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News Roundup, June 8-14

June 14, 2014

UPDATE: Puppy mill owner charged with one county of animal cruelty
"BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: The Bradley County woman found
with nearly 250 dogs at her home has been arrested by the Bradley
County Sheriff's Office."

State Rep. Rick Catlin backs budget amendment to crack down on puppy mills
"The amendment, sponsored by state Rep. Jason Saine, R-Lincoln,
exempts breeders of hunting dogs and would shift the state's animal
welfare section from the state Department of Agriculture to the N.C.
Department of Public Safety."

Federal bill calls for new rules for killer whales, others at SeaWorld
"The political and scientific dispute over killer whales at SeaWorld
San Diego and other marine parks is not over."

Company donates 19 animal resuscitators to Jones County Fire Department
"JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A national animal fencing company donated
19 animal resuscitators to the Jones County Volunteer Fire Department
on Friday."

Appeals court reinstates law on animal torture videos
"Reversing a district judge in Texas, a federal appeals court on
Friday upheld a law against crush videos, ruling that the depictions
of animals tortured and killed for sexual gratification are not a
protected form of speech."

Dog fighting documentary facing probe by TV watchdog after 4,000
viewers complain about graphic scenes of violence
"Going to the Dogs, which aired last night, sought to expose the
culture associated with the controversial sport, which animal
charities and police warn is on the rise."

Opinion>Editorials: City must take steps to ensure horses' health
"Beaufort's tourism industry will suffer if city leaders don't ensure
the horses pulling carriages are fit for the job.."

Cat killer targeted by PETA Yonkers billboard

Ban on dolphin parks and circuses removed from animal protection bill
"Turkish Parliament's Environment Commission approved the first five
articles of a draft on the law on the protection of animals during a
gathering on June 11."

To eat, or not to eat dog meat
"The controversial annual dog meat-eating festival will be held on the
summer solstice (June 21) in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region,
when more than 10,000 dogs are likely to be slaughtered and served as
hotpots with litchis and strong liquor."

Doctors told not to publicly eat dog: report
"Health workers have allegedly been ordered not to eat dog in public
and so avoid public criticism as a controversial annual dog meat
festival approaches in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region."

Apex court equates animal rights with fundamental rights
"The Supreme Court decision banning the bull-taming festival
'Jallikattu' can be described as a watershed in terms of animals'
rights. Animals did enjoy statutory rights against physical
discomforts. But now, the top court has favoured elevating those to
the level of fundamental rights of the human beings guaranteed under
the Constitution."

Vegan jerky? It's not an oxymoron

Eggs go vegan and green expressions_June8.xml&section=expressions
"an Francisco based Hampton Foods is planning to develop foods which
have plants and vegetables as the base and which will eventually be
much superior to the animal products they will replace. The company
launched its first product, Beyond Eggs in the end of 2013 as its
first offering. Beyond Eggs is an eco-friendly vegan alternative to
the real eggs! The early version of Beyond Eggs works as a replacement
for eggs in baking but the company hopes to eventually replace
scrambled eggs with replacement products."

What do The Big Bang Theory, Howard Stern and Vegan Cookbooks Have In
Common? Mayim Bialik
"As if holding a doctorate degree in neuroscience from UCLA, starring
on the hit television shows The Big Bang Theory and Blossom and being
mother to two sons wasn't enough, Mayim Bialik has just published a
cookbook. Titled Mayim's Vegan Table, the book includes more than 100

A Titanic Shift: James Cameron's School is the First in the Nation To
Go 100% Vegan

PETA asks for accused TN cannibal to be served vegan meals

A Short Guide to Vegan, Non-Dairy Ice Cream in the Finger Lakes

How to Get a Vegan Meal Anywhere

June 13. 2014

Hundreds Push For Animal Rights At California Capitol
"SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Hundreds pushed for animal rights on Wednesday
at the state Capitol, urging lawmakers to pass several laws protecting

UAF gets $127K penalty for musk oxen deaths
"The University of Alaska Fairbanks has been penalized $127,100 by the
U.S. Department of Agriculture after 12 musk oxen died from
malnutrition at the school's large animal research station earlier
this decade."

