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News Roundup, Jan 26-31, 2014

January 31, 2014

Lawmakers, animal rights activists want to regulate pet snakes

Farm trespassing bill gets Senate support after pressure from animal
rights advocates 9c48f4b2ed4e40d489e994c4a386aadc/IN-XGR--Farm-Trespassing
"INDIANAPOLIS -- The shell of Indiana legislation known as the "Ag Gag"
bill has lawmakers' support after a measure to protect farmers from
financial loss was nixed."

"Albuquerque, N.M.--An annual budget signed by President Obama has
rendered "moot" a lawsuit challenging horse slaughter, a lawyer
representing animal-rights groups said."

Animal rights group wants feds to investigate Tulane, ULL over monkey deaths

Animal Activist, Eco-Saboteur Goes On The Road
"Rod Coronado believes that the best thing he's ever accomplished for
animal rights was when he played an instrumental role in sinking two
Icelandic whaling ships through Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,
which uses direct action to protect marine habitat and wildlife. Now,
the animal rights activist and ex-convict is going on his "Hungry like
the Wolf 2014" tour and will be making a stop here in Eugene on Feb.

Merck joins other drugmakers, contract research labs vowing not to do
research on chimpanzees
"TRENTON, N.J. -- Drugmaker Merck & Co. is joining two dozen other
pharmaceutical companies and contract laboratories in committing to
not use chimpanzees for research."

Animal Rights Activists Protest Outside Accused Cat Killer's Court Appearance,0,7351364.story
"ENFIELD -- A 20-year-old accused of killing seven of aWindsor Locks
family's cats appeared before a judge Thursday as more than a dozen
animal rights activists looked on."

Govt seeks corporate support for animal welfare in state
"BHUBANESWAR: The state government will request corporate houses to
extend financial support to the State Animal Welfare Board to take up
animal welfare-related activities, said fisheries and animal resources
development minister Debi Prasad Mishra."

Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson poses naked for anti-fur campaign

Spain animal rights groups call for ban on hunting with dogs

India Ends Animal Testing for Household Products

Animal 'Personhood': Muddled Alternative to Real Protection _to_real_protection/2734/
"The question is whether expanding animal rights would protect animals
better than stricter animal protection laws."

Being Vegan: Veganism takes food world by storm wkndtopstoriesnew_January16.xml
"Dubai-based South African Alison Andrews runs an impressive website -- -- and is also one of the group organisers of
the group (with 607 members) 'Raw Vegan' in Dubai."

Israel goes vegan
"No Israeli can stomach being a freier - a sucker - and this may be
why Israel has become the unlikely locus of worldwide interest in
vegan cuisine, says food writer, critic and chef Ori Shavit, who
switched from passionate omnivore to passionate vegan a few years

Beyond meat substitutes: What's hot in vegetarian food?

Better Sex, Health And Moods: Reasons You Should Date A Vegetarian

Vegetarian Mom Charged With Manslaughter After Baby Dies of Malnutrition vegetarian_mom_charged_with_manslaughter

Ringo Starr Credits Vegetarian Diet for Good Health

6-week course to explore benefits of vegan diet lifestyle/rocflavors/2014/01/24/6-week-course-to-explore-benefits-of-vegan-diet/4838077/

Thinking of Going Vegan? Try One of These Seven Methods

Take care eating vegan, gluten-free 20140130_Take_care_going_vegan__gluten-free.html

Viva la Vegan: Celebrity chef bringing meatless cooking to Yuma

January 30, 2014

Rebecca Rubin, Canadian animal rights eco-terrorist's mercy plea finds
a sympathetic judge
"...Rubin was only "sporadically involved with a group of loosely
aligned" fellow radicals. But they were all aligned with the Animal
Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), two
extremist groups committed to the destruction of property."

Anti-Animal Welfare King Amendment Removed from Farm Bill
"The King Amendment, proposed by Representative Steve King (R-IA),
which would have undercut animal welfare states and food safety laws,
has been removed from the Farm Bill. The Humane Society of the United
States supports this action."

ALDF Lawsuit against California Animal Testing Facility Gains Support

Ape escape: the argument to keep chimpanzees out of cages

Event's keynote speaker is a cow's best friend

EatingWell: A well-planned vegan diet can be perfectly healthy,0,2248320.story

The Dutch Weed Burger: Vegan Fast Superfood

Vegan author urges McDonald's to offer fake meat burger?

What Do Healthy Vegan Nutritionists Eat?

Vegan Wing Bowl? Here are two!

