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News Roundup, Feb 7-13, 2014

February 13, 2014

Animal group appeals to track down two youths who found a sick dolphin
and forced it to drink BEER
"An animal rights group has issued an appeal to track down a group of
teenagers who posed giving beer to a sick dolphin in Peru."

Ag-gag Bill Banning Video Recording Moves Forward
"BOISE * Idaho animal activists lost a key battle Tuesday, after a
state Senate committee approved a bill banning unauthorized video
recordings on agricultural facilities, a method industry officials
describe as "ag terrorism.""

WSA seeks to defend farmers from activist groups
"LEXINGTON, Neb. - Like a bully in the playground, extreme animal
activist groups challenge livestock producers, whether it be obsessing
over the size of chicken cages or pregnant sow gestation crates,
protesting cattle care procedures, or producing videos that seem to
portray animal abuse."

Felony animal-cruelty law in S.D. gains momentum

Behind-the-scenes rescues with Michigan Humane Society Animal Cruelty

Vancouver Aquarium bucks national trend by keeping whales and dolphins

Activists Ask China to Ban Bear Bile Farming

Animal rights activist to speak here Feb. 26
[Rod Coronado]

Former Guitarist For Boston Signs Onto Petition Urging Change In
Yoplait Containers

Animal Doctor: Trap-release-neuter programs for feral cats are often
misguided, critics say

Opinion: Is scientific testing on animals ethical?

Opinion: Animal testing is unethical

Should animals have legal rights?

Female inmates protest vegetarian meals with hunger strike
[with video]
"PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Five months after Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
took meat off the menus at his jails inmates at the Estrella women's
jail decided to go on a hunger strike."

Vegan, nonfat dairy diets can help prevent or reverse heart disease
"Prevention is the key, but we tend to treat the symptoms of disease
instead, all while embracing our unhealthy food culture."

Nutrition: The best vegetarian sources of protein
"Vegetarian and vegan diets have gained considerable popularity in
recent years due to a variety of factors including beliefs about
animal rights and environmental issues and/or perceived health
benefits of moving to a plant-based diet, but let's not forget
celebrity endorsement either."

Thousands of Israelis Go Vegan

Helen Frear: Being a vegan is a lifestyle choice, not just a diet

Veganuary challenge full of nice surprises 11006143.Veganuary_challenge_full_of_nice_surprises/

Vegan restaurant Everlasting Life opens Takoma location

Introducing: Apiecalypse Now, a new vegan bakery with an activist agenda

Mayor Jones says Richmond is rated "the most vegan-friendly city"

Robin Robertson's vegan cookbook was ahead of the curve
"When Robin Robertson first released "Vegan Planet" in 2003, "vegan"
was miles away from the culinary buzzword it is today. So forgive her
for thinking her cookbook was just a little ahead of the curve."

February 12, 2014

Is Canada a Haven for the World's Stray Dogs?
"Hundreds of Sochi's stray dogs narrowly escaped death decreed by
Russian authorities last week after a local billionaire stepped in to
save them from a pre-Olympics "cull." Animal rights groups are now
seeking new homes for the dogs, putting the spotlight on the practice
of international pet adoption."

University accused by animal rights watch group
"The group Stop Animal Exploitation Now filed the complaint in
December, claiming that the University did not meet the federally
mandated standards of care."

Petaluma slaughterhouse ceases operations COMMUNITY/140219942/1428

Bill that has law enforcement, animal rights activists in arms passes
legislative committee 0db9e071b9b440e3ab70681b2e3c59c2/AZ-XGR--Livestock-Cruelty
"PHOENIX -- A bill barring local law enforcement from enforcing animal
cruelty laws on farms and other livestock operations has been moved
forward by an Arizona legislative committee."

S.D. panel approves making animal cruelty a felony

Alabama Senate bans use of drones to harass hunters, fishers 302110049/Alabama-Senate-bans-use-drones-harass-hunters-fishers

Environmental, farm, animal rights groups clash over Indiana farm practices bill

Disputed 'ag gag bill' advances in Idaho Senate

Group to gather signatures for Montana anti-trapping initiative

Animal wranglers add themselves to endangered species list,0,6484492.htmlstory#axzz2t4heyGRl
"Critter suppliers to the entertainment industry blame the increasing
use of digital effects and escalating pressure from animal rights

Report: Group Renews Push to Ban Circus Animals in City

Williams Scores Top Rating from California Humane Society williams_scores_top_rating_from_california_humane_society_20140211

Angry Italian Farmer Mows Down Rival's Sheep With Tractor

Bail remains at $310K for business owner accused of arson in pet shop fire
"As animal rights activists looked on, a Las Vegas Township judge
today refused to budge on bail for the woman accused of nearly killing
27 puppies during what authorities say was an arson fire last month at
her pet shop."