Chino Hills Kids Catch Neighbor Allegedly Beating Dog In Backyard
"CHINO HILLS ( - A Chino Hills man faced animal cruelty
charges Thursday after he was allegedly caught on camera beating his
dog in the backyard of his home, according to an animal rights group."

Accusations of inhumane euthanasia in Manatee County animal shelters
"PALMETTO, Fla. -- Animal rights supporters say that Manatee County
Animal Services are using a dangerous and painful method when putting
some animals down."

Fighting Ag-Gag Laws With Drones? Journalist Eyes The Skies For
Factory-Farm Investigations
"Will Potter, the Washington-based journalist/activist behind the
project, is a vocal critic of "ag-gag" laws, legislation that
criminalizes undercover investigations at agricultural facilities,
including factory farms."

Ban on dolphin parks and circuses lifted from animal protection bill
"A draft amendment to the animal protection law will no longer include
a ban on dolphin parks and animal circuses, after a ruling party
deputy introduced a notice demanding the removal of the ban"

Letter: The issue is animal rights, not animal rights activists

Peter Dinklage Fights to End Ivory Trade

With dog fights banned, animal rights activists shift focus to
bullfights and animal mistreatment
"With its publication in the official government newspaper La Gaceta,
Costa Rica's dog-fighting ban went into effect last week. The new law
clarifies dog fighting as a criminal offense and imposes stricter
penalties on those caught organizing fighting rings."

Dog Meat Trade in Vietnam Spreads Rabies to Humans (Video)

Going to the Dogs: Over 20,000 sign campaign against Channel 4's dog
fighting documentary

Should vegans be issued with a mental health warning?
"Are animal activists and vegans on the brink of madness? Psychologist
Clare Mann has seen an increase in GPs referring people to her who
they believe are suffering from mental illness, particularly eating

Not as Hard as You Think: Veganism is My 'Easy Button' for Healthy Eating

A bountiful crop of summertime vegan festivals summertime_vegan_festivals.html

I Eat Plants: Is Honey Vegan?

Malibu Elementary School to Offer Only Vegan Meals

Vegan Food to Get Its Own U.S. Supermarket

Wadham votes for five days of vegan food
"Wadham SU passed a motion to eat vegan food in Hall five nights a
week in a meeting last Sunday."

June 12, 2014

Petitions related to Louisiana's truck stop tiger rack up nearly
72,000 signatures tony_truckstop_tiger_petition.html
"More than 38,000 people have signed an online petition asking Gov.
Bobby Jindal to veto legislation letting a Louisiana truck stop owner
keep his Bengal tiger as a roadside attraction."

Rescuer Charged with Animal Cruelty, 37 Bags Filled With Dead Dogs
Found in Barn with 39 Live Dogs
"Clarksville Police report they found 37 bags filled with dead dogs in
a Tennessee home and confiscated 39 live dogs from a woman who claimed
to be a "rescuer.""

Animal-rights activists urge stiff punishment for man who allegedly
left pit bull 'Indy' to die

Lawsuit filed against Manchester zoo for "horrible living conditions"
"DELAWARE COUNTY (KWWL) - The owners of a roadside zoo in Manchester
have been slapped with a lawsuit with allegations of harassment and
filthy living conditions."

Kern County ceasing animal euthanasia for 'just one day'

Circus spurs animal-rights activists to show of protest
"PAXTON - As the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus got under way Monday
evening at Coady Park on Paxton's east edge, a group of residents put
on a show of their own."


Alaska school gets $127K penalty for animal deaths 20140611_ap_159ab6a806f64ba490e48cfc02215a48.html
"ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - The University of Alaska Fairbanks has been
penalized $127,100 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture after 12 musk
oxen died from malnutrition at the school's large animal research
station earlier this decade."

