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News Roundup January 24, 2014

Jan 24, 2014

Brazil's Sao Paulo state bans animal testing
"The southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on Thursday banned
animal testing in research for the cosmetics, perfume and personal
care industry,"

Dog that killed baby turned over to animal rights group as city gives
up fight to have animal euthanized
"A legal battle over a dog that killed a Nevada baby has ended with
authorities turning over the mastiff-Rhodesian mix to an animal rights
group, officials said."

Animal welfare should be a priority
"Cyprus residents concerned about animal welfare issues will tomorrow
be congregating at an 11am Animal Responsibility Cyprus (ARC) event in

Change the law: witness drafts new Animal Welfare Bill
"Witnessing an alleged act of dog abuse has inspired Chris and Leigh
Davies to try to change Canadian law."

Canadian animal rights laws need more teeth

'Call of the Wildman' mistreatment accusations spur call from USDA
"Claims that workers associated with Animal Planet's "Call of the
Wildman" show mistreated animals have prompted federal officials to
review whether an investigation is warranted."

[ EDITORIAL ] Animal Research: Conduct Programs Openly

Vegan Angela Davis Connects Human and Animal Liberation
"While Angela Davis is well known for her progressive perspectives on
race, gender, and class, less well known are her views on species,
which are quite forward-thinking. The great socialist scholar, it
might surprise some to hear, does not consume animal products."

Hong Kong's vegetarian and healthy eating restaurants are slowly winning fans
"Hong Kong Vegetarian Society founder Dr Simon Chau is the impossibly
youthful, 66-year-old poster child for the city's raw food movement.
Among the claimed benefits of his diet are looking even younger every
year, a brain that works at turbo speed and an overall feeling of
total contentment."

Austin restaurants with vegetarian dishes so great you won't even miss the meat

PennLive sports reporter Geoff Morrow shares his top five vegetarian
restaurants: Five for Friday geoff_morrow_of_pennlive_harri.html

Transgender model Jenna Talackova says going vegan was "healthiest
[with video]

Vegan frankfurters and burgers to be sold at Super Bowl

Dr. Oz unveils vegan diet tips, from vitamin B-12 to protein to weight loss

Why Adopting The Vegan Diet Is Harder Than You Think
"With an increasing number of celebrities from Natalie Portman to
Jay-Z and Beyonce turning vegan (we already know about you, Gwyneth)
and after witnessing the incredible anti-ageing benefits (see Jim
Morris the 78-year-old vegan bodybuilder for a visual cue) - I started
to wonder whether the health benefits could outweigh the prospect of
never eating Dairylea again."

January 23, 2014

Pamela Anderson to Netanyahu: Ban fur sales in Israel
"Actress and animal-rights activist says the way animals 'suffer and
die for fur violates Jewish principles.'"

U.S. court demands stiff sentence for 'eco-terrorist' Rebecca Rubin _sentence_for_ecoterrorist_rebecca_rubin.html
"In the documents, U.S. attorney Amanda Marshall describes Rubin as a
"dedicated member" of a militant animal-rights group responsible for
20 acts of arson over five years, beginning in late 1995. The FBI
called those arsons "the largest eco-terrorism case in United States

Bill proposes animal cruelty registry for Virginia

Terry's Law about changing the rules for animal care

Freedom for Buddy the Dog imminent
"SAN ANTONIO -- Nearly three months after being confined to a kennel at
Brooks City-Base, Buddy the Dog soon will be released to his owners."

Despite Critics, Essex County Officials Say Deer Hunts Needed
"NORTH CALDWELL, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Deer are beautiful to look at,
but some Essex County residents say they're a nuisance."

Savagery of India's animal keepers: Heartbreaking footage of elephant
beaten to the ground

Bollywood Star Amy Jackson Is An Angel For Animals

What's Convincing 50 Million Chinese People to Go Vegetarian?
"...there's a developing trend of eco-consciousness, particularly
among the younger Chinese generation. It is helping to turn
twentysomethings into card carrying vegans and vegetarians. More to
the point, it's turning China into the country with the most
vegetarians and vegans per capita in the world."

Read more:

12 Things You Need to Know Before Going Vegan

'Never Be Silent': Vegan Ariana Grande shows her support for PETA in a
slogan vest top on her way to a recording studio

Darebin poised to take title of Melbourne's vegan capital
"In the past four years at least five new vegetarian and vegan
businesses have popped up across the municipality, signalling that the
animal product-free diet may be becoming more mainstream."

Polish Vegetarian Deli opens at Broad Street Market in Harrisburg polish_vegetarian_deli_broad_s.html
"...specializes in Polish vegetarian dishes along with some vegan options."

