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News Roundup, Feb 21-28, 2014

Feb 28, 2014

Humane Society: New bill protects animals' rights
"For more than a decade, animal welfare advocates have been working to
improve upon the current, weak protections for animals here in
Georgia. Last Monday, Feb. 24, with the passage of House Bill 863 (166
to 1), a critical first step was taken."

Bob Barker asks Idaho governor to veto bill to jail animal
abuse-filming activists 2f955eb0998e48059c95c24a6149d386/ID--Dairy-Spying-Bob-Barker
"BOISE, Idaho -- Veteran game-show host and animal activist Bob Barker
is asking Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter to veto a bill that jails people who
secretly film animal abuse at Idaho's agricultural facilities."

Barker fails to kill bear hunt
"TORONTO--TV personality and animal rights activist Bob Barker tried
but failed Tuesday to convince the Ontario government not to bring
back the spring bear hunt, which the province cancelled in 1999."

Zoos in Europe slaughter 5,000 healthy animals annually

SeaWorld Dolphin Bites Girl, Prompts PETA Probe Request

PETA sparks Tenn. bill prohibiting drones in lawful hunting areas

Judge dismisses suit aimed at blocking deer cull on eastern LI
"Opponents of a plan by the Long Island Farm Bureau to use federal
sharpshooters to thin the deer herd on eastern Long Island are licking
their wounds after a State Supreme Court judge dismissed a lawsuit to
block part of the hunt."

Animal rights group complains of mistreatment at Duke
[with video]
"DURHAM, N.C. - An animal rights group filed a complaint Wednesday
with the United States Department of Agriculture alleging animal
mistreatment at Duke University."

Lab staff at Venomtech in Canterbury accused of cruelty to animals by
campaigner Sara Hamilton

SeaWorld Questions Ethics of 'Blackfish' Investigator

Nonhuman Persons Are Real

Activists to set up Animal Party in time for EP vote
"TRADITIONAL political parties taking part in the European Parliament
elections next May will have one more opponent to overcome, as animal
lovers will be establishing a new party that aims at improving
conditions for all animals in Cyprus."

Dog Fighting: Anthony Boyd Arrested, 2nd Suspect In Louisiana Dog
Fighting Operation

"One of the country's biggest animal rights groups has joined the
fight to save the Sellafield deer."

Men prefer to date vegetarians, but women don't
"A survey on a dating site shows that veggie guys aren't as popular as
veggie women."

At vegan Loving Hut, a carnivore's search for inner peace
"Contrary to what some carnivores may think, vegans are not a militant
tribe of soy-gobbling killjoys, bent on ripping the meat straight from
our mouths, mid-bite."

Update on Best Vegan Cheesesteak in Philly 20140227_Update_on_Best_Vegan_Cheesesteak_in_Philly.html
"WITH 18 venues nominated and more than 200 votes cast so far, the
first round of the V for Veg Best Vegan Cheesesteak in Philly is

Souley Vegan crowdfunding to grow business
"OAKLAND -- Souley Vegan has launched a crowdfunding campaign to
expand its line of packaged vegan food to sell at markets throughout
the Bay Area."

Chipotle adds tofu (which tastes like chorizo) to menus across the US
"The meatless protein can now be added to make vegan and vegetarian
burritos, tacos, bowls and salads"

Vegan Restaurants are Taking Over America!

5 Things You Should Eat in Moderation on a Vegan Diet

Feb 27, 2014

Bill to Jail Abuse-filming Activists Passes House
[with video]
"BOISE * A bill banning unauthorized recordings on farms and dairies,
the so-called "ag-gag" measure, awaits the governor's signature after
clearing the Idaho House on Wednesday."

Animal welfare activists voice objections to proposed bills
"NASHVILLE -- A year after Gov. Bill Haslam vetoed a so-called "Ag gag"
bill, animal welfare activists say new legislative efforts pose an
even greater threat to their efforts toward protecting animals from
""This is worse than ag gag," said Leighann McCollum, state director
of the Humane Society of the United States."

Alleged Singapore military camp dog abuse sparks row
"Singapore's military has sparked an online storm after punishing a
whistle-blowing soldier for leaking video footage of a dog allegedly
being abused inside an army camp."

Powerful Documentary Focuses On Animal Rights
""The Ghosts in Our Machine" is a powerful 2013 feature documentary
about animal rights, made accessible through the photos and personal
journey of well-known international photographer Jo-Anne McArthur."