Animal 'Hoarding' Often Tied to Mental Illness

Recycle Bin Turns Bottles Into Food For Stray Animals And Provokes Our Humanity
"In many cities around the world stray dogs are part of city life. One
such city is Istanbul, where 150 thousand stray dogs and cats share
the streets with 14 million human inhabitants. A clever device by the
Turkish company Pugedon aims to increase recycling while providing food
and water to stray dogs and waking up our kindness and humanity."

PETA to stage Air France protest in Dubai over shipping of monkeys
"An international animal rights activist is planning to protest
outside the Dubai office of Air France to demand the airline stop
shipping monkeys for medical research."

Humane concern: Animal rights' activists regret camels' death
"LAHORE: "It is unfortunate that camels were killed in a road
accident. Such incidents can be a serious risk for human life too,"
Uzma Khan, director of biodiversity at WWF-Pakistan, toldThe Express
Tribune on Wednesday."

Animal activists allege singer assaulted them
"Animal rights activists have filed a police complaint against singer
Abhijeet Bhattacharya alleging he abused and manhandled them when they
intervened in a dispute over feeding of stray dogs at a Lokhandwala
housing society."

Opinion: Animal cruelty the norm on factory farms
"Consumers have the power to stop suffering by buying products from
producers practicing tradition husbandry"

Former dog groomer admits to animal abuse
"CALGARY - Former Calgary dog groomer Mariko Dormer was handed a
$4,000 fine Tuesday after admitting causing distress to two canines
under her care."

PETA demonstrator locks herself in a cage in Dubai

Animal rights activists in Bengal to study animal welfare laws
"Kolkata, June 11 (IANS): Animal rights activists and NGOs working for
animal rights in West Bengal will attend a two-day training session
beginning June 20 on animal welfare laws and the Indian criminal
justice system, organisers said Wednesday."

ACT kangaroo cull gets go ahead as Animal Liberation challenge is rejected

Observer Ethical Awards 2014 winners: Lush
"The products are handmade from natural ingredients without animal fat
or animal testing."

Meat ban! Make the England squad vegan, says former Everton player
"DURING the 2010 World Cup England footballers were put on a sex ban
to improve their performance. Now vegan former player Neil Robinson
thinks they should be put on a meat-free diet to help up their game"

Can You Call Yourself An Environmentalist And Still Eat Meat?

Pittsfield: Ultra-marathon to celebrate vegan lifestyle
"The inaugural Vegan Power 50K, an all vegan ultra-marathon running
race, will take place at 7 a.m. Saturday, June 14, at the Pittsfield
State Forest."

The Vegetarian Kitchen: "Mashup" back for new season of vegan goodness
"After a successful debut, season two of Delicious TV's "Vegan Mashup"
is starting to air on PBS stations across the country. Once again the
show delivers a full menu of plant-based eats."

Alamo Drafthouse Pilots New Vegan Menu Items

Good Karma Vegan Cafe caters to everyone

Vegetarians of Greater Youngstown Area follow dietary lifestyle choice
Rooted in vegetarianism
"Personal health, environment, animal rights, religious beliefs and
aesthetic considerations are among reasons for choosing a vegetarian

Vegan restaurants on LI: 4 picks

Ford goes vegan in auto parts eco quest
"The carmaker has begun trial tests on dried tomato skins, which is
the waste product coming from the manufacturing process of the famous
red sauce, making them a part of the wiring brackets or coin holders."

Pucker up: 7 Must-have vegan lipsticks

June 11, 2014

Animal-rights activists urge maximum punishment for man who allegedly
left pit bull 'Indy' to die
"More than a hundred animal-rights advocates demonstrated in front of
the Van Nuys Courthouse Tuesday morning calling for "Justice for
Indy," a young pit bull badly burned and left for dead last summer."

