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News Roundup, May 15-21

May 20, 2014

Animal rights activists protest Groupon deals
"Outside Groupon Inc.'s annual shareholders' meeting at the Dana Hotel
in downtown Chicago on Tuesday, seven protestors from PETA, an animal
rights activist group, waved signs urging the company to stop
promoting discount deals for organizations said to abuse animals."

Marineland wildlife "dying to entertain you"
"Several hundred animal rights and liberation activists marched five
kilometres through the streets of Niagara Falls to the gates of
Marineland for opening day demanding the release of the park's captive

Biotech Factories to Farm Fake Meat
"The process extracts stem cells from muscle tissue of cows, pigs or
chickens, and culturing them in a 20 meter-squared bioreactor."

PETA stencil Manchester streets with 'Meat is Still Murder' slogan in
honour of Morrissey
"PETA workers have used stencils to wash away pavements of dirt and
leave their latest slogan, inspired by The Smith's 1985 album, to
celebrate the singer's 55th birthday"

Restricted animal parts sold on Trade Me
"A tiger's claw, a stuffed bear and the shells of two marine turtles
are among a cache of banned and restricted products exposed by an
animal rights group as for sale on New Zealand's biggest online
trading website Trade Me."

South Africa elephant park accused of 'horrific' cruelty

Brendan Brazier's new 'Thrive Energy Cookbook' urges athletes to
consider a vegan diet

Global Inspiration Spices Up the Vegan Kitchen in Two New Cookbooks

MuLondon Skincare Awarded VIVA! Cruelty-Free and Vegan Seal

PETA Members Encourage Tulsans to "Try Vegan"

May 19, 2014

Are No-Kill Shelters Good for Cats and Dogs? no_kill_animal_shelters_and_peta_what_is_the_most_ humane_way_to_treat_stray.html
"The animal welfare world's vicious fight about what it means to be humane."

Greyhound racing has animal rights activists championing free markets
"TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — By the numbers, greyhound racing in Florida is a
net loser. Yet old state regulations force track owners to offer live
races despite millions of dollars in losses."

National Aquarium's dolphin question at center of animal welfare debate

Animal rights groups honor lawmakers, want protections for pets and their owners

Suffolk law would ban abusive tethering of dogs

Patong's Animal Abusers Being Rounded Up: Photo Special
"PHUKET: Three more arrests have been made of photo touts abusing slow
lorises and iguanas with Patong police saying they aim to end the
abuse of animals on Phuket's streets."

Morrissey Talks Animal Abuse, Shocks Concert Audience

Progress! 70 UK Companies Agree to Reveal Animal Testing Practices

Brian May plans animal sanctuary at hunting site

Vegan Pamela Anderson: My love for animals healed me after gang-rape trauma

The Week in Vegan: Sexiest Vegan Crowned, New Vegan Cheeses, and J.Lo
Takes the Vegan Challenge the_week_in_vegan_sexiest_vega.php

National Vegetarian Week: Time to stop and think about food choices
"National Vegetarian Week 2014, will take place from today (Monday May
19) until Sunday (May 25) and will see businesses all over the UK
sharing and promoting their delicious vegetarian produce to everyone."

Cinnaholic Gears Up For Sweet Expansion Plans Post 'Shark Tank'

5 Up and Coming Vegan Chefs Whose Names You Should Know

Almond Milk Lattes & Ice Cream Sundaes: A Vegan's Guide to Tallahassee almond_milk_lattes_ice_cream_s.php

May 18, 2014

Local animal rights activists turn old fur coats into toys for animals
"In a nondescript building in South Minneapolis, a small group of
volunteers - all animal-rights activists - grab handfuls of musty old
furs and tear them apart."

Runaway goat captured in Carroll County
"Carroll County Animal Control workers have been trying to catch the
goat for nearly a week. He's been spotted at a gas station and the
parking lot of a Catholic church. He even caused a school to go on

Steer gores cowboy at Luxton rodeo
"A cowboy was rushed by ambulance to hospital after he was gored by a
steer on the first day of the Luxton Pro Rodeo and Fair in Langford
"Coleman Kohorst, of Okotoks, Alta., just south of Calgary, was
injured during the steer wrestling event just before 3 p.m."

BEING VEGAN – Who Wouldn't Want To Go To A Veggie Prom?
"You can have it all at the upcoming Veggie Prom West on Saturday
evening, June 28, in Woodland Hills, California."

Made in Tennessee: Bakery puts vegan spin on desserts

Photos: Specialty Brews And Grub At The L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Festival brews_and_grub_at.php#photo-1

11 utterly delicious vegetarian and vegan BBQ ideas that will make
carnivores jealous

Jennifer Lopez displays her curvaceous derriere in a pair of tiny
leather hotpants as she reveals the results of new vegan diet

May 17, 2014

Hong Kong fad of dyeing dogs' fur could prove fatal: animal welfare experts
"But animal rights campaigners are concerned at the practice, warning
that not all dyes used are harmless and using artificial colour on a
dog's fur could trigger an attack by another animal confused by its
altered appearance."

Pamela Anderson Unveils Her New Animal Rights Charity At Cannes

Calls for unis to remove dissections from first-year courses
"Almost 10,000 animals died at the University of Auckland last year,
according to figures supplied to the Ministry of Primary Industries.
The count at Otago University was even higher at 12,500."

All dogs must have microchip in bid to stop cruelty
"The new law – announced by Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney – also
includes a ban on children buying animals."

Animal activists call for Marineland to 'evolve'
"As animal-rights activists continue to push for an end to the animal
program at Marineland, the Niagara Falls theme park says another
surprise inspection by the OSPCA has once again proven its animals are
doing well."