House panel shoots down animal euthanasia bill
"OKLAHOMA CITY -- A House panel has shot down a bill that would have
allowed animal owners in Oklahoma to euthanize their pets with a gun."

Md. Senate advances dog bite liability measure

Alberta likely to fall well short of target for capture of wild horses
"CALGARY -- Alberta is likely to fall well short of its goal to reduce
its wild horse population by almost 200 animals when permits expire at
the end of the week."

Bob Barker calls Ontario's bear hunt pilot project 'barbaric'
"TORONTO - The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is urging the
public to make sure "big city animal rights extremists" don't derail
the province's spring bear hunt."

The Politics of Large Fowl
"Gail Collins: David, here in New York we've been having a crisis over
swans. Can we talk about that today? I don't think we've ever
discussed large fowl before."

Harrisburg man ordered to trial in dogfighting case harrisburg_man_ordered_to_tria_1.html
"A Harrisburg man was ordered Tuesday to be tried in Dauphin County
Court on charges of illegal dogfighting."

Blind pooch pulled from poop at sewage treatment plant

Former rodeo organizer objects to proposed 'steer tripping' event in Las Vegas
"A prominent former rodeo organizer is blowing the whistle on a
proposed steer roping -- or "steer tripping" -- event that is
potentially scheduled at Orleans Arena when the National Finals Rodeo
comes to Las Vegas in December, describing steer tripping as "awful.""

Vallone Among Nation's 'Top Ten Animal Defenders'
"Former Councilmember and longtime animal rights advocate Peter F.
Vallone Jr. has been named one of the nation's Top 10 Animal Defenders
by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)."

My Primrose Hill: Meg Mathews says the suffering of 'designer dogs' must end says_the_suffering_of_designer_dogs_must_end_1_3343080

The New and Improved Vegetarian and Vegan Food Pyramid
"Many new vegans flock to PETA's Accidentally Vegan Food List (which
may or may not be entirely vegan -- it depends on your personal
definition of vegan) and rejoice! Per PETA's list, Mambas, Oreos and
Jujubes are vegan fair game."

Try vegan food and help animals
[with video]
"There's a great event coming up in Mobile in support of an
organization dedicated to animals! Tracy Glover from the Pure Vegan
tells Cherish Lombard she's hosting a Pop-Up Restaurant so people who
haven't had a chance to try vegan food will have the chance to. The
Pure Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant will be Saturday, March 8th at 6:30pm at
The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer."

Vegan Pittsburgh Wants To Help You Find Your Next Meal
"Vegan Pittsburgh is a project of Voices for Animals that is making it
easier for people looking for vegan food to connect with options by
way of a website and decals in restaurant windows."

Where To Find Free Vegan Food This Thursday

Event Alert: The Vegan Chili Cook-Off is This Sunday!

Awards for Triangle restaurateurs, Bull City Vegan Challenge and
Fortnight Brewing Company
"Two days remain in the Bull City Vegan Challenge, and I'm slowly
gnawing my way through the menu items of eight local restaurants. On a
warm afternoon, I grabbed an outside table at Hummingbird Bakery and
dug into two corn tacos stuffed with baked housemade tofu and spicy
Asian slaw. Creamier than its store-bought counterpart, the tofu
contained a kick, thanks to the peppers and ginger in the slaw."

Natural Foodie: Vegetarian offerings at Maine Restaurant Week Vegetarian_offerings_at_Maine_Restaurant_Week_.html
"Those of us of vegan and gluten-free persuasions also can join in the
March 1-10 observance as more and more restaurants acknowledge
alternative diets."

New York Vegans Have a New Reason to Go to Chipotle

How to Make Vegan Scrapple (Well, Something Sort of Like Scrapple, Anyway)


Feb 26, 2014

Demonstrators Pack Capitol Steps to Protest 'Ag-Gag' Bill demonstrators-pack-capitol-steps-to-protest-ag-gag-bill
"About 60 demonstrators massed at the Capitol steps this afternoon to
voice their disagreement with Senate Bill 1337, which would
criminalize whistle-blowing against animal abuses at Idaho dairies and

Cigarette maker Lorillard bans animal testing
"RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Cigarette maker Lorillard Inc. has banned animal
testing following discussions with an animal rights group that has
raised concerns over industry studies in which animals were forced to
inhale cigarette smoke, eat tobacco and have cigarette tar painted on
their skin."

