Roperti's Turkey Farm 2014/11/22/animal-activists-protest-outside-ropertis-turkey-farm/19415515/

Animal rights organization urges better conditions for IDF's vegetarians
"Let Animals Live says the army has failed to provide vegan soldiers
with food that matches their needs, even though the basic supplies are
already available in military kitchens."

Seattle mayor pardons Tofurky, because it's Seattle

John Mackey
"John Mackey is the co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Whole
Foods Market, the nation's largest chain of natural foods

Adventists plan vegetarian feast for Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, the president pardons a turkey (or two): What's the point?

Thanksgiving without Tom still a feast 11/23/thanksgiving-without-tom-still-feast/18896581/

Thanksgiving Vegetarian Recipes: 8 Vegan Takes On Traditional Dishes

Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes for Those Unconventional Guests

A Vegan Thanksgiving

Reader View: Vegan -- truly the spirit of Thanksgiving
"The Santa Fe Veg group draws a huge crowd every year with its annual
Vegan Thanksgiving potluck (all are welcome)."

Vegan potluck in Mendon raises money for animal sanctuary 141128524/12423/NEWS

'Just Mayo' marketing campaign leads to lawsuit

Going green: Elon University adds vegetarian dining options to its menu

Egg-free baking with these vegan staples

Series: All about the Vegan diet

Christie Brinkley to launch vegan skincare range

Nov 21

Intensive Dutch animal farms seen vulnerable to disease
"The Netherlands in 2006 elected the first animal rights party in the
world into parliament.
"Party for the Animals leader Marianne Thieme has no doubt that the
treatment of farm animals helped win her party the 120,000 votes
needed to win its two seats."

Israel's Top Scientists Call for Netanyahu to Ease Restrictions on
Animal Research
"In the past years, Israeli animal rights activists have made great
strides in preventing animal cruelty and limiting animal-based

Editorial: Museum's live animals best left to zoos

Snipers ordered to shoot escaped Highland cows in Germany 11246340/Snipers-ordered-to-shoot-escaped-Highland-cows-in-Germany.html

Ohio House bill to weaken 'puppy mill' provisions

Animal rights group criticizes RI coyote hunt plan

Proposed Exotic Animal Law Would Effectively Ban Circuses in Willowick
"A Northeast Ohio community is discussing the possibility of banning
circuses that feature exotic animals."

Getting to know... Friends for Animal Welfare
[Friends for Animal Welfare, Inc. (FFAW)]

WIN! Uniliever Lawsuit Gives Vegan Mayo Company $21 Million Worth Free
Advertising in a Week!

Cory Booker Goes Vegan for the Rest of the Year
"U.S. senator Cory Booker, noted vegetarian and dog hero, announced on
Twitter this week that he plans to eat vegan for the rest of the

Chile Tries and Fails -- Twice -- to Convict Vegan of Police Bombing
"He said he was persecuted for his non-conformism, his vegan diet, and
the fact that he is straight-edge -- all traits that he feels were
misinterpreted by the Chilean government in its efforts to satisfy
public demand for a successful terrorism conviction."

Thanksgiving Turkey Rescue: Spa Day and Vegan Feast for Beautiful
Birds | Karen Dawn

How to Feed a Vegan on Thanksgiving

Don't fear the vegan at your Thanksgiving table

Hold the turkey: Vegetarians, vegans prepare for pre-Thanksgiving potluck

Chomp Vegan Eatery moves in with Fairy Cakes in Vancouver
"When Chomp Vegan Eatery set up shop in Port Moody back in 2011, it
was the Tri-Cities' only fully vegan and gluten-free restaurant. Three
years later, the Tri-Cities' loss is Vancouver's gain."


Nov 20

Animal Rights Group Files 'Habeas Corpus' Petition To Free Orangutan From Zoo

Animal-rights activists pushing Christie to embrace pork

AWI Confront Amick Farms For Animal Mistreatment

Animal rights advocates concerned about enforcement of new dog-tethering laws

How Many Animals Will Die in This Year's Gadhimai Festival in Nepal?

