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News Roundup, March 15-21, 2014

March 21, 2014

Animal-rights protest held outside circus in Bluffton
[with video]

Officials rescue abandoned .cats.
"POLICE and animal welfare officers seized six lions and two tigers
last night after being discovered in small cages near a residential
area in Salmabad."

Rodeo organiser shrugs off animal cruelty claims

DJ Mike Read named 'Hero to Animals' by Peta for Thames dog rescue

Walsh slams 'spineless' individuals who sent him death threats after
claiming horses were replaceable during Cheltenham

University of Bradford defends its animal testing research 11088681.University_of_Bradford_defends_its_animal_testing_research/
"A petition against animal testing at the university has received
international support as it reaches its target of 7,000 signatures."

Cat strangler Steven Seidel of Kamloops could face jail time
"A Kamloops, B.C., man has been found guilty of causing unnecessary
pain and suffering to an animal for strangling his cat to death with
his bare hands, and throwing it into a dumpster last year."

Animal rescue group thrust into limelight of 'Arson Puppies' case
"As a founder of A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue, a pet-centric nonprofit
agency, she followed the case closely. Nearly every rescue center,
animal rights advocate and dog lover in Las Vegas knew about the
furry, wet-nosed survivors of the Jan. 27 arson fire that ravaged
Prince and Princess Pet Boutique. It was difficult to ignore stories
about the puppies trapped in legal limbo."

NY Gaming Commission Probing PETA Allegations Of Racehorse Abuse,
Drugging At Saratoga

Elgin woman in petting zoo case won't have to give up ownership of animals
"ST. CHARLES -- Kane County Associate Judge Elizabeth Flood ruled
Thursday that an Elgin woman charged with neglect of animals did not
have to forfeit ownership of the horses, donkeys and two goats that
had been taken from a Hampshire-area petting zoo earlier this month by
Kane County Animal Control staff."

Commission denies request to house tigers in Deer Creek Canyon

And the best vegan cheesesteak in Philly is... 20140320_And_the_best_vegan_cheesesteak_in_Philly_is___.html

Live Like an Athlete Podcast - The Vegan Athlete: Mission Impossible?

The Buzz: Hold the cheese, egg and meat
"Vegan diners find local restaurants accommodating to vegetable-based diets"

Vegan Black Metal Chef: "I made the cooking show I wanted to see"

'Paleo Vegan' cookbook says you can eat Paleo on a plant-based diet

"Great American Meatout": Free Vegan Food at Terri Restaurant

The vegans are winning. It's OK to give in - and still eat McDonald's sometimes
"Veganism's benefits have been sold, bought, taken mainstream. You're
probably eating animal-free more often than you thought"

PETA wants mom who found strange object in Campbell's chicken soup to go vegan

30 Things Vegans And Vegetarians Don't Want To Hear Anymore

March 20, 2014

Sex-change soldier who became an animal rights terror commander:
Activist spent a decade masterminding attacks on supplies to animal
testing lab
"She was behind a relentless onslaught of threats and violence
designed to destroy Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridgeshire."

Is There No Room for Rod Coronado in the Animal Rights Movement? The
Problem with Veganism as the Moral Baseline

Animal Instinct: How Cat-Loving Sleuths Found an Accused Killer Sadist
"A shocking story of citizen detectives, a videotaped murder, animal
torture and one very disturbed celebrity wannabe"

Animal Rights Activist Pink supports stopping of NYC Horse-Drawn carriages

Shelter urges veto of dog euthanasia bill
"CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The Kanawha Charleston Humane Association is
calling on Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to veto a bill that seeks the humane
destruction of dogs that attack humans."

Horse carriage ban has uncertain support
"Mayor Bill de Blasio.s vow to ban Central Park horse-drawn carriages
is no sure thing as City Council members await a credible plan to
create new jobs for the 300-plus drivers."

Board to reconsider fair elephant rides
"DEL MAR -- The company that offers elephant rides at the San Diego
County Fair is no longer certified by the Association of Zoos and
Aquariums, a change that could factor into the fair board.s decision
later this year on whether to continue the rides beyond the 2014
summer season."