Tnuva spared animal-cruelty charges in meat-plant case
"Four workers at Beit She'an slaughterhouse face charges following
television expose, but vets and mangers are off the hook."

Animal rights laws up for vote in the General Assembly
"The lawmaking continues today. Animal welfare, consumer protection,
and the unbreakable bond between people and pets are the motivations
behind some bills introduced in Virginia's General Assembly this

Animal rights activist Rod Coronado to speak Wednesday in Buffalo animal-rights-activist-rod-coronado-to-speak-wednesday-in-buffalo-20140224

Activist 'blackmailed animal lab clients'
"Debbie Vincent, 52, is accused of conspiring to blackmail Huntingdon
Life Sciences over a 10-year period with members of the Stop
Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) group."

Gamekeepers want tail docking ban overturned for working dogs
"A petition calling on the Scottish government to reverse a ban on
tail docking for working dogs is due to be submitted at Holyrood

Cat's front legs replaced with toy car after attack
"A seven-month-old kitten who was found three days after her front
legs had been cut off and was left to die by a road in the city of
Osmaniye in southern Turkey has been saved after a surgical operation
and a toy car is now serving as the cat's front legs, helping the cat
to move around until replacement legs are made."

Newfoundland and Labrador funds campaign to promote seal industry

Ont rejects Barker call on spring bear hunt

5 arrested in connection with Alberta's horse cull

Advocates push Ky. lawmakers to pass animal rights legislation
[with video]
"One of those bills would make dog fighting a felony. Another piece of
legislation would require owners found guilty of animal cruelty to
forfeit their animals, and prohibit them from owning animals of the
same species for at least two years."

Oklahoma lawmaker wants to legalize 'destroying' pets with firearms
"Rep. Steve Martin, R- Bartlesville, has introduced a bill in the
Oklahoma House with changes to animal cruelty statues that would allow
a resident to "dispose" of an animal he or she owns by shooting it to

PETA to Kennesaw State: Stop Using Live Owl as Mascot
"The animal advocacy group PETA wants Kennesaw State to stop using a
live owl as a mascot. Kennesaw State officials say the bird is a
source of education for kids and adults."

Pet store owner asserts her innocence in court hearing
"A woman accused of setting fire to her Las Vegas pet shop and
endangering 27 puppies left inside it pleaded not guilty today to the
31 charges she faces in Clark County District Court."

The Chicago Diner brings vegetarian classics to a meat-loving city
"CHICAGO -- Mickey Hornick likes to joke that he and his wife, chef Jo
Kaucher, opened a vegetarian restaurant in meat-loving Chicago because
he needed someplace to eat. For the past three decades, the Chicago
Diner has stood as a haven for the city's vegetarians, serving
traditional diner fare re-imagined as vegetarian and vegan. "It's an
icon," Kaucher says. "Mickey and I are still kinda surprised.""

The great vegetarian debate

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure: Scientists Advise Going Vegetarian

'Straight From the Earth' offers irresistible vegan recipes for
everyone: Cookbook review straight_from_the_earth_offers.html

Professional Vegan Arm Wrestler Proves Plant-Based Diet Can Equal Strength

5 Clean Superfoods for the Vegan Bodybuilder

Ten Tips for Clean Eating On the Go From Vegan Chef and Author Alina Z clean_eating_travel_tips_from.php

Vegetarian must eat variety of foods to sustain nutrition
"Every day, students are faced with food choices that prompt them to
question what is going to give them energy, what types of foods are
going to be good for their health and, simply, what food will taste
good. However, some students are amping up their simple food choices
to a higher level by almost completely altering their eating habits in
cutting meat out of their regular diets."

Feb 25, 2014

HLS animal rights blackmail: Woman denies Shac plot
"A woman has gone on trial accused of being part of a blackmail plot
against customers of an animal testing company.
"Debbie Vincent, of Croydon, is accused of conspiring with members of
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) to target Huntingdon Life
Sciences (HLS)."

Cigarette maker Lorillard bans animal testing after talks with animal
rights group
"RICHMOND, Va. -- The nation's third-biggest tobacco company says it's
banning animal testing following discussions with an animal rights

Animals remain 'objects' for France's Hollande
"French President Fran├žois Hollande has ruled out changing the legal
status of farm animals, following calls by a group of prominent French
intellectuals who want them recognised by law as "sentient beings"."

