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News Roundup, March 8-14, 2014

March 14, 2014

Taylor Radig, Animal Rights Activist Arrested After Exposing Cruelty,
Speaks Out (VIDEO)

French animal rights activists uncover 'unhealthy' horsemeat from Americas
"Horses from the United States, Canada and other countries in the
region whose meat is sold in France for human consumption pose a
health risk and are often cruelly treated, a leading animal rights
group said Thursday."

TEMECULA: Animal rights groups sue to block bull run events

Senate to consider bill allowing animal trapping for hunting exercises
[with video]
"ATLANTA --  Lawmakers are considering a controversial new bill that
would legalize trapping wild animals for use in hunting exercises."

Mo. House passes bill guaranteeing right to rodeo

Pet Store Arson Surveillance Shows Horrific Crime

Vegetarian Taxidermists: How Does That Work?

Vegetarian school meals for health reasons not faith, says principal

LYFE Kitchen, Led By Former McDonald's President, Expanding in Dallas
"An emerging restaurant chain that aims to turn fast food on its head
has selected Dallas as one of its first expansion markets. LYFE
Kitchen (short for Love Your Food Every day) aims to spark a "food
revolution" by offering healthy, locally-sourced, organic fare."

Vegan cheesesteak contest: Three finalists named cheesesteak_contest__Three_finalists_named.html

America Could Be Vegan by 2050

Vegan Diet: 10 Surprising Things About Being Vegan

Will a vegetarian diet reduce your risk of cancer? stories/2014/03/13/3962359.htm

March 13, 2014

Animal rights activist fighting against a bill
"ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Animal rights activists are mobilizing to fight a
bill they say would legalize animal abuse."

Egg Law Latest Battleground In Animal Welfare Fight
[with audio]

Animal Rights Groups Slam Seal Hunt Bill
"Animal rights groups are crying foul over a bill that would make it
more difficult for them to observe the seal hunt, which is set to open
later this month in Atlantic Canada."

Republican lawmakers support enshrining right to hunt, farm and parent
in Missouri constitution

Conn. animal rights advocates seek to ban a farming practice a054aebfbe564204a4e4c8fe3de85480/CT-XGR--Farm-Animals

Attitudes and laws against pit bulls soften
"KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For much of the past three decades, pit bulls have
been widely regarded as America's most dangerous dog - the favorite
breed of thugs, drug dealers and dog-fighting rings, with a fearsome
reputation for unprovoked, sometimes deadly attacks."

Dog Forced To Do Beer 'Keg Stand' At Party By US Brockport College Students
[with video]
"The two men, Shane Oliver and Robert Yates, will face misdemeanour
animal cruelty charges after the stunt at Brockport College in New

Animal rights group sues San Diego airport for rejecting anti-SeaWorld ad

Animal cruelty: the gateway crime?

Rio to ban cosmetic surgery... for dogs, cats
"IO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Lawmakers in Rio de Janeiro, where plastic
surgery is all the rage, have approved draft legislation banning
cosmetic surgery for dogs and cats, Brazilian media said Wednesday."

Casablanca zoo: A death trap for animals?
"Animal rights activists in Morocco are up in arms at the distressing
state of Ain Sebaa zoo in Morocco. The zoo, which houses species on
the verge of extinction such as Atlas lions and tapirs, is the subject
of protests and petitions as locals mobilise to highlight the alarming
conditions for the animals."

Russia Moves to Protect Performing Animals From Abuse

Ruby slammed by PETA for 'offensive' comments
"JUMP jockey Ruby Walsh insists he is "entitled to his opinion"
following criticism from animal rights groups after the death of a
horse at Cheltenham Festival."

Tel Aviv hosts first-for-world Vegan Congress, without the blood
[with video]'s Hunter Harlor: A non-vegan vegan foodie
"There's no question that Cleveland's food community is a robust one.
Everywhere you look, there's a strong presence of passionate and
enthusiastic folks making their mark on our culinary landscape."

Pattycake Bakery plays with expanding vegan cuisine

Predicting a Vegan Miami by 2050... or Not predicting_a_vegan_miami_by_20.php

Triathlete Rich Roll praises Paleo, but credits vegan diet for 50-lb weight loss
[with video]

Comedian Mark Malkoff Takes 28-Day Vegan Challenge

Being Vegan in Cowtown Isn't Hard, It Just Takes Some Know-how

Wyandotte 'Soup Lady' dishes up healthy, vegan creations news/doc531db869e6ddf708404480.txt

To Do: Vegan Dinner with a Steakhouse Chef (Really!)

