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News Roundup, May 8-14

May 14, 2014

Ohio bill would let protection orders cover pets
"COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio bill would allow cats, dogs and other
family pets to be included within the scope of protection orders
obtained by victims of domestic violence or stalking."

California bill would let owners dine with their dogs
"The California Assembly passed a bill last Thursday that would allow
restaurants to open their outdoor dining areas to pet dogs if they so
choose, unless a local ordinance prohibits it. Currently, the
California Retail Food Code prohibits live animals at dining

Animal rights group releases more shocking pig farm images _pig_farm_images/7236859
"Recent images taken in secret by the Finnish animal rights
organisation Oikeutta eläimille (Justice for Animals) reveal that
pigs’ holding conditions are not improving, despite a quality
benchmark programme introduced by the meat sector."

Deal reached for former soldier with PTSD
"WINNIPEG - A military veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder who
was removed from a bar in western Manitoba for having a dog at his
side has reached a settlement with the local police force.
"The confidential settlement -- a payment by the Brandon Police Service
to Billy-Jo Nachuk -- is one of several cases where veterans with PTSD
have been questioned about why they need a service dog."

Talk to the Animals: Animal testing causes 'severe suffering' in NZ (+graphic)

Protesters prepared to take risks to disrupt Canberra kangaroo cull

Animal lovers hold protest outside zoo
"A PROTEST against animals being kept in captivity was held outside
Bristol Zoo."

Harsher penalties for animal cruelty to be discussed next week
[Malta; video]

London animal advocates want humane 'beaver deceivers'
"Members of the city’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC) were
in council chambers Monday (May 12) to plead with councillors to
create a no-kill policy for nuisance beavers."

Raccoon or Dog? US Government Decides the Fate of Animal Fur
"Is this animal, Nyctereutes procyonoides, best referred to as an
Asiatic raccoon or as a raccoon dog? The answer to that question is
actually more complicated than you might think -- and could determine
whether this animal will be killed for its fur or not."

Iowa Ranked Fourth Worst in U.S. Humane Society Puppy Mill Report

The Great Bull Run Aims For SoCal, But PETA Waives the Red Flag

Vegan Foods You Already Love -- And Didn't Even Know Were Vegan

Vegan Soul Food Restaurant Gives Harlem Diners Healthier Options
""I heard about how bland vegan food was," said Beener, 60, who hasn't
eaten meat in almost 25 years. "I heard that people of color wouldn't
be interested.""

Jennifer Lopez follows in Beyonce's footsteps as she cuts out dairy
and meat for new vegan diet

Swap Your Tired Leather for a New Pair of Cruelty-Free Wills Vegan
Shoes and Get 20 Per Cent Off
"Once they learn about the cruelty of the leather industry, most
people can’t wait to stop wearing the skin of dead animals. Now, we’re
making it even easier to “veganise” your wardrobe by teaming up with
stylish ethical shoe company Wills!"

May 13, 2014

'Ag-Gag' Movement Spreads to Australia as Public Figures Call Animal
Activists 'Terrorists'

Canberra kangaroo cull to shoot 1600 animals, put others on pill

'Govt hypocrisy' riles animal welfare advocates
"While animal rights advocates are celebrating a win with an abolition
on animal testing for party pills, greyhound protection advocates are
accusing the government of double standards."

Ending cruelty to animals
"The Supreme Court has given primacy to the safety of human
participants and animals rather than the argument that jallikattu has
cultural and religious significance for the Tamil community."

PETA gets Porsche to drop use of tigers
"Atlanta-based Porsche Cars North America has urged dealerships to
ditch plans to use tiger cubs in promotions for its new Porsche Macan
SUV after the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals complained."

cats in traps fuels new animal cruelty debate
"Sheri Kosel with South Dakotans Against Animal Cruelty says she was
shocked and then disgusted by the stories. Kosel says there may be a
loophole on traps in South Dakota's first animal cruelty law passed by
the legislature this year."

Vegas bird death: Law school grad gets probation for animal cruelty
"Vegas bird death: A University of California law school grad beheaded
a helmeted guineafowl named Turk. For killing the bird during a
drunken escapade in Las Vegas, he was sentenced to up to four years
probation and 16 hours of work per month in an animal shelter."

Manchester Utd coach Phil Neville gives meat the red card to go veggie
and save the planet
"Former Man Utd and Everton footballer Phil Neville has banned
burgers, bangers and bacon butties from the dinner table for a
vegetarian diet of seeds, soya and quinoa"

8 Vegan Restaurants: Eating vegan gets easier every day!
"It used to be tricky to find vegan restaurants, but thanks to vegan
chains like these, finding vegan food is getting easier and easier."

Chipotle? TCBY? Vegan Options Popping Up Across US Menus

The Vegan Honeymoon is Over for Daily MailStaffer

An Open Letter to BurgerFi from a Vegan 05/an_open_letter_to_burgerfi_from_a_vegan.php

Union Square Donuts Introduces a Vegan Donut

Can You Follow a Vegan Paleo Diet and Get Enough Protein?

