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News Roundup, March 22-31

March 31, 2014

Bear hunt referendum looms over Maine Sportsman's Show _over_Maine_Sportsman_s_Show_.html
"Organizers say people are energized by the impending vote on banning
bear baiting, hounding and trapping."

Animal Rescue League celebrates 100 years in DC

Animal Abuse a Felony in All 50 States

Racing must clean own house
"Following the allegations raised by People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals and reported by The New York Times, many of us in the
Thoroughbred industry are eagerly awaiting the final determination of
these issues by the New York State Gaming Commission and the Kentucky
Horse Racing Commission."

Mother complains of death threats from animal rights activists after
picture she posted on Facebook of mountain lion she shot dead goes


Ellen DeGeneres targeted by #sealfie campaign
"TORONTO -- A heartfelt video by an Iqualuit teenager has sparked a
social media campaign against talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that
conflates the commercial seal hunt on Canada's east coast with the
rights of Inuit people to hunt seals in the north."

Graham Allen MP guest column: Government need to listen on animal welfare

'Place water bowls outside homes to help animals, birds'
"Navi Mumbai: Summer is here and animal rights organizations are
asking residents to help those in need by placing water bowls outside
their homes."

Judge Upholds Country of Origin Label for Meat
"WASHINGTON (AP) - Shoppers who want to buy American beef for dinner
instead of meat from Canada or Mexico will still be able to find the
country of origin on the label."

Animal rights group takes fight to Shrewsbury streets
"SHREWSBURY -- Barely a month ago, Amy Zeidman Horowitz found herself
having dinner with a group of fellow vegans, talking about her choice
not to eat meat, her passion for animal rights and her idea to raise
awareness for the conditions in which animals are bred for food."

Edgar's Mission animal sanctuary moving to Macedon Ranges
"ONE of Australia's most renowned animal sanctuaries is relocating to
the Macedon Ranges.
"Edgar's Mission, a farm that promotes vegan principles, has rescued
thousands of animals since it began in 2003 and currently has 360
animals in its care."

iV: The Annual Ivy League Vegan Conference
"Being vegan is just a trend, right?  A diet for weight loss is it's
main purpose, right? Wrong. So very wrong.  The iV 2014 Conference,
held at Princeton University February 7th-9th, presented the issue of
veganism as so much more than a fad diet."

BEING VEGAN - Las Vegans Have the Big Mo Right Now
"My sports coaches growing up used to talk about the importance of
"momentum."  Some called it "The Big Mo.""

March 30, 2014

Japan has incentive to obey court's whaling verdict
"Experts and animal rights activists are confident Japan will stop
whaling should an international court rule the nation's ''scientific''
whale hunt is illegal.
"Australia has challenged Japan in the International Court of Justice,
arguing its claims of scientific research are a cover for commercial

San Francisco Chipotle Closes in Face of Animal Rights Protests
"San Francisco, Saturday, March 29, 2014 - Today, Chipotle Mexican
Grill closed a San Francisco restaurant in response to protests by
animal rights activists. Demonstrators with Direct Action Everywhere
(DxE) arrived at the Chipotle at 121 4th Street in San Francisco to
protest against the restaurant, surprised to find it closed."

Specter of bear-hunt referendum hangs over Maine sportsman's show
"'People are just coming out of the woodwork' to help beat back the
second effort in 10 years to ban bear baiting, hounding and trapping
in Maine."

Feral cats everywhere: Battle rages over what to do,0,3346890.story
"Tabbies, tuxedos and tortoiseshells -- about 20 of the animals greet
her each evening when she arrives in a parking lot next to the train
tracks south of downtown Orlando. She brings food every day to sustain
the colony -- one of hundreds of feral-cat colonies her organization,
CARE Feline TNR Inc., supports in Orange, Seminole and Osceola

Raffle winner elated to welcome 'arson puppy' into the family
"Kristi Liddle cooed and coaxed the trembling 2-pound dog, an
unwitting Las Vegas celebrity, arson survivor, and sought-after prize
since going up for raffle at a local shelter on Sunday."