Animal Rights Group Claims Abuse By Koch Foods, Chick-Fil-A

Animal rights activist Jo-Anne McArthur: "There's a war on animals"

Facebook post leads to animal cruelty charge in shooting of dog

Vegan mom speaks out over child's return, neglect accusations

These Happy Sanctuary Turkeys Might Change The Way You Feel About Thanksgiving

A Vegan Gives Ten Reasons to Skip the Turkey This Thanksgiving 10_reasons_to_skip_the_turkey_this_thanksgiving.php

Neglect charges against Florida vegan mother will likely be dropped: attorney

Vegans can give thanks, too

How Going Vegan Changed My Life: Three Real-Life Stories for World Vegan Month

A Prescription for a Plant-Based Diet Can Help Reverse Diabetes

Want a free vegan Thanksgiving dinner? Cafe Gratitude will hook you up

Chef Shares Alternatives To Meat And Dairy

A Thanksgiving meal that works for EVERYONE 20141120_A_Thanksgiving_meal_plan_that_works_for_EVERYONE.html

Thanksgiving is all about the (fake) turkey

Keep calm and pretend it's not vegan

Shopper's Dictionary: Vegan Celebration Roast

Nov 19

Animal rights group criticizes Vanderbilt's use of sheep

Mass protest against AstraZeneca HQ in Cambridge threatened by animal
rights activists and environmentalists

Chattanooga slaughterhouse accused of abuse

Animal rights group releases video of alleged chicken abuse at Rankin
County farm

Iowa politics have Christie hog-tied on animal rights bill

PETA, an Accomack County dog's death and the fallout

Laurel Cats gets state grant to help low-income pet owners

'A Vegan Survival Guide for the Holidays'

Turkeyless 'Turkey Day'

If Milk Can Be Made in a Petri Dish, Do We Need Cows?

Field Roast's Chao Slices the Best Vegan Cheese You'll Ever Have _cheese_is_the_best_vegan_cheese_youve_ever_had_draft.php

First Look: Cleveland Vegan Opens with Seasonal Fare and the City's
First All-Vegan Brunch

Nov 18

'Veil of secrecy' claim of animal rights campaign ___Veil_of_secrecy____claim_of_animal_rights_campaign/

France's wild boar hunting condemned as a 'bloody spectacle from another age' 11237238/Frances-wild-boar-hunting-condemned-as-a-bloody-spectacle-from-another-age.html

Animal rights should be human instinct

Activists' class action move
"ANIMALS Australia is attempting to intervene in the Federal Court
class action claim against the Commonwealth over the 2011 Indonesian
live cattle export ban."

Chairman Of Emirates Animal Welfare Society Honoured

Ireland's gay bull Benjy saved from slaughterhouse
Simpsons' co-creator helps save gay Irish bull

Cleveland Animal Protective League responding to calls about pets
being left outside in cold

Bay Area lab scolded for putting live rabbit in freezer

My Positive Perspective Broadcasts Episode Discussing Animal Rights
and Carolina Tails Magazine animal_adoption/prweb12333384.htm

Read letters from Grand Rapids kids asking city to 'stop the circus'

In David v. Goliath mayonnaise fight, court of public opinion has already ruled
"Getting sued by Unilever is turning into the best thing that Hampton
Creek could have ever wished for.
"Since the food giant filed suit Nov. 10 - claiming that the startup's
Just Mayo spread wasn't entitled to use the M-word because it contains
no eggs- everything has been coming up roses for Hampton Creek.
"The food fight has gone viral. Upward of 90,000 people have sent the
startup supportive notes, with nearly 29,000 signing an online
petition started by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. Celebrities from
actress Minnie Driver to super-VC Vinod Khosla have weighed in on
behalf of the startup."
After suing S.F. vegan startup, Hellman's changed mayo designation on own site
Justice for mayo? Round two in the condiment conflict
"Maker of Hellmann's and Best Foods mayonnaise files false advertising
suit against vegan upstart--only to realize it may be violating some
definitions, too. (Products in glass jars shouldn't throw stones?)"

Li Ka-shing turns up heat on food investment with vegan cheeseburger
"Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong business magnate and the richest man in Asia,
tried his latest technological investment–the vegan cheeseburger–in
Hong Kong recently. Li reportedly exclaimed, "Impossible!" after he
tasted the burger."