Puppy Doe abuse suspect still being held without bail 140516731/12334/NEWS
"The Puppy Doe abuse case drew worldwide attention, drawing thousands
of animal-rights advocates to candlelight vigils and prompting
Massachusetts legislators to propose tougher penalties for convicted
animal abusers."

New law bans horse tripping at famed Jordan Valley rodeo
"JORDAN VALLEY, ORE. - Sheriff's deputies and rodeo judges are
watching a horse roping competition this weekend in southeastern
Oregon to see if cowboys comply with a new state law against
intentionally tripping the animals."

Olympic Animal Sanctuary's former director back in Forks 305179984/olympic-animal-sanctuary-8217- s-former-director-back-in-forks

How 'fake meat' is made
"Ever wondered how food manufacturers get faux meat products to taste
and feel like real meat? Here's the science behind making 'chick'n'
taste like chicken."

Michelle Kretzer: Vegan diets prevent cancer

Vegan faux Cronuts at the Vegan Beer & Food Festival on Saturday

Where Are Houston's Best Vegan Dishes?

Clothes and Cosmetics Can Be Vegan Too cosmetics-can-be-vegan-too/

Brentwood 7th Grader's Bar Mitzvah Project Sparks Vegan Eating

Restaurant news: Vegetarian cafe brings new flavor to Bangor vegetarian_food_bangor.html

Go green for National Vegetarian Week

May 16, 2014

Japan town known for its dolphin slaughters sued by activists
"TOKYO - Animal rights activists said Thursday they had sued a major
Japanese town internationally condemned for its dolphin hunts for
banning "foreign-looking" visitors from its whale museum."

Animal Rights Groups Pay Circus Producer Millions to Settle Suit
"The Humane Society of the United States and other animal-rights
groups have paid Feld Entertainment a combined $15.75 million to
settle allegations by the company that the groups and their lawyers
bribed a former circus employee to make up allegations that Feld
abused Asian elephants in its circus."

Jordan Valley rodeo undeterred by 'horse tripping' ban in Oregon: Take
3 For Politics (video) jordan_valley_rodeo_undeterred.html
"A year after the Oregon Legislature banned horse tripping for
entertainment, animal rights activists are worried the practice will
continue at the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo in eastern Oregon this

Virtual reality for CHICKENS: Researchers develop concept to fool
battery birds into thinking they are roaming free in a field

Mexico City vets, pet owners object to animal law
"MEXICO CITY - Pet owners, breeders and veterinarians in Mexico's
capital are howling over a law passed by the city council requiring
sterilization, chip implants and registration of all cats and dogs."

Animal Rights and Rescue boss stepping down after 18 years
"Ms Steffensen should have no regrets about retiring after 18 years at
the helm of the non-kill animal rescue service, having facilitated the
rescue of literally thousands of animals."

Cops Vow Action On Man Who Shot Arrows At Dog
"PETALING JAYA: The man who shot a dog twice with his bow and arrows
in Taming Jaya, Balakong, on Tuesday will be detained as soon as

Apathetic authorities to blame for animal cruelty in Malaysia, observers say

Activists up in arms against cruelty to animals
"LUCKNOW: Animal activists in the city are gearing up to take legal
action against those who subject stray dogs to cruelty."

Dozens of dogs die in animal rescue truck
"According to reports the dogs left an animal shelter in the
south-western town of Tarbes on April 23 in a Paris-bound truck,
belonging to a transport company."

Planned Chinatown vegan strip club raising eyebrows
"PORTLAND, Ore. (The Tribune) - The ongoing conflict on the future of
Old Town/Chinatown found a new battleground last week as neighborhood
officials reacted to plans to place a vegan strip club in an abandoned
site on Northwest Fourth Avenue."

Vegan Movement Advances Through Documentaries

For vegan dining, here's the best of the brunch _the_best_of_the_brunch.html
"WHEN I gathered breakfast ideas from Philly vegans a few weeks back,
I had to back-burner some interesting brunch suggestions to fit in all
the harder-to-find early-morning items."

What To Eat And Drink At The L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Festival

Jenny McCarthy's bikini secret is gluten-free vegan diet: Once weighed 211 lbs

May 15, 2014

Personhood for pets? How the human-animal bond has evolved

Animal rights group holds advocacy day, pushes for package of
legislation to protect animals
"Working with citizen lobbyists, we look forward to helping New York
lawmakers build on last year's successes, including the passage of a
landmark bill that empowers municipalities to regulate pet dealers."

Lafourche Council debating stronger animal ordinance
"MATHEWS, La. -- Members of the Lafourche Parish Council are discussing
changes to the parish's current animal ordinance that would target
animals deemed aggressive or vicious."

India ban on bull wrestling is 'landmark victory for animals'

Animal rights campaigners ask for memorial at M62 crash site where
1,500 chickens died
"Thousands of birds were being transported in a HGV when it hit the
central reservation of the M62 eastbound early this morning and spilt
crates of chickens across the carriageway"

Companies, universities and charities vow to reveal more on animal testing
"Pledgers must post information about experiments on their websites
and explain efforts to minimise use of animals"

Activists mull action to save animal rights
"LUCKNOW: Animal activists in the city are gearing up to take legal
action against those who subject stray dogs to cruelty.
"Dr Vijay Vikram Singh, a city-based veterinary doctor said that
within a fortnight, two separate incidents of dog-killing were
reported in Vinay Khand."

Europe's largest bear sanctuary built in Romania

Why One Bookish Writer Wants to Be a Vegan Bodybuilder

What's Cooking: Vegan keeps staples around for her Pad Thai

Get your veg on at the first annual Philly VegFest

10 Ways Plant-Based Eating Keeps You Safe From Colds

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