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News Roundup, March 1-7, 2014

March 7, 2014

Bindi Irwin slammed over SeaWorld deal
"The late Steve Irwin's daughter is facing a backlash in the US, after
agreeing to team up with SeaWorld.
"Bindi Irwin, 15, announced the partnership with her mother and
brother on TV show Good Morning America, and has been the target of
abuse from animal rights activists ever since."

Animal welfare cases involving U-M closed, U.S. health agency says Animal-welfare-cases-involving-U-M-closed-U-S-health-agency-says
"Documents publicized this week by an animal-rights group about the
welfare of lab animals at the University of Michigan are not current
and the cases are closed, according to a statement posted Thursday by
the National Institutes of Health."

Cricket Hollow Zoo In Manchester May Be Sued By Animal Rights Group
"MANCHESTER, Iowa -- The owners of an exotic animal zoo in Manchester
could face a lawsuit for alleged violations of the Endangered Species

Utah lawmakers debate severity of cock fighting penalty
[with video]

'Dogs Deserve Better' protests in Wytheville
"A group of animal rights activists has been occupying the space
outside of the Wythe County Administration Building this week in an
effort to raise awareness about local animal abuse."

Stop slashing animals' throats in 'ritual' slaughters for halal and
kosher meat, says new leader of Britain's vets

Religious animal slaughter change urged

'My dog is cooler than yours!': Outrage as Tattoo inks love heart on
sedated dog then BRAGS about it on Instagram
"A Brooklyn tattoo artist has been criticized by animal rights groups
after he inked a design on his dog while it was sedated at the vet."

Two minute silence and candlelit vigil to be held in Cambridge - for
LOBSTERS cooked at Browns restaurant

Feral cats -- kill or keep?

'Deplorable' conditions in Anderson County: Dogs eating way through
walls to get out of house

Regulators cite Harrah's Reno Dirk Arthur show for animal abuses
"LAS VEGAS -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a circus act
featured at two Harrah's casinos in Nevada has been treating its big
cats poorly."

Animal activists have yet to target trappers
"Nevada's feral dogs and back-alley cats have no shortage of friends.
Heaven help you if you're caught abusing a lowly canine or hungry

Animal advocates protesting upcoming puppy raffle
"Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Animal rights groups are calling for no
raffle of the 27 puppy survivors of a pet store fire."

Israel is Going Vegan-Crazy, Holds First Vegan Congress
"Israel has been showing up the rest of the planet the past few months
when it comes to vegan-friendly culture. First, the Israeli Domino's
Pizza chain became the first in the world to offer a soy-cheese
option. Now, Omri Paz, founder of Vegan-Friendly Israel and the man
behind the Domino's vegan pizza, is expecting more than 600 people at
the country's first-ever Vegan Congress on March 7 in Tel Aviv."

Medical Experts Encourage Vegetarian Diet to Help Lower Cardiovascular Disease
"LAMAR, MO.--- Medical experts are encouraging patients to take on the
vegetarian diet to help lower cardiovascular disease. It's a meal plan
that's getting back to natural eating. A vegetarian diet focuses more
on greens and whole grains, which ultimately effects the heart."


The Best Vegan Cheesesteak voting is about to end _Cheesesteak_voting_is_about_to_end.html

Could a meat-eater advocate for a vegan society?

March 6, 2014

Court rejects suit against Ohio exotic animal law
"A federal appeals court has upheld Ohio's law that restricts who can
own exotic animals, garnering praise from animal rights activists."

Chicago aldermen pass anti-puppy mill ordinance 49-1,0,3282237.story

Vancouver Aquarium Rescues Emaciated Sea Otter 'Wiffen'

Nebraska joins Missouri's fight against California egg law

Feds 'looking into' University of Michigan's animal research after
baboon's fatal strangling

Kennedy's dolphin tweet raises wider debate on 'special rights' for animals
"After U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy posted a message on
Twitter last month saying she was "deeply concerned by (the)
inhumaneness" of dolphin drive hunting, she elicited a backlash from
across Japan."

Circus is in the North Charleston Coliseum, animal-rights sideshow in
the parking lot
"On Wednesday, animal-rights activists will be corralled in the North
Charleston Coliseum's "free speech zones" to protest our annual visit
from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Wednesday night
is the first of eight Lowcountry performances of this year's edition
of "the greatest show on Earth.""

Media honoured for animal rights awareness
"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "The Colbert Report" were among
the winners of the Humane Society of the United States' 26th annual
Genesis Awards."