Florida's Ellen Jaffe Jones Named PETA's Sexiest Vegan Over 50 floridas_ellen_jaffe_jones_named_petas_sexiest_vegan_over_50_draft.php

Vegan Society pushes Tofurkey for Thanksgiving

Vegetarian recipes offer alternatives to turkey for Thanksgiving menu

Can a vegan diet work for cyclists?

5 Questions Vegans Are Tired of Hearing -- Especially on Dates

Vegan up, George

It's World Vegan Month! Registered dietitian talks about the diet and
its benefits

Nov 17

The growing trend of sharing images of animal cruelty on social media

Horror at Spanish festival where live animals are set on fire:
Protesters clash with police in bid to stop cruel tradition
Burning of the bulls: Protesters try to stop carnival where animals
are set ON FIRE

Va. woman not chicken about making a stand for birds

Tony the tiger to remain at Louisiana truck stop for now after animal
rights group's lawsuit dismissed

Hunting club may cancel endangered rhino hunt
"A Texas hunting club that auctioned off a permit to shoot an
endangered black rhinoceros in Africa said it will cancel the hunt if
a federal agency denies the winning bidder's request to bring the dead
animal back to the U.S. as a trophy."

Seal Meat: Veal of the Ocean?

Dog-loving Bengaluru euthanised 53,254 canines in 14 years

Horse racing in spotlight after Melbourne Cup deaths

Chicken colony plan seen as step backwards
"The resource consent hearing for potentially New Zealand's largest
colony chicken farm had a colourful start as animal welfare activists,
dressed as chickens, lined the entrance of the venue."

Ban on animal testing of cosmetics sought
"Animal rights activists may find it hard to sway regulation-averse
Republicans in Congress."

Maine rights panel rules against man who said restaurant discriminated
by asking for proof that pit bull was service dog

Making a comeback: Wild turkeys almost went way of dodo main_line_times/opinion/doc5468bd949054d246169761.txt

Being a vegan solider and the challenges they face
"(TRFW News) Veganism appears to be growing at a pretty good rate in
mainstream society. Whether it's ethical issues, personal preferences,
or religious beliefs, people have the right to choose what they desire
to eat. How does this extend to places such as schools, workplace,
prisons, or even the army?"

Going vegan in biryani city
"Veganiesta is the annual advocacy fiesta of Vegania, a virtual vegan
country campaigning for animal rights and veganism. And spearheading
this nation is Abhay Rangan, a Class XII student from Bengaluru."

Looking back on Philly Vegan Day

After suing S.F. vegan startup, Hellman's changed mayo designation on own site

10 unexpected vegans

In vegan cuisine, pea is for protein

Gangster Vegan Organics in Jeffersonville aims to change lives with
raw, organic food

Vegan mom tells how cops barged into her home to take her underweight
baby son into care for FIVE MONTHS in clash over soy diet

"Veg Week" promotes sustainable lifestyles

Save a chicken, go vegan

Vegans Can Now Run on Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Drinks

Nov 16

Federal ban sought for animal testing on cosmetics
"WASHINGTON (AP) - Hoping to build off recent bans in Europe and
India, opponents of animal testing for cosmetics plan to make a big
push for a similar prohibition in the United States. The effort could
be a tough sell in a Republican-controlled Congress."

USDA files second complaint in seven years against Santa Cruz company
for violating Animal Welfare Act

SeaWorld stock sinks 50% in 2014

ASPCA Lauds Bratton For NYPD Efforts Against Animal Cruelty

Proposed Bill Would Ban Tiny Cages For Egg-Laying Chickens,0,1211920.story

Regents approve animal research facility, admin changes during meeting

Animal rights activists demand ban on Fire Bull Festival in Spain

Three arrested in Liverpool city centre animal rights protest

Puppy's life is saved after being found with its EARS brutally hacked off

Landmark animal welfare law 'falls short' on preventing cruelty

Citing cruelty to horses, ikka-tonga race cancelled

Lush Prize recognizes Taiwan animal rights group

Game and Fish: Hunting contests don't put dent in coyote population

Idaho teacher kills, skins rabbit in class

Confusing 'comfort animal' laws lead to 3-year landlord-tennant battle

20 years of Tofurky, from vegan zombies to 'Jeopardy'

The Truth About Turkeys
"Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a heartless holiday for vegans."

