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News Roundup, June 15-21

June 20, 2014

Tony can stay at truck stop; Animal rights groups vow to sue over bill
"Gov. Bobby Jindal quietly signed into law Senate Bill 250, granting
an exception for the tiger and immediately sparked promises of legal
action by animal rights advocates. The bill, which the governor sent
to the Secretary of State's Office as part of a huge batch of signed
legislation, now is Act 697."

Activists stage 'die-in' to protest animal testing in UC Berkeley labs
"About 15 protesters sprawled across the steps of Sproul Hall at noon
Thursday, making their motionless bodies the centerpiece of a protest
against the treatment of animals in UC Berkeley research labs."

California's ban on standard-caged birds poses a chicken-egg problem
"Which should come first: California's right to regulate how eggs are
sold or other states' rights to regulate their farms?"

Not Your Typical Crazy Cat Lady
"The campaign aims to bring attention to TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return)
to the masses by using sexy images to draw in a larger and perhaps
hopefully younger demographic."

PETA unimpressed with Lady Gaga's accessorizing of dog, Asia

Activists' protests rile Yaletown residents 9960291/story.html
"VANCOUVER -- An animal rights activist says that a weekly
demonstration will continue outside a Yaletown clothing store despite
concerns nearby residents have over noisy chants."

For animal rights activist, dog meat fight extends beyond summer festival
"Global attention has turned to a summer festival in Yulin but its
neighbour to the north has a long tradition of eating the animal"

Protests take a bite out of China dog meat festival sales
"BEIJING: Animal protection activists on Friday hounded a Chinese city
which holds an annual dog meat festival, a campaigner said, as
state-run media reported that protests had decreased demand for the

Justice for animals: Animal rights under the judicial scanner
"LAHORE:  The Wildlife Department secretary on Thursday informed the
Lahore High Court that 585 birds, 43 puppies, 18 horses, nine lion
cubs, eight cats and five zebras were imported into the provincial
metropolis last year."

Taste Test: Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Vegan Cheese

What to Eat for Breakfast if you are Gluten-Free and Vegan

What's the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian? Ask USA TODAY

NY Vegan Footwear Fave MooShoes Sets Sights on Silver Lake _fave_mooshoes_sets_sights_on_silver_lake.php

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe: vegan fare that's ripe with flavor 2023880325_diningdeal0620xml.html
"Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe in West Seattle offers fresh, flavorful
vegan dishes served in modest portions in a casual atmosphere."

June 19, 2014

Idaho dairy worker sentenced for animal cruelty

Demonstrators Target Shrine Circus' Use of Animals demonstrators-target-shrine-circus-use-of-animals
"In preparation for a Friday, June 20, protest at Boise's Century Link
arena where the Shrine Circus will parade its animals, a local
storeowner expects to attract around 20-40 animal rights activists."

'Right To Farm' Opponents Stage Rally At Missouri Capitol
"Around 50 people rallied at the State Capitol Thursday against a
proposed constitutional amendment to limit regulations on farmers and
ranchers in Missouri.
"Opponents of the "Right to Farm" ballot measure say state law already
protects farmers and ranchers, and the proposal is really geared
toward protecting corporations that engage in large-scale farming and
animal-producing operations."

Baltimore police officer slashed dog's throat, authorities say

Hog farm proposal withdrawn, but could still be built
"Dozens of neighbors, environmental activists and animal rights
proponents, who denounced the operation as a factory farm, applauded
the reversal when Johnson County Board of Supervisors Chairman
Terrence Neuzil announced that he had received a letter withdrawing
the application for a permit minutes before a Thursday meeting was
scheduled to begin."

Fired Texas deputy charged with animal cruelty
"EMORY, Texas (AP) - A fired East Texas sheriff's deputy has pleaded
not guilty to an animal cruelty charge in the shooting of a farm dog
that later had to be euthanized."

Think microchip: New York lawmakers ban piercings, most tattoos on pets

Hard Man Neeson under attack for NY Horse and Carriage Support

Chinese city holds dog-meat summer solstice feast early to avoid
animal rights protests

WATCH: Morrissey Shares His New Song “The Bullfighter Dies”

Activists to protest whale killing around Faroe Islands: reports
"COPENHAGEN, June 19 (Xinhua) -- Animal rights activists are flocking
to the Faroe Islands this week to begin a five-month protest against
the annual killings of some 1,000 pilot whales in October, local media
reported on Thursday.
"About 500 activists from the Sea Shepard Conservation Group (SSCG)
will patrol land and sea from mid-June until the end of October, when
the traditional event occurs, according to the weekly newspaper The
Copenhagen Post."