'No Meat Athlete' Blogger Offers Five Tips on Vegan Fitness vegan_training_tips_from_the_n.php

Christie Brinkley's sexy swimsuit body at 60: Her vegetarian diet and workout

January 29, 2014

Dolphin slaughter stirs up wave of outrage
"At least 250 dolphinshave been tortured, many of them brutally
killed, in Japan's Taiji Cove in the past seven days."

Why Oxford scientists are experimenting on monkeys
[with video]

Federal farm bill lets California keep strict animal welfare rules

Research animals' rights defended
"The use of animals for research at Queen's has come under scrutiny by
a recent Queen's Animal Defence (QAD) campaign."

10 Big Wins for Farm Animals in the Past 10 Years

Six restaurants competing in Vegan Love Challenge
"...Vegan Love Challenge, the latest in the Triangle Meatless Monday
organization's ongoing campaign to try and introduce more vegan
varieties to local restaurants."

Dallas' first vegan dessert food truck slated to hit streets Saturday
"Vegan Noms will sell desserts like brownie bites, snickerdoodle
cookies, muffins and cupcakes, all made without eggs or butter."

15 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants 301279929/10942/LIFESTYLE
"15 Best You-Won't-Believe-They're-Vegan Restaurants"

January 28, 2014

Italian animal rights activists call for stop to peace dove tradition
after seagull attack
"ROME — Animal rights groups on Monday appealed to Pope Francis to end
the practice of releasing doves from a Vatican window overlooking St.
Peter's Square, a day after a pair of the peace symbols were attacked
by a seagull and crow while a crowd including thousands of children
watched below."

Farm bill drops plan to block states from imposing tougher animal
confinement rules

Voters may get to weigh in on ag animal issues
"Animal rights activists who want voters to ban certain livestock
procedures may have to contend with a bill at the state capitol that
could rein in some of their tactics."

Animal Rights Activists Demonstrate at Santa Cruz Chipotle Restaurant
"Direct Action Everywhere believes the company is engaged in consumer
fraud about this exploitation, calling it "humane washing" – marketing
that disguises the violent reality of animal agriculture."

FamilyMart cancels release of foie gras bento due to complaints over
animal cruelty
"Popular Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has cancelled the
release of a foie gras and beef patty bento ready meal due to customer

Alberta Wild Horse 'Cull' Strikes A Nerve With Animal Rights Groups
"Last week the Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD)
Ministry declared the launch of a program designed to capture up to
200 wild horses in the foothills north and northwest of Calgary."

VIDEO: NJ Slaughterhouse Shut Down By Feds For Cruelty; Animal Rights
Organization Says It's A 'Kosher Plant'

MPs call for animal "shock collar" ban
[with video]

E.U. May Punish Italy for Stalemate on Animal Research
"A legislative stalemate over animal research could become costly for
Italy. On 23 January, theEuropean Commission asked the E.U. Court of
Justice to impose a fine of more than €4.5 million per month for
failing to incorporate a 2010 E.U. directive on animal testing into
its national laws. A new law on animal tests has been the subject of a
fierce debate in Italy."

Baby dies of rickets from vegetarian mother
"Couple told they could face jail after admitting manslaughter of
their son Ndingeko, who died from rickets after his parents insisted
on strict eating regime as part of their religion"

Cassandra Bodzak brings vegan cooking to ABC's 'The Taste' 2014/01/27/cassandra-bodzakbrings-vegan-cooking-to-abcs-the-taste/

Shania Twain Considering Her Own Vegetarian Cookbook

Health experts put 'Vegan Before 6pm' diet and Cy-Yo under the microscope
[with video]

What Do Vegan Athletes Eat?

TCBY's Newest Vegan Fro-Yo Comes Just in Time for "Veganuary's" End

Confessions of a part-time vegan: How changing my diet changed my life
"I'll never give up meat completely, but cutting down on animal
products has made a huge difference"

January 27, 2014

Animal Rights Groups Protest Circus
"The group Central Alabama Animal Rights and Protection is protesting
at Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd and 9thAvenue today from 1:30 p.m. until
3 p.m."

Circus performs in Ogden as animal rights groups fret
[with video]
"OGDEN -- Circuses like the Jordan World Circus, which had its opening
night in Ogden at the Golden Spike Event Center on Friday, rely on the
performances of both humans and exotic animals to draw crowds.
However, in a world that is becoming increasingly concerned with
animal rights, how long can circuses rely on animal labor?"

Legislators concerned about animal cruelty felony bill legislators-concerned-about-animal-cruelty-felony-bill/article_23acf3be-4c52-5107-ae05-5ab4bdf30371.html
"Northwest South Dakota legislators said Saturday in Belle Fourche
that they aren't against making true animal cruelty a felony, but that
they are concerned about the current bill in Pierre."