January 22, 2014

Gay animal-rights activist takes on corporations
"Growing up in the small Ohio farming community of St. Paris, Nathan
Runkle could have been considered a minority of one. He is a gay
vegetarian who loves all animals, not just domesticated pets. But his
extended family, and most of the community, consisted of hunters,
farmers, trappers and fishermen. How animals were treated and killed
on their way to the dinner plate was never given a second thought."

Is Animal Planet's Call Of The Wildman Drugging And Killing Animals
For Ratings??

Dolphin Hunt Held at Cove by Japanese Fishermen

Bill proposes animal cruelty registry
"ICHMOND – An online animal cruelty registry will be established in
the Commonwealth of Virginia this month if Senate Bill 32 is passed."

Federal versus state rights in new farm bill

Opinion: Bagging animal groups not a good look for farmers - Animal
Welfare Legal Centre
"In anl opinion piece on 17 January 2014, Mick Keogh of the Australian
Farm Institute launched an attack on the animal welfare group Animals

Animal-loving MPs call for ban on electric shock dog collars

Map pinpoints shelters with too many, too few dogs
"The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
recently launched a program that maps out animal shelters with a
dearth of dogs and shelters that have too many. The first national
program of its kind, MAP, which stands for Moving Animals Places,
allows shelters to contact one another and work out moves that will
put pets in places where they are more likely to be adopted."

Kind to Critters: Illinois rated first for animal protection

Report: Sprakers dogs 100% 'medically compromised'

Fund To Catch Dog And Kitten Muzzler Both Good And Bad Idea, Says Humane Society
"CALGARY - A reward to find whoever is responsible for the brutal
deaths of a cat and dog has topped $60,000, but an official from the
humane society says the attention could be a double-edged sword."

Rescue and adopt homeless animals: Amy’s mantra for pet-lovers
"Bollywood actress and South Indian siren Amy Jackson has joined a
campaign to encourage people to share their homes with a homeless cat
or dog."

Jill's Restaurant in Boulder hosting vegan fundraising dinner
"Jill's Restaurant in Boulder will host a seven-course vegan
fundraiser on Feb. 4 to benefit the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation
Center. The nonprofit organization focuses on rehabbing and releasing
orphaned, injured and ailing wildlife."

Why Don't Food Companies Label Their Products as Vegan? accidentally_vegan_companies_a.php
"..."accidentally vegan," a term applied to products that
just-so-happen to be vegan. There are several items that meet this
criteria, but almost none are advertised as such."

USDA’s MyPlate: Re-Imagined Vegan Style

Expanding Vegan Options for Football Fans at the Big Game and at Home
"SEATTLE, Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Forbes Magazine recently
called high-end vegan foods the top culinary trend coming out of 2013.
Commercials during this past weekend's championship football games
also brought plant-based diets to the forefront of consumers'
attention with the mention of quinoa, kale and other veggie favorites
being served at tailgate parties."

Rise of the PART-TIME vegans: Number of people following in Beyoncé's
footsteps soars by 40% in a year
"A growing number of people are swapping to a vegan diet for a few
weeks each year in a bid to ‘cleanse’ their bodies."

January 21, 2014

Activist Sentenced to 2.5 Years for Wire Cutters
"California man receives 30 month sentence for possessing fur farm
"burglary tools"."

McDonald's in Jaffa defaced by animal rights graffiti
""ALF" -  the acronym for underground Animal Liberation Front - was
found spray painted in red on the windows of the franchise."

Colombia - Death threats, smears against animal rights journalist
"Reporters Without Borders calls on the relevant authorities to
provide Cartagena-based freelance journalist Eva Durán with immediate
protection. Durán, who is also an animal rights campaigner, has had to
go into hiding in another region after receiving threats on 18

PETA sparks Twitter backlash with MLK tweets

Laurens lawmaker looks to strengthen animal cruelty laws
[with video]
"GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - State Sen. Danny Verdin, R-Laurens,
is looking to streamline animal cruelty laws and stiffen penalties for

Kate MacFall: Farm Bill may hurt animals in Florida

Multiple Dead Dogs In Tulsa Raising Questions About Dog Fighting Ring
[with video]
"TULSA, Oklahoma - More dead dogs were found in northern Tulsa County,
animal advocates originally thought it might be the remnants of a dog
fighting ring, now they say things look even more suspicious."

Man involved in alleged cattle abuse charged
"KERSEY - Tomas Cerda was charged with cruelty to animals after a
video recorded by an animal rights organization surfaced in November
2014, exposing alleged abuse at Quanah Cattle Co. in Kersey."

10 Hunted Animals You Had No Idea About

Thousands sign petition against monkey testing at NIBSC, Potters Bar 10952103.Thousands_sign_petition_against_monkey_testing/
"More than 3,000 people have signed a petition urging the Government
to cut funding to the National Institute for Biological Standards, in
Blanche Lane.
"Launched by animal rights group the Anti-Vivisection Coalition,
members believe there are other alternatives to using the animals."