Baby foal beaten to death and set alight by teenage gang

Rock star Brian May honoured for animal charity work
"Rocker Brian May was voted Campaigner of the Year at the Observer
Ethical Awards for his activist efforts against badger culls in the

Activists submit signatures to ban dolphin parks in Turkey

Levi's Stadium to Offer 49ers Fans Vegan Food

Can a Serious Climber Also Be Vegan?

Vegan Veg pleases, perturbs

An adventure in vegan cuisine an_adventure_in_vegan_cuisine/12064/

June 18, 2014

Animal Rights Activists and Organizations
[from Speaking of Research ... anti-AR]

'Ag-gag' laws in train
"CONTROVERSIAL new laws targeting illegal trespass on livestock
operations by extreme animal rights activists remain under the
microscope in Canberra."

Federal Courts to Decide Constitutionality of Ag-Gag Laws
"Two federal district courts are expected to rule on the
constitutionality of ag-gag laws, laws which make it illegal for
undercover investigators - often from established animal rights groups
- to enter agricultural operations under false pretenses and make
audio or video recordings documenting animal abuse."

Judge: Dairymen Can't Join 'Ag-Gag' Lawsuit
"BOISE - A federal judge shot down the Idaho Dairymen's Association's
motion to join the state in defending a law that makes it illegal to
film farm operations without permission."

Is a 'right to farm' needed in Missouri?
""The language is so vague that we don't know how courts will
interpret it," said Jake Davis, co-owner of the Root Cellar, a
farm-to-table grocery store in Columbia that operates a farm near
Millersburg. "It appears it gives farmers the right to pursue any sort
of practice they deem appropriate for agricultural use.""

Chinese city holds dog-meat festival early to avoid animal-rights protests
"Yulin residents bring forward annual summer solstice festival as
objections increase and Chinese lose taste for dog meat"

Animal rights campaigners protest outside court over police crackdown
on dangerous dogs
"Protests were staged outside Liverpool's magistrates' court over a
police crackdown that saw dangerous dogs rounded up and destroyed."

Founder of Denver-based Animal Law Center Forms 3-State Non-Profit to
Protect Animals
"Jennifer Edwards incorporates the Animal Justice Center and forms
alliance with attorneys in Colorado, California and Montana."

Controversy around Minnesota's first 'Running of the Bulls'

Man Sentenced in Dry Creek Dairy Animal Abuse
"TWIN FALLS - A man accused of abusing cows at a Twin Falls County
dairy was sentenced Wednesday in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court."

Dispatcher took animal cruelty call seriously, 911 recording suggests,
but Paterson police never arrived [audio]

Why (People Still Think) Vegan Food Sucks

Finding Vegan Restaurant Food Wherever You Go

Vegetarian Kitchen: Maine innkeepers offer beds and meat-free breakfasts
"Three years ago the Windward House bed and breakfast in Camden added
vegan and vegetarian options to its morning menu. Meat eaters have
been ordering them ever since."

"Yes, there will be food - tons of it. But Tessa Trow says that
Spokane VegFest is more than that: it's an opportunity, a chance to
show people that their assumptions and judgments about vegans are

June 17, 2014

Bolivian Military Instructor Kills Dog in Class
"Animal rights activists are demanding a Bolivian military college
fire an instructor who butchered a live dog before his students and
then smeared its blood on their faces."

Saputo Boycotts Chilliwack Cattle Sales After Animal Abuse Uproar
"MONTREAL -- Dairy food giant Saputo Inc. is no longer accepting milk
from Chilliwack Cattle Sales, a British Columbia farm where a number
of employees were captured on video beating cattle, and says it is
leading the charge for reform in animal treatment."

City Aims to Play Down Its Dog Meat Festival
"Animal rights advocates say they have seen signs that the southern
city of Yulin is trying to lower the profile of its much-criticized
dog-eating festival. The feasting is expected to go ahead as scheduled
this weekend, but local officials have taken steps to deflect outside
attention from the annual event, at which thousands of dogs are

'Illegal' puppy farm continued to operate despite reports to RSPCA,
Wyndham Council
"An illegal puppy farm on Melbourne's outskirts where dogs were kept
in squalid conditions continued to operate for almost a year after
being reported to authorities."

Vandals hit Parks and Conservation depot to protest kangaroo cull
"Animal activists have slashed tyres and broken the windscreens of 10
cars at the Parks and Conservation depot in Farrer in a protest
against the ACT government's kangaroo cull."

