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June 7, 2014

Louisiana police officer who shot Maine man's dog charged with
aggravated animal cruelty

Activists rally for humane treatment of animals
"DARTMOUTH -- A pet pig from New Bedford joined 15 activists rallying
for legislation that would allow farm animals at least enough space in
their cages to turn around and spread their limbs."

PETA protests export permits for Webb City-based circus

NY Senate Poised To Squash Plan To Kill Mute Swans

Circus protest
"The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is in town. And
Colorado Springs animal advocates are out in force to protest the way
the circus treats its elephants."

Editorial: Continuing in the right direction on animal rights

Animal rights and wrongs: Jo-Anne McArthur captures the nonhuman gaze
"What I'm trying to do with the eyes by having the animals make eye
contact with the camera."

Further testing needed for accused Calgary animal killer

12 years a slave: Abused and tortured elephant 'Sunder' is finally
released after stars crusade
"Campaign headed up by Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson sees
tortured animal released from chains in India"

Animal shelter offers hope to feral cats, abandoned pets
"Umm Asma, an American convert married to a Saudi citizen and founder
of the nonprofit organization, expressed her passion for animals:
"Gus's Hope was formed to change the reality for homeless and
abandoned cats, as they are treated so badly. Sometimes they are
killed by poison, cruelly trapped or thrown into the desert to die a
painful death." She added: "We also offer low cost spaying and
neutering facilities.""

Wanted: Loving new nests for retiring chooks

Activists move to halt dog meat festival
"Animal rights activists, lawyers, celebrities and food safety experts
are lobbying to stop an upcoming festival that serves dog meat in
Yulin, the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region."

Vegan Haye vows to return to the ring
"Haye watched a documentary on farming animals which shocked him
somewhat and made him choose to become a vegan.
""I watched a TV documentary about how animals are farmed, killed and
prepared for us to eat," he explained.
""I saw all those cows and pigs and realised I couldn't be a part of
it any more. It was horrible. I did some research to make sure I could
still obtain enough protein to fight and, once satisfied that I could,
I stopped. I'll never go back.""

Actress Hemingway keynote speaker at Sacramento VegFest

Louisville jerky business goes national
"What started as an award-winning Louisville food truck specializing
in vegan versions of classic international street foods has grown into
a national supplier of vegan jerky. And just in the nick of time —
National Jerky Day, which you probably already have marked on your
calendar, is Thursday."

Finally: Williamsburg Gets A Vegan Cheese Shop finally_williamsburg_gets_a_vegan_c.php#.
"The next time you're cruising Bedford Avenue sipping an almond milk
cortado and googling seitan burger recipes, it might be worth your
while to stop into Dr-Cow, a freshly-minted food and supplement shop
specializing in vegan cheese. That's right, vegan cheese; no cows,
goats, sheep, or human breasts involved."

Footballer at vegan festival
"Ex-Everton footballer Neil Robinson visits Lancashire on Saturday in
the latest leg of his UK tour, sharing his insights on fitness and
health on a plant-based diet."

A Vegan Restaurant That Isn't About Denial
"Vegans refrain from fun foods like butter or bacon but they can
drink, which may be why Goldie's, a new vegan restaurant in Asbury
Park, has a stunning, cocktail-friendly chef's bar, sculpted by a
local craftsman to resemble a long, undulating wave."

The Godfather of Ice Cream is Going Dairy Free
"Malcom Stogo is making vegan-friendly ice cream with a utopian twist"

June 6, 2014

Activist says MIT boiled rabbit in cleaning cage

NYCLASS and PETA Demand Apology After Re-Releasing 2009 Video of
Carriage Driver Calling Protester a Whore nyclass_and_peta_demand_apology_after_re-releasing_2009_video_of_carriage_driver_calling_protester_a.php

Group plans peaceful prayer vigil at circus entrance group_plans_peaceful_prayer_vi.html
"MOBILE, Alabama – Tracey Glover remembers going to the circus when
she was a little girl. "I loved it," she said. "It was thrilling to
see all the amazing animals.""