Man accused in 'Puppy Doe' case arraigned on new charges
"QUINCY, Mass. --The man accused of torturing Puppy Doe has pleaded
innocent to charges he stole from an elderly Quincy woman in his care,
our news partners at The Patriot Ledger reported."

Bills to create animal abuse registry moving through state legislature
"LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - People with a history of violence
may soon be banned from adopting pets in Michigan."

P.G. resident part of pet project PRINCEGEORGE0101/302119992/-1/princegeorge0101/pg-resident-part-of-pet-project
"A Prince George-based web and graphics designer and a San Diego-based
animal rights activist were thrown together by a deadly Oklahoma
tornado, resulting in the creation of a news website devoted to
sharing animals' stories."

On Being a Vegan Who Wears Fur and Leather

The Rise Of Veganism: Is This Something We Should Actually Consider?
"Thanks to celebrity endorsements, widely-reported health benefits and
a greater availability of vegan foods, the meat and dairy-free diet
has gone mainstream. So is it time we actually started thinking about
ditching the cheeseburgers and chocolate and consumed plants instead?"

Bradley sticks with vegan diet for Pacquiao return

Vegetarian no longer a dirty word Vegetarian+longer+dirty+word/9494395/story.html
"Vegetarian used to be a dirty word in Saskatchewan."

UF competing for peta2's favorite vegan-friendly college title

How to Replace Eggs in All Your Favorite Dishes

Vitamin B12 - how to make sure you get enough of it in your diet: Going Vegan how_to_make_sure_you_have_enou.html

6 Of Detroit's Best Places To Eat Vegetarian/Vegan

The Best Low Fat Vegan Meal and Snack Picks for Athletes

Attend the Signature Room's First Vegan Wine Dinner Event


February 11, 2014

Animals rights groups vow to fight 'ag gag' bill
[with video]
"BOISE -- The spokesperson for a national animal rights agency was in
Boise Monday, gearing up to fight against a recent agriculture
security proposal in Idaho."

When free speech becomes 'terrorism'
"Businesses that use animals, known as animal enterprises, have been
protected since 2006 by Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (or the AETA,
formerly known as the Animal Enterprise Protection Act)."

Russian billionaire 'saves Sochi's condemned stray dogs by funding
impromptu shelter in the hills above Olympic village'

Firm on reducing animals used in research: Britain
"London, Feb 10 (IANS) Britain has announced it would further
intensify steps to reduce the use of animals in laboratory research."

Wolf hunt opponents challenging Michigan law on collecting signatures
for ballot questions wolf_hunt_ballot_petition_laws.html

Morrissey slams 'thick' Prince William for hunting
"Singer Morrissey has angrily branded British royal Prince William a
"thickwit" after it emerged the heir to the throne went on a deer and
boar hunting trip hours before launching a wildlife protection

Dog Fighting, Animal Cruelty: Six Indicted In Alabama Raid That
Rescued 55 Pit Bulls

Man hires new attorney in dog death case
"UTICA The future of a Camden man accused of starving a dog named
Lainey to death last year became even more muddled Monday as he
switched attorneys."

Anger erupts over Danish zoo's decision to put down a giraffe (with video)

Marius The Giraffe Is Not The Only Animal Zoos Have Culled Recently
"The killings of animals including zebras and pygmy hippos are
necessary for conservation, zookeepers say"

Canadian Figure Skater Wins Silver and Inspires Vegans Everywhere
"According to her Twitter account, Duhamel is a proud "Olympian,
Vegan, Yogi and Nutritionist" and it's pretty clear that her healthy
lifestyle has paid off."

Three Tips for a Vegan Valentine's Day

Week In Vegan: Have a Vegan Valentine week_in_vegan_have_a_vegan_val.php

Edamam Launches Vegan, Vegetarian Apps; Expands Its Best-in-Class
Nutrition Focused Recipe Search

Dadeland Mall Food Court Surprisingly Vegan Friendly dadeland_mall_food_court_surpr.php

Why It's OK to Be Vegan 'ish'

Jared Leto Flips Vegan Pancakes in Fun Video,,20785340,00.html

February 10, 2014

Sicko slashes a deer's throat an drinks its BLOOD in the latest
NekNomination stunt
"Shaun Wilson posted a video of a man slashing the animal's throat and
draining an artery."