Feasting with the Vegans

16 Vegan Bakeries That Are Worth Losing Your Teeth Over

March 12, 2014

African elephants can distinguish human languages, genders and ages associated with danger.
Nature, Matt Kaplan, March 10, 2014

Religious slaughter and myths about the 'humane' alternative

FBI: Terrorist fugitive could be on Big Island
"The FBI says San Diego has ties to animal rights extremist groups.
He is known to follow a vegan diet, eating no meat or food containing
animal products and avoids wearing anything made with animal

Arizona House approves livestock cruelty bill

Doris Day to celebrate landmark birthday with party, auction to
benefit animal welfare
"LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Screen legend Doris Day is celebrating a
landmark birthday with an auction to benefit her favourite cause:

Being progressive with killer whales
"Letters to the editor for March 12, 2014: Orcas and SeaWorld; water
conservation and golf tourney; solar power for San Onofre; bullying;
commissaries; e-cigs; breaking up the state"

Lexington cop may be charged after dog-shooting
"A Lexington police officer may face a misdemeanor animal-cruelty
charge after he allegedly shot a neighbor's dog on Sterling Drive
outside Georgetown last weekend."

Citizens, national animal-rights organization file suit against
Stockton Animal Shelter
"The filing of the lawsuit was not a surprise. In January, the Animal
Legal Defense Fund had received clearance to proceed with its lawsuit
from the federal judge overseeing Stockton's bankruptcy."

Activists urge animal testing ban 2014/03/12/2003585466
"Animal rights activists yesterday rallied in front of the Legislative
Yuan building, urging lawmakers to pass laws to ban animal testing in
the making of cosmetics products."

Cannot ban pets in societies: Animal Welfare Board of India
"Housing societies have no right to form laws regarding pets; they
cannot even ask pet-owners to keep their animals on a leash or impose
special charges on them, a circular from the Animal Welfare Board of
India says."

Groups, company launch animal-rights campaign
"TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Two major animal rights groups have linked up with
a handmade cosmetics company to fight against the practice of animal
testing in Taiwan's cosmetics industry."

'Don't bet on the Grand National - ban it' says Berkhamsted animal
rights campaigner
"An animal rights campaigner has urged punters to boycott the Grand
National ahead of the next month's big event."

Russell Simmons Gets Zen With A Vegan Tortoise (VIDEO)

Vegans Are On The Rise
[with audio]

A tale of two diets: paleo vs. vegan

Mock Taco Bell Pop-Up Serves Vegan 'Taco Bell'

10 Crazy Reactions People Have When They Find Out You're Vegan

Nooch Vegan Market will leave RiNo after today


March 11, 2014

Animal Rights 101: Liberating, Not Eliminating, the Nonhuman World

Why Bay Area Animal Rights Activists Are Protesting Chipotle Rights_Activists_Are_Protesting_Chipotle_12429.html
"That is the issue taken up by a Salon article asked last week in a
scathing review of the company's marketing and practices. And, as a
Bay Area organizer for the grassroots animal rights network Direct
Action Everywhere, which is leading the international "It's not Food,
It's Violence" campaign against Chipotle, it is a question that I am
well-equipped to answer."

Body Shop under scrutiny as 'cruelty-free' products found in China
"The consumer advocacy group said there was a "definite risk" that the
products - on sale at Beijing and Shanghai international airports with
labelling in Mandarin - had been tested on animals by Chinese

Animal Testing: No More Pseudo-Transparency
"It has become fashionable in the animal experiments industry to say
that they want greater transparency. After decades of saying as little
as possible and hoping that public concern would just go away,
researchers have publicly stated that they would like to engage with
the public. A recent BBC documentary featured a guided visit to a
laboratory. Schools are now being invited to visit selected
laboratories on selected days, no doubt as carefully orchestrated PR
(they will not be shown real animal suffering)."

City of Buffalo Worker charged with animal cruelty
[with video]

South Dakota bill to make animal cruelty a felony passes last
committee, moves on to House 65a3acaca1b54b0c85330da65c01ee0a/SD-XGR--Animal-Cruelty

States Join Missouri Lawsuit Targeting Animal Welfare
"The decision by five states to join a lawsuit attacking a California
animal welfare and food safety law may have far-reaching implications
for a raft of state laws that protect agriculture and consumers,
reports The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)."