Pass the Tofurky! Candle Cafe's Vegan Holiday Favorites

The reluctant vegan
"Our Final Child converted. And he's taken us with him."

Another Portland entrepreneur jumps into the Shark Tank
"PORTLAND, Ore- She sure shows a lot of energy in a preview clip of
the 100th episode of Shark Tank, in which she pitches her dairy-free
vegan line of cheeses."

Nov 14

Update: Central Wis. farmers react to cow-abuse video

UW lab animal chief cries 'foul' over activist tactics to expose
monkey care violations

Animal rights supporters slam rodeo bull death

Is a chimpanzee a 'person'? A lawsuit could hold the answer

Chris Christie tells Iowa voters he'll veto N.J. pig bill that's
unpopular in presidential battleground state chris_christie_tells_iowa_voters _hell_veto_nj_pig_bill_thats_unpopular_in_2016_presidential_battlegr.html

Activist asks MoEF to stop use of langoors for shooing away monkeys

Iowa man charged in animal cruelty case

Overseas hackers shut down dog rescue's website for bragging rights, expert says,0,4495392.story

If Vegans Replaced Plants With Insects, They'd Harm Fewer Animals

Vegan Mom Gets George Zimmerman's Attorney

Green (and gold) eats: Vegans talk benefits, challenges of diet on campus

Now Try This: Vegan donuts at Donut Panic

World Diabetes Day: Can Your Diet Alone Reverse Diabetes?

Nov 13

Tiger still on the loose near Paris

Controversial Idaho wolf hunt approved, angering conservationists

Celebrity bear who symbolised fight against cruel torture of bile
farms dies in embrace with women who rescued him

Animal rights group speaks out against reindeer at The Mall

Steps in Vietnam Toward Ending Illegal Bear Bile Trade

City council votes down proposed circus ordinance

UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION: Ashland pet shop slammed by animal rights group

CURTTRIGHT: Henry Doorly Zoo puts business above animal welfare

Charlotte, the puppy found battered in a plastic bag on Staten Island,
has a new home, ASPCA says charlotte_the_puppy_found_batt.html

Dog Walker Allegedly Kills Six Dogs, Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty
"A Canadian dog walker has been accused of killing six dogs. The
British Columbia woman pleaded guilty to two of the total six charges
she is facing."

Students, Peta activists demand all-vegan dining halls at university
"A campus outreach branch of the People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals (PETA) is advocating for an all-vegan dining hall at Arizona
State University."

Could a short term vegan diet improve overall health?

Detroit restaurant serves soul food - with a vegan twist

Nov 12

Seaworld entertainment profit falls more than estimates

Military Removes Live Animals from Combat Medical Training

Coyote hunt continues to draw controversy

Animal Rights Group: Horrific Abuse' at Shawano County Farm
"Mercy For Animals says a hidden camera investigation shows workers at
Andrus Dairy in Birnamwood kicking and punching cows, cutting off
their tails with pruning shears and shooting them with high-powered

Tim Phillips and Jan Creamer with Animal Defenders International talk
about their latest mission saving lions from circuses in Peru

Western Australian feedlot vandalised and truck set alight by anti
live export 'radicals'

First animal welfare law passed
A landmark victory for animal rights

NJ Twins Petitioning For Animal Rights
"Summit, New Jersey (My9NJ) - Efforts in New Jersey to ban the use of
gestation crates are heating up."

Olympia woman writes the book on vegan cuisine
"The eight years Applestein has been vegan have led to a new
e-cookbook, "Seitan's Kitchen," just released in October."

Vegan Mom Sarah Markham Faces Criminal Charges Over Underweight Baby

Seminole County vegan mom regains custody of infant after abuse allegations

J.Lo Goes Vegan: Who's Next?

Nov 11

Ted Nugent Observes Veterans Day By Calling Animal Rights Activists
"Subhuman Mongrels"

US War Games Will Slaughter Whales
"Naval predictions show upcoming war games will kill, or injure,
possibly thousands of marine animals, if the courts do not declare
training illegal.
"In the face of U.S. navy plans to conduct war games off the coasts of
California and Hawaii over the next four years, environmentalists are
taking legal action over concerns that hundreds, if not thousands, of
marine animals will be injured or killed."