Hoarder Rented 2 Apartments to Keep 100 Cats, Kittens in Deplorable
Conditions; Mental Illness or Cruelty?
"Up to 100 cats and kittens--many seriously ill--were seized from two
Northland apartments in a four-plex, Kansas City animal control
officials told KCTV-5 on Monday. The identity of the hoarder has been
withheld and there is no indication whether charges will be filed."

"The state's plan to kill thousands of wild mute swans in New York –
including the many that call Jamaica Bay home – by shooting or gassing
them seems likely to be placed on hold, with Assembly members passing
a bill last week that would delay the initiative and the state Senate
poised to do the same this month."

Why Granting Animals ‘Personhood' is so Important

Time for new animal welfare legislation on P.E.I., says advocacy group,-says-advocacy-group/1

Animal rights activists disappointed by Queen's speech
"The Queen's speech missed a critical opportunity to defend the rights
of animals used in circuses, campaigners have said."

How I built world's first vegan supermarket chain
"Former meat-lover Jan Bredack set up the world's first vegan
supermarket chain in Berlin in 2011. He now plans to open dozens of
branches across Europe and tells The Local how he turned tofu into

Vegan Restaurant Group Poised to Expand Nationally With First East
Coast Locations
"Native Foods Cafe, the nation's premier fast casual, plant-based
restaurant group, headquartered in Chicago and serving from scratch,
chef-crafted fare, announces its expansion plan, including two
Washington DC locations -- the first on the East Coast -- to open this
summer at Washington Market Square at 701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW and at
1150 Connecticut Ave. NW."

Bethlehem vegan bakery honored nationally
"Vegan Treats in Bethlehem has been nationally recognized for its
vegan products."

Adventures in Veganism: Thai Vegan in Santa Monica

June 5, 2014

Beagles Rescued From Animal Abuse See Sun and Grass for First Time [Video]

Glastonbury: Animal rights activists launch petition to ban Metallica
"Festival goers attempt to stop Metallica headlining Glastonbury due
to frontman's association with bear-hunting"

Animal rights activist likens farming to the Holocaust
"Jewish and pro-farm groups accuse the SPCA's Peta Watson-Smith of
'trivializing' the suffering of millions in the Holocaust."

UK Researchers Used Live Cats for 'Nasty' Medical Experiments

Animal rights petition reaches signature goal
"(CS) A public petition calling for a better protection of animals and
harsher punishments for animal cruelty has garnered enough public
support for a debate in parliament."

"RALEIGH, N.C (WTVD) -- The animal rights group Mercy for Animals has
posted new video that it claims was shot at a Butterball turkey
hatchery in Raeford, North Carolina."

To help our furry friends, don't give nationally

Protestors create sideshow against use of wild animals in Denville circus

Animal rights activists launch Massachusetts bus tour to push for bill
requiring larger cages 3fd01be8910a492981386f2bd76f16bb/MA--Animal-Cage-Bill

Doing fine: Joey, the monkey rescued from Hampstead witch doctor's
cage, is now loving life in wildlife sanctuary

Vegetarian Kitchen: Animal rescue pioneer Gene Baur to speak at
Portland festival _pioneer_Gene_Baur_to_speak_at_Portland_s_Vegetarian_ Food_Festival_.html
"The annual celebration of Maine's plant-based culture will also
feature chefs, the film 'Orchard Revolution' and a competition."

Crossroads: VegFest expands into three-day event
"For those interested in adding more plant-based choices to their
meals, the 2014 Rehoboth Beach VegFest will offer much to taste and

Tinseltown Tots Take 2-Week Vegan Cleanse Challenge
"Hollywood's tots are taking a page from Queen B's book -- they're
taking a challenge to go vegan."

Fresh nut-zarella! 'Vegan cheese' store serves pseudo-dairy in W'burg
"Williamsburg's new so-called "vegan cheese" store, Brooklyn's first,
opened in May serving up surprising, nut-based simulations of the
cow-derived staple. A wife-and-husband team runs the store and the
pair say they consider their fare to be an equivalent, not an
imitation, of actual cheese."