'Boycott Crufts parade of freaks' call from animal charity who claim
pedigree dog breeders cause health problems

Hybrid Turkeys pledges increased resources and focus on Animal Welfare
following undercover video from Animal Rights Group
"KITCHENER, ON, March 5, 2014 /CNW/ - Hybrid Turkeys is taking
immediate action and making industry leading changes to raising
turkeys after company officials were shown an undercover animal
activist video. The video depicted employees at one of the company's
barns in southwestern Ontario utilizing euthanasia methods that, while
approved by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, violate
Hybrid's strict animal welfare protocols."

A dog's death sets off social media firestorm
"NEW FAIRFIELD -- Ryoko was a Siberian husky. The Yonkers, N.Y.,
municipal animal shelter sent him to the New Fairfield Sherman Animal
Welfare Societyin late January, hoping he would find a home."

'Peaceful rally' planned over gas chamber
"Animal rights advocates plan to rally Tuesday over the use of carbon
monoxide gas to euthanize animals at the Davidson County Animal

Animal Rights Org Slams High School, Animal Cruelty
"PERRYSBURG, Ohio - Perrysburg High School has a long held tradition
of allowing students to swallow live goldfish during the halftime
periods of basketball games."

Handful of wild horses caught in roundup

Protesters flock together to stop swan killing in New York
"New York - Public outcry from legislators, animal rights groups and
residents has forced the New York State Department of Environmental
Conservation (DEC) to revise its plan to cull over 2,200 mute swans in
New York state."

Killing Wildlife: The Pros and Cons of Culling Animals
"Last fall, the U.K.'s Department for Environment, Food and Rural
Affairs targeted badgers for culling--the selective killing of a
species as a population control measure."

Officer charged with killing girlfriend's puppy

Diets high in meat, eggs and dairy could be as harmful to health as smoking
"People under 65 who eat a lot of meat, eggs and dairy are four times
as likely to die from cancer or diabetes, study suggests"
High protein diet linked to spiked cancer risk akin to smoking 20
cigarettes a day: U.S. study

What's cooking: Vegan barman combines brews, foods and literature

Finding other vegetarians during meals
"DECATUR, Ill. | In 1990 when Sue Weinstein wanted to eat out, dinner
usually meant a salad and a baked potato."

Is Eating a Raw Organic Vegan Diet Worth It?

March 5, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor de Blasio ignoring Liam Neeson's invite to tour stable
"The actor, an advocate for the horse-drawn carriage industry, has
invited de Blasio and all 51 City Council members to tour the city's
largest stable. None of the officials pushing to ban carriages have
said they would attend."

Anti-mushing group paints unfair portrait of the Iditarod

Lions, bears and reptiles, oh my: Legislature tackles rules on exotic
animal ownership
"Following a 2011 exotic animal incident in Ohio, the Wisconsin
Legislature recently took up a bill that aims to better regulate the
ownership and import of exotic animals into the state."

Ohio exotic-animal law survives federal appeal LOCAL09/140309767/1002/local
"A federal appeals court upheld Ohio's restrictions on exotic animals
on Tuesday, rejecting a challenge by owners who had claimed the law
was too stringent and forced them to join organizations with which
they disagree."

Animal rights activists protest animal testing in UC laboratories

Dog Fight: Lawsuit Details Alleged Squabble Between Animal Rights Workers
"An anti-puppy mill activist has accused a small dog and cat rescuer
of defamation in a lawsuit filed in Will County court."

DA honored for animal rights work
"The Animal Legal Defense Fund named Haroldson to its 2014 list of
America's top 10 animal defenders for his work in establishing a
full-time position last year to prosecute animal abuse and neglect
cases throughout Oregon."

Animal rights group protest against Burberry fur in Vienna
"Anti-fur activists protested outside the Kohlmarkt Burberry store in
Vienna on Monday to raise awareness of the British fashion brand's use
of fur."

New Ag-Gag Law Pits Dairy Against Greek Yogurt--and Animal Rights
"The urbanite breakfast du jour is colliding with rural, dairy-state
politics in Idaho, where Republican Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter signed a
farm protection bill into law on Friday.Senate Bill 1337 is widely
considered to be an "ag-gag" law, the kind of legislation that makes
it illegal to make audio or video recordings of any agriculture
facility without explicit permission from the owner, among other acts
that might be undertaken by animal rights activists. By signing S.B.
1337 and becoming the seventh state to enact such a law--and the first
to pass legislation in two years--Gov. Otter ignored a plea from
Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya to veto the bill."

PETA Releases 'Seal Hero' App

Drones under the legal spotlight bushtelegraph/drones/5297694
"Agricultural producers are calling for tighter laws surrounding the
use of drones with animal rights group Animal Liberation saying it
will use the technology to monitor large scale animal production."

