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News Roundup, May 22-31, 2014

May 31, 2014

Animal rights group responds to SB 250
" California-based animal rights group that has been in and out of
court -- victoriously -- fighting Grosse Tete truck stop owner Michael
Sandlin over his caged Bengal-Siberian roadside attraction tiger is
calling on those who support allowing "Tony" to live out his days in a
sanctuary to contact Gov. Bobby Jindal and urge him to veto the Senate
Bill 250."

Activists say 'no' to Amazon foie gras sales
"Over 20 demonstrators with the Mercy for Animals (MFA) organization
demonstrated against Amazon's sale and distribution of foie gras in
front of the Seattle Repertory Theatre (155 Mercer St.) where Amazon's
annual Meeting of the Shareholders was being held."

Animals rights lawyer faults AG in dog abuse case
"ALBANY -- An animal rights attorney blasted Attorney General Eric
Schneiderman on Friday for battling an effort to arrest a Columbia
County man who allegedly left his dog chained up in sub-zero
temperatures last winter."

Idaho gag law hides horrors of ag industry

Ridiculous New Super PAC Targets Animal Rights Movement
"The Protect the Harvest Political Action Committee is a "social
welfare" nonprofit that seeks to teach the public about "the benefits
of farming, ranching and hunting" and to advocate "for the right to
conduct such activities.""

De Blasio still undecided on lifting ferret ban
""Have we acted yet? No, we have not acted yet. The Department of
Health proposed a change. There will be a lengthy process to determine
if that will actually come to pass," the mayor told reporters after a
universal pre-kindergarten announcement in Queens."

Karin Holmes charged with four counts of animal cruelty
"Investigators from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control received
a call from Karin Holmes stating that she broke her leg and could not
care for her five dogs."

Urban Adamah explains decision to slaughter hens

Ashley Richards jailed over erotic 'crush video' killings of cats and dogs
"Ashley Richards, 23 has been jailed for 10 years for the torturing of
dogs and cats to death and filming it for 'crush video.' Crush video
entails the depiction of crushing of food, inanimate objects for
sexual arousal and in some instances also includes degrees of animal

May 30, 2014

Tiger Truck Stop bill advances to final passage in Louisiana Legislature truckstop_tiger_louisiana_legi.html

Animal Welfare At Issue in Fight Over Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides in NYC
"NEW YORK -- A campaign by animal-rights activists to abolish
horse-drawn carriage rides in New York gained a powerful supporter
with the election of Mayor Bill De Blasio last fall, or so it seemed
at first. Even before he was inaugurated, the new mayor said he
planned to move "quickly and aggressively" to ban the horse-drawn
carriages, which take passengers on rides through Central Park and, at
certain hours, along some Manhattan streets."

'Radical Animal Rights Movement' Gets New Foe
"An Iowa-based organization dedicated to combating "the radical animal
rights movement" and led by a former Missouri Republican senator's
chief of staff has launched a new super PAC, according to paperwork
filed with the Federal Election Commission.
"The Protect the Harvest Political Action Committee told the elections
regulator that it "intends to raise funds in unlimited amounts" to
call for the election or defeat of federal candidates."

4 bears rescued from North Carolina backyard arrive at Alpine animal sanctuary

Charges Dropped Against Women in Animal Torture Porn Case
"Animal cruelty charges have been dropped against two women who had
been accused of taking part in an animal torture pornographic video in
South Florida."

Sheepshead Resident Ariel Jasper Leads Fight To Legalize Ferret Ownership
"For the first time since 1999, New York City is considering reversing
a ban on ferret ownership in all five boroughs. Though ownership is
legal throughout the rest of the state, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
enacted a citywide ban, which the Bloomberg administration defended."

Welfare groups oppose live exports to Iran

Boys on video admit killing 10 cats
"Durban - A Durban animal rights group has obtained footage of several
boys admitting that they kill pets – cats in particular – to feed
their hunting pack."