Ariz. animal cruelty bill moves to Senate

ASPCA Helps Group 'Unleashed' Empower NYC Girls Through Animal Advocacy

Animal rights group lashes out after elderly rooster dumped

Animal Rights; Dog fight stopped
"BAHAWALPUR: A dog fight in Khanpur Noranga was stopped by police on Monday."

Animal cruelty in Perlis snake and reptile park
"The group known as Malaysian Friends of the Animals (MFOTA) told FMT
that the reptile farm had probably spent over a million to beautify
its park but animals especially primates were fed with only cabbage."

No Lie Can Live Forever: Predicting a Vegan America by 2050
"Consider that until the 1900s millions of young children worked in
our factories... and how untenable that would be today. Consider that
a country built on the backs of slaves elected Barack Obama in 2008.
Consider that seventeen states in a country where gays lived painfully
in the closet just decades ago, now allow them to marry. "The arc of
the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice," Martin
Luther King said, paraphrasing a longer quotation from
transcendentalist Theodore Parker. Our nation's history speaks this

AMONG THE ANIMALS | Vegfest celebrates joys of vegetarianism

Vegetarian or omnivore: The environmental implications of diet
"The argument that a vegetarian diet is more planet-friendly than a
carnivorous one is straightforward: If we feed plants to animals, and
then eat the animals, we use more resources and produce more
greenhouse gases than if we simply eat the plants. As with most
arguments about our food supply, though, it's not that simple.
Although beef is always climatically costly, pork or chicken can be a
better choice than broccoli, calorie for calorie."

The Exquisite Wistfulness of 19th-Century Vegetarian Personal Ads vegetarian_personal_ads_19th_c_matrimonial_advertisements.html

Party of one?: Dining with friends, family as a vegan, vegetarian
sometimes a challenge
"Then the waiter gets to the vegan."

Respecting needs of older vegetarians and vegans in the care sector
'is a matter of human rights and equality in all areas'
"There is a wide range of resources available for vegans and
vegetarians to fulfil their philosophical beliefs and nutritional
needs and charities are helping the care sector to ensure the needs of
older vegetarians continue to be met as they move to rely on social

What's the Best Vegetarian Sandwich in D.C.?

Karmavore vegan café shuts down in New Westminster

Ariana Grande Reveals Why She Is a Vegan

Helen Flanagan Reveals She's Become A Strict Vegan - With A Penchant
For Hamburgers


March 10, 2014

ALF Activists Jailed in 1980s Appealing Convictions Due to Police Involvement
"Andrew Clarke and Geoff Sheppard were convicted of planting
incendiary devices at Debenhams stores in Romford and Luton in 1987.
An undercover police officer allegedly planted a third device at a
branch in Harrow to help convict the men."

The real Dr Dolittle: Scottish scientist 'develops method for talking
to animals'
"A scientist claims to have developed a method for "talking" to
animals, allowing owners to ask them questions about how happy they
are with their living conditions and welfare.
"Dr Ian Duncan, emeritus chair in animal welfare at the University of
Guelph, Canada, has admitted his aims are similar to those of the
fictional character Dr Dolittle - but said his methods are based
strictly on science."

Halal Meat Ban Angers UK Muslims
"CAIRO - A proposal by Britain's leading vet to ban halal and kosher
slaughter in UK has sparked angry condemnations from the Muslim and
Jewish communities, arguing that any such ban would endanger their
religious freedoms."

Authorities to raise neutering fee
"AHMEDABAD: After years of struggling with cost problems, animal NGOs
working with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) on the street
dog sterilization programme have some good news. The AMC, which was
giving Rs 445 for each dog sterilization, will from April 2014 give Rs
675 for every dog. The programme resulted in 25,000 street dogs being
sterilized in 2013."

Namibia official defends safari auctions of rhinos,saying funds aid conservation

Endangered pastime?
"Changed wording in resolution delays debate on right to hunt, fish"

Cult of Karyn: Stars flock to her vegan
[with video]

Dog Fighting In Svaneti: English Russia Blog Posts Dog Fighting As
Entertainment And 'Comfort' (Photos)
"On March 6, Ukraine's acting president accused Russia of pre-Georgia
(2008) open-aggression tactics in Crimea, as the world focuses on the
serious threat of war in this region. That same day "team" posted
graphic photos of (illegal) dog fighting on the English Russia
(Georgia) blog, touted as,"The most popular blog about this part of
the world with a twist." All content is "submitted by readers through
feedback or acquired through open sources," the disclaimer states,
"Welcome and stay comforted.""

