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News Roundup, July 1

July 2, 2014

Animal activists, 'fun police'? What a load of baloney
"TODAY the Adelaide Advertiser ran an opinion piece with the catchy
title 'Animal activists are fun police who want us to lead a miserable
boring baconfree existence'.
"Its author, Nicolle Flint, has uncovered a shocking fact: the
hardworking folk at animal welfare organisations such as Animals
Australia and Animal Liberationwould like Aussies to eat less meat.
Can you believe it?"

Esquire Network will go live with the Running of the Bulls from Pamplona, Spain
"U.S. network to air eight days of Spanish coverage of celebrated
event, with tape-delay precaution"

Animal rights advocates seek swift end to horse abuse in Colombia's Caribbean
"Animal rights activists in Colombia's Caribbean city of Cartagena
have called for swift regulations to protect the city's horses from
being abused after another horse collapsed in the city's streets,
local media reported on Monday."

Factory farm footage prompts call for Animals Commissioner
"Video footage of pig farms released on Sunday's June 29th programme
has prompted the NZ Vegetarian Society to call for the appointment of
an independent Commissioner for Animals."

Animal Rights in China

Animal rights activists are infuriated with this 19-year-old big game huntress
"At 19 years old, the Texas Tech undergrad Kendall Jones has managed
to incite an enormous amount of controversy thanks to her love of big
game hunting."

87 cats dead, dozens more seized in cruelty investigation

NYCLASS Furious That Bill de Blasio Hasn't Banned Horse Carriages Yet
"The powerful animal rights group, along with other disgruntled
activists in the city, is furious that the de Blasio administration
has still not banned horse-drawn carriages from city streets, sources
say. NYCLASS, which is short for New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and
Safe Streets, declined to comment, but individuals close to the animal
rights movement want Mr. de Blasio to buck up and ban the carriages–or
face the consequences."

Law designed to crack down on puppy mills set to expire
"NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A state program designed to crack down on
puppy mills will be no more as of midnight."

James Wertz: Boynton Beach man faces animal cruelty charge for
punching, choking rabbit, police say
"BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Boynton Beach Police officers arrested a man on
animal cruelty charges after they say he punched and choked his
girlfriend's pet rabbit during an argument on June 27th."

Were Baby Male Chicks Killed to Make Your Mayo?
"To make mayonnaise, you have to break some eggs. For companies like
Hellmann's and Best Foods, two leading mayo producers, that amounts to
millions of eggs every year--the combined effort of an army of laying
hens. But to keep the mayonnaise eggs coming, these companies need to
hatch more chicks from fertilized eggs.
"That's where there's a problem: When those eggs hatch male chicks,
Hellmann's and Best Foods toss them like so many empty shells—either
gassing, suffocating, or grinding them up while still alive, according
to a new campaign from the animal rights group Farm Forward, citing a
2011 study. We reached out to Unilever, which owns both mayo brands,
for a comment on the campaign. It did not immediately respond."

Women change careers after seeing benefits of a vegan diet

The vegan community is small but active and research shows its health benefits

Salad samurai Terry Hope Romero is making name as vegan chef
"Even the heartiest meat eaters may be tempted by the flavor-filled
options in Romero's latest cookbook, "Salad Samurai: 100 Cutting-Edge,
Ultra-Hearty Easy-To-Make Salads You Don't Have to be Vegan to Love"
(Da Capo Press, $19.99)."

Loni Jane Anthony, Mom Who Stayed On 80:10:10 Diet During Vegan
Pregnancy, Says Son Is 'Thriving'

The Surprising Way Vegetarians May Be Ruining Their Workouts

Best Vegetarian Places to Travel in the U.S.

A vegetarian's and vegan's guide to Berkeley
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July 1, 2014

Texas rule could threaten no-kill shelter movement
"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Strict enforcement of a previously obscure state
regulation is threatening the no-kill movement across Texas and could
result in animal shelters euthanizing tens of thousands of additional
pets each year, advocates warn."

Farmers, lawmakers divided on 'Right to Farm'
"The passage of Proposition B in 2010 - setting standards for dog
breeders - was a turning point in the debate over farming rights."

Animal rights group protest "Giggin for Grads" in nearby DeKalb County, TN

Rabobank world's biggest investor in mega factory farms: Trouw rabobank_worlds_biggest_invest.php
"Dutch banks ING and Rabobank are among the world's biggest investors
in giant factory farms in the US and developing economies such as
Brazil and China, Trouw reports on Monday, quoting animal rights group
Wakker Dier."

China Ends Animal Testing Rule for Some Cosmetics
"China has removed a controversial animal test requirement for some
types of cosmetics, a move praised by animal rights advocates who hope
it signals an end to a practice widely scorned elsewhere."

Complaint filed against director for depicting animal cruelty in film
"An academic has filed a complaint against Turkish director Nuri Bilge
Ceylan, whose richly ruminative Chekhovian drama "Kış Uykusu" (Winter
Sleep) was awarded the Palme d'Or in May at the 67th Cannes
International Film Festival, over scenes in the award-winning movie
that the academic believes depicts animal cruelty."

New draft law suggests jail time for animal abusers in Turkey

Animal care conduct code the next step for farmers

How much your meat addiction is hurting the planet
[opinion piece]
"The average meat-eater in the U.S. is responsible for almost twice as
much global warming as the average vegetarian, and close to three
times that of the average vegan, according to a study (pdf) published
this month in the journal Climatic Change."

Phuket first: Vegetarian Festival twice in one year

Juice Press shoots off on vegan vector with ProViotic
"The chain is pitching ProViotic, a vegan-based probiotic product line
derived from bacterial strains that are said to be pristine. The
bacteria is found in the European snowdrop flower grown in the
mountains of Bulgaria and cultivated in fresh green juice."

I did a seven course raw, vegan degustation

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