Animal sanctuary continues to grow after losing founder

ACT RADIO: FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

The Sochi stray dog dilemma: does the world care more about Russia's
animals than humans?
"Out of the many problems with the Olympics, the global outcry and
outpouring of resources seems loudest to aid the dogs"

Protesters Fight for Animal Rights Outside of ZooWorld
[with video]
"PANAMA CITY BEACH -- Protesters stood outside of ZooWorld in Panama
City Beach Sunday fighting for animal rights."

Trojan Horse
"Just as New York City pols are reworking legislation that would ban
our horse-and-carriage industry, a Chicago pol has moved to one-up us.
In introducing his own ordinance last week, Alderman Edward Burke of
Chicago's 14th Ward says he was motivated in part by an itch to "beat
New York City to the punch.""

Producers Urged to Recapture the Dignity of Raising Animals
"CANADA - Activists are using religion and children as two powerful
tools to wage war against the livestock industry, and producers and
their industry need to recapture the moral high ground in raising
livestock, says Dr Nelson Kloosterman."

14,000 animals killed for university research at Queen's and
University of Ulster
"Cats, dogs and horses among those experimented on in Northern Ireland"

Dolphin killings: More SA protests planned
"Pretoria - Dozens of animal rights activists gathered outside the
Japanese embassy in Groenkloof at the weekend to protest against the
capture and slaughter of dolphins and small whales in Taiji, Japan."

Less Meat Monday elicits mixed reviews
"With students across the country lobbying for schools being more
environmentally cognizant, many colleges and universities are
conceding to the demands of their students, Knox's Less Meat Monday
fits right in to a nationwide trend."


McDonald's May Find Fix with Healthy Fare
"A petition that's garnered nearly 90,000 signatures is
asking McDonald's to add a plant-based protein option to its mealtime
line up."

Vegan scrapple? You're kidding, right?

Go vegetarian

Animal Rights Activitst Detained In Sochi Protest
"One Russian animal rights activist was detained in Moscow on Saturday
after protesting against the nation's policy to exterminate stray dogs
in preparation for Sochi 2014."

Prince William goes hunting day before endangered wildlife plea

FBI confirms pet store arson suspect arrested without incident
"CROWN POINT, Ind., (KSNV -- The Chicago office of the
FBI has confirmed that a man wanted in the alleged arson of a puppy
boutique in southwest Las Vegas was apprehended without incident
Friday night in Crown Point, Ind."

Steve Nislick becomes advocate for more animal rights issues, not just
horse-drawn carriage ban
"Steve Nislick and his organization, New Yorkers for Clean, Livable
and Safe Streets (NYCLASS) is branching out to advocate on issues
ranging from installing sprinklers in pet stores to banning foie gras.
Nislick outlined the new pet causes in a letter to supporters in
January, which also include ending the use of animals in circuses and
protecting tenants' right to have pets."

Animal rights group slams Wayne State's dog research with I-75 billboard
"An animal-rights group paid for a billboard on I-75 in Detroit to
highlight its years of protests against the use of dogs in medical
experiments at Wayne State University."

Oregon Health & Science University defends primate center record, says
animal rights complaint unjustified oregon_health_science_universi_26.html

Neb. Sen. Chambers keeps focus on animal welfare
"LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- House pets, mountain lions and black-tailed
prairie dogs have found a powerful advocate in Nebraska state Sen.
Ernie Chambers."

Donkey Ball fundraiser in Brunswick faces protest donkey_ball_fundraiser_in_brun.html
"MEDINA, Ohio -- The routine task of raising enough money to fund an
after-prom party at Brunswick High School has become controversial
this year."

Divine Pig Festival held in New Taipei despite protests
"The Divine Pig Festival sponsored by Qingshui Zushi Temple in New
Taipei's Sanxia district opened on Feb. 5, attracting crowds numbering
in the tens of thousands despite cold and rainy weather to see the
annual competition to raise the largest pig, a tradition which has
been condemned as cruel by animal rights groups."

Campaign for giraffe facing death at Copenhagen zoo
[with video]

Did Marius The Giraffe Have To Die?

Duffy's Circus brands criticism of their use of sea lions as
"misleading and hurtful"

Woman who loved animals mauled to death by 2 dogs
"DAYTON - An Ohio woman known for her love of cats was found in front
of her home Friday fatally mauled by two neighborhood dogs."