Vegan Bakery Cinnaholic Wins Big on Shark Tank!

Jamie Henkel: Colleges should offer more options for a vegan diet


May 12, 2014

Ringling Brothers Controversy [PHOTOS]: Circus Company Stirs
Controversy On Animal Cruelty With ‘Human Chandelier' Accident

More than 100 animals taken from New York home

Apartment complex using DNA to determine which dog pooped on the property

Wild horse holding facilities sought in the West by BLM wild_horse_holding_facilities.html

Feral Cat Attacks, Injures Realtor and Client Inside Home
"Bryn Erin Ward is recovering after being attacked by a cat on Tuesday
night while showing a client a home in New Westminster, the Vancouver
Sun reports. The attack left her battered and bruised--with five
stitches on her face, a black eye and ugly cuts to her legs and arms."

Brazil confirms second case of atypical mad cow disease

Cattle subjected to daily torture
"The civic body in North Delhi has this week decided to crack down on
unauthorised dairies, citing the deplorable treatment being meted out
to animals."

BEING VEGAN – Let's Remember All Mothers Today
"So why are so many so casual in regards to how we treat the mothers
of other species and their young?  How can we over and over again
artificially inseminate female animals in factory farm situations so
they can breed, often in more regularity that is often natural?"

Dietitians dish tips for vegan athletes
"When Canadian Olympic medallist Meagan Duhamel's former skating
partner and her coach told her becoming a vegan would leave her
malnourished, she proved them wrong and learned some tips for average
athletes who are also seeking healthier menus."

EarthTalk: Meatless substitutes expand as more people go vegetarian
"Dear EarthTalk: I recently became vegetarian for ethical reasons, but
I am missing the taste of meat. Are there any tasty veggie options out
there that can satisfy my desire for steak and chicken?"

Why My Kids Are Vegan (+ Tips for Feeding a Veggie-Averse Guest)

‘Juice Press' to open retail store and production plant in Long Island City

May 11, 2014

King the cat recovers after being kicked 20 feet by Brooklyn man
"The 1-year-old cat is currently recovering at the ASPCA Animal
Hospital after surviving a brutal kick in the stomach by a 21-year-old
Brooklyn man. The ASPCA says King is not yet ready for adoption."

Animal Planet Star Visits BU Debate Team
"Students at Binghamton University had a rare chance to debate
alongside Animal Planet star Paul Watson."

Reward offered after dead goat incident
"An animal rights group has announced it is offering a $1,000 reward
for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever
recently hung a baby goat's carcass on the fence outside Petaluma High

Texas veterinarian still suspended in cruelty case
"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A Texas veterinarian facing animal cruelty
charges must remain suspended amid allegations he kept some pets alive
after telling owners the creatures were euthanized."

Cop Who Killed Beloved Dog Indicted Could Face Jail Time After Grand
Jury Indictment

China to end mandatory animal testing for cosmetics
"Protecting the rights of animals has become a big issue in many
countries, Chinese law currently requires all cosmetics products to be
tested on animals -- meaning some international brands have stayed out
of the mainland. But the Chinese Government says that from this
summer, cosmetics companies will be able to choose whether or not to
test on live animals. Ahead of the move, Chinese scientists are now
learning about alternative test methods."

India to ban import of animal-tested cosmectics
"NEW DELHI: India is all set to impose a ban on the import of
cosmetics that have been tested on animals citing the "cruelty"
involved in the process of testing the cosmectics on animals."

Norwegian cows get full pampering in Bosnia

Lara Bingle lends her support to animal rights campaign group which
named her 'worst dressed celebrity'

Animal rights activists call for trap-neuter-return law
"TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Animal rights activists yesterday took to the
streets in Taipei demanding that the government introduce a
"trap-neuter-return" (TNR) law to humanely handle stray animals."

UK Shechitah Advocate Wants Precise Labeling for Meat Industry
"The letter appeared amid demands for labeling of halal and kosher
meat, which some animal rights activist believe is produced in a cruel
manner because it bans pre-slaughter stunning."
EU labelling of meat stunned before slaughter rejected by Britain
"Identifying meat that has been pre-stunned was opposed by UK in 2010
amid fears it discriminated against Jewish and Muslim communities"

Study: Global Veganism Would Reduce Carbon Emissions More Than Energy
"Producing nearly 15% of the Earth's greenhouse gas emissions, the
meat industry is one of the top contributors to climate change.
Slowly, very slowly, movements like Meatless Mondays and Vegan Before 6
have demonstrated the value, and deliciousness, of adopting a vegan
diet, but a carnivorous diet is still seen as evidence of prosperity."

New vegan cafe is anything but an afterthought
"Kyan should be no stranger to Philly vegans, having plied her
cold-pressed juices and confections around town for several years now,
always with an eye to getting a storefront going."

Startup reinvents meat and bets you can't taste the difference
"Brown and Taylor have created a new kind of chicken: Beyond Meat.
It's a plant-based chicken strip made of soy and peas that is regarded
in the fledgling mock meat industry as having achieved something no
other such product has managed to do. Beyond Meat not only tastes, but
tears and feels like chicken."