Activists push to ban controversial coyote hunt


Animal rights activist wants to save Benjy, the gay Mayo bull, from

Bardot's call to end 'greatest collective sacrifice of animals'

Arson and danger in live export protest
"Live export companies say radical animal rights activists are putting
lives at risk after an arson attack on a feedlot and attempts to
sabotage brake lines on trucks used by the industry."

Animal rights activists celebrate after forcing criminal case on man
who had sex with dog

New St. Paul ordinance 'gives animals a chance'
"A new ordinance in St. Paul giving animal shelters more flexibility
and time to find homes for lost or abandoned animals has drawn both
praise and criticism."

Accused Brooklyn cat-kicker's lawyer says animal unproven to have been hurt

Yazoo City residents raise concerns about animal shelter

Soylent, the startup that wants to disrupt food, goes vegan

Vegan mom arrested over unhealthy newborn fights for baby's custody
"Markham is a Seventh-day Adventist, according to an arrest report,
and holistic healing is in line with her beliefs."

USC study says going vegan will lose you the most weight

No sausages involved with DJ Kishka's latest venture - the Cleveland
Vegan cafe, opening next week no_sausages_involved_with_dj_k.html
Cleveland Vegan Opens In November

Food entrepreneur brings meatless meals to Charlotte's vegans

Nov 10

Monkey suit: Hendry didn't warn public, group says
"Citing concerns about the potential spread of Ebola, the Animal Legal
Defense Fund is suing Hendry County on behalf of rural residents who
live near a future primate breeding facility."

Animal rights protestors send 'deafening' message to Japan to stop
Taiji dolphin slaughter
"Up to a thousand furious demonstrators gathered outside the Japanese
embassy in London to protest the "atrocious" killing of up to 20,000
dolphins, whales and porpoises in the country every year."

Dying Simpsons creator who is GIVING AWAY his $100million fortune
calls cancer the 'most amazing experience' as he enters his last days
"Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon has described his terminal colon cancer
as the 'most amazing experience of my life', because he is surrounded
by his loved ones and donating his $100 million fortune to his passion
- animal rights."

Raising an animal activist son: Acres founder Louis Ng and his family

Cat lovers demanding de Blasio stop shelters from killing strays

Pittsburgh Zoo under investigation over using dogs to herd elephants

SeaWorld Is Dying, Animal Exploitation Isn't

Blackfish and our lingering obsession with animals as entertainment

USC study finds vegan diet most effective at weight loss

Vegan mayonnaise maker sued by food giant Unilever

Which Indianapolis Colt eats plants only?

Vegan athlete runs seven marathons to raise funds for rescued animals athlete_runs_seven_marathons_to_raise_funds_for_rescue_animals/

ANIMAL AID: Plea to try vegan for a month with top actor

Nov 9

Animal rights activists clash with highlanders,Animal-rights-activists-clash-with-highlanders
"Animal rights activists blocked horse-drawn carts carrying tourists
through the Tatra Mountains on Sunday in protest against deaths of
exhausted horses in recent months."

San Francisco Zoo evaluating procedures after death of young gorilla

7 arrested during protest outside slaughter house
"Seven people were arrested on Thursday morning after a protest
outside a Toronto slaughter house."

The PETA ad deemed too racy for Times Square

Thousands marched for animal welfare
"Torch-lit parades were held in 16 cities all over Norway on Saturday,
as thousands marched to protest the country's fur industry and to
champion animal welfare."

UK subsidising BULLFIGHTING: Anger as EU asks for £13.5m to pay bull breeders

New law to protect animals in the pipeline

Animal Welfare Commissioner appointed

Former restaurant owner, vegan activist Molly Anderson leaves her mark

The Raw Food Blogger Whose Eyes Changed Color, Part 2

Veggie Fair tops State Fair of Texas

What do I do when my family hates me being vegan?

Vegetarians can get all the nutrients they need

Lisa Rinna's secret: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star is a 'dirty vegan--

Nov 7

Animal rights activists target Toronto slaughterhouse

Monkey breeding farm construction outrages animal rights activists
"HENDRY COUNTY, FL - Animal right advocates are expressing outrage
over a monkey breeding farm being built in Hendry County."