Naked protests: From topless bike rides to freezing nude hikes and
gruesome animal rights campaigns

Limerick animal rights campaigners to stage protest over circus tigers
"ANIMAL rights campaigners in Limerick are up in arms over a visit to
the city by Courtney Brothers Circus, who they claim keep tigers in
cramped, filthy and tiny cages."

A search engine designed to make a vegan's life easier
"Blogger, crafter and vegan Becky Striepe created The Great Vegan
Search Engine as a time-saver for herself. Now she's sharing it with
the online world."

Making millions selling vegan shakes
"Brendan Brazier is calling from the Los Angeles airport, on his way
home to the hippie enclave of Topanga Canyon, west of the city. The
former Ironman triathlete and two-time Ultra Marathon champion from
North Vancouver is in transit from a meeting in Washington, D.C., with
Sam Kass–Barack Obama's chef, and executive director of Michelle
Obama's Let's Move campaign. In the near future, he'll be attending
the premiere of Nash: The Documentary, about B.C. basketball superstar
Steve Nash; Brazier will be there because Vega, the Burnaby,
B.C.-based natural health brand he helped launch a decade ago, is one
of the sponsors."

Google Hangout Live Stream: Interview with 9-year-old Daniel
Bissonnette Vegan Activist

4-H offers life skills to young people
"Club members had an opportunity to ask Emily about vegan and gluten
free food. Emily explained vegan food as "a type of diet that has
nothing that has come from an animal and there are a few reasons why
someone might consider being vegan. It can be very healthy choice for
ethical or religious reasons. Another reason is for sustainability and
reducing our carbon foot print. The plant matter that goes into
raising a beef cow to market exceeds the amount of food we are able to
get from the cow.""

Food Trucks From Baltimore, D.C. and Philly To Compete in 'Taste of
Three Cities'
"Vegetarian and vegan options"

Roller girls share their meatless diet tips _meatless_diet_tips.html
"PHILLY Roller Girl all-stars Angela Luczejko (Antidote), Mishel
Castro (Castro) and Caroline Voyles (ClamJammer) stress that their
diets vary dramatically in season and off. I asked about the foods
they associated with derby days. Here are their responses, edited for

Vegan cafe opens to teach Philadelphia how to 'eat well and feel well'
"A new vegan restaurant recently opened near Rittenhouse Square at
1706 Locust Street -- and its owner, Andrea Kyan, wants to teach you
how to cook like a vegan."

Are vegans healthy or crazy?

Land Ho: After a rocky few months, the Vegan Yacht finds smooth
sailing at Spider House

New Cheltenham vegan café will 'help cancer patients' - owner

May 29, 2014

Animal rights raise touchy questions in 'Endangered Species'
"Self-examination, animal rights and a call girl make for some awkward
moments in Tom Baum's "Endangered Species" at the Detroit Repertory
Theatre through June 22."

To end this evil, end animal property

Beaver Trapping a Hot Issue in Irving

Should dog walker be charged with animal cruelty after 6 pets died in truck?

Traveling zoo 'not cool' with protesters
"GREENSBORO -- Golden Gate Shopping Center's new owner brought in a
traveling zoo to stir up interest in renovations there and in the
process stirred up animal rights activists who say such zoos are
inherently cruel to animals."

Ozzy Eastcoast humpbacks diversify migration routes
"As you read this, thousands of fat humpback whales are converging on
the Australian East Coast from across the Antarctica."

Landmark Australia-Iran Livestock Deal Sparks Animal Welfare Fears

More than 1,600 kangaroos due to be shot in Australia for eating too much grass

Animal abusers safe from penalty in Israel
"Israeli animals are protected by law but the enforcer is nowhere to
be seen, says Environment Ministry."

Local convention for animal welfare workers serves plant-based foods only
"At the week-long Animal Care Expo at the Ocean Center last week, the
tables were turned when vegans monopolized the menu, as in no
animal-based food products allowed. Morning bagels were served with
cashew butter, jam or soy cream cheese."

West Seattle crowdfunding: Ready for the city's 'first 100% vegan
ice-cream-sandwich' truck?