Judge orders parties to settle Vegas puppy case judge_orders_parties_to_settle_vegas_puppy_case/
"LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A Nevada judge blocked a planned puppy raffle for at
least 45 days, imposed a gag order, and told lawyers Wednesday to
settle their ownership tug-of-war over 27 dogs rescued from a Las
Vegas pet shop fire more than seven weeks ago."

These 10 Countries That Have Banned Wild Animals in Circuses...Why Can.t We Do it?

Near-naked PETA models in hot tub protest water wasted on animal products

China gov.t-owned crafts chain suspends ivory sales

Australia to resume live exports to Egypt

Nervous wait for Vietnam cattle trade as animal welfare claims face

The 13 Worst Countries To Visit As A Vegan

Vegan sisters encourage healthy eating in Memphis
"For Bretta and Belinda King, veganism is a business and, more
importantly, a lifestyle.
"The two sisters own and run Two Vegan Sistas"

Vice says Subway and vegans are killing Philly.s cheesesteaks
"Just in case it.s been a full three days since someone tried to argue
with you about who makes the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, Vice
is here to tell you that the debate is futile, anyway, because Subway
and health nuts are killing the city.s go-to street food."

Bill Clinton reversed heart disease with vegan diet and 30-lb weight loss

Vegan grocery list: Top 50 staples for a meat-free diet
"A well-stocked vegan kitchen can make the difference between ho-hum
and hubba hubba when it comes to plant-based cooking and eating."

Local food truck serves up vegan BBQ

I Spent a Day Selling Vegan Hot Dogs With Yeah Dawg Vegan vegan_hot_dogs_yeah_dawg_vegan.php

LA Vegan Beer & Food Festival Returns May 17 for Fifth Edition

Bradley goes vegan ahead of Pacquiao fight


March 19, 2014

Violence against women and animal rights: the highly unpopular connection
[with video]

Council bans circuses with wild animals

Animal rights activists up the stakes, becoming more violent

City Honors SeaWorld despite Protest
[with video]

ACLU sues Idaho over 'ag gag' law that targets undercover animal
rights activists
"SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho
on Monday asked a federal judge to strike down a state law it says
violates constitutional rights to free speech by banning the
documentation of animal abuse at livestock operations."

Senator: Video of cow abuse staged, advocacy group considers lawsuit
[with video]
"BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Senator Jim Rice, R-Caldwell, says he believes
the animal rights group that secretly recorded video of employees
abusing cows at an Idaho dairy in 2012 actually directed the employees
to act a certain way on camera."

Is It Wrong For Zoo Restaurants To Serve Meat?

Lord Williams: Those objecting to ritual slaughter have 'tender consciences'
"People objecting to the ritual slaughter of animals have "tender
consciences" and should be more concerned by factory farming, the
former Archbishop of Canterbury has said."

Animal Rights Activist Convicted Of Blackmail
"A jury at Winchester Crown Court convicted 52-year-old Debbie Vincent
of being involved in the conspiracy run by the Stop Huntingdon Animal
Cruelty (Shac) group against Cambridge-based Huntingdon Life Sciences
(HLS) during a 10-year period."

Our Policy On Animal Testing is Distinctly Un-Canadian
"It's 2014, and animals are still being blinded, poisoned and killed
to test new beauty products or their ingredients."

Animal rights'NGO representativesleft out of welfarecouncil board
"The Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights, Roderick Galdes has
placed two unelected members to the Animal Welfare Council's
two-member board, including the Labour Party's official photographer,
Joe Camenzuli, a known animal lover but who does not officially
represent any animal society, instead of appointing the two NGO
representatives nominated by the rest of the animal rights' groups."

Opinion: Why I'm Vegan by Moby
"My reason for becoming a vegetarian was simple: I loved (and love) animals"

Bill Clinton's heart is younger than it was 10 years ago after former
president lost 30 pounds on vegan diet, says daughter Chelsea

Meatless Mondays in school lunches can help Philly save the environment

Sea Shepherd to Launch New Vegan Cookbook!

Is going vegan right for you?