Legislators tackling animal cruelty laws
"The South Carolina Chapter of the U. S. Humane Society brought a
contingent of the local state delegation together last week to discuss
the state of animal rights in the state."

Stomach-churning images show the shocking truth about Indonesian snake
"Taken inside a snake slaughterhouse in the village of Kertasura,
Cirebon, Indonesia, they show workers skinning piles of snakes which
are then sold to factories to be made into bags, shoes, wallets and

As Canada Geese Continue To Flock To Westchester, Concerns Mount
"WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. - Westchester is developing a real fowl problem."

Rohit Sharma against animal circuses in ad
"MUMBAI: Cricketer Rohit Sharma has called for better treatment of
elephants and banning of animal circuses in a commercial shoot for an
animal rights organisation."

Temple Grandin to accept award, speak at Manchester University on
autism, livestock

Dairy farm animal abuse suspects appear in court
"GREEN BAY - Four people suspected of mistreating dairy cows at a
Greenleaf farm remain free, now on signature bonds."

Crime Scene: Animals among the voiceless victims
"Follow the case of a Goldens Bridge man who was found to have hanged
his six Akitas before he moved to Colorado."

Teens Charged With Felony Animal Cruelty For Throwing Dog Off Bridge
"Two Oklahoma teenagers were booked for a horrifying crime: throwing a
dog off a bridge."

Puppies owner looking to assign ownership to animal rescue group
[with video]
"Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The puppies rescued from a pet store fire,
may soon be headed to a non-profit organization.
"One of the owners of the puppies, Donald Thompson, is looking to
assign ownership of the 27 puppies to a local animal rescue group
called A Home 4 Spot."

Are Black Bears Going Vegan? Yosemite Park Bears Stealing 63% Fewer
Picnic Baskets In Favor Of A Natural Diet. Here's Why.
"Their study, published in the March issue of the journal Frontiers in
Ecology and the Environment, found that Yosemite's black bears are
eating far less human fare now than at any time since the park opened,
even though the number of annual visitors to the park has jumped."

Vegan movement hits East Texas
"Marshall Mayor Ed Smith made the switch to a vegan diet in 2006 after
he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. "We're over here in Texas in
the middle of meat eating, fried, everything is deep friend and it's
usually meat," says Smith."

V3k Ultra in Wales: the world's first vegan mountain race
"With a 55km route crossing all of the country's peaks over 3,000ft
and backed by a plant-based rationale, the V3k Ultra in Wales may just
be the meanest, and leanest, mountain race in the UK."

Vegan Center Planned for Arts District
"DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - A new business that touts itself as an
"eco-vegan-mind-body one-stop shop" is coming to the Arts District."

New York Scenes: The Vegan Hot Dog Vendor

Vegan meets Peruvian
People think veganism is restrictive, but actually it opens up the
possibilities of what you can cook."

Vegan Hot Dogs and Hateful Quinoa at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival nyc_vegetarian_food_fest_recap_2014.php

Coming out of the vegetarian closet
"One year ago today, I stopped eating meat. To put it simply, no beef,
pork, chicken or anything with those byproducts. I've never liked
seafood so that wasn't a question of giving it up. Today folks, is my

Dining hall to offer vegetarian, vegan station
"A new food option will be finding its way to a University dining Hall
in the fall. The Oaks dining facility will be the first dining hall on
campus with a vegan and vegetarian friendly station."

10 Weird Things That Happen When You Start Eating Vegan

March 4, 2014

Animal rights activists speak out about eco-terrorism
"Two prominent animal rights activists spoke to students and members
of the public in Smith Hall on Friday afternoon about their personal
experiences being targeted by the FBI and other law enforcement
agencies for being "domestic terrorists.""

PETA Abandons $1 Million Prize for Artificial Chicken
"Since 2008, the animal rights organization People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals (PETA) has offered $1 million to anyone able to
create a commercially viable artificial meat from growing chicken
cells. But although scientists are making progress toward artificial
hamburgers, even a 2-year extension from the original deadline of 2012
wasn't enough to lure applicants for PETA's prize."

Pitt faces animal rights scrutiny
"An animal rights group has filed a letter of complaint against the
University of Pittsburgh, asking that the school be fined for
violations against the federal Animal Welfare Act in its research

Animal testing at University of Brighton increase five-fold at_University_of_Brighton_increase_five_fold/
"Animal rights campaigners condemned the university as "inhumane" and

Port Authority killed 20,000 animals
"The Port Authority killed 20,000 animals over the past two years --
including three bird species deemed endangered or threatened, The Post
has learned."