Holy Crap: A Cereal That's Out of This World. Literally
"When entrepreneurs Corin and Brian Mullins changed the name of their
gluten-free, vegan organic breakfast cereal from the more genteel Hapi
Food cereal to the more attention-grabbing Holy Crap cereal, sales
started increasing."

May 10, 2014

Animal rights activists take aim at bear act scheduled to appear at
Hawaii state fair 14debca14ebd440096a76b508b5862ae/HI--Bear-Act
"Animal Rights Hawaii President Cathy Goeggel says the act is a tawdry
traveling show that exploits animals. She says long-distance travel is

Pamela Anderson Talladega visit brings attention to animal rights

Dogs should be off the menu, say animal lovers
"Dog meat is consumed by people across the archipelago, including in
Medan, North Sumatra; Jakarta; Bandung, West Java; Yogyakarta;
Surakarta, Central Java; Bali; and Manado, North Sulawesi."

Electoral video banned over king's hunting photo
"Spain's Central Electoral Commission has banned an animal rights
party's campaign video which featured a photograph of King Juan Carlos
during an elephant hunt."

Victory! India Bans Bullfights and Bullock Cart Racing

Inside the Nation's First Vegetarian Public School
"May 8, 2014 | Thursday is always vegetarian, and sometimes vegan,
in the cafeteria at Public School 244 in Queens, the nation's first
non-charter public school to serve only vegetarian meals."

Going Against the Grain Part 2: Vegans in Nebraska

"Cinnaholic is a Berkeley, California-based vegan cinnamon roll shop
with a twist."

10 Worst Reasons To Go Vegan

May 9, 2014

The Argument For Banning Horse Carriages

Animal rights activists cheer Oregon Zoo changes

Darigold focus of lawsuit alleging animal abuse, violations of workers rights

OHSU cited for abuse of 22 research monkeys
"PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -- A Portland lab that houses more than 5,000
research animals is under fire. U.S. Department of Agriculture
inspectors cited Oregon Health and Science University for the deaths
and injuries of 22 primates."

$5,000 offered for info on killing of mother seal
"PORTLAND – An animal rights organization posted a $5,000 reward for
information that leads to the arrest of the person who ran over and
killed a mother seal on the Washington Coast."

TEMECULA: Bull run event canceled; LA venue eyed

Orphan bear cub rescue hotline set up by animal rights groups
"Two animal protection groups have launched a hotline for people to
report orphaned bear cubs in the wake of the Ontario's revived spring
bear hunt."

AstraZeneca in High Court battle with animal rights campaigners
"Giant pharmaceuticals company and hostile take-over target,
AstraZeneca UK Ltd, shifted its focus to winning a High Court
injunction against animal rights campaigners who it says pose a threat
to construction of its new Cambridge HQ."

Inside the house of filth where animal charity worker kept pets in
conditions so bad police officers were forced to wear GAS MASKS for
rescue operation
"Dorothy Harland, 58, was a founding member of the Emergency Animal
Rescue Service (EARS) in Ripon, North Yorkshire."

Dead cats and rabbits on the Independence Day barbecue
"...the radical vegan movement has taken a strong hold in certain
circles, and controversial international superstar activist Gary
Yourofsky is wildly popular when he brought his message to Israel in

Halal meat at Pizza Express: Animal rights come before religion

How To Talk To Your Kids About Veganism

Vegan Cheese Alert! Dr. Cow Opens Tree Nut Cheese Shop in Brooklyn

May 8, 2014

Animal law expert Will Potter says whistleblowers should be praised,
not prosecuted
"On a tour organised by ­animal-rights group Voiceless, he said
Australian farmers were trying to ­silence activists."

Federal Judge Dismisses Challenge to WeHo Fur Ban, Leaving State
Lawsuit an Option
"A federal judge has dismissed a challenge to West Hollywood's fur
ban, leaving it up toMayfair House, which filed the challenge, to
decide whether to appeal his decision or continue to pursue the issue
in state court."

'Animals have the right to live peacefully': Supreme Court bans Tamil
Nadu's traditional bullfights after animal welfare outcry

Australia's Shark Cull Condemned By Animal Rights Groups Who Brand
Policy 'Bad Ethics And Bad Science' (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

SaMo Animal Rights Activist Trying to Take Down Pony Rides samo_animal_rights_activist_trying_to_take_down_pony_rides.php

Everything You Need to Know About the Piglet-Killing Virus That's Hit
the Pork Industry
"In May of last year, researchers at Iowa State confirmed that a virus
that targets piglets had been found in the United States. Since then,
about 7 million baby pigs have succumbed to the virus and the U.S.
pork industry is predicting up to a seven percent shrink in output
this year. So what is this disease and should you be scared of it?"

Vegan P.S. & Company opening in Rittenhouse
"How about a restaurant that is (deep breath now) all vegan, all
gluten-free, kosher-­style and 97 percent organic."

Yes, You're Vegan, But Your Tattoo Probably Isn't

Pending Vegan


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