Teatown plan to cull deer may proceed, judge rules
"A plan by Teatown Lake Reservation to help its forests by killing
some of its deer will proceed after a state judge denied a request by
neighbors to stop it."

Wyoming man pleads guilty to animal cruelty
"LARAMIE -- A 58-year-old Wyoming man has been fined $70 after his
malnourished dog froze to death."

Woman charged with animal cruelty for care of horses for the 4th time
[with video]
"Cohoctah Township, Mich (WXYZ) - Several horse rescue groups say
they're tired of repeatedly having to rescue animals from the same
woman's home.  Now that they have been called to her house again, they
are hoping she doesn't get them back."

BEING VEGAN - Why I Won't Be Watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi
"It has been reported that an estimated 7000 stray dogs have already
been eliminated in these days, weeks and months leading up to the

The Surprising Reason Chipotle Isn't Selling Sofritas Nationwide
"The company said last week that the new ingredient already accounts
for 3% of overall sales, despite being available at just 40% of its
restaurants nationwide."

A maven of raw food opens up COLUMNISTS05/302090016/A-maven-raw-food-opens-up

Plant chef's vegan ice cream hits national market
"The story is that one day last year the niece of Amy's Kitchen
co-founder Rachel Berliner stopped in for a meal at Plant on her
honeymoon and was so blown away by Sellers' coconut milk-based ice
cream that she convinced Amy's to market the dessert."

"Mention Nooch to your token vegan friend and I promise their eyes
will light up. We use it on just about everything."

How Red Meat Changes Your Gut Bacteria to Cause Heart Disease

Pass the Tofu Please

'Comfortably Yum': A Vegan Cookbook for the Comfort Food Lover

You can give leather the boot and still look stylish
"Former journalist Susannah Wright takes her first steps into footwear
design by creating romantic red shoes for Valentine's Day"

Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid

February 8, 2014

'Whitewash!' Twitter storm as animal rights report is slammed by campaigners
"ANIMAL rights campaigners have dismissed as a "whitewash" a new
Government report aimed at trying to cut the number of tests on mice,
cats, dogs and other species in vivisection laboratories."

Craze for pet monkeys alarms animal welfare campaigners
"Concern about the seriousness of the pet-monkey phenomena has
resulted in an inquiry by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Committee, whose findings were presented at the House of Parliament
this week."

USDA Considering New Zoo Regs at Request of PETA

Plan to kill sharks in Australia divides tourism, animal rights communities

Does Socialist Critique of Terrorism Apply to Animal Activists?

Animal rights groups blame Wildlife Dept for Kochi temple tusker's death

Phoenix College ending feral-cat program, to remove animals

Animal rights [and wrongs] : Police raid 'illegal' camel festival in
Dera Ghazi Khan
"MULTAN: Police on Thursday arrested three people during a raid on a
camel festival in Kot Chattha in the Dera Ghazi Khan district."

PETA member wants roadside memorial for chickens
"An animal rights advocate wants to place a roadside memorial in
Georgia to remember several chickens killed in a highway wreck."

UPDATE: Animal Cruelty Law
"Last week, in a special report, we told you about a bill that would
strengthen Mississippi's animal cruelty law.  It's a law that is
currently the second worst in the nation.  This week, the bill died in
committee.  Many of you turned to us looking for answers."

Animal rights advocates curb amended county dog ordinance
"SANTA ANA -- The Board of Supervisors this week did not pass an
ordinance revising the classification of aggressive dogs in several
Orange County cities, though it passed an initial reading in December.
It appeared animal rights activists who contested the amended
ordinance swayed the board."

The New Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Pyramid
"If you're following a vegetarian diet, it's important to understand
how to eat a well-balanced variety of foods in order to achieve
optimal health. Oldways, a nonprofit food and nutrition organization,
determined that it was time to update their 1997 version of the
Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Pyramid. This updated version combines both
vegetarian and vegan diets in one pyramid, because the diets are
pretty similar."

A Vegan Epicurean Bazaar
"A lifestyle choice more than anything else, Sejal Parikh of Hyderabad
Vegan Group (HVG) who is one of the organisers of the bazaar, says
that turning vegan is really quite an easy choice."

'Bible of vegan cooking' gets a makeover
"True story: As soon as Robin Robertson's Vegan Planet crossed my desk
in its new, revised edition from Harvard Commons Press, I knew I had
to post about it with one of those "old vs. new" shots of the two
books, given that my original copy from 10 years ago would clearly
make the point of how much its been used in my household."