The circus is coming, and so are the protesters
"The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is coming to the North
Charleston Coliseum on Wednesday, and the promised spectacles are
timeless: The Stars of the Steel Vortex acrobatic act! Ukrainian
trampoline tumblers! A man who will kiss a 300-pound tiger!"

Ordinance would ban using elephants and other animals in traveling shows
"Elephants mark tonight's agenda for the Board of Aldermen's Ordinance

Circus Arnardo 'retires' its elephants
"Norway's popular Circus Arnardo, which travels around the country
during the circus season, has decided to drop elephants from its
performances. Circus officials claim the elephants literally demand
too much space, while animal rights activists have campaigned against
the use of circus elephants for years."

Sheep deaths, Mother Nature or animal cruelty?

Driver Torments Elephant In The Middle Of South African Safari (Video)

Animal rights lobby threatens to block rhino funds
"PRESSURE on the United States government by animal rights activists
to deny an import licence for a black rhino trophy could derail
Namibia's plans to use the record N$3,7 million raised in January by a
Dallas Safari Club (DSC) black rhino hunt auction for conservation."

Rowan County to discuss ending animal gas chambers

On Trend: The Vegan Wedding
"Forbes named "high-end vegan" one of the top food trends of 2013 and
The Guardian just published an article titled Relax, it's no longer
weird to be vegan."

Do Israelis love peppers more than they hate the occupation?
"As the vegan movement in Israel grows, the dilemma of purchasing
succulent West Bank produce grows with it."

Vegetarian lifestyle touted by Augusta group

Cobblermania's Shae Seward Talks Vegan Cobbler
"The 54-year-old began Cobblermania, an all-vegan cobbler business
with 44 flavors, in 2004."

Vegan Belt Company Owner Releases Step Four in Her Campaign to get
onto The Ellen Show

Why Christians should go vegan for Lent

Vegetarians live longer (letter)

Tips for the Plant-based World Trekker

The Vegan Kitchen serves delicious food
"Cairo's latest addition to this trend, The Vegan Kitchen, opened its
doors on Thursday, 28 February."

March 3, 2014

Nato calls halt to shooting of pigs for gun wound ops after Mirror
report of British Army practices
"Countries that shoot pigs so military surgeons can operate on their
wounds have pledged to stop the brutal training exercises."

A political voice for abused animals

PETA hits out at Dubai Safari plans to have animals perform tricks
"Plans to have animals at the new Dubai Safari perform live tricks,
such as juggling, have been described as "appalling" and a "huge step
backwards" by a leading animal rights group."

Demands of supermarkets force farms to cram more chickens into battery sheds
"Farmers are cramming millions more chickens into industrial sheds
than ever before in order to meet supermarket demand for cheaper food,
a Sunday Herald investigation can reveal."

Dairy Industry Vows to Self-monitor Animal Treatment
"The Idaho dairy industry is celebrating a new law that criminalizes
undercover filming and recording of agricultural operations. But
opponents of the law say it condones animal abuse and does nothing to
prevent animal cruelty on the farm."

Dog Fighting: Anthony Bellamy Arrested For Dog Fighting And Corruption Of Minors
"Anthony Bellamy of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has been ordered to
trial in Dauphin County Court on charges of organizing dog fights and
corruption of minors."

BEING VEGAN - Occupy This Book: An Interview with Mickey Z-vegan

Don't buy the Chipotle hype: There's no such thing as "humane" slaughter _theres_no_such_thing_as_humane_slaughter/
"The chain has earned praise for promoting animal welfare -- but
there's no getting past the bloody truth"

Eating caged eggs won't change PETA
"Audre Lorde, the great African-American lesbian feminist activist,
once said the key to changing the culture of oppression was to not
adopt the tactics of the oppressor:
""The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. They may
allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never
enable us to bring about genuine change.""

WNY Author Discusses Her New Book About Being Vegan
"BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Carol Adams, a Western New York native and author,
stopped by Daybreak Sunday to discuss her new book about being vegan."

The Green Life: Vegetarian, feeling connected 20140302/NEWS04/303020024/The-Green-Life-Vegetarian-feeling-connected

March 2, 2014

FBI putting up billboards to aid search for animal rights activist
"The FBI is putting up billboards in Buffalo as part of a nationwide
search for an animal rights activist accused of domestic terrorism.
"The billboards ask the public to contact the agency if they think
they have seen Daniel Andreas, a San Diego man who has been on the run
for 10 years."