And in the fourth ring, protesters
"Was it a glimpse of a gentle giant that wants to make kids laugh, or
was it a sign of a mistreated animal wanting for food, protesters
asked outside the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Saturday."

Man Caught On Camera Beating Dog Gets Exactly What He Deserves (Video)

Bigger pig pens create challenges for farmers

Breaking: Al Gore Predicts He'll Eat Vegan for Life

Now, Factory Farming Secrets May Never Be Exposed Again
[with video]

BEING VEGAN - A Letter to Those Still Eating And Wearing Animals

March 9, 2014

Watch out Sea World: California bill would ban orca shows, captive breeding

Teens Take Disturbing Pictures With Sick Dolphin

Changed wording delays debate on right to hunt, fish
"INDIANAPOLIS -- A much-debated ban on same-sex marriage wasn't the
only proposed constitutional amendment to get knocked off this
November's ballot. Gone, too, is the less contentious proposal to
protect Hoosiers' right to hunt and fish."

Donkey Basketball Fundraiser takes place in Pahrump
"LAS VEGAS -- Hundreds of spectators packed into Pahrump's only public
high school gym to participate in an unusual fundraiser called Donkey
Basketball, Friday."

Calls to animal cruelty hotline hit 400 per day
"Animal welfare group the DSPCA said it was receiving on average 150
more calls a day, up from a the previous level of 250."

More goats found dead in Ill. animal cruelty case

"The choice to not eat meat is a gentle choice -- gentle on our
bodies, our minds and the planet. That's why I am truly envious of
people who can be vegan."

Letter: Vegan diet is a youth serum

Meet the 81-year-old with cancer who runs a marathon a month
"Furthermore, he's skipped chemotherapy in favor of a vegetarian diet,
alternative medicine, and, most importantly, running."

Diet dilemmas: "Why Love One but Eat the Other?"

With his baggy green under threat, is it time for Peter Siddle to give
up his vegan ways?
[with video]
"No one actually said Siddle, who eats 15 bananas a day, was dropped
from the third Test against South Africa for being a vegan but coach
Darren Lehmann's view that Australia wanted him back "bigger and
stronger'' was enough of a hint that it might be time to crunch a few
extra calories."

Paul McCartney Chefs Special Meal Deal

March 8, 2014

Jailed activists to appeal over undercover police involvement
"Two animal rights activists jailed for firebombing department stores
are to appeal against their convictions due to the involvement of
undercover police."

Liam Neeson blasted by animal rights group
"Irish actor LIAM NEESON has been blasted by bosses of a leading
animal rights group for criticising a campaign to ban horse-drawn
carriages from the streets of New York."

New York City Council Introduces Puppy Mill Bill

Canada Bans Gestation Crates In Which Pigs Can't Turn Around

Ethical farming dilemma: should we be helping the chicken or fixing the egg?
"California's egg-laying hens will soon have more room. A state law,
which takes effect 1 January, requires egg-laying hens only be
confined in ways that allow them to lie down, stand up, fully extend
their limbs and turn around freely."

Animal rights group protesting puppy raffle at Animal Foundation
[with video]
"Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Controversy continues as The Animal
Foundation moves forward with plans to raffle off 27 puppies that
survived a pet store arson fire."

Regulators cite Harrah's act for animal abuses
"LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a circus act
featured at two Harrah's casinos in Nevada has been treating its big
cats poorly."

Animal Aid campaigners protest in Cambridge over university's alleged
'macabre' experiments on pregnant sheep

'Rights' agenda muddies orcas' waters
"SACRAMENTO -- If I were a killer whale, I'd probably enjoy performing
tricks in Shamu Stadium and basking in applause rather than just
floating around a concrete tank all day. Then again, it's hard to know
what an orca is thinking because, however smart it might be, it's not
clever enough to have a chat with a newspaper columnist."

Move to ban SeaWorld from using killer whales
[with video]

UK top vet urges to end halal slaughter of animals
"The halal and kosher slaughter of animals should be outlawed,
Britain's leading vet said on Thursday,  local newspapers reported."

OSPCA investigates incident at turkey breeder's
"The Society is acting on a tip from an animal rights activist
organization; company says it is taking prompt action on the incident"

Al Gore on the Microbiome and Why He Became a Vegan
[with video]

Healthy, Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Eating in the South Sound

Artisanal vegan specialty shop opens in Berkeley

Ask Holly: What are the risks, benefits of a vegetarian diet?

A Vegetarian Challenge for Polar Chef Competitors

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