A mammoth rescue mission: Rare forest elephants saved from death at
the hands of farmers after they trampled their crops
"The endangered African forest elephants had torn up farms and crops
in villages in Ivory Coast, triggering fears that farmers would shoot

Animal group says ministry too lenient
"The Ministry for Primary Industries is being accused of being too
lenient with farmers committing animal abuse."

Animal advocates hope for stricter laws after S. Utah horse death
[with video]

Polar bear hunting campaigns 'mislead public and divert focus from
climate change threat'
"A joint study by the universities of Exeter and Saskatchewan, Canada,
found that campaigns by animal welfare organisations, often backed by
celebrities, targeted hunting while virtually ignoring the loss of sea
ice habitat due to human-induced climate change."

Holly Ebel: Swap meat: Vegan diet is turnaround for Rochester family
"As a new mother two years ago, Megan did extensive research and
reading in books and online. Everything she saw pointed to the many
benefits of a plant-based diet. The couple also saw a documentary,
"Forks over Knives," which was an influence."

Huxtaburger restaurant slams its vegetarian customers on Facebook
"The company used its Huxtaburger Facebook page to openly sledge their
vegetarian customers - and their "(lentil derived) protein filled
brain cells" - and started a storm of controversy on social media."

12 Things You Need To Know Before Going Vegan

5 Vegan Myths, Debunked

A vegetarian survival guide to Devour Downtown

Vegan, gluten-free bakery to open in Bloomington

January 20, 2014

Animal-cruelty cases get brushed aside after NYPD given task
"Animal-cruelty cases are being brushed aside because neither the
ASPCA nor NYPD is taking the reins on enforcement."

China: Rabbits Rejoice – End of PRC Animal Testing Requirements Nears Rabbits+Rejoice+End+of+PRC+Animal+Testing+Requirements+Nears

Caroline Kennedy ‘deeply concerned by inhumannness of’ Taiji annual dolphin hunt

Grocery stores boycott foie gras
"Animal rights organizations were celebrating on Monday after several
of Norway’s largest grocery store chains decided to stop selling the
exclusive goose liver known as foie gras."

Fairfax City deer sterilization approved, Humane Society donates $3,000
"The Commonwealth of Virginia has approved a plan by Fairfax City to
humanely reduce its deer population by sterilizing the does, making
the city the first jurisdiction in Virginia to try such an approach."

Anger growing over orcas at Olympic Games

Have vets really sold out to industrial agri-business?
"Most of us think of James Herriot when we think of vets. But a new
book says this most-esteemed of professions has 'become complicit in
supporting a system that is inherently bad for animal welfare'"

Animal advocates to rally for stricter animal cruelty laws
"WALTHALL COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - In February, animal advocates from
around the state will attend a rally to stand against animal cruelty
in Mississippi."

New York Senator Hears Suggestions on Animal Protection Laws
"NEW YORK—At a public forum for animal rights advocates in New York on
Friday, New York Senator Tony Avella needed little convincing that
much is still needed to be done to protect animals from human

European Court Won't Lift Ban on Monkey Abuse Film
"Free expression doesn't trump a corporation's personality rights in a
decade-long legal dispute over a journalist who went undercover to
document the treatment of lab animals."

Perspectives: Dominion is no license for animal cruelty
"OPINION – The story of Elsa, the young filly found frozen to the
ground near Enoch, has sparked a lot of discussion about animal
cruelty throughout Southern Utah."

Foal shot dead by RSPCA then left in field 'to rot'

Nothing says thank you like 29 slaughtered goats
"Patna: A politician in India’s Jharkhand state slaughtered dozens of
goats in a ceremony to thank the deities, after his long-cherished
dream of becoming a minister finally came true, sparking protests from
animal rights activists and villagers."

2 deaths confirmed in Omaha plant explosion
"OMAHA, Neb. — Omaha authorities confirm two people died and 10 others
were seriously hurt in an explosion and partial building collapse at
an animal feed processing plant Monday morning."

Is a Meat-Free Paleo Diet Possible?


Healthy eating: vegan diet holds promise of healthier life

Shouldn’t Mormons be vegetarians?
"We Mormons have a remarkably selective interpretation of the
scripture that makes up our Word of Wisdom, the dietary code that we
follow religiously. We obey the restrictions against hot drinks,
alcohol, and tobacco but studiously ignore a key component of the
scripture passage: that meat is only for rare circumstances."

Hitting the wall as Veganuary hits halfway
"After the eye-openers of the first week – such as discovering not all
bread is vegan – week two was when boredom set in."