Animal rights group files complaint against Wildlife Safari
"WINSTON, Ore. -- A group out of California has filed a complaint with
the US Department of Agriculture urging for an investigation into what
they call a "premature death" of Alice the elephant at Wildlife Safari
in Winston."

Bill to ban circus animals is blocked by Tory MP despite Government support

How China's ivory addiction explains the new world economy

Miley Cyrus Outrages Animal Activists When She Gives Her Pig A Manicure painted_pig_toenails_photos_110714

Animal Rights Group Up in Arms Over Discovery's 'Eaten Alive'

Hundreds of neglected dogs found in area surrounding Turrialba Volcano

Animal welfare group hires ex-soldiers to protect red deer stag from hunters

Welfare advocates slam China cattle deal
"ANIMALS Australia has slammed reports of an imminent agreement being
struck between China and Australia on live cattle exports, along with
the Greens and independent MP Andrew Wilkie."

New Research Shows Vegan Diet is Best for Weight Loss"
"University of South Carolina scientists have determined that even
with carb intake, the vegan diet is best for weight loss"

Suit Claims Vegan Mayonnaise Not The Genuine Article
"Multinational consumer goods maker Unilever has filed suit in federal
court in Newark against an upstart maker of vegan mayonnaise, claiming
its condiment is falsely labeled because it contains no eggs."

PETA Sends Arnold Abbott Vegan Food to Help the Homeless and "Spare Animals" abbott_vegan_food_to_help_the_homeless_and_spare_animals.php

Vegan month teaches poverty mitigation and planet preservation aside from diet

Yogini/restaurateur brings new vegan cookbook to Woodstock yoginirestaurateur-brings-new-vegan-cookbook-to-woodstock/

Strangelove's, Vedge get vegan TV spotlight

Former TNA Champion dares you to go vegan

PizzaRev intros vegan sausage topping

Nov 5

Not 'furniture' any more: Animals in France get status upgrade after 200 yrs

Leslie Hamilton: Protest UW monkey experiments Thursday morning

Animal Aid website will let voters check politicians' animal welfare credentials

Brock students stand up for animal welfare

YDA debates PETA on animal experiments

Israel, the promised land for vegans

Don't Recreate the Turkey for Vegetarians and Vegans: Thanksgiving
Tips from Our Pros

Boise's New Vegan and Vegetarian Hangout

JCC plans to hold a vegan Thanksgiving celebration

Lowcountry vegans, vegetarians gather to share meals, spread the word

Nov 4

Group says University of Toledo illegally using pigs to train doctors

Voters to Decide Future of Bear Hunting in Maine

Lee considers repealing tough animal ownership rules
"During Tuesday's meeting, they set a Dec. 2 public hearing to
consider repealing a tough ordinance the board passed in February that
made Lee among the first in the state to mandate spay or neutering of
non-purebred dogs and cats."

Animal rights group condemn reindeer use at Glasgow on Ice festival

Act to enforce animal export ban
"KATHMANDU, NOV 04 - The Supreme Court of India has asked animal
rights activists and other parties, including the Home Ministry and
state governments, to come up with an action plan for effective
implementation of the restriction on the export of animals to Nepal
during the Gadhimai festival."

Animal rights activists push for industry changes after shock
Melbourne Cup death

Eaten Alive: Snake-Proof Suit Experiment, Show, Decried As Animal
Rights Violations

Top Israeli academics beg Prime Minister to protect animal research
"Pro-Test Israel"

British Lawmaker Calls for Labeling of Non-stunned Animal's Meat

Kerry McCarthy on vegan food loyalty card offer to MPs

North East vegan festival makes triumphant return at the Stadium of Light

World Chefs: Terry Walters dishes up judgment-free vegan fare

Vegan Doughnuts Aren't as Strange as They Sound vegan_donuts_not_as_strange_as_it_sounds.php

A fat-free noodle substitute? Yes (and much more)

Nov 3

Kerala: Animal rights group seeks PM Narendra Modi's intervention to
stop use of crackers inside forest

Melbourne Cup 2014: This is the ugly side of the race that stops a nation
"IT WAS the moment which stopped Australia in its tracks..."