Costa Rican Brought to Justice for Promoting Dog Fights
"A Costa Rican Court has imposed a sanction against a person that
risked an animal's welfare with dog fighting. Now this man is required
to pay ¢105,000 and must commit to "not make prejudice against any
animal or conduct himself against the animal's welfare, including,
fights, abandonment, physical abuse or anything similar ""

Groups push for more humane slaughter of chickens
"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two animal welfare groups and dozens of lawmakers
are urging the Obama administration to improve humane treatment of
poultry at slaughterhouses, citing statistics that show hundreds of
thousands of chickens being accidentally dropped alive into scalding
tanks every year."

Animals 'live a good life' at Copenhagen zoo, where culling comes naturally
"Copenhagen zoo caused horror when it killed a healthy giraffe and fed
it to the lions. Now it has put down four lions. But staff and
visitors say it's just doing what's needed to stop inbreeding"

Vegan Strippers Let It All Hang Out
"Lest you think those who remove their clothing for a living are
nothing but vacant showgirls, it turns out there's a lot more
underneath those faux-leather bras and furless panties than T&A.
Portland's pretty women discuss the likes of health care, Crimea and

TEENS: Being a vegan has been for the better

UNC Asheville celebrates sustainability with annual Greenfest

Looking to try a plant-based diet? Local experts have a plan
"Wikipedia defines a plant-based diet as one based on vegetables,
grains, legumes and fruit with little or no animal products including
dairy. If you are considering a change in your diet focused on
plant-based nutrition, Taste of Eden Café has a "10 days to wellness"
plan to help get you on the right track."

March 29, 2014

Critics: Kentucky Senators 'Snuck' 'Ag-Gag' Into Animal Rights Bill
"Legislation in Kentucky that was designed to set euthanasia standards
for shelter animals took an unexpected turn when it went to the state
Senate, where critics claim lawmakers "snuck" in a new, controversial
provision that could actually hamper animal abuse investigations."

10 Stray Sochi Pups Arrive in U.S.

Mississippi Co. woman faces animal abuse, assault charges
"The investigation began last month, when Deputy Marc Tragesser was
dispatched to investigate allegations that a pit bull had attacked a
resident in the Delmo Project community, located south of East

Primates Cut from Universal Studios Theme Parks Animal Shows

Animal rights campaigner convicted of Huntingdon Life Sciences conspiracy
"An animal rights campaigner convicted of taking part in a conspiracy
to blackmail the research company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) told
the Guardian she is a "scapegoat" targeted because detectives cannot
catch the "real culprits" who have terrorised the company and its

Panama bars importation of wild animals for circuses, shows

Animal rights activist upset over zoos barbaric behavior in slaughters
- interview
"The Voice of Russia discussed this issue withLiz Tyson, Director of
the Captive Animals Protection Society."

Elephant in India thought rescued by Paul McCartney is still being abused
"The Indian government had ordered the elephant returned to the wild
after Paul McCartney highlighted its plight during a 2012 trip to
India. Instead, a local pol allegedly took the animal home and has
kept him shackled on his property."

Maple Lodge Farms ordered to spend $1 million after chicken cruelty conviction
"In a case closely watched by animal-rights groups, Ontario Superior
Court Justice Nancy Kastner also fined Maple Lodge Farms $80,000 on
two of 20 counts of failing to transport chickens humanely."

"It May Be Possible to Have an Ethical Egg": A Chat With Gene Baur
"Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur is an ultra-mega-uber vegan: he
won't eat eggs or honey, or wear wool, and he gives his turkeys a
Thanksgiving feast every November. In this interview, he explains how
to eat eggs guilt-free (treat your chickens like family), why humans
aren't necessarily carnivores (we don't salivate when we see blood)
and why factory-farmed food might not be as cheap as we think it is."

10 Black Chefs That Are Changing The Food World As We Know It
"Bryant Terry categorically defies the "black people only eat soul
food" stereotype with his Afro-vegan cookbooks -- of which he's
written four -- not to mention his web series Urban Organic."

What would Amy Farrah Fowler eat?,0,7164104.story
"The only mention of "The Big Bang Theory" in Mayim Bialik's new
cookbook, "Mayim's Vegan Table," is in her brief bio on the back
cover. She doesn't prepare meatless meals for her colorful cast mates
on the popular sitcom. "Everybody is pretty set in their cooking
ways," she says with just a pinch of judgment in her voice."