NYC Stables in Developer Crosshairs as Carriage Ban Looms

Performance monkeys in Pakistan

Mexico's Saying Adios to Circus Animals: Why Won't the U.S. Do the Same?

What SeaWorld and 'Blackfish' Documentary Mean for San Diego

San Diego City Council to consider closing Children's Pool during pupping season

Longleat lions welfare criticisms bring new chief executive to safari park

Mercy For Animals Investigator Speaks Out Against Ag-Gag Bill
(Contains Graphic Video)

Vegetarian diet may lower your blood pressure
"Nearly a third of American adults have high blood pressure, also
known as hypertension. Often called the "silent killer" because it
provides few warning signs, hypertension increases a patient's risk
for heart attack and stroke.
"New research suggests eating a vegetarian diet could help combat this
deadly disease."

7 Reasons Vegetarians Live Longer
"Now there's another health perk vegetarians can boast about. A new
study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine looked at data
from seven clinical studies and 32 other studies published between
1900 and 2013 where participants kept a vegetarian diet and found that
vegetarians have lower blood pressure compared to people who eat

San Jose vegan beauty company 100% Pure bets on retail expansion

Vegetarian dog points kids to healthy eating
"NEW MILFORD -- The idea behind the "Wow Card" is to begin children in
the habit of eating healthy."

Wolfgang Puck Prepares 2014 Vegan Oscar Menu Option

Celebrate Plant-Based Eating at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival nyc_vegetarian_food_festival_2014.php

Can my pet survive on a vegetarian diet?

Cauliflower 'chicken' wings? A food controversy erupts at Syracuse Winterfest veggie_wings_a_judging_controv.html
"SYRACUSE, NY -- Do you believe the first rule for a chicken wing is
that it should be made from chicken?"

'Dairy' of a born-again vegan

What Healthy Vegan Kids Eat

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About the Vegan Diet

Louise Redknapp and PETA Announce Vegan Fashion Award Winners

Becoming a Healthier and Savvy Vegetarian Is Achieved with The
Strategic Vegetarian's Beginner's Guide 30 Day Course
"London, UK (PRWEB) February 24, 2014 Over the past couple of decades
many people have tried to find the perfect solution for instant
health, weight loss, the prevention of disease and eternal youth.
However, these methods usually do not last as their effects are only
temporal, but there is one tried and tested method that society is now
embracing more than ever which is vegetarianism."

Feb 24, 2104

Japanese whaling ship attacked us, says Sea Shepherd
"Japanese whalers trailing steel cables are said to have launched
another attack on a Sea Shepherd vessel, forcing it away from the
factory ship Nisshin Maru in the Antarctic."
Whaling fleet protecting itself: spokesman
"Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research denies attacking a Sea
Shepherd protest boat while whaling, saying its fleet was taking
defensive measures."
Sea Shepherd Ambushed In Night Attack
"Monday February 24, 2014 - Melbourne, Australia -- At approximately
1936 AEDT yesterday, the Japanese whaling fleet launched an unprovoked
six-hour night attack on the Sea Shepherd conservation ship, The Bob
Barker. The harpoon ships, Yushin Maru and Yushin Maru No. 3, crossed
the bow of The Bob Barker a total of thirty-three times at close range
during the assault, dragging 250-metre and 150-metre steel cable,
respectively, across the bow of The Bob Barker in an attempt to
disable the conservation ship's propellers and rudders."

'Ag gag' bill probably wins battle, but not war
"Backers of the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation anti-videoing
legislation -- "ag-gag" -- have already lost the war, even if the
legislation passes. Especially if it passes."

Protestors target circus over use of animals in performances
"Animal Rights and Rescue representative Barbara Steffenson said in
Australia only the Stardust and Lennon Brothers circuses (which are
owned by the same family) continue to use exotic animal acts."

Zulu Leaders Sacrifice Ceremonial Furs to Protect Leopards
"The wearing of fur is not always a frivolous vanity. For members of
the Shembe church (officially known as the Nazareth Baptist church) in
South Africa leopard skins are a symbol of pride and royalty, an
essential element of religious ritual. If there were ever a reason to
continue wearing fur, one could argue that members of this religion,
which was founded a century ago in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal region
and has roots in Christianity and Zulu customs, might have one.
Instead, Shembe believers have agreed to phase out the wearing of real
leopard skins in an effort to protect these endangered big cats."