Animal rights campaigners protest as fur comes back into fashion
"Millions of pelts will be sold for record prices this month as models
wear fur on the catwalk again"

Still no definition of what are 'dangerous animals'
"Pet shops will be regulated from next month but no rules on importation"

A country built on fur: Trapper Gordy Klassen practises his own 'brand
of activism' (with video) +practises+brand+activism+with+video/9565354/story.html

Cruelty towards elephants in our zoos
"...the Constitution of India 51-A states, "It shall be the duty of
every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment
including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion
for living creatures"."

Should animal rights come before religion?
"The Danish government banned the religious slaughter of animals in
February, following years of campaigning from animal welfare

Eaton man pleads guilty to abusing dairy calves
"The second of three men who face charges ofabusing dairy calves at a
Weld County livestock operation on Friday pleaded guilty to cruelty to

Puppy Mill Investigation In Arkansas: 183 Animals Rescued From Filth
And Inhumane Conditions
"One hundred twenty one dogs and more than 60 other animals were
rescued from a suspected Jefferson County, Ark., puppy mill after
authorities discovered them living in filth and suffering from a lack
of basic care."


Animal rights and a wedding wrong 20140302_Animal_rights_and_a_wedding_wrong.html
"Abby, I am an animal-rights activist. I'm against any form of
hunting. I am also involved with several animal-protection groups."

Vegan Siddle urged to power up
"PETER Siddle appears to have been dropped from the Test team for being vegan."

'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik: Reading 'Eating Animals' Made Me
Become A Vegan

The prime of life
"I'm convinced to this day that our lifestyle choices make the
difference between thriving and dying. - Dr. Ruth Heidrich, vegan
since her 1982 breast cancer diagnosis and winner of six Ironman

Beyond Skin to introduce vegan red carpet shoes at Oscars

Eat your veggies: Vegan chef holds 'pop-up' dinner to benefit animal
ministry (photos)
"MOBILE, Alabama -- Tracey Glover, who runs a meal delivery service in
Mobile called The Pure Vegan, is offering a "Pop-Up Restaurant" event
Saturday night,"

March 1, 2014

Idaho gov. signs 'ag gag' bill into law
"Law criminalizes secretly filming on farms; animal rights groups say
abuse will now go unexposed"
Turn Off That Camera! Idaho Gov Signs Tough 'Ag-Gag' Into Law
[with video]

SeaWorld files complaint against OSHA official following controversy
[with video]

Animal testing only if no alternative, minister says in new plan animal_testing_only_if_no_alte.php
"Testing drugs and chemicals should only be allowed on animals if
there is no viable alternative, junior economic affairs minister
Sharon Dijksma says in a new policy document presented to parliament
on Friday."

April 11 Conference at Rutgers-Newark Law on Emerging Approaches to
Animal Ethics

Mahiki's fur ban: will it make any difference?
"The London nightclub has become a fur-free zone. How big a step is it
for the animal-rights campaign - and will anyone else follow its

In Venice animal rights activists boycotts La Fenice

Vegas puppy shop arson suspect gets $310,000 bail
"LAS VEGAS -- A judge said Friday she was troubled by a jailhouse
recording of a phone call between a fledgling professional boxer
arrested in Indiana and a Las Vegas pet shop owner who are together
accused of torching a store where firefighters rescued 27 puppies."

Owners of domesticated 'wonder pig' plan to create sanctuary
"The vegan owners of a domesticated swine known affectionately as
'Esther the Wonder Pig' will soon be looking for a new home to
accommodate their growing needs."

Mercy For Animals Responds to New 'Milk Life' Ad Campaign
"One of the most popular ad campaigns centered around a two-word
slogan has retired. The infamous (and much parodied) "Got Milk?" is
now replaced with "Milk Life," a new ad campaign that hopes to counter
the milk industries significant drop in sales."

How to be a popular geezer vegan
"A recent survey found that "many over-50 vegans" said "they were no
longer invited by friends to join them for a meal.""

Vegetarian Parents Complain That Their Children Starve In Kindergarten +That+Their+Children+Starve+In+Kindergarten
"Vegetarian parents complained in Bulgaria's Discrimination Protection
Committee (DPC) that their children, who are also vegetarians, stay
hungry in the kindergartens."

38-year-old man only eats cheese pizza
[with video]
"His pizza-rich diet began when he decided to become a vegetarian for
ethical reasons. However, he also decided he doesn't like vegetables."

Restaurateurs study up on different specialty diets
"Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, flexitarian - the range of
specialty diets in the United States becomes broader every year."

Five-star hotels upping glam & innovation quotient to cater to
super-rich vegetarian patrons

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