The Lusty Vegan on His Cookbook, Pop-Up and How to Date a Vegan
"Being vegan sucks for lots of reasons, but nothing sucks more than
having that first conversation with a potential mate regarding your

Vegan Atkins, Primal Atkins or Paleo keto: New data supports low carb diets

Deborah Madison Rewrites Her Classic 'Vegetarian Cooking'
"And I always wanted to label the recipes that happen to be vegan,
because so many people use this book because they're cooking for
somebody else - a child, a spouse or a family member - so why not make
it easy? I didn't try to turn things into vegan recipes; I just
labeled things that just happened to be. Romesco sauce just happened
to be vegan."

Rachael Ray Show Recap: Mayim Bialik Challenges Tastebuds W/ Vegan
Chocolate Cupcakes (6/4/14)

June 4, 2014

Senate OKs bill to cover pets in protection orders
"COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A bipartisan Ohio bill would allow cats, dogs
and other family pets to be included within the scope of protection
orders obtained by victims of domestic violence or other offenses."

Animal rights activists pushing humane cage bill animal_rights_activists_pushing_humane_cage_bill
"The tour by the Massachusetts Coalition for Humane Farms begins
Tuesday morning in Westfield and continues through Easton on

Empty the Tanks protest at Indianapolis Zoo

Lawmakers celebrate Animal Advocacy Day at the Capitol
"Lawmakers, animal rights activists and their pets celebrated the
fourth Animal Advocacy Day last week, taking the opportunity to push
for legislation that would protect animals and impose harsher
penalties on those who abuse them."

Howell woman pleads guilty in puppy mill case; dogs available for adoption 306030044/Howell-woman-pleads-guilty-puppy-mill-case-dogs-available-adoption

Midstate's suburban deer causing problems
"It's a perfect storm: Middle Tennessee's deer population is rapidly
growing, and so are its suburbs."

Simone Reyes Cradles Deceased Animals At NARD As A Call To Action
"he National Animal Rights Day (NARD), established by Our Planet.
Theirs Too in 2011, is an annual day observed in the US on the first
weekend of June, for the purpose of giving a voice to animals and
raising awareness for their rights, until these rights are established
and protected by the law."

'Ag-Gag' Laws Backed To Hide Animal Cruelty
"Out of sight and out of mind, the Australian meat industry benefits
from keeping consumers in the dark about what happens behind the
closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses."

Grab A Duck Festival Branded Quackers By Animal Rightists
"The organisers of a Dragon Boat Festival in China have drawn
criticism from animal rights campaigners over a grab-a-duck contest
staged as part of the festivities."

Animal rights group criticises human rights panel
"Animal rights group Heritage Animal Task Force today came out against
the suggestion of Kerala Human Rights Commission that the farmers be
given special powers to kill crop ravaging wild boars."

Appalling conditions in Spain's rabbit farms exposed by animal rights charity

Amber Paluch column: I'm going vegan for a week - help GPG0405/306020309/Green-Bay-Press-Gazette-editor-is-going-vegan-for-a-week-she-s-asking-for-recipes-restaurant-suggestions
"I don't want to spend 3/4 of my weekend preparing food for the week
or half the night working on an edible lunch I can bring to work the
next day."

Nationally Known Vegan Bodybuilders to Speak at Health, Healing &
Happiness Conference June 7-8

University Synagogue Hosts Vegan Luncheon
"On May 18th University Synagogue hosted a 100% vegan luncheon for
their teachers and staff to celebrate the end of religious school
season. Jaden Elkins, a 13-year old vegan activist, is a member of
the synagogue and inspired their choice of food with his recent 100%
vegan Bar Mitzvah at Veggie Grill On March 15, promoting animal

What's Jewish About Being a Vegetarian?
"Many prominent rabbis are vegetarians, and there is no question that
keeping kosher is easier when you cut meat out of the equation. Today,
there are tons of recipes for meatless versions of Jewish staples, and
some of them actually taste pretty good. That's the message of Jewish
Vegetarians of North America (JVNA), which advocates for a plant-based
lifestyle as an expression of Jewish values."