Lawmakers call on USDA to get tough on trophy deer industry
"Six members of Congress are urging federal agricultural officials to
ban the interstate movement of captive deer, saying a national
industry that breeds bucks to be shot as trophies in "canned" hunts
isn't worth the disease risks."

New Calls For Carriage Horse Ban After Horse Runs Loose In Central Park

One hundred Southern Pines animals on their way to Florida
"HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thanks to the generosity of two members of
the community, the Southern Pines Animal Shelter took another big step
toward their goal of saving 1500-lives in the next three months."

Missourians Urged to Vote No on "Right to Farm" Measure mo_oppose_right_to_farm_061014.html

This Woman Had Sex With A Dolphin! A LOT! Animal Abuse Or Naw?
"The weirdness we speak of is the Nasa-funded experiment on the U.S.
Virgin Islands where Margaret tried to teach a dolphin named Peter to
speak English."

Interview: The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde Alone At Last
"Chrissie Hynde threatened to kill my dog.
"Yes, PETA-endorsing, animal loving, Obama-voting-for rock legend
said, "I would kill your dog if it came after me." Of course, she was
kidding… I hope."

Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones: Animal Rights Advocate

'Horrific' abuse of cows at B.C. dairy farm caught on video

RSPCA: Monkeys are 'wild animals not household pets'

Woman Describes Sexual Relationship With Dolphin In Upcoming BBC Documentary
"Margaret Howe was an animal researcher and took part in an experiment
in which scientists attempted to teach dolphins to speak English."

Circus animals - Outdated tradition

Meet the meat-free options at Toronto's first vegetarian butcher shop meet_the_meatfree_options_at_torontos_first_vegetarian_butcher_shop.html
"Michael Abramson of YamChops, a vegetarian butcher in Little Italy,
says the shop wants to reach beyond vegetarians and vegans to present
meatless alternatives to everyone."
"Vegetarian butcher shops are a novel concept that aligns with two
rising food trends - the spread of boutique food shops and great
tasting meatless alternatives. By tying the two together, YamChops
should be able to reach beyond vegetarians and vegans to flexitarians
and anyone else who enjoys meatless meals."

All gluten-free, all vegan bakery a first in Toronto

Gracias Madre's Chandra Gilbert on the Mysteries of Vegan Brunch

The Fastest Vegan In The World

Help Fund The First Vegan Ice Cream Sammie Truck!

New Vegan Restaurant: Sykamore Cafe

Dr. Oz says belly-fat busting detox diet and vegan cleanse speed weight loss
"Dr. Oz said detox diets and vegan cleanses accelerate weight loss and
melt belly fat on the June 9 episode of the Dr. Oz Show."

10 vegetarian and vegan blogs you need to know about

Designer finds for the stylish vegan in your life

June 10, 2014

Chipotle Cultivating Violence, Not Integrity, Activists Say

Cargill: Phase-out of hog crates on track

Auction held at Iowa home where animals seized
"DRAKESVILLE (AP) | An auction at the southeast Iowa home where
authorities rescued more than 300 animals attracted a large crowd, but
rain cut the event short."

Rats may experience regret like humans, study says
"Rats may experience feelings of 'what might have been,' finds new
research that challenges the notion that humans are the only animal to
feel regret."

AKC has concerns about puppy mill proposals in NC

Rescue group alleges animal control 'not doing job' in starvation case

Major Puppy Mill Victories in the U.S.

Looking back: Tabby honored, Animal rights protests 25 years ago

Mexico City joins in banning animals in circuses

China Relaxes Animal Testing Rules

Iconic band BOSTON is teaming up with Sea Shepherd on their 2014 North
American Summer Tour

June 9, 2014

Animal rights group criticizes Philly regional office for farm enforcement
"Is Philadelphia second-worst in the nation for humane law enforcement
of meat-packers?
"Farm Sanctuary, an animal rights activism group, sent a letter
Thursday criticizing the enforcement practices of the Philadelphia
regional office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food
Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)."