Berry Sleepy Officially Goes Vegan
"With a name like "Berry Sleepy", one would expect the natural sleep
aid to be vegan friendly. Now, it's official. Berry Sleepy announced
it was recently certified vegan by the nonprofit organization Vegan

Williamsburg shop Dr. Cow makes vegan-friendly cheese without dairy
"BROOKLYN - Countless types of delicious concoctions can be found in a
Williamsburg cheese shop that doesn't use animal milk."

Vegans cakes contain no eggs or dairy


May 28, 2014

3rd wolf petition would leave hunt decisions in hands of NRC, scientists
"LANSING - There are already two wolf hunt petition questions on the
November ballot, and now there may be a third."

NYPD surveillance of political activism questioned
"The complaint was filed by a coalition that includes environmental,
human rights, housing rights and animal rights activists. It accuses
NYPD of targeting "First Amendment protected activities like political
advocacy" that provide "vital nourishment to our democratic system of
government and prevents its corruption and atrophy.""
NYCLASS Plots to Sway Undecided Pols on Horse Carriage Ban

Baltimore animal shelters pushing for 500 cat adoptions in June
"The aptly named "Baltimore 500: The Race to Save Lives" is entering
its sixth year. During the month of June, adoption fees are waived for
cats at the Maryland SPCA, Baltimore Humane Society or Baltimore
Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), the shelters comprising the
Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance."

Accused animal hoarder Kimi Peck advised of animal cruelty charge in Weld County
"GREELEY, Colo. - The former daughter-in-law of the late actor Gregory
Peck has been advised of animal cruelty charges she faces in

Cockfighting: Rachel Gordon, 22, Rehabilitates Fighting Cocks, Running
out of Room
"Gordon, 22, founded Morning's Song Rooster Rescue on a farm in the
Berkshire hills of Massachusetts in 2011. She is currently
rehabilitating about 120 roosters, hens and chicks, but says she needs
more room, so she can save more lives."

Evira: Cases of animal neglect on production farms up evira_cases_of_animal_neglect_on_production_farms_up/7265267
"The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira reports that there was an
increase in cases of the abuse of farm animals last year. Meanwhile,
the Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta eläimille (Justice for
Animals) has released new video material documenting substandard
conditions at three animal production facilities."

Committee on animal welfare to be set up
"The government will establish a national committee to deal with
issues of animal welfare and protection, said the head of the
President's office Panayiotis Antoniou on Tuesday, following a meeting
on animal welfare in the presidential palace."

6 dogs die in dog walker's hot truck; animal rights activists call for charges
"LANGLEY, British Columbia, Canada - Animal rights activists in Canada
say a dog walker should be charged with animal cruelty after six dogs
died inside her truck on a hot day."

Animal-Welfare Groups Hopping Mad Over Canberra's Kangaroo Cull animal-welfare-australia-canberra-kangaroo-cull/
"The Australian Capital Territory wants to reduce the number of
kangaroos hopping about town for environmental reasons. But
animal-rights groups are challenging the cull in court, saying the
science isn't conclusive just yet"

Vegetarian activists sue 2 Baltimore cops, allege free speech violation
"BALTIMORE - Vegetarian activists have sued in federal court two
Baltimore police officers who forced them to stop leafleting at the
Inner Harbor - the latest legal front after years of disputes over the
constitutional rights of protesters in the city."
"Friedrich said he and six others were passing out more than 1,000
pro-vegetarian leaflets in downtown Baltimore, near the Barnes & Noble
bookstore and the National Aquarium, among other locations, when
police officers ordered them to leave the area."

Smith: Vegan fare that's child-friendly and easy

Week in Vegan: Veggie Prom, Vegan Cronuts, and Where to Eat in Abu Dhabi week_in_vegan_veggie_prom_vega.php

Rowville couple behind networking site cater to demand from vegan
customers looking for vegan businesses
"THE vegan dollar is becoming big business, but not just for cafes and
"Vegan hairdressers, lawyers and real estate agents are benefiting
from like-minded clients.
"The trend inspired Rowville couple Dave and Sian Graham to launch a
website,, to connect vegans worldwide."

