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News Roundup, May 1-7, 2014

May 7, 2014

Modified pigs to grow humanized lungs
"San Diego animal-rights activist and lawyer Bryan Pease believes
animal organ transplantation is a bad idea because it can introduce
animal-born diseases into humans, including influenza."

Animal advocates demand tougher penalties for cruelty tougher+penalties+cruelty/9812682/story.html
""A lot of people feel strongly about animals, and feel our laws
aren’t strong enough," says Tamara Wrigley, who founded A Voice For
Abused and Neglected Animals in Calgary."

Animals still "enduring terrible suffering" in UK circuses

Rivalea duo sacked over cruelty claim
"RIVALEA has sacked two workers after animal cruelty claims emerged, a
move welcomed by an RSPCA inspector for its swiftness."

Group starts big pet-rescue project in California
"The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has
started rolling out one of its most ambitious projects to date, a $25
million push to save tens of thousands of dogs and cats that would be
killed in shelters or on the streets of Los Angeles County."

Accused Kern County dog hoarder Kimi Peck arrested for animal cruelty
in Colorado Monday

Metro mum on Oregon Zoo shakeup

Officials find dead, abandoned animals in Pahrump home

Ski resort bear released in wild returns to Tahoe
"RENO, Nev. (AP) — A bear that apparently became too accustomed to the
good life at a ski resort at Lake Tahoe is headed for an animal
sanctuary or zoo after wildlife officials decided he's unfortunately
become too domesticated to be returned to the wild."

4th Brown County farm worker fined for animal abuse GPG0101/305060261/4th-Brown-County-farm-worker-fined-animal-abuse

Why are we eating farm animals and not eating the animals we call pets?

Study: Low-Fat Vegan Diet Helps Ward Off MS Fatigue
"Sticking to a low-fat, vegan diet may help people with multiple
sclerosis fight fatigue, according to a new study presented at the
American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting in Philadelphia."

Subway tests hummus, thinner meat slices
"Pace noted that many customers already order vegetarian sandwiches
and that the chickpea spread would give people looking for meatless
options another choice."

It May Be Vegan, But That Doesn't Mean It's Healthy

"NOLA Veggie Fest Expands to Weeklong Vegan Celebration"

Viva La Vegan aims to educate locals on how to eat well despite food allergies

Footballer set to star in vegan campaign

UK denim label Monkee Genes goes vegan with limited edition pleather
"PETA-approved" label

May 6, 2014

Sam Simon may host reality TV show on animal activism
"Co-creator of 'The Simpson' says such a series would give him a
chance to voice animal rights issues close to his heart."

'Ag gag' laws: The battle for animal welfare is a battle over information
"Farmers and their political advocates are pressing for animal
activists' tactics to be outlawed. If they support animal welfare too,
why don't they open the gate and let the public in?"

Colorado's Wild Animal Sanctuary Recognized as one of Top 5 Animal &
Wildlife Welfare Organizations in the World

Third farm worker accused of abusing cows pleads no contest 305050219/Third-farm-worker-accused-abusing-cows-pleads-no-contest
"The workers were charged following a police investigation of the
Wiese Brothers Farm near Greenleaf after an animal-rights group, Mercy
for Animals, produced video captured by an investigator posing as an
employee at the farm near Greenleaf."

Performing Bear Show Should Not Be Allowed in Hawaii
"By Cathy Goeggel - Animal Rights Hawai'i has learned that the
performing bear show scheduled for display at the 50th state fair
later this month violated the federal Animal Welfare Act in January,

Utah denies petition to honor turkeys with roadside memorial

Horse carriages are legal in big cities like Paris and London, despite
activists' claims
[for those who may not understand, this is an anti-AR article]
"Animal rights groups pushing for a ban on the carriages in New York
have said major cities around the world have outlawed the practice,
but a Daily News investigation found some of their claims are not
true. In fact, London is looking for ways to expand the industry near
its royal parks."

Test case tackles activists livestock/other/test-case-tackles-activists/2696957.aspx
"THE Australian Farmers Fighting Fund (AFFF) is backing moves for a
legal test case that will establish legal precedents giving farmers
stronger protections against illegal trespass by extreme animal rights

COROWA: Rivalea abattoir shows ugly face through alleged animal cruelty video
"The video was filmed by activists over three days in February and
provided anonymously to new animal rights organisation, Aussie Farms."

Civic bodies work towards checking Delhi's stray dog population

Airlines urged to stop carrying research monkeys
"Animal rights activists are urging Air France to stop carrying
monkeys as cargo for drug research companies."