'Game of Arms' episode 4 photos: A vegan arm-wrestler in 'Bloodlines'
""Game of Arms" pits an arm wrestler against both a competitor and
himself in "Bloodlines."Zap2it has a few exclusive photos from episode
4 of the AMC series, showing some of the matches fans can expect on
Tuesday (March 18)."

The Voice: Which Coach is a Vegan?

Baker explains the vegan way of life
"Vegans are the people who make vegetarians look extravagantly indulgent."

Arden Wohl Celebrates Vegan Shoe Line

How to eat well on a vegan diet

Viva vegan
"Mexican restaurant goes vegan, again, with pleasantly surprising results."

Mayim Bialik Dishes on All Things Vegan (And Her New Cookbook)
"Mayim Bialik plays a lot of roles in her life, including mother,
actress (you probably know her best from Blossom and The Big Bang
Theory), author, blogger, and, unofficially, a spokeswoman for vegans
all over."

March 18, 2014

ACLU, PETA Sue Idaho Over New Law To Punish Animal Rights Activists
"The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho, PETA and other groups
are suing the state over a new measure that would prosecute people who
secretly film agricultural operations. Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter
signed the so-called 'ag-gag' bill into law at the end of February."

On Campus: UW-Madison fined $35,000 for violations of animals in research

Protesters won't stop Yellowknifer from selling fur

Greyhound racing target of bill
"TALLAHASSEE -- One greyhound died in a violent "cartwheel" tumble
after colliding with another racer. Two dogs were euthanized after
breaking legs during competitions. Another was put down after
separating her shoulder during a race."

Anti-carriage horse activists split on electric car alternative

Restrictions needed on animal trapping 303170013/Restrictions-needed-animal-trapping

Colorado Dem hopes to enlist endangered ferrets to battle prairie dogs

Activist Interview: Aaron Ross
"Aaron Ross is the National Director of Campaigns at The Humane
League.  Aaron has been advocating for animals for over a decade and
has won dozens of campaigns for animals both locally and nationally."


Restaurants take a break from meat and dairy for occasional all-vegan menus
"Ellen Kassoff Gray dreamed of opening a restaurant to serve
Washingtonians delicious vegan cuisine. She finally realized that
vision -- once a week."

How Animal Welfare Advances Veganism and Animal Rights | Karen Dawn

EXCLUSIVE: Vegan Boss' Road to Global Grind (VIDEO)


Micro Greens a Staple of Jason Mraz's Vegan Diet

Guess What? Your Cat Is NOT a Vegan
"A dangerous trend has surfaced of people forcing their cats to be
vegan. Here's why this is a really bad idea."


Ottawa to argue against EU ban of seal products at international hearin
"GENEVA, Switzerland -- An international trade organization will hear
arguments from Ottawa on Monday in an appeal of a landmark ruling that
upheld the European Union's ban on imported seal products."

Video: Police to probe hare shoot organised by Ralph Fiennes' brother
over cruelty claims
[with video]

Maple Leaf Foods 'Disturbed' By Supplier Turkey Farm Video, Promises Action
[with video]
"Maple Leaf Foods, one of Canada's largest meat companies, is taking
action after a CBC Marketplace investigation revealed disturbing
hidden camera footage recorded at an Ontario turkey breeding barn."

Global march against the canned hunting of lions
[with video]
"Edmonton - March 15 was designated a global day of action against the
canned hunting of lions in South Africa. Marches took place in several
cities around the world."

Dead ducks left on Vic premier's doorstep
"Anti-duck hunting activists who dumped dead ducks outside the
Victorian premier's office say they are being barred from the state's
wetlands under new protest laws."

Family-run WA circus banned by Perth councils
"Some councils across Perth have banned what should be a fun and
affordable night out for local families by preventing a WA family-run
circus to perform."

U.K.'s ritual slaughter debate reeks of prejudice
"The screaming headlines in the British media regarding kosher and
halal slaughter show how Britain isn't immune to a Europe-wide
paranoia about outsider communities."