How to Be a Vegetarian and Peacefully Co-Exist at Meal Time

Adventures in Veganism: Ahimsa Vegan Café

Native Foods Cafe opens on South Colorado Boulevard today native_foods_cafe_opens_on_south_colorado_boulevard_today.php

5 Ways to Get More Clean, Plant-Based Options On Your College Campus

Panago Pizza adds vegan Daiya cheese to menu

Raw, Vegan Specialists Beets Cafe to Shutter June 28

May 26, 2014

Animal Personhood: Lawyer Steven Wise Fights For Chimps To Obtain
Legal Rights [Video]

Animal activists riled by bull run planned June 21 in Elk River
"A touring event inspired by the Spain's Running of the Bulls will
make a stop in the Twin Cities."

European seal ruling reveals broader tensions over animal rights

Animal rights group wants moratorium on skunk kills in Windsor
"The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) says
it's collected over 1000 signatures from residents opposing lethal
action to control the skunk population."

Norway store caught selling wolfskin rugs

Dutch restriction on fur-bearing animal breeding lifted
"A Dutch court's decision that the restriction on fur-bearing animal
breeding (from 2024) is unconstitutionalmay have international
repercussions, but European mink breeder and fur seller federations
are delighted."

Voice for the voiceless
"NICOSIA - State stakeholders are due to meet at the Presidential
Palace on Tuesday to discuss the creation of a State Body for the
Protection and Welfare of Animals."

Animal welfare in Victoria: the death of two racing horses raises questions
"Why does Victoria permit things to be done to animals that have long
since been banned in other comparable places?"

Practices Contravening Animal Welfare Rights Increased Slightly In Finland
"(FINNBAY) -- Helsinki, 26 May 2014. Compared to the previous years,
breaches to animal welfare regulations were found on broiler, fur
production animal and cattle farms more often than on other production
farms in Finland."

Rescue group says pet ownership limits are a bad idea Rescue+group+says+ownership+limits+idea/9876644/story.html
"An animal welfare group is calling on a Calgary city councillor to
rethink a "knee-jerk" proposal to curb pet ownership in the city
following the seizure of 33 dogs from a southeast Calgary property."

Low-carb vegan diet reduces weight, heart disease risk : Study
"Adhering to a low carbohydrate vegan diet helps lower the risk of
heart disease by 10 percent in addition to over four pounds of weight
loss, a new study suggests."

ZenKitchen's chef Kyle Mortimer-Proulx ponders taking over shuttered
vegan favourite
"Although ZenKitchen, the celebrated high-end vegan restaurant on
Somerset Street West was forced to close Friday due to taxes owed to
the Canada Revenue Agency, its young chef, Kyle Mortimer-Proulx says
he is exploring the possibility of keeping the much-loved business
going if financial backers can be found."

One big problem with lab-grown meat -- it's incredibly expensive

Vegan wine anyone?

Co-op to keep Cafe Indigo brand alive
"The Concord Food Cooperative will take over Cafe Indigo's local
kitchen this summer, in a move that sets up the co-op for expansion.
"Although the vegan restaurant off Hall Street will close its doors
June 8, the co-op will continue to operate the commercial side of the

Benefits Of Kombucha: 20 Ways To Use This Versatile Drink

May 25, 2014

Eating antibiotic-fed animals can cause health problems in humans
"After a WHO report highlighted that use of antibiotics in animal
farms poses a danger to the health of humans, an animal rights group
launched a campaign to stop the proliferation of animal farms.
"The campaign was launched by the Federation of Indian Animal
Protection Organisations (FIAPO) Friday due to the way poultry, sheep,
goats, pigs and other animals are reared for commercial purposes, such
as churning out meat products. The animals are fed antibiotics
regularly which creates health problems for them as well as the humans
who consume these food products."

Advocates seek improved legal status for animals in Quebec
"Activists are calling on Quebec's new Liberal government to bring in
stronger legal protection for animals in the province in the wake of a
puppy mill raid in the Eastern Townships on Friday."