Bill proposes animal cruelty registry for Virginia

New HSUS Agriculture Council Brings Farmers, Environmentalists and
Animal Welfare Advocates Together
"To advance humane and sustainable agricultural practices in Missouri,
The Humane Society of the United States has formed an agriculture
council made up of farmers, producers and environmentalists. The
announcement was made at the state capitol during a press conference

Activists slam dog show
"People for Animals Jamshedpur (PAJ) argued that such shows encourage
commercialization of the animals and questioned the sensibility of the
organizers of the event. "Do the organizers ever want to understand
the torture these animals go through psychologically while
performing?" asked Kishore Oza of PAJ."

Lush launches equal love campaign in run up to Winter Olympics
"Lush, which was founded in south England in 1995, often develops
campaigns to promote human and animal rights issues and to fight
social injustice."

The Mayor Went Vegan, Then Spread the Word
""Only kale can save us now."
"In Marshall, a growing number of residents believe that slogan is not
far from the truth. Barbecue and chicken-fried steak are a way of life
in this corner of East Texas; so are obesity, diabetes, cancer and
heart disease."

BEING VEGAN – The Transition Team is Forming
"I have a glimpse of what this transition team is leading us towards.
 I see a time where the vast majority of people will see it abhorrent
to consume animal products as food or wear them as clothing.  Those
industries that have supplied these products in the past will
eventually be profoundly reduced."

Can you tell what's vegan and what isn't?

Review: Van Damme Goes Violently Vegan In ENEMIES CLOSER
"His French-Canadian mercenary Xander is a self-proclaimed vegan who
cherishes organic produce and fair trade coffee, while refusing to
handle firearms."

A Vegetarian Abroad
"To be a vegetarian in India is to be as inconspicuous as one in a
million throng religious mela. But on the TWA flight from London to
Chicago, I was the only vegetarian among the three hundred and odd


January 26, 2014

Brazil's Sao Paulo state bans animal testing
"The southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on Thursday banned
animal testing in research for the cosmetics, perfume and personal
care industry,"

Dog that killed baby turned over to animal rights group as city gives
up fight to have animal euthanized
"A legal battle over a dog that killed a Nevada baby has ended with
authorities turning over the mastiff-Rhodesian mix to an animal rights
group, officials said."

Animal welfare should be a priority
"Cyprus residents concerned about animal welfare issues will tomorrow
be congregating at an 11am Animal Responsibility Cyprus (ARC) event in

Change the law: witness drafts new Animal Welfare Bill
"Witnessing an alleged act of dog abuse has inspired Chris and Leigh
Davies to try to change Canadian law."

Canadian animal rights laws need more teeth

'Call of the Wildman' mistreatment accusations spur call from USDA
"Claims that workers associated with Animal Planet's "Call of the
Wildman" show mistreated animals have prompted federal officials to
review whether an investigation is warranted."

[ EDITORIAL ] Animal Research: Conduct Programs Openly

Vegan Angela Davis Connects Human and Animal Liberation
"While Angela Davis is well known for her progressive perspectives on
race, gender, and class, less well known are her views on species,
which are quite forward-thinking. The great socialist scholar, it
might surprise some to hear, does not consume animal products."

Hong Kong's vegetarian and healthy eating restaurants are slowly winning fans
"Hong Kong Vegetarian Society founder Dr Simon Chau is the impossibly
youthful, 66-year-old poster child for the city's raw food movement.
Among the claimed benefits of his diet are looking even younger every
year, a brain that works at turbo speed and an overall feeling of
total contentment."

Austin restaurants with vegetarian dishes so great you won't even miss the meat

PennLive sports reporter Geoff Morrow shares his top five vegetarian
restaurants: Five for Friday geoff_morrow_of_pennlive_harri.html

Transgender model Jenna Talackova says going vegan was "healthiest
[with video]

Vegan frankfurters and burgers to be sold at Super Bowl

Dr. Oz unveils vegan diet tips, from vitamin B-12 to protein to weight loss

Why Adopting The Vegan Diet Is Harder Than You Think
"With an increasing number of celebrities from Natalie Portman to
Jay-Z and Beyonce turning vegan (we already know about you, Gwyneth)
and after witnessing the incredible anti-ageing benefits (see Jim
Morris the 78-year-old vegan bodybuilder for a visual cue) - I started
to wonder whether the health benefits could outweigh the prospect of
never eating Dairylea again."

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