Comment: Gluttons for punishment deserve a sin tax on meat

Shipment of dead chicks to Mercer farmer raises questions about animal treatment _farmer_raises_questions_about_animal_treatment_.html
[with slideshow]
"While the farmer looks for answers, the hatchery, USPS and PETA say
even with restrictions for shipping live animals, chick deaths aren't

Zoo once dubbed the 'worst in the world' is to close amid complaints
the animals looked 'depressed'
"A zoo once dubbed the 'worst in the world' by a visitor is now set to
close after complaints that the animals in residence were looking too

Big Fur Is Manipulating Young People Into Wearing Dead Animals, And It's Working
"It can be tough for a non-vegan to figure out where she stands on the
ethics of wearing fur. Complicating matters even further is the fact
that the fur industry is a giant business that for decades has been
making a concerted effort to convince young people fur is cool.
Judging by the backs of many of our young friends, it's working."

Fish Bladder in Your Brew? How to Find Vegan Beer

Isa Chandra Moskowitz on Her Golden Road Brewing Dinner, Being Vegan,
and Nebraska

Bellingham High tennis alum thriving thanks to vegan lifestyle

Veggie festival to be held in South West city
"EUROPE'S biggest veggie event is being held as a city festival in the
South West this spring."

Diet face-off: How 7 nutrition trends stack up

The Buzz: What about the veg heads?

Vegan Drinks Night Kicking off at Yard House in Hallandale 2014/03/vegan_drinks_night_kicking_off.php

Irish Beauty Rosanna Davison: Go Green, Go Vegan for Paddy's Day


March 17, 2014

Offenders guilty of animal cruelty could face EURO 80,000 fine offenders_guilty_of_animal_cruelty_could_face_80000_fine#.UyXbw-hX-uY
"Parliamentary secretary for animal rights Roderick Galdes launches
white paper on proposed amendments to Animal Welfare Act"

Seal harvest appeal set to begin Monday
"GENEVA - An international trade organization will hear arguments from
Ottawa on Monday in an appeal of a landmark ruling that upheld the
European Union's ban on imported seal products."

'Scandal' in the U.K.: Unwitting customers buying kosher meat
"Mail Online scoop: Meat from unstunned, kosher-slaughtered cows goes
into ordinary meat sold over the counter."

Swiss Supermarket Chain Pulls Horsemeat
"A new horsemeat scandal is afoot in Europe, and one Swiss supermarket
chain has pulled all horsemeat products from its shelves in the wake
of animal abuse claims."

These Fantastical Photographs Of Shelter Dogs Prove All Animals Are Beautiful

Dog Law of 1919 cited in shooting of canines in 2010
"MONROE -- As two Sylvania Township women await a final ruling on their
two dogs' fate, they may have found an ally in Daphnia Davis, who
almost lost her beloved pets after they were shot by a neighbor."

Danny Milner defends sport-fowl tradition dating to nation's founders

Animal rights group PETA honors pup credited with noticing gas leak,
saving suburban Detroit family

Shamu showdown: SeaWorld appreciates whales, promotes wildlife conservation

Fewer U.S. consumers drinking milk
"Got almond milk?
"More and more consumers do. They've also got soy milk, coconut milk,
flax milk and all sorts of trendy juices and bottled waters. But good
old milk -- the moo kind -- keeps fading from grocery lists."

BEING VEGAN - Building A Community That is Making A Difference

Got milk? Many nutritious choices are dairy-free
"Is milk by any other name (almond, soy, coconut, rice, hemp, quinoa)
still ... milk?"

March 16, 2014

Greens to move for ban on animal-tested cosmetics
"All cosmetics tested on animals would be banned in Australia under a
proposal by the Greens."

Animal rights activists protest Ringling Brothers' circus at Prudential Center
"NEWARK - The circus is in town in Newark, and so are animal rights
activists protesting Ringling Brothers' treatment of their exotic

Codes of practice must be adhered to, say officials
"RED DEER -- Canadian agriculture is facing increasing pressure from
animal rights activist groups that are well funded and prepared to go
public with their protests."

Squirrel Scandal Rocks Berkeley's City Council
"The city of Berkeley is wrapped up in a very Berkeley-esque mixup
after a plan to eradicate the ground squirrels and gophers at Cesar
Chavez Park was met with an outpouring of backlash. Much to the
chagrin of the animal rights groups that stood up for these witless
woodland creatures, that outpouring of support only ended up in the
city's spam filter."