Australian pork industry calls for tougher penalties against animal
activists illegally filming on farms

Opinion: A Call for Animal Protection in Morocco
"While Morocco is a Muslim society that is undergoing crucial changes
and considerable developments with respect to human rights, animals
are experiencing all kind of abuses at the hands of Moroccans."

Spurt in death of captive elephants causes concern in Kerala

Accused puppy killer in abuse program
"BRIDGEPORT --It began in November, when Rommy Rodriguez was arrested
for allegedly beating her 8-month-old poodle puppy to death, then
burying its body in her backyard."

Mayim Bialik talks 'Mayim's Vegan Table'
"She's an Emmy-nominated actress who has been in the public eye for
decades thanks to her work on the hit sitcoms "The Big Bang Theory"
and "Blossom," and she has a doctorate in neuroscience from UCLA to

Green Plate Special: A vegan diet -- good for you, good for the planet _Special__A_vegan_diet___good_for_you__good_for_the_planet_.html

A vegan fork on the road
"On hearing that the Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler is a staunch
vegan (and their lead singer Ozzy Osbourne a lapsed one), we scoured
the capital for places the band could grab a bite to eat that's
completely free of meat and dairy."

Paleo-Vegan Diet: Yes, It's a Thing

10 best vegan foods

May 24, 2014

Travelers React to Anti-SeaWorld Ad at San Diego Airport
"The ad, featuring actress and activist Kathy Najimy, reads: "Welcome
to San Diego! If you love animals like I do, please avoid SeaWorld.""

Stop growth of animal farms: Activists
"The campaign was launched by the Federation of Indian Animal
Protection Organisations (FIAPO) Friday due to the way poultry, sheep,
goats, pigs and other animals are reared for commercial purposes, such
as churning out meat products. The animals are fed antibiotics
regularly which creates health problems for them as well as the humans
who consume these food products."

India bans testing of animals for cosmetic products

What's that rustling in the yard? Yes, it might be a black bear. The
animal's comeback in MD.

Six Flags wins court order barring animal-rights protests on park grounds
"Following a series of protests outside Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's
front gate, a court has granted a temporary restraining order barring
animal rights groups from demonstrating on the park's private

Protesters demonstrate in front of Chipotle on Telegraph Ave.
"The protest was organized by Direct Action Everywhere -- which has
previously demonstrated against animal testing in UC laboratories -- as
a prelude to its "worldwide day of action" that will take place

Spanish model Elen Rivas bares her melons for Vegetarian Week

It's time to take a stand over proposed "ag-gag" laws.

Event aims to teach people about vegan lifestyle
"Whole Foods Market in Mishawaka is dedicating a night to teaching the
Michiana community about vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. It's called

The healthier alternative: why going vegan is good

Vegan Diet Helps in Losing Weight, Lowers Heart Disease Risk
"The study, conducted by St. Michael's Hospital researchers, found
that Eco-Atkins diet reduced heart disease risk by 10 percent over a
period of ten years."

80/10/10 Raw Vegan Recipes Released on Kindle
"The first 80/10/10 raw vegan recipe book in Dr. Douglas Graham's
"Simply Delicious" recipe series was just released on Amazon Kindle
and is Free until May 28th. This series offers recipes based on his
extremely successful book "The 80/10/10 Diet"."

Vegetarian and vegan options for your summer cookout

ZenKitchen, Ottawa's fine-dining refuge for vegans, has suddenly closed
"Friday night at 9:36 p.m, ZenKitchen's owner Dave Loan succinctly
posted on his personal Facebook page: "ZenKitchen, July 26, 2009 – May
23, 2014. I'll always remember you.""

May 23, 2014

WTO 'morals' decision could escalate animal welfare disputes
"Foie gras, veal, even your run-of-the-mill broiler chickens could
face trade restrictions on the grounds that the treatment of the
animals to make the products violates "public morals," observers of a
precedent-setting World Trade Organization decision say."

Canada Loses Fight Against EU Ban On Seal Products
"The World Trade Organization has rejected Canada's appeal of a ban
that keeps pelts and other products from the country's seal hunt from
being imported into the European Union. The ban was instituted on
moral grounds, the EU says."