Letter: Supermarket hunters the real barbarians

Speed date as Vegan Festival comes to Lancaster

How to be a raw food vegan for five days 9902899/story.html

June 3, 2014

Horrible: Animal rights group exposes ghoulish experiments on cats by
UK universities
"The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) made its
allegations in a study released on Monday saying 855 cats were used in
1,304 experiments designed to see "how cats 'work.'""

Germany star Lukas Podolski sparks animal rights row with World Cup ad campaign
"Podolski, who moved to FA Cup winners Arsenal in 2012, is shown
clutching a bloody cow's heart alongside the slogan: 'During the World
Cup, I will give my heart to the cause.'"

University College London criticised over cat testing

Morrissey unveils a new spoken word video - featuring Pamela Anderson
"Fellow animal rights activist and Baywatch star appears in the
singer's poetic video for Earth Is The Loneliest Planet"

"Aussie rapper 360 is the latest artist to throw support behind animal
rights organisation PETA and their fight against the fur industry."

Scientist trying to poison rats in garden killed neighbour's cat: Man
ordered to pay £2,500 in costs after pleading guilty to causing
'unnecessary suffering'

Government urged to reject Grimston beagle farm plans
"ANIMAL rights campaigners are urging the Government to reject an
appeal for a new beagle farm in Yorkshire."

Japan urged to make its cosmetics 'cruelty-free'

The future of food - How the way we eat meat is about to change

L.A. animal rights advocate visited by animal control for "breeding dogs"

Concord homeowner trapping squirrels, leaving them to die in traps
"DEAR JOAN: Is it legal to set traps on the top of the backyard fence
to snare squirrels and let them die in the heat?"

Cleveland man sets fire to grandmother's cat, wanted by CPD for animal cruelty
"According to witnesses, Carson allegedly allegedly repeatedly smashed
the cat to the ground, knocking it senseless, and then walked away to
get barbecue lighter fluid, returned, doused the cat, and set it on

Brevard County sheriff offering inmates to walk dogs at
county-operated animal shelter
"MELBOURNE, Fla. - A central Florida sheriff is offering up inmates to
walk dogs at the county-operated animal shelter."

Meatless Monday: How To Build A Vegan Community With Bread And Chocolate

Meat Free Monday: not just for vegetarians

How A Vegan Perfume Company Became The Best Small Business Of The Year

Christina Pirello's 5 Secrets of Vegan Cooking

A lusty vegan pop-up dinner Thursday in Venice
"If you think all Los Angeles pop-up dinners revolve around pork belly
and butter, think again. "The Lusty Vegan" pop-up dinner, yes that's
the real name, happening Thursday in Venice, is full of dairy-free,
meat-free dishes for everyone."

Kitchen Mouse, A Vegan-Friendly Café in Highland Park

Newest Mariano's store features vegan grill, tea bar,0,7866561.story

New Sykamore Cafe gives Dallas vegan scene a unique Asian-fusion twist

Plant-Powered Athlete Dean Howell Wants You to Go Vegan

Press Release: Toronto Raw Vegan Festival - 4th annual

Growing Up on Raw Foods

Demi Moore wows at 51: Raw vegan diet, yoga and Pilates keep her fit

June 2, 2014

Fury as animal rights activist and RSPCA trustee candidate compares
treatment of animals on British farms to the HOLOCAUST
"A candidate standing to be on the ruling council of the RSPCA has
been criticised after likening the treatment of farm animals to the
"Peta Watson Smith made the comments as candidates standing in the
election are in the final push for votes, which have to be cast by

Trial results promising for curing puppies' parvo
"GRAND FORKS, N.D. - A North Dakota company that discovered an
antibody technology while trying to cure flocks of dying geese is
using its research for a more warm and fuzzy purpose: saving puppies."