Vegan Diet Turns Overweight Drug Addict Into World-Class Athlete
"Rich Roll, one of the most famous ultra-endurance athletes, says
Paleo is fine as diets go but he does not get his protein through
animal products--he follows a strict vegan diet. He does not consider
animal protein a necessity for top performance. Abstaining from foods
that are processed is important, so is avoiding alcohol, legumes,
gluten, dairy, starches and sugar, while eating plenty of fresh

Vegan Diet Turns Overweight Drug Addict Into World-Class Athlete

Why Everyone Should Eat More Plants

March 28, 2014

European Rabbis call Danish shechita ban cover for terrible animal rights record
"Rabbi says ban is not about animal welfare, citing the killing of a
healthy giraffe and four lions at a Copenhagen zoo."

European zoos may be killing thousands of animals for population
control - expert

Russia's New Dolphin Navy Is No Match for Our Dolphin Navy

Military blows up pigs on secret MoD base for medical research into
battlefield trauma
"The Ministry of Defence has admitted blowing up pigs on UK soil for
medical research into battlefield injuries, it has emerged."

"In 2004 the FBI designated environmentalists and animal rights
activists as the foremost domestic terror threats in the United
States, despite not a single death ever being attributed to either
group. So why did the FBI do it? MIT doctoral candidate and Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) connoisseur Ryan Shapiro wants to know."

Animal rights groups slam Animal Planet after coyote abuse allegations

Animal Testing On Dogs And Cats Must Be Banned, MPs And Animal Rights
Groups Demand
"Three beagles rescued from a UK veterinary laboratory are
spearheading a campaign to ban experiments on dogs and cats."

Colorado Hunter In Cross Hairs After Online Bullying By Anti-Hunting Activists
"DENVER (CBS4)- A picture of a hunter posing on Facebook with her
kill, a mountain lion, has put her in the cross hairs of groups that
oppose hunting. She claims she's being harassed online by animal
activists- some have threatened her life."

Inuit gather in Iqaluit for pro-sealing, anti-Ellen #sealfie

Berkeley squirrels are safe from extermination -- for now
"Much to the relief of wildlife lovers, the Berkeley City Council
voted Tuesday night to delay its pilot program to exterminate ground
squirrels at César Chávez Park."

Airline Buckles to Pressure From PETA on Monkey Cargo
"China Southern Airlines, a state-owned carrier, has decided to "stop
transporting live primates for laboratory experiments on all flights,"
Chen Qiuhua, the airline's chief manager of special cargo
transportation, told the animal welfare organization People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals."

No more elephant rides at the fair
"Have Trunk Will Travel says animal rights group complaints didn't
prompt decision"

Samuel L. Jackson's weight loss was due to vegan diet: 'I want to live forever'

Humane Society fetes actor James Cromwell at gala

Why Native Foods Cafe is the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Denver vegetarian_native_foods.php
"Native Foods creates a high hurdle for its kitchen by operating as an
entirely plant-based (aka vegan) restaurant -- so there's no egg or
dairy in any of the recipes. But the menu is still full of ambitious,
well-executed dishes."

March 27, 2014

The woman who set the tone for animal rights in Philadelphia
"To mark Women's History Month, it's worth taking a step back into
19th-century Philadelphia to look at the life and work of an often
passed-over woman critical to the city's history: Caroline Earle

More domestic violence shelters are taking in pets

Animal Rights Group Pushes to End Greyhound Racing in Iowa

Illegal Slaughterhouse Operator Named "Freaky" Arrested for Sledge
Hammering Animals illegal_slaughterhouse_operate.php
"The group Animal Recover Mission went undercover and filmed Fernandez
doing horrifying things to animals at his unlicensed slaughterhouse in
Miami-Dade's C-9 Basin."

25 drug companies to phase out animal antibiotics
"Many cattle, hog and poultry producers give their animals antibiotics
regularly to make the animals grow faster and ensure that they are
"Withdrawing the animal drugs is designed to limit
antibiotic-resistant diseases in humans as that resistance has become
a growing public health problem. Repeated exposure to antibiotics can
lead germs to become resistant to the drug so that it is no longer
effective in treating a particular illness."