Residents upset after North Ridgeville humane officer allegedly shoots
baby raccoon in front of kids
"ResideNORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio - A group of animal rights advocates
gathered in front of North Ridgeville's city hall Monday night to
protest the alleged actions of a city humane officer.nts upset after
North Ridgeville humane officer allegedly shoots baby raccoon in front
of kids."

Earth Wise: Breeding experiment backfires with 'beefalo' environment/2014/06/17/earth-wise-beefalo-cattalo/10690883/
"In the early 1900s, a rancher conducted a breeding experiment that
resulted in a cattle-buffalo hybrid called beefalo. Also known as
cattalo, the unruly animals still exist and are now causing major
problems in Arizona."

SeaWorld Exaggerated its Research Record seaworld_orca_research_importance_of_captive_killer_ whale_studies_was_exaggerated.html

Veganism goes mainstream
"As recently as a decade ago, people who identified themselves as
vegans were likely to be teenage girls determined to save the world's
animals. They were considered eccentric if not weird, and many parents
fretted over whether their vegan children were getting enough protein
or vitamins."

University of Oxford college switches to vegan meals to fight climate change

Going Vegan? Check Out The Highs And Lows Of A Vegan Lifestyle

The Wonders of Nutritional Yeast
"Ah, the wonders of nutritional yeast. How vegans, gluten and casein
free (GFCF) dieters and cats love it. Many people, however, either do
not know what it is or how exactly to use it. For starters,
nutritional yeast is deactivated."

June 16, 2014

Morrissey New Song 'The Bullfighter Dies' Tackles Animal Rights,
Celebrates Human Death

Press Release: Karen Davis, Ph.D. Discusses Animal Slaughter at NYC
Bar Association Meeting

China Dog Meat Festival 2014: Dogs Sold for 85p for Cooking in Solistice Hotpot
"The Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China is illegal and should be banned,
a group of animal rights campaigners have said."

WORLD MEAT CONGRESS: Animal Welfare to be New Moral Trade Barrier
"ANALYSIS - Animal welfare issues could become a new trade barrier
following a landmark ruling by the World Trade Organisation, writes
Chris Harris from the World Meat Congress in Beijing."

Beloved African Elephant Killed for Ivory--"Monumental" Loss
"One of Kenya's most adored elephants, who had giant tusks and was
known as Satao, has been killed for his ivory--a "monumental" loss,
experts say."

Dozens of 'expired animals' found on troubled harrisburg property

McNally Ranch sets up Lake Isabella location to store large animals
during Shirley Fire
"LAKE ISABELLA, Calif. - If you need a place to leave your large
animals during the Shirley Fire, you can take them behind the True
Value Hardware in Lake Isabella."

You Can Be a Vegan AND a High-Performing Athlete
"Despite the fact that the myths surrounding vegan nutrition are long
since busted, and the fact that veganism is getting more and more
popular among amateur and professional athletes, this is still one of
the arguments I hear most often when discussing food ethics with

Try These Tasty Dishes from Bryant Terry's 'Afro-Vegan'

Billy Bob Thornton Explains How He Indulges On a Vegan Diet

June 15, 2014

Casey Kasem Dead at 82
"Kasem, who was married twice and has four children, also had a
colorful TV career, which included doing the voice for Shaggy on
"Scooby-Doo" as well as voice-overs for many commercials. A devout
vegan, he supported animal rights and environmental causes,"

Sea Shepherd: Eco terrorists or the front line to protect social justice?
"In this week's Global outlook, Murray Hunter probes the striking
marine conservation organization sea Shepherd."

Animal cruelty activists targeted by tough new biosecurity measures
"Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce told the NSW Nationals
annual conference in Queanbeyan at the weekend that state and federal
governments were acting jointly to protect farmers from
camera-wielding "vigilantes"."

The Case for Legal Reforms to Stop Animal Cruelty
"Animal Cruelty in India"

Hoarder gets 3 years in prison after more than 60 animals were seized
from farm east of Pueblo
"PUEBLO, Colo. - A 58-year-old woman convicted of 22 counts of animal
cruelty after authorities seized more than 60 animals from her farm
east of Pueblo has been sentenced to three years in prison."

Federal bill calls for new rules for killer whales, others at SeaWorld

Animal wellness clinic calling on community help
"CORPUS CHRISTI - The public saw a glimpse of a new spay-and-neuter
and wellness vaccination clinic Saturday."

BEING VEGAN – It's Time to Go All In
"Being vegan is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle that should have a
profound impact on not only how we live, but also impact all living
creatures and the planet that we all inhabit."


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