Must Love Pit Bulls: Animal Rescue Creates Adorable Personal Ads For
Dogs Who Need A Family
"A North Carolina shelter is putting out human-style personals ads for
its pit bull-type dogs -- which make up "over 24 percent of dogs
entering shelters in our community," says Darci VanderSlik,
spokesperson for the SPCA of Wake County."

Den-to-den black bear census has its dangers
"HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) -- Black bear No. 8141 doesn't know it yet, but
she's about to get shot in her fat rump."

UGC wakes up to animal rights, clamps down on dissectionS 2014022320140223100903125a482da3d/UGC-wakes-up-to-animal-rights-clamps-down-on-dissectionS-.html
"It has suddenly dawned on the University Grants Commission (UGC) that
academic science labs across the country may have been violating the
Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 and the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals Act 1960. On February 20, it has issued a notice to all
universities and colleges under it to desist from dissections as much
as possible, deploying advancement in technology to find alternatives
to the cruel process."

Police: Meatballs left for dogs may be poisonous
"SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco police say they have found dozens of
meatballs suspected to be poisonous in a Twin Peaks neighborhood where
a similar incident happened last year."

Russia works on its stray-dog problem at Sochi Olympics,0,501363.story#axzz2uCY2thRE
"Many dogs face an uncertain future, but the world is watching after
some were rounded up and euthanized before the Games."

Animals take over city streets as authorities wink
"Jamshedpur : Surprising though it may sound to many, stray animals
enjoy many of the rights of their human counterparts in the steel city
(such as voting rights) as they go about virtually ruling the streets
in the absence of a mechanism to keep them at their right places."

BEING VEGAN - Occupy This Book- Mickey Z-vegan on Activism
""What if I told you that I knew a way you could oppose unspeakable
animal cruelty, stand up for exploited human workers, help address a
human health holocaust, work to reduce the profits and control of the
1%, surrender the hierarchical privilege of species, and do your part
to defend the ecosystem before it's too late?"  - An excerpt
fromOccupy This Book, by Mickey Z-vegan"

Young Vegan Activist To Celebrate Bar Mitzvah At Westwood Veggie Grill
"Twelve-year-old Jaden Elkins has followed a vegan diet for the past
seven years and been a vegetarian his entire life. He has inspired
many friends to eat more plant-based foods and to at least think about
how their food got to their plate."

Starbucks Settles With Vegan Eatery Over 'Evolution' Mark

Vegan Low Carb Diet Good for the Heart
"(dailyRx News) Low carbohydrate diets can reduce weight while diets
rich in vegetable protein and oils improve heart health. Combining
both diets might also combine the benefits."

Tell10 Call: What do vegetarian zombies eat?

Toni On! New York: Vegan Eats In NYC
[with videos]

Busting 10 Myths About Vegetarian Diets

3 Keys to Creating Healthy Vegan Meals

Feb 23, 2014

Japan takes baby steps toward a proper debate about animal rights

One report finds no evidence of animal abuse by GRU
[with video]
"Augusta, GA (WRDW)- Undercover video of GRU research lab animals
sparked controversy when the U.S. Humane Society alleged it showed
violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Today the U.S. Office of
Laboratory Animal Welfare says it found no evidence to support the
Humane Society's claims. One protestor isn't buying it."

VIDEO: The real price of a fur coat - foxes kept in filthy cages for
seven months before being skinned
[with video]
"With its noble face and thick glossy fur, this Arctic fox may look
appealing. But a glance inside its tiny wire cage reveals it is lying
in its own filth."

The Heavy Lifting To Save Ivory Coast's Endangered Elephants

PETA president encourages people to fight for animal rights during
talk at Del Mar Country Club
"Animals have a voice, but some people don't listen. That's why animal
activists need to use their voice, said Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder and
president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals during "The
Naked Truth: An Animal Rights Radical at Large" event Feb. 6 at the
Del Mar Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe."

'Squirrel Slam' underway in Holley
"The annual hunting contest that has drawn criticism from animal
rights activists is underway on Saturday.
"Hunters are out in Holley to take part in the 8th annual Squirrel
Slam. The Squirrel Slam is a hunting contest that awards prizes for
hunters who bring in the heaviest squirrels."