PETA urges Samsung to re-shoot commercial without buffaloes after animals escape

Noah Director Darren Aronofsky Tells Peta Why He Filled His Ark with CGI Animals
"Animal rights charity Peta recently sat down with Darren Aronofsky,
director of forthcoming biblical epic Noah starring Russell Crowe as
the titular God-aided sailor."

PETA undercover investigation shakes up horse racing: Horse Racing Insider peta_undercover_investigation_1.html
"CLEVELAND, Ohio - Eclipse Award-winning thoroughbred trainer Steve
Asmussen gave an undercover investigator working for the People for
the Ethical Treatment of Animals just what the animal rights group
wanted, putting horse racing at center stage in an animal cruelty

Gallia County Dog Wardens Charged With Animal Cruelty
"GALLIA COUNTY, Ohio -Three Gallia County people expected to humanely
take care of dogs have been charged with animal cruelty."

PETA sends posters to Summerville High School following animal abuse case
An international animal rights organization has it's sights set on
Dorchester School District Two. People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals, known as PETA,  has sent posters to Summerville High School,
in hopes of  raising awareness about animal abuse."

Crocodile safari hunting: Environment Minister Greg Hunt scuppers NT plan
"Plans for crocodile safari hunting in the Northern Territory have
been rejected by Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt."

Stress-busting post exam petting zoo plan shelved
"PLANS TO bring a petting zoo into a Scots university, to help
students blow off steam after exams, have been axed due to health and
safety fears."

Indian rhino left to die in agony after savage hunters mutilate it for profit
"Two ivory poachers have been killed after brutally murdering a rare
Indian rhinoceros at a wildlife sanctuary in the northeastern state of

Pune activists claim shoddy post mortem of 'elephant Poornima'
"Animal rights activists and volunteers of non-governmental
organization People for Animals (PFA) alleged there was gross
negligence on the part of doctors tending to the elephant in her last
days. They claimed it was covered up by a shoddy post mortem."

Animal rights groups protest living conditions of dolphins in captivity
"Two animal rights groups gathered to protest the dolphins' captivity
and living conditions last Friday, March 21. The Peruvian Association
of Protection of Animals and the Scientific Organization for the
Conservation of Aquatic Animals (ORCA) joined forces last Friday and
organized a protest on La Herradura beach."

Vegan PSA Hopes To Convince You Pigs Are Friends, Not Food
"Despite ample evidence that pigs are just as smart as some dogs,
factory farm conditions remain abysmal, "ag-gag" laws are spreading
and humans are eating more meat than ever. A new 30-second commercial
from the Farm Sanctuary hopes to change that and remind the casual
carnivore just how smart some of the animals we eat actually are."

Vegan menus hit mainstream,0,4562363.story
"We asked a few vegan chefs and restaurant owners from across the
country to share what many diners have already experienced: that going
meat- and dairy-free can be easy, fulfilling and, yes, delicious,

There's Nothing Unhealthy About Vegging Out at Food, Lifestyle Event
"VegMichigan is hosting its vegan tastefest and expo in Novi this
year, with featured presenters including Daryl Hannah, John Salley,
chefs, authors, health experts, artists and, of course, all-star food.
"VegFest 2014, the largest one-day indoor vegan event in the country,
will be held from 10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday, April 13, in at the
Suburban Collection Showplace, located at 46100 Grand River Ave. in

Vegan Indy

24 Carrots in Tempe Offering Vegan Dinner Service on Friday and Saturday Nights 24_carrots_vegan_dinner_tempe.php

Vegan with a Vengeance: Pizza vegan_with_a_vengeance_pizza.php

All Star Pizza Bar Adding More Vegan Pizzas all-star-pizza-bar-adding-more-vegan-pizzas.php

March 26, 2014

Why Did the FBI Label Ryan Shapiro's Dissertation on Animal Rights a
Threat to National Security?

Eyes in the air: States move to ban drone-assisted hunting

Workers' groups join fight against "ag gag" bill
"After Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter signed a controversial bill
into law limiting the reporting of animal cruelty, 17 groups sued, and
other groups are now coming out in support. Many of the groups filing
the suit are animal rights originations, but the latest voicing their
support are the Idaho State AFL-CIO and the Idaho Building Trades
Council. They say that besides harming animals, the "ag gag" bill
could potentially hurt workers as well."