More than 200 animals taken from local high school (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
"FORT WALTON BEACH -- Okaloosa County School District officials shut
down a veterinary assistant program Friday after more than 200 animals
-- including a 5-foot green anaconda -- were discovered by animal
control officers."

Elephant festival cancelled
"JAIPUR: The famous elephant festival which was scheduled a day before
holi at polo ground has been cancelled for the second consecutive
year. Sources said that Animal Welfare Board (AWB) has not responded
on the permission of using elephants in the festival sought by the
tourism department."

Can a vegan ever be sexy?
"As the animal-rights group Peta launches a search for Britain's most
desirable vegan, Hannah Betts - vegetarian for some 30 years - debunks
the myths around mushy eating"

EatingWell: A well-planned vegan diet can be perfectly healthy -a-well-planned-vegan-diet-can-be-perfectly-healthy-20140315

SFU student Emily von Euw fills Rawsome Vegan Baking cookbook with sweet treats
"The vanilla chocolate chunk cheesecake is just one of the over 100
recipes in her first cookbook, Rawsome Vegan Baking, which Page Street
Publishing released this month. SubtitledAn Un-cookbook for Raw,
Gluten-Free, Vegan, Beautiful and Sinfully Sweet Cookies, Cakes, Bars
and Cupcakes...."

March 15, 2014

Causes of the Furred and Feathered Rule the Internet

Smirking animal torturers freed: Outcry after dog fighting thugs get
suspended sentences
"Laughing and joking, four men convicted in relation to one of the
worst cases of animal cruelty in Northern Ireland taunted police and
onlookers as they walked free from court."

Animal lover Kelly Brook 'tore strips' from ex-Gladiator boyfriend for
crashing van full of dead badgers into bus stop while working as
driver in government cull

Croatia's second city to close 'worst zoo in the world' after reports
of 'nightmare' conditions and 'depressed' animals

Olympian Reunites With Sochi Rescue Puppies

Hoarding: 300 Dead Birds, Animals Found In Home Of Monmouth SPCA
Volunteer Rehabilitator

Feds dismiss animal right activist's claim about UL research center
"The National Institutes of Health and the USDA have dismissed an
animal rights activist's latest complaints about the treatment of some
primates at the New Iberia Research Center.
"In January, Michael Budkie of Stop Animal Exploitation Now called for
a federal investigation of injuries to three African green monkeys and
the deaths of two chimpanzees in 2012, and a baby rhesus monkey in

California Running-of-the-Bulls Subject of Animal Rights Groups' Lawsuit

Hawaii Legislators Advance Bill Banning Consumption Of Cats And Dogs

Turkeys abused at Ontario farm, animal rights group claims

Betty Mankiller of Bikini Bites on Vegan Catering and Why More Chefs
Should Cook in Bikini Tops

Fitting for a Lenten Friday: A vegan cook's story
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Mustard seed, curry leaf, turmeric, walnuts
and cranberries. These may not be standard ingredients in the dishes
of most Staten Islanders but, together, they gave diverse but subtle
flavor to the dish that won the People's Choice award at Staten Island
Advance's annual Taste-off last month."

Staten Island Advance Cookbook announces Vegan recipe winner
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - Congratulations to Juliette Moore of Brooklyn
who won the Vegan category of the Staten Island Advance Cookbook
Contest. The Cookbook publishes in its entirety on Sunday. But we'll
offer a nibble of news on another champ on line again tomorrow."

Northeast Portland's Back to Eden Bakery masters vegan, gluten-free
treats: Gluten Freedom northeast_portlands_back_to_ed.html

Triathlete Brendan Brazier celebrates vegan diet recipes in 'Thrive Energy'
[with video]

Beyond Meat Wants Taco Bell to Go Vegan

A Women's Weekend in The Country: Vegan Style
"On the weekend of May 9-11 at the luxurious bed and breakfast
Stonover Farms in Lenox, Massachusetts, women will gather for the
inn's second annual women's retreat. Like last year, Kosmic Kitchen's
Katherine Miller will be on hand to lead the guests through a vegan
cleanse, and to teach them how to prepare and enjoy nutritionally
balanced vegan entrees, snacks and beverages."

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