"The state Department of Environmental Conservation's plan to kill all
2,200 wild mute swans in New York by 2025 - including potentially
shooting, gassing, or decapitating them - is drawing vehement
criticism from state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) and animal rights
advocates, and the Queens lawmaker has introduced a bill to prevent
the eradication of these white water birds."

Missouri Republicans See 'Right To Farm' Ballot Proposal As Aid To GOP Turnout
"Backers say the amendment, if passed, would block any further efforts
by the national Humane Society and other animal-rights groups to win
voter approval of provisions that some farmers view as restricting
their rights."

Turkey to introduce prison sentences for cruelty to animals

Should Animal Rights Trump Religious Freedom? Denmark Says Yes

Fosse Park horses: Protestors want better protection as animals moved
from waterlogged field

Animal Cruelty Leads To Pet Ban For 2 In Virginia

Dog Fighting: Antonio Boyd, 35, Sought By Louisiana Cops; 47 Pit Bulls
Rescued In St. Martin Parish Raid

PETA To Protest Arizona Renaissance Fair
"Protestors from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will
be at the Arizona renaissance fair today (Saturday) from 12-2pm to
protest about the fair's elephant ride."

Cat Suffers Horrendous Death After Cooked In Microwave By Female Owner


Feb 21, 2014

Animals Rights Group Releases New Dairy Footage
[with video]
"BOISE * An animal rights group has released footage of an Idaho dairy
worker touching a cow's vagina, in response to Idaho's proposed bill
seeking to ban undercover filming at farms and dairies."

Industry Drops Egg Bill -- HFA Warns Battle Will Continue
"HSUS on record as accepting modified battery cages as an industry
standard -- even in "cage-free" California"

Law to protect pets moves to the House
[with video]
"NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - is staying on top of the latest
developments of a bill to protect puppies and their new owners that is
making its way through the General Assembly.
"Bailey's Law would require pet stores to make it clear where they're
getting animals from and pay up if something goes wrong.
spoke to animal rights activists singing its praises."

Turkey to fine animal rights abusers
"Turkey's Ministry of Forestry and Water Works has set penalty fines
for animal cruelty offences."

Animal activists in Cirencester angry badger setts in Pinbury Park
found to be illegally filled in 11020390.Animal_activists_in_Cirencester_angry_after_badger_ setts_in_Pinbury_Park_found_to_be_illegally_filled_in/

Elephant 'bullhook' guide is safe and widely accepted, says Ringling
Bros. director of animal stewardship
"Ringling Bros. and Barney & Bailey Circus is under fire by
animal-rights group, who will be protesting the circus at Barclays
Center Thursday."

BBC accused of using dolphin from 'cruel' marine park for Spy in the Pod
"THE BBC has been accused by animal rights campaigners of
collaborating with a marine park that treats dolphins "cruelly" to
make their Spy in the Pod documentary."

Defense alleges 'overreach' in dog starvation case
"The new defense attorney for a man accused of starving a dog named
Lainey to death in Camden last year has said the felony charge against
him is too severe."

Benicia ex-rocker joins campaign to protect animals
"As operator of his own All State Insurance branch in Vallejo, Sikes
wasn't thrilled viewing videos of the mayhem that Yoplait's 6 ounce
containers wielded against skunks, raccoons, possums, squirrels and
other wild life."

Contest: Who's got the best vegan cheesesteak in town 20140220_Contest__Who_s_got_the_best_ vegan_cheesesteak_in_town_.html

Vegetarian critical of meat federal meat inspection regimen [Letter],0,3566552.story

Students petition for a new vegetarian co-op

UK's campus needs more vegetarian options

Confessions of a local vegetarian group
"As part of the new 'Foodie Tuesdays' series at Grand Orme
Co-operative, Veg promotes healthy eating, exposes Canada's meat

Vegetarian recipes meat-eaters will love

Will a vegan raw food diet make us healthier or miserable?
"We investigate the raw food diet that bans all hot meals and
processed junk. Could you hack it?"

Who says a pure vegetarian cannot get six-pack abs?

Vegan Protein Powders: Do You Really Need Them?

Robin Robertson's 'vegan cooking bible' gets a timely update: Going Vegan robin_robertsons_vegan_cooking.html

Favorite spots in Boulder for vegan dishes at_exceptional_restaurants_aro.php

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