Bill takes aim at animal-rights videos at farms
"FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- Filming or photographing farm animal operations
without a farmer's consent would be criminalized under a bill sent to
the Kentucky Senate."

Cornell's campus deer management program meets opposition
"ITHACA, NY -- Cornell University in Ithaca is wrapping up a deer
management program that has suddenly run into opposition from a number
of residents and animal rights advocates."

Man Accused of Running Over Wife's Chihuahua Pleads Not Guilty
"A Sherman Oaks man accused of deliberately running over and killing
his estranged wife's pet Chihuahua -- named "Cow Cow" -- pleaded not
guilty Tuesday to animal cruelty and other counts."

Report: Danish zoo that killed giraffe also kills 4 lions

Animal Groups Lose Bid To Free Miami Seaquarium's Orca
"A Florida federal judge tossed a case brought by animal rights groups
claiming the U.S. Department of Agriculture was unlawfully renewing
licenses at the Miami Seaquarium, ruling Tuesday that the agency had
not abused its discretion."

Case against Berkeley County man with 200 dead dogs behind house
getting national attention
"A California animal-rights group has started an online petition
calling for maximum punishment for Loney Garrett, 66, who was arrested
last year after the remains were found in the smelly mud behind his
single-wide mobile home off Howe Hall Road near Goose Creek."

Pit bull that mauled boy escapes death penalty, but gets life sentence
"A Phoenix judge on Tuesday spared the life of a pit bull that mauled
a 4-year-old boy last month and touched off a polarizing Internet
debate on mercy, blame and animal violence."

Family speaks out after dying dog refused treatment at animal hospital
"KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A west Michigan family is grieving
and looking for answers after their beloved pet suddenly died."

Republic of V: the V is for Viridity Or Lack Thereof
"Calling all Berkeley vegans! It is time to rejoice: Republic of V has opened."

A&M University football alumnus launches Kickstarter campaign for new
vegan cafe, social lounge in Huntsville am_university_football_alumnus.html
"HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - As a football player at Alabama A&M University,
San Diego native Joshua Udeh could eat anything he wanted and never
gain weight."

Armenian vegan cookbook released
"SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - During the six years she took to create her new
cookbook, Armenian Vegan, Dikranouhi Kirazian insisted on telling no
one about her passion project. "I wanted it to be a surprise," she

Samuel L. Jackson Went Vegan So He Could 'Live Forever'

Vegan Arm Wrestler Featured on AMC's 'Game of Arms'

March 25, 2014

New Zealand May Soon Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals
"The New Zealand government is now legally required to consider
banning cosmetic testing on animals in the review of the Animal
Welfare Act. As nonprofit animal rights organization SAFEreports,
Green Party MP Mojo Mathers introduced an amendment to the New Zealand
Parliament that would make animal cosmetic testing an offense
punishable by law."

The Latest Push to Silence Animal-Cruelty Whistleblowers Might Be
"Just as the laws spread from Utah, Iowa, Missouri to Idaho, the legal
backlash to "ag-gag" bills follows. In Idaho a coalition of animal-
and workers-rights groups, and journalists are challenging the
constitutionality of the new law that criminalizes would-be
whistleblowers who secretly record animal abuse in "agricultural
production facilities.""

Marineland school trip cancelled after complaint from Hamilton mom
"Jennifer Jamieson's kids won't be making school trips to Marineland
in Niagara Falls anytime soon -- and neither will any other students
from their class."

Animal Rights Groups Sue Forest Service to Protect Wild Horses animal_rights_groups_sue_fores.php
"Wild horses that roamed the verdant, brush-covered hillocks of Modoc
National Forest might soon be dragged away, according to a lawsuit
filed todayby the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and other
animal rights groups."

Oregon fines wild cat sanctuary in mauling case
"PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon safety officials have fined a suburban
Portland wild cat sanctuary $5,600 for two serious violations, one of
which likely contributed to an employee being mauled to death by a

"ANIMAL rights group Anti-Vivisection Coalition are set to protest
outside a laboratory on the edge of Milton Keynes later this week."

Pamela Anderson urges followers to avoid Vancouver Island rodeo
"One of Vancouver Island most famous exports is voicing her
displeasure for B.C.'s Luxton Pro Rodeo."