Is it finally time for Spain to ban bull fighting?

Ellen DeGeneres to Taiwan: Don't Use Beagle Puppies for Rabies Experimentation!

Controversial bear hunt reinstated in Ontario

Dog breeding threats probe

Protest planned at Santa's Land this Saturday
"PUTNEY -- Local animal rights activists are planning a protest outside
Santa's Land on Saturday morning and are organizing a boycott of the
amusement park over what they say is the continuing neglect and
mistreatment of the animals at the park."

PETA files complaints about elephant on Redington Beach

LAKE ELSINORE: Man sentenced in animal cruelty case uncovered by PETA

Major Growth for Vegan Restaurant Chain
"Blossom Du Jour is thrilled to announce a major expansion, one that
makes it thelargest vegan restaurant chain in Manhattan and also puts
the food in the hands of Whole Foods customers."

'Eco-Atkins,' a low-carb vegan diet, helps shed excess pounds, lower
heart disease risk, Ontario study suggests
"The study, published in British Medical Journal Open, was conducted
by researchers at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto; the diet is being
called Eco-Atkins."

10 reasons to go vegan that have nothing to do with animal rights
"Do you want to go meat free but are sick of the animal rights crowd?
Can't remember a single stat about sustainable land use? Then try
these alternative reasons (excuses) on for size"

Vegan food that's tasty, healthy, and convenient on sale from 'Two Vegan Sistas'

Finally, A Vegan Lipstick You'll Actually Want To Wear

18 Restaurants With Vegan Options at Disney Parks

Summer grillin' with FAKE meat?!

All About Plant-Based Probiotics -- And How To Get Them In First Thing
In the Morning!

May 22, 2014

San Diego Airport Agrees to Post Anti-Sea World Ad

Animal rights group releases video of bear cub 'distressed' in small
zoo enclosure
"CHEROKEE, N.C. -- Animal rights group PETA is upset after obtaining
footage of a bear cub who they say appears to be "in distress" in a
small enclosure at the Cherokee Bear Zoo."

Animal rights activists protest Foie Gras outside of Amazon's
shareholder meeting
""Jeff Bezos: Please Protect Animals," the signs read. "Ban Foie Gras.""

Monkey business at LAX
"The Corsairs for Animal Rights and Ethics (C.A.R.E.) Club and Last
Chance for Animals pooled resources to protest the aerial transport of
primates for experiments in laboratories for various medical uses."

Tuscaloosa leaders address animal shelter concerns

Are no-kill shelters good for cats and dogs?

'Cats, dogs starved to death in empty villa'
"Case of 12 dogs, two cats and birds found locked in bathrooms and
kitchen of a villa in Dubai sparks outrage"

Animal rights organization challenges St. Johns Co. adoption policy
"ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- An animal rights organization is challenging
St. Johns County regarding its policy for the adoption of pit bulls."

Wildlife sanctuary denies claims of animal abuse by USDA
"OROVILLE, Calif. - The U.S. Department of Agriculture has outlined
numerous allegations of animal abuse against the Barry R. Kirshner
Wildlife Sanctuary in Oroville."

Groupon pushes back against PETA,0,862261.story
"A day after animal rights activists protested Groupon's relationship
with circus and zoo companies they say have records of animal abuse,
Groupon officials are saying they will not give in to political
pressures when deciding what deals to run."

Santa Monica To Observe National Animal Rights Day On May 31

Europe's Animal Welfare Party Could Make History This Week

ALEC defends welfare standards cattle/beef/alec-defends-welfare-standards/2699273.aspx
"THE ongoing stoush between animal activists and live exporters ramped
up this week with heated exchanges between the RSPCA and the
Australian Livestock Exporters' Council (ALEC)."

Ad of the Day: PETA and Morrissey Team Up in Powerful Plea for Veganism

How to Feed an Infant a Vegan Diet

8 Amazing Celebrities Who Care About Animals As Much As You Do

Cinnaholic Founders Share Tips on Starting a Vegan Business

Houston's Best Vegan Dishes, According to the Readers

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