Blowing up pigs for army surgeons to practice on their wounds is like
'testing parrot drugs on horses', leading vets claim
"The Ministry of Defence is being urged to stop shooting and blowing
up pigs for training in battlefield injuries by a group of leading

Bryant Terry marries vegan cooking and African food traditions, with
delicious results
"His latest cookbook, "Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean &
Southern Flavors Remixed" (Ten Speed Press, 2014), includes not just
recipes and photos, for instance, but recommendations for related
books, films and songs."

Ellie Goulding Feels "Leaner and Healthier" on Vegan Diet

May 5, 2014

Israel approves plans to reduce import taxes on dairy, meat despite
objections of rights groups
"Led by the groups Anonymous for Animal Rights, Let Animals Live and
Green Course, activists took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Friday
protesting the cheapening of calf and veal imports."

Animal Rights Extremists Force Cancellation of Shechita Class
"A workshop in Berkeley, Calif., on kosher slaughter -- during which 15
hens were to be killed -- was canceled amid public outcry from animal
rights groups and others."

EXCLUSIVE: FBI investigating donations to NYCLASS from men close to
Mayor de Blasio that may have been used toward anti-Christine Quinn
"Two men with strong ties to Mayor de Blasio donated cash to the
NYCLASS animal rights group leading the crusade to ban carriage
horses. The animal rights group then donated identical amounts to
anti-Christine Quinn campaigners. The transactions are now under FBI

Middle Township to Establish Animal Welfare Advisory Board government/court+house/100301-middle+township+establish+animal+welfare+advisory+board

Ivins Rosier: Found guilty of animal cruelty, armed burglary in death
of retired police dog
"WEST PALM BEACH – A South Florida teen has been convicted of fatally
shooting a retired police dog during a burglary."

Kentucky Derby fans ticked off at NBC's Bob Costas for injecting his
'lefty lunacy' into coverage
"...NBC's coverage of the Kentucky Derby, when the network saw fit to
air portions of an interview between Costas and nationally respected
race horse trainer Steve Asmussen about an undercover animal rights
investigation that horses are abused in Asmussen's stables: treated
with performance enhancing drugs or subjected to electric shocks to
make them run faster."

No animal testing for legal highs
"The Prime Minister's hint this morning that there'll be no legal high
testing on animals in New Zealand has been welcomed by passionate
animal rights supporter, John Banks."

Police find lion stolen from Brazil animal shelter

Vegan Bodybuilder Frank Medrano Displays Insane Strength In
Calesthenics Video: WATCH

BEING VEGAN – What Will It Take To Make Someone Care? By Paul Graham

Taiwan Opens First Vegan Supermarket!
"I was expecting a small grocery store, but found a large, busy supermarket."

Beloved UWS Vegan Restaurant Cafe Blossom Is Closing beloved_uws_vegan_restaurant_cafe_b.php#.

Pure Sprouts delivers organic meals straight to your door pure_sprouts_delivers_organic.html

May 4, 2014

F.A.R.M. uses television viewings to spread animal rights movement
"The 10 Billion Lives tour came to Cerritos College on Wednesday,
April 23 and Thursday, April 24. The 10 Billion Lives tour is part of
the organization F.A.R.M., or Farm Animal Rights Movement."

Circus Animal Protest at the Arena
"A group of animal rights protestors were at the Veteran's Memorial
arena this evening."

Humane Society will help Flint with dogfighting problem
"The Humane Society of the United States says it is working to provide
training and resources to the Genesee County Sheriff's Department and
the Flint Police Department."

Man who tended to Lucy the elephant dies

China's New Laws On Endangered Animals, And What It Means Overall.
"The Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress last
week passed legislation criminalizing purchases of rare or endangered
wild animals – and any derivative products of such animals – if a
person "knows or should know" that the animal is protected as an
endangered species under Chinese law. The new legislation also
criminalizes purchases of wild animals if the buyer "knows or should
know" that the animal was illegally hunted."

Campaigners' fury as court says move of Morgan the whale to zoo was legal

Video shows abattoir staff abusing pigs
"AUSTRALIA'S largest pork producer Rivalea has launched an
investigation into animal cruelty after shocking footage emerged of a
pig being excessively prodded and kicked."

Vegetarians fight for their greens
"Paul Rubenstein, a post-graduate student of computational biology at
Emmanuel College, has launched an online petition for the quality of
vegetarian food to be improved in his college buttery."

Ellie Goulding - Ellie Goulding Battling Cheese Cravings On New Vegan Diet
"British pop star Ellie Goulding is struggling to maintain her new
vegan diet because she has a serious weakness for cheese."