Review of live export supply chain system expected before the end of the year
"More than three years on from a suspension in the trade of live
cattle to Indonesia, a review of the Federal Government system which
was introduced to prevent the abuse of Australian animals in overseas
markets is close to being finalised."

President Solís promises to submit bill in December against animal abuse
"Following a meeting with animal rights groups, Costa Rican President
Luis Guillermo Solís on Sunday evening promised the executive branch
would include a bill against animal cruelty as a priority for approval
in the Legislative Assembly starting next month."

Controversial Petland store managers meet with animal advocates
"KENNESAW, GA (CBS46) - Animal rights advocates met with managers of
the Petland in Kennesaw on Saturday to discuss how the store cares for
the puppies it sells."

Amendment to protect hunting, fishing rights to appear on MS ballot

Animal Control: Hoarder Who Shot California Animal Control Officer
Found Guilty of Murder

Dog fighting sentences range from 1-5 years
"MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- As a federal judge began handing down
sentences Monday for high-stakes dog fights in Alabama, three people
received punishments ranging from one to five years in prison."

Cambodia Feeds Booming Global Monkey Trade

Feral cats: environmental scourge or the way to end chemical pesticide use?

WORLD VEGAN DAY: Ten horrifying problems every vegan faces

Dish | Southern-style vegan food truck in works

Kate Farms' Komplete Vegan Shakes Return to Stores

Mcbusted - Mcbusted Stars Turn Their Backs On Meat
"McBusted stars Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher turned vegetarian and
vegan after watching Joaquin Phoenix's harrowing animal rights
documentary, Earthlings."

Nov 2

Greyhounds race; greyhound advocates protest

Those who cannot file suit cannot be legal persons

Dog Meat Trade in Thailand Is Under Pressure and May Be Banned

Inside Arpaio's pet shelter, where pets get new life -- or life sentence
"Maricopa Animal Safe Haven (MASH) Unit, run by Joe Arpaio, America's
self-proclaimed toughest sheriff."

Tip-line open to report farm animal abuse

Animal rights group PETA urge Paul Daniels to drop live animals from his act

India destroys stockpile of illegal wildlife parts

2 mutilated alligators found; poachers suspected

March Against Animal Abuse in Costa Rica

Vegan Cape Town teacher in trouble: Report
"Melanie Thomet, who teaches English at De Kuilen High School in Kuils
River, Cape Town, is a "vegetarian and an animal rights activist". She
says she is neither an atheist, nor a Christian."

Vegan? Not for me, today

Paul and Stella McCartney back Forest Green's vegan ethos _back_Forest_Green_s_vegan_ethos/
"WORLD music legend Paul McCartney has voiced his support for Forest
Green Rovers who staged the world's first vegan football match on

Will Chris Christie Bow to Iowa's Pork Kings?
"Even McDonalds has stopped housing its pigs in tiny cages. So why did
Chris Christie veto a bill to ban the practice? Iowa's politically
connected pork barons might know."

Bear-baiting with doughnuts? The referendums of the US mid-terms

Calgary man gets $1,500 fine, 10-year pet ban for dog abuse case

PETA criticises Sydney aquarium for after-hours Halloween party

Charges dropped against Alameda arson suspect
"Friends of the animal rights activist and musician had expressed
disbelief at the accusations against him, saying he had been in the
wrong place at the wrong time."

Two Orca Whales Held In Rusted, Cramped Concrete Tanks In Moscow

Vegan-friendly city going 'whole hog' as 70th anniversary marked
"Today, up and down the United Kingdom, events will celebrate World
Vegan Day, the start of World Vegan Month."

Mpls. Siblings Raising Money To Open First Vegan Butcher Shop

World Vegan Day 2014: 'Naked' Peta protesters lie covered in 'blood'
at Trafalgar Square

World Vegan Day: The many benefits of going meat-free

Vegan is the way to go!
"There has been a slow but steady increase in the number of people
turning vegan in the city. No wonder, then, that tea parties with
grilled tofu, hummus and soya milk payasam are becoming a hit."

Vegan Is a Way of Life

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