January 19, 2014

Animal rights activists and hunters unite against Long Island deer cull
"It was a rare joint effort between animal rights activistsand hunters
as they stood side by side during a Saturday protest in Long Island’s
East Hampton. Both groups were against a plan to kill as many as 3,000
deer on the East End of Long Island during a 40-day span that is
scheduled to begin in February."

Man who paid $350K to hunt a black rhino becomes a target himself
[with video]

Some 150 people run with the bulls in Biloxi and live to tell the tale
(video, gallery)

Man gored to death by bull at Jallikattu event in Tamil Nadu
"Chennai:  A 55-year-old man was gored to death outside the venue of
the bull taming event in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu on
Saturday. Around thirty others were injured in the event as well."

Judge rejects bid to stop coyote-killing contest
"A Harney County judge on Friday rejected an attempt to postpone a
coyote-killing contest scheduled for this weekend in the high desert
of southeastern Oregon."

Saving horses from slaughter
"A new law bans the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the
US. Animal rights advocates are pushing a law that would prevent the
export of horses for slaughter."

Advocacy groups, animal shelter, hope trap, neuter, release can fix cat issues
"With large feral cat populations in jurisdictions all over the
country, animal rights groups are asking animal shelters to implement
a more humane way of dealing with the problem, which they call trap,
neuter, return or TNR."

Lily makes a zebra cross
"LILY ALLEN has been blasted by animal rights activists after she
posted pictures of herself riding a zebra and cuddling a cheetah in
South Africa."

'Eleanor' star Loretta Swit focuses on animal rights, POWs
"A well-known animal-rights activist, she was named Woman of the Year
by both the Animal Protection Institute and the International Fund for
Animal Welfare. Her wildlife series, "Those Incredible Animals," has
been seen on Animal Planet, on the Discovery Channel and in more than
30 countries."

Loma Linda is a ‘Blue Zone,’ noted for health and long life
"The centenarian, who lives in Linda Valley Villa in Loma Linda,
credits her longevity to a healthy lifestyle: She doesn’t drink, eats
fruits and vegetables, limits her sugar intake and exercises daily."

Vegan Diet: Benefits for Inflammatory Conditions

More than 300 turn out for New Year New You Health Fest

Arts centre given top-five status for vegan cuisine
"A CAFÉ at a Derby arts centre has been named one of the top five
vegan-friendly cultural venues in the UK."

Mondragon to close doors after 18 years of business

January 18, 2014

Hunters and animal rights activists protest planned deer cull
"Hunters and animal rights activists stood side by side in East
Hampton Saturday, protesting a plan to kill as many as 3,000 deer on
the East End of Long Island during a 40-day span starting in

Animal activists turn out in support of Buddy the dog at Alamo rally
"SAN ANTONIO — The fate of Buddy the dog continued to tug on the
heartstrings of South Texans on Saturday and prompted a rally by
animal rights activists in front of the Alamo."

Dangerous' Richmond Rottweilers slated for destruction, but lawyer
says only bylaw officer's version of events has been heard Rottweilers+slated+destruction+lawyer/9404403/story.html
"RICHMOND, B.C. — Despite learning of allegations that impounded
Richmond rottweilers Axle and Paris had a history of incidents, animal
rights activist Carolyn Quirt still believes the dogs should be spared
their lives."

Animal shelter reviewing policies after dog mistakenly euthanized

Animals found in squalid conditions in North Texas
"FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - More than two dozen dogs and other animals
have been seized from a property in North Texas after being found with
afflictions including intestinal parasites, untreated wounds,
malnourishment and dehydration."

The deerhunter returns to Washington
"The rose gardens and parks of the US capital are under attack and
only lethal force can save them from the doe-eyed assailants"

Puppy mill of 18 dogs busted in northern Kentucky

Grackle terrorizes Texas Walmart, ‘definitely not a vegan’
[with video]
"Like a scene ripped from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, one grackle in
Katy, Texas, spent weeks inside a Walmart store feasting on everything
from bread to raw meat — and it apparently wasn’t until a disgruntled
customer started stalking the bird that Walmart decided to take

BEING VEGAN – Building a Bridge With Beyond Meat
"I first heard about Beyond Meat back in 2010 when they made the cover
of Time Magazine and were touted then, as a company to keep an eye

PETA urges Publican to serve fake meat
"The recent skirmish between PETA and the Publican (and Publican
Quality Meats) took a new turn Friday when the animal rights group
called on the restaurant and butcher to serve fake meat."

Loma Linda residents healthy life-style leads to longer life expectancy
"LOMA LINDA >> Alice Robbins is not about to tell anyone how to live
their life, but it wouldn’t hurt anyone to take note.
"On Saturday the Cincinnati-born vegetarian Seventh-day Adventist will
turn 100."

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