May 3, 2014

CBS' 'The Bold And The Beautiful' Puts Spotlight On Animal Rights And
Rescue Heroes
"This week, "B&B" has been doing something very similar, and with
equal emotional impact: Addressing problems of animal abuse and the
overpopulation of cats and dogs, particularly in major cities and
urban areas."

Exclusive: Dying Hollywood Mogul Sam Simon Secretly 'Rescues' Racehorse
"Sam Simon, producer of "The Simpsons," "Cheers," and "The Drew Carey
Show," among other series, says he ponied up the cash for two reasons.
"One is an animal is no longer being abused and two, people are
finding out what horse racing really is.""

Animal Rights Groups Plan Protest At Stables After Carriage Driver Is
Accused of Horse Switch frank_luo_ceasar_horse-drawn_carriages_central_park_clinton_park_christina_hansen.php

Man accused of running dog fighting enterprise in court
"BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Animal rights activists protested in front of
Buffalo City Court to draw attention to the case against a man accused
of running a dog fighting enterprise."

Photos: Animal-rights protest before the circus

Ringling Brothers brings controversy over animal cruelty
"PROVIDENCE - The circus is in town, exotic animals and all."

The Act Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety (PAWS)
"Today, The Act Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety (PAWS) is being
discussed by the Massachusetts Legislature's Judiciary Committee. The
objective is to create a statewide registry for people convicted of
animal abuse AND increase penalties and fines for egregious crimes
against animals."

Young Girls Who Put Cat In Microwave Say They Were Just Trying To Be Funny
"The girls from South Portland, both 15 when they were charged with
felony animal cruelty in September, denied the charges Thursday."

Baby bear who bit students at Washington University won't be
euthanized after all, officials say


87,000 animals die in one year as part of scientific testing
"As debate swirls about testing synthetic cannabis on animals,
official records show more than 87,000 animals died or were put down
during experiments in one year alone."

You'll Never Believe How Many Animals This University Used in Lab
Tests Last Year
"The U.K.'s University of Birmingham used an astonishing 43,000
animals for laboratory research last year, according to numbers
uncovered by the Birmingham Mail. That included nearly 41,000 mice,
1,500 rats, 1,200 fish, and 90 amphibians."

Animal rights activists welcome croc's release
"MANILA (UPDATED) - Animal rights activists on Friday welcomed the
release of reportedly the largest captive freshwater crocodile back
into the wild."

Dutch politician's killer freed after 12 years
"Van der Graaf was a vegan with a girlfriend and infant daughter who
had devoted his life to animal rights causes. He claimed at trial he
had seen Fortuyn as "a danger for society," and compared his rise to
that of Nazism in the 1930s."

"The trial of those behind the killing of a leopard in Diyarbakır in
November 2013 was set to begin on Wednesday, but the court delayed the
hearing and ordered that forensics reports be submitted as evidence"

Indian drug advisory panel gets award for approving ban on animal
testing for cosmetics

All-Vegan Cafe Native Foods May Be Headed Your Way Soon! Check Out Their Recipes
"Do you want an all-vegan restaurant in your city? Thanks to a
dramatic burst of funding for fast-casual vegan restaurant Native
Foods Cafe, your wish may soon come true!"

Could vegetarianism save the world?

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: Cruelty-Free Products Delivered To Your Door

Wines in US Not Required to List Animal Byproducts
"Winemakers and merchants overseas are increasing transparency on
labels in an effort to help vegetarians and those with severe
allergies find wines made without animal byproducts."

The rise of 'vegetarian' wine
"Vegans, as well as those with allergies, will welcome a new
generation of wines made without the use of egg whites"

Retired NBA player John Salley to pour wine at Vintages & Vineyards
festival in Hershey wine_festival_in_hershey_vinta.html
"Salley, who is a wellness activist is a partner with Vegan Vine and
also will be on hand at the festival to sign bottles of the wines."

Best Dining List Teams Up with South Beach Raw Vegan Enthusiast Marilyne

Drink Your Greens

May 2, 2014

Odd fellows: Hunters, animal rights groups call for ban on using
drones for hunting
"National conservation groups that promote hunting like the Izaak
Walton League of America, the Pope & Young Club and the Boone and
Crockett Club, and anti-hunting organizations like PETA and the Humane
Society of the United States, are all asking states to discourage the
use of drones to help hunters spot game such as elk, deer and sheep."

UK proposes greater transparency on animal research

You'll Never Believe How Many Animals This University Used in Lab
Tests Last Year
"The U.K.'s University of Birmingham used an astonishing 43,000
animals for laboratory research last year, according to numbers
uncovered by the Birmingham Mail. That included nearly 41,000 mice,
1,500 rats, 1,200 fish, and 90 amphibians."