BEING VEGAN – Social Media and the Rise of Veganism
"Social media has allowed us to share information that would never
stream to us through the normal media outlets. We can read, view, and
share articles, videos, and other messages that we otherwise would not
be able to enjoy and learn from through conventional means unless we
happened to pick up the right book or other piece of literature."

Ozzy Osbourne now becoming a 'strict vegan'

With cost of meat going up, veggies make an attractive substitution
"Just try the 'steak' au poivre, 'hot dogs' and 'chicken skin' at
restaurants like Blossom, Brushstroke, Juni and Dirt Candy"

Raw food for beginners

The New Vegan restaurant in Delray Beach
"The New Vegan is a pure vegan restaurant that has arisen from the
previous Garden of Vegan restaurant at the same location in downtown
Delray Beach, Florida."

June 1, 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio takes on Teamsters and Liam Neeson as he tries to
ban New York's horse carriages
"The city mayor's stand on animal welfare is facing heavyweight
opposition – but he won't back down"

Congress to Do-Nothing USDA: SeaWorld's Captives Have Waited 19 Years
for Your Help
"On Thursday, members of Congress took notice, and took action. Rep.
Jared Huffman, D-Calif.; Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.; and 38 others
signed a letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, calling for his
agency's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to adopt the
long-overdue rules, which would cover facility design, water quality,
space requirements, and more."

Pets' rights explored in 'Citizen Canine'
"Cats and dogs have become furry little children in the eyes of many
Americans. Pet owners call themselves "mom" or "dad." Some celebrate
their animals' birthdays and spend thousands of dollars on toys, food
and veterinary care. Others even risk their lives for pets, as when
owners refused to enter shelters that wouldn't take in animals before
Hurricane Katrina.
"And now pets appear to be on the path to full citizenship, writes
Grimm, a science journalist. "Dogs and cats have reached a critical
juncture in their social evolution: As they inch towards personhood,
we must decide whether to embrace them as fellow members of society or
limit them to being mere pets.""

Ill. lawmakers OK adding animals to protected list

Truck stop tiger bill goes to Jindal
"BATON ROUGE - Lawmakers have decided to let a Grosse Tete gas station
owner keep a tiger onsite, overruling court decisions against him."

Paterson school assembly targets cat's torture
"In the wake of a fatal attack on a neighborhood cat, Paterson school
officials on Friday tried to turn tragedy into a learning experience
while authorities continued to investigate whether two additional
children will face charges in the case. Three boys already have been
accused of animal cruelty."

Animal Rights Advocate Holds Demonstration in Hot Vehicle
"WHITESBORO, N.Y. -- While temperatures were in the mid 70's Saturday,
one woman endured 124 degree heat."

Workers say cows mistreated at Northwest dairies
"PORTLAND (AP) -- A prominent Northwest dairy cooperative, Darigold
Inc., may have allowed some member farms to milk cows that had
injuries and infections in their udders, among other ailments,
according to allegations made Friday by workers and the farmworker

Abandoned husband goes berserk, kills 11 cats
"MANILA, Philippines--A man who was abandoned by his wife went on a
killing spree and slaughtered 11 cats in Rizal province."

Downton Abbey star launches stinging attack on Princess Anne at
anti-badger cull protest
"Downton Abbey star Peter Egan has launched a stinging attack on
Princess Anne's controversial suggestion people should eat horse meat
to improve standards of animal welfare."

Fifteen peacocks killed in Nagaur this week, allege animal rights activist
"Babulal Jaju, state in-charge of People for Animals, an animal
welfare organisation, has alleged that seven peacocks were found dead
on May 28 while carcasses of eight others were found on the subsequent
day in Chilra village of Nagaur district."

6 Vegan Habits Everyone Should Adopt (Without Giving Up Meat)

Nearly naked PETA activist covered with BBQ sauce in Vancouver

Vegetarian restaurant and juice bar opening in midtown Kansas City

Vegan with a vengeance
"Hungary is not the easiest country in which to be a vegan, however
slowly but surely the movement is creeping up in the Budapest culinary
scene with more and more vegan restaurants popping up, and Peas & Love
is no exception."


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