Dog Shot Over 50 Times With BB Gun Proves Just How Resilient And
Inspiring Rescue Pets Can Be
"Not long after the 6-year-old labrador retriever-shepherd mix came to
the One Tail at a Time pet shelter in Chicago's Lincoln Square
neighborhood, his "foster mom" took him to the vet for a urinary
issue. The results were heartbreaking."

Elephants Escape Circus in St. Louis - Can You Blame Them?

Animal gas chamber publicly demolished in Medina 303230018/Animal-gas-chamber-publicly-demolished-Medina
"About 30 people helped demolish a northern Ohio animal shelter's gas
chamber that was used to kill hundreds of stray cats annually before
it was phased out amid public pressure."

PETA Tactfully Equates Buying Women's Shoes To Beating Monkeys With Hammers
[with video]

Becoming a 'bettertarian' cattle/beef/becoming-a-bettertarian/2692739.aspx
[Australia; Meat Free Week vs Free Meat Week; Meat and Livestock
Australia (MLA)]

One in ten Swedes is vegetarian or vegan, according to study
"There has been a four per cent increase in the number of Swedes
adopting a meat-free lifestyle over the past five years, according the
study commissioned by Animal Rights Sweden (Djurens Rätt)."

Former McDonald's execs to open calorie-counting chain in Dallas and Plano
[LYFE Kitchen]
"That menu is marked with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes as
well as calorie counts and sodium."

Kite Hill: Vegan Cheese That'll Fool Your Omnivore Friends kite_hill_vegan_cheese_thatll.php

Vegan Feminine Care Products: Healthy Hoo Hoo Promises A Happier Vagina

Why Women Who Eat Plant-Based Have Fewer Female Cancers

For the Newbie Plant-Based Eater: Your Vegan Starter Shopping List

Boy George, finally the 'King of Everything'
"To stay on top of his busy schedule, Boy George has been proactive
about staying healthy, adopting a raw vegan diet."

March 24, 2014

Political Insider: Bob Barker speaks up on HB 2587
"The revised HB 2587, while sparing whistleblowers and undercover
investigators from prosecution, would still interfere with
authorities' ability to hold abusers on factory farms accountable,"
Barker wrote. "Farmed animals would be denied the protections of
existing animal-cruelty statutes and instead be covered by a much
weaker law."

Md. law would make all dog owners liable for an attack regardless of breed

Pennsylvania hatchery ignored postal weather warnings, leading to dead
chicks for Mercer farmer _postal_weather_warnings__leading_to_ dead_chicks_for_Mercer_farmer_.html
"The United States Postal Service says that a Pennsylvania hatchery
ignored warnings of winter weather delays, apparently causing a
shipment of baby chicks to a Mercer farmer to arrive dead earlier this

Wolf hunt resumes in France after increased attacks

MP's meaty message
"QUEENSLAND LNP MP George Chistensen has devised a unique way of
hitting back at a campaign designed to promote vegetarianism.
"This week is 'Meat Free Week' - a national campaign supported by
animal rights group Voiceless, linked to changing perceptions about
the treatment of intensively farmed animals."
"But Mr Chistensen is running a counter-campaign, 'Free Meat Week',
which has the backing of the Cattle Council of Australia and Sheepmeat
Council of Australia."

Campaign of terror against animal testing began in Plymouth
"Debbie Vincent, 52, was the public face of an organisation
responsible for for a relentless campaign designed to bring down
Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridgeshire."

Animal rights advocates demolish animal gas chamber used to kill Ohio
shelter cats 34f078cd52a44234a98a53968cd3ec05/OH--Animal-Shelter-Gas-Chamber/#.Uy9r8KhX-uY

Couple advocates plant based diet

Women co-author 'Vegan Cheat Sheet' for health & happiness Women-co-author-Vegan-Cheat-Sheet-health-happiness

Eye on the East Bay: 'Lettuce Ladies' go green in Walnut Creek on St.
Patrick's Day

March 23, 2014

BEING VEGAN - It Is TIme For Only Humans To Be In The Circus
"A number of countries have already banned the use of animals in
circuses. Bolivia was the first to do so and has since been joined by
Peru, Greece, Cyprus, Paraguay, Columbia, The Netherlands, and
Slovenia. Movements are in place in many other countries right now to
follow suit."