Top 12 Excuses People Give for Not Eating Vegan...And My Responses

Vegan Junk Food Restaurant Foodswings Quietly Shutters vegan_junk_food_restaurant_foodswings_quietly_shutters.php

Vegan restaurant to debut in south Bethlehem Valentine's Day weekend,0,4793547.story

Top 10 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Northampton top_10_vegetarian_and_vegan_re.html
"People flock to Northampton for its vibrant restaurant scene each
week, and those who eat a plant-based diet are no exception."

February 7, 2014

After abuse at Idaho dairy, milk producers seek to stop animal rights
activists from filming 4f9cb215de9f4afb9119b23084cf2f54/ID-XGR--Dairy-Spying

Animal Group Points To Undercover PETA Circus Video, Boycotts Ringling Bros.
"Augusta, GA -
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will headline eight different shows
at the James Brown Arena this weekend, but the show will be met with
local animal rights opposition."

Peter Fricker: Celebrities, principles, and animals

Animal Rights Activists Praise Wendy's
"The Humane Society of the United States is praising Dublin-based
Wendy's for requiring quarterly progress reports from hog suppliers
who move away from the use of gestation stalls."

Ahmedabad's dog sterilization drive in doldrums again

Stop selling animals in local pet stores: Hamilton animals rights advocate

Meet The Silicon Valley-Backed Vegan Cheese That You Might Actually Eat
"Kite Hill makes artisanal cheeses that don't contain a drop of
dairy--but good enough that they don't want to be lumped in with the
other vegan products. Here's an inside look at the secrets of the
high-tech, ultra-precise process."

Girl Scout cookies arrive; many are vegan and gluten-free
"Semitrailers carrying 60,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies arrived at
the Ventura County Fairgrounds early Thursday morning. Thousands of
the cookies are vegan or gluten-free."

Annual Texas Veggie Fair Organizers Announce Record-Breaking
Attendance Numbers, 2014 Date in Dallas and Call for Partners - Vegan
Personality Fully Raw Kristina to Speak

Katie Couric's Talk Show Features Hampton Creek's Vegan Cookie Dough

US gov't targets Greens in new American witch hunt
"Can picketing outside a fur farm or boycotting a meat delicacy be
called terrorism? Perhaps surprisingly it can. Under a 2006 US federal
law, animal rights activists have been convicted of terrorism charges.
Now that law, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, is under fire.
Voice of Russia's Molly Seder talked to Lana Lehr, a psychotherapist
in the DC Metropolitan area, an animal rights activist and the founder
and managing director of the RabbitWise charity that monitors rabbit
welfare. She says that the law encroaches on her freedom of speech."

Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi

Manatee animal sanctuary, Napier's Log Cabin Horse and Animal
Sanctuary, under investigation for animal abuse
"Manatee County, Florida -- A multi-agency raid on an animal rescue
center in East Manatee County found hundreds of animals living in poor
conditions, according to Manatee sheriff's deputies."

Animal rights activists get the hump over Turkey's camel wrestling
"With recent attempts to "Europeanise" the Turkish Republic, animal
rights activists are starting to get the hump over the country's
ancient sport of camel wrestling."

Animal Group Points To Undercover PETA Circus Video, Boycotts Ringling Bros.
"Augusta, GA - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will headline eight
different shows at the James Brown Arena this weekend, but the show
will be met with local animal rights opposition."

Halal meat consumers urged to consider animal welfare _urged_to_consider_animal_welfare/
"The owners of one of the UK's first halal organic smallholdings are
calling on British Muslims to become more aware about where their meat
comes from."

Ghana To Host 42nd World Vegetarian Conference
"Under the auspices of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU), the
Vegetarian Association of Ghana (VegGhana) will host the 42nd World
Vegetarian Conference in Accra from October 1 to October 6, 2014."

Top five tips for going vegan

Beyoncé Knowles Is Incredibly Happy With The Results Of Her Vegan Diet

Chef to teach vegetarian cooking demo
"Sterling Heights Public Library patrons will soon learn that spinach,
broccoli and all of their nutritious friends can peacefully coexist
with the American dinner plate."

Animal-Safe Soap on the Rising Vegan Tide; Ocean Front Health Food
Store: Viva La Vegan in Santa Monica Introduces Unique, Organic Clay
Soaps for Sensitive Skin

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