California Chrome mercilessly whipped while injured
"3-year-old California Chrome received roughly 20 hard lashes within
15 seconds. Said celebrated jockey Victor Espinoza: "I noticed
something as soon as he came out of the gate. He was not the same. By
the 5/8ths pole he was just empty." So, he beat him – mercilessly,
while the horse ran on an open wound (below). In truth, Mr. Espinoza
should be arrested for animal cruelty under Section 353 of NY's Ag and
Markets Law:"

Beagle Adopted from No-Kill Humane Society Euthanized After Severe Abuse

Animal rights raise touchy questions in 'Endangered Species'
"Self-examination, animal rights and a call girl make for some awkward
moments in Tom Baum's "Endangered Species" at the Detroit Repertory
Theatre through June 22."

Group can't bear hunt's return
"A Toronto-based animal rights group is taking a swing at David
Orazietti for bringing the spring bear hunt out of hibernation after
more than a decade."


Calls for big cat adverts to be taken off internet
"The Middle East Animal Foundation has approached the Ministry of
Environment and Water with a list of Dubai-based sites that host
adverts selling anything from jaguars to Siberian tigers."

Limerick animal rights activist hits out at Kimye's love of fur

June 8, 2014

Thousands of people run with the bulls in Berks County; animal rights
group objects
"MOHNTON, Pa. - Ever wanted to run with the bulls, but you can't
travel all the way to Spain? Saturday, thousands of the brave -- or
just plain crazy -- got to do it in Berks County. But animal rights
groups are calling the event abusive."

Animals seized after investigation!V2m77
"NORTHFIELD, N.H. --A well-known New Hampshire man is at the center of
controversy after several horses were removed from his property in

Southport takes new approach to feral cats ARTICLES/140609747/1177?Title=Southport-takes-new-approach-to-feral-cats
"For centuries, feral cats have lived outside in close proximity to
people, especially in seaport towns. But some residents in Southport's
Cottage Point neighborhood, near Southport Marina, want to end any
relationship with a feral cat colony nearby."

Sublime hosting a cocktail party to help stray cats,0,51886.story
"Animal Rights Foundation of Florida and Animal Aid Inc. are hosting a
fundraiser to benefit strays from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday, June
10 at Sublime Restaurant, 1431 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale."

What they're saying about the spring bear hunt
"This is one provincial government program which clearly has its
supporters and opponents."

Bid to end suffering of chickens blocked after Muslims complain that
it would undermine their rights to slaughter birds according to
Islamic rituals
"New laws aimed at reducing the suffering of millions of chickens in
abattoirs have been put on hold by the Government after Muslims
complained they would undermine their rights to slaughter the birds
according to Islamic rituals."

Animal lovers' NGO fleeces dealers importing sheep to Kashmir

Animal Rights Activists Want Dog Show, Horse Race Stopped
"CHENNAI: The Madras High Court's suggestion to ban cockfighting has
upset the sport's enthusiasts, but animal rights activists are
applauding it. They also want such bans on horse racing and dog

Badger cull protest hits city centre
"Cambridge Against the Badger Cull drew around 60 people (and two
dogs) to its cause despite the bad weather earlier in the day.
Although Cambridge News had predicted that 200 people would
participate, organisers said this was a good turnout and were not sure
how the media had come up with that estimate."

Animal activist worn down by online abuse
"Veteran animal rights activist and founder of Melbourne lobbyists
Oscar's Law, Debra Tranter, is standing down as the public face of the
campaign because of ''debilitating'' online trolling."

City Hall kills 250 dogs and still out to get more thenairobian/article/2000123795/city-hall-kills-250-dogs-and-still-out-to-get-more
"Kenya Society for Protection and Care for Animals (KSPCA) told The
Nairobian an ongoing campaign to kill stray dogs in the city is
illegal but City Hall has an upper hand."

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