I've no beef with vegans but this man needs meat

Vivienne Westwood: 'Vegetarian diet can cure disabled'

Could a Liver in a Test Tube Mean the End of Animal Drug Testing?
"A synthetic liver can predict the effects of drugs in humans without
animal testing."

Hog Wild: Factory Farms Are Poisoning Iowa's Drinking Water
"Millions of pigs are crammed into overcrowded barns all across the
state, being fattened for slaughter while breeding superbugs--all to
feed China's growing appetite for Spam."

A decade of taking a stand for animal rights outside university taking_a_stand_for_animal_rights_outside_university/
"ANIMAL rights campaigners from Speak marked 10 years of protesting
outside Oxford University's animal testing labs on Thursday."

China Southern airline stops shipping primates after activists campaigns

PETA Isn't Thrilled That the New York Jets Signed Michael Vick

Emily the Trapper is 26, smart, loves animals, and thinks your ideas
about fur trapping are all wrong animals+thinks+your+ideas+about+trapping+wrong/9632609/story.html
"As a 26-year-old female, Lamb is a rarity among fur trappers, but her
work ethic and foul mouth quickly endeared her to colleagues. While
some of the fur she harvests is sold for use in the fashion industry,
she also works closely with government officials, wildlife researchers
and the oil industry to help study and sustain animal populations in
the wild."

Mother's horror as neighbor shoots dead little girl's dog and posts
picture of him standing over its dead body on Facebook
"A Maryland man shot dead his neighbor's dog after it wandered on to
his property, and then posted a picture of its body on Facebook."

Jewish, Muslim leaders: Danish minister 'put[s] animal rights before
religious rights'
"A joint delegation of European Muslim and Jewish religious leaders
accused Danish Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen of putting animal
rights before religious freedom on Thursday."

March 22, 2014

Animal Rights and the Erosion of the First Amendment: AETA, Ag-Gag and
Why You Should Care

No More Cockfighting At Agana Heights Mayor's Office
"ockfighting at the Agana Heights Mayor's Office has stopped
temporarily until organizers obtain the necessary permits to host the
weekly events. (Agana Heights is one of the nineteen villages in the
United States territory of Guam.)"

After the birth of tiger cubs, animal rights campaigners call for
boycott of London Zoo 'prison'

Edmonton conservationists known for exotic animal park dies at age 88 +known+exotic+animal+park+dies/9643605/story.html

Cole Bros. traveling circus holds shows in Bluffton, greeted by protests

PETA Accuses Top Horse Trainer Of Animal Cruelty Following Undercover
[with video]

Animal charity PETA offers £1,000 reward over dog poison deaths _1_000_reward_over_dog_poison_deaths_1_3461066

PETA alleges cruelty against top racehorses weeks before Kentucky Derby

Students confine themselves in crates to simulate animal treatment in
food industry
"The question of whether or not animals could suffer was posed to
University of Georgia students Thursday and Friday at the Tate Student
Center Plaza as they entered into Peta2's tented "factory farm.""

In Denmark, Animal Dissections at Museums Draw Student Crowd 052702304747404579445740526513198

'Stop sale of animals' call
"ANIMAL rights campaigners are calling for pet stores in Bahrain to
follow in the footsteps of a leading shop in South Africa, which has
stopped the sale of puppies."

Circus faces action
"LEGAL action could be taken against a travelling circus for
abandoning six lions and two tigers in Bahrain."

Vegan, senior, and still running
[with video]
"But can you be a vegan and still be a top performing athlete? Ellen
Jaffe Jones of Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island says absolutely."

High-voltage vegan John Schlimm blazes through Philly
"John Schlimm is the author of The Tipsy Vegan (which, as I noted
here, takes off from his family history as great-great-grandson of the
founder of Straub brewery), Grilling Vegan Style (to which I devoted a
column in 2012) and The Cheesy Vegan, which I recently named one of my
Top 10 Vegan Cookbooks for the holiday season."

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Seattle

Woman Loses 150 Pounds by Going Vegan!

Pro wrestler Austin Aries became a vegan two years ago and hasn't looked back

Vegan Lessons from Taiwan and New Zealand

Vivienne Westwood Credits Veg Diet as Cure for Rheumatism

10 Really Good Reasons to Eat More Vegan Food

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