Animal rights group behind crackdown on mink breeder
"A confrontation between the fur industry and animal rights
campaigners is heating up over a case concerning potential breaches of
the law by Japan's only mink breeder."

Animal rights campaigner's mission to help elephants
"Animal lover Roseleen Harrison leaves the Isle of Man this week to
spend a month volunteering at a Thai elephant sanctuary."

Activists MIA in dog fight: Joyce livestock/other/activists-mia-in-dog-fight-joyce/2696926.aspx
"FEDERAL Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says he has a "sense of
cynicism" about protestations from animal rights groups over animal
cruelty, due to their seeming lack of concern over the "brutalisation"
of livestock by wild dogs."

Animal activists pounce on death of tiger at Greater Vancouver Zoo tiger+Greater+Vancouver/9797464/story.html

Va. Rep. James P. Moran introduces bill to restrict use of 'exotic
circus animals'
"Rep. James P. Moran has introduced legislation to curb the
restrictions on exotic animals in traveling circuses by ending
confinement for extended periods and stopping cruel training and
control methods."

State Senate approves breeder registry
"HARTFORD -- After a year of haggling among reform-minded lawmakers,
animal-rights advocates and the pet shop industry, the Senate
unanimously approved compromise legislation that would give consumers
up to $500 for veterinary bills to treat dogs and cats purchased with
pre-existing conditions."

Animal Cruelty Bill In Massachusetts Proposes Tougher Laws For Abusers
After "Puppy Doe" Case

Activists call for end to carriage horse rides in Cleveland after
Danny Boy falls downtown (video) activists_call_for_end_to_carr.html

Killer whale pregnancy upsets activists
"A killer whale, or orca, at SeaWorld is expecting a calf, the San
Diego theme park said Tuesday. The news wasn't welcomed by animal
rights activists trying to outlaw the breeding of captive orcas and
put an end to whale shows."

Texas vet arrested, suspended for animal cruelty

Food donations pour in after animal shelter runs out
"KANAWHA COUNTY, WV - In a matter of 24 hours, neighbors came to the
rescue of the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association after the animal
shelter ran out of food.  They need a specific brand: Purina brand
chows.  Chelsea Staley, Executive Director at the animal shelter,
explains that a consistent diet is needed to avoid digestive

Vegan breakfast options in Philly can be a real eye-opener

Israeli-born chef leading America's high-end vegan revolution
"Tal Ronnen is giving vegan cuisine a stylish makeover at his new Los
Angeles restaurant. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and hotel magnate
Steve Wynn are already fans."

May 1, 2014

City Council bans use of bullhooks on circus elephants in L.A.,0,2163928.story#axzz30Oka1H8H

Animal rights activists demand whale referendum on November ballot
"Dozens of animal rights activists gathered outside a Vancouver Park
Board meeting tonight to demand a public referendum on whales held in
captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Helps to Spare Pit Bull That Mauled Boy
"Phoenix Municipal Court Judge Deborah Griffith said the dog named
Mickey will be housed in the no-kill shelter opened in 2000 by
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an animal lover who offered to
take in the 4-year-old pit bull."

$23K reward offered by animal rights groups for information on dead
cats found in Yonkers

Animal rights groups support "puppy mill bill" introduced by City Council

Animal rights activist, author of vicious letters, gets 27 months
"An angry animal rights activist who threatened to avenge the police
shooting of a wild cougar in Chicago by torching Mayor Richard M.
Daley's vacation home was sentenced to 27 months in prison Wednesday."

Charges: Former animal rights 'political prisoner' caught with machine gun
"Previously caught hacking a phone line to harass a pharmaceutical
company executive, Nathan Brasfield is alleged to have shown a fully
automatic rifle to an FBI informant while offering to sell the man

Dog that mauled boy to live in shelter
"PHOENIX (AP) -- A judge ruled Tuesday that a pit bull that mauled a
4-year-old boy earlier this year will spend the rest of its life in an
animal shelter set up in an old jail by the sheriff for metropolitan

Two men sentenced to 2 years probation for animal cruelty
"KUSA - Two out of the three men who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty
have been sentenced in the Quannah Cattle Company case."

Lazy 5 Ranch in Moorseville cited for animal-related violations
"MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Officials have cited Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville
with several animal-related violations."

Your Top Five Questions About Being Vegan, Answered

Going vegan can be easy

New cookbooks make it easy to go lighter, meatless

WaterCourse Foods goes all vegan as of today watercourse_foods_now_all_vegan.php

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