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News Roundup, December 2014

Dec 31

Members of Congress request investigation into U.S. monkey lab
"Four members of Congress have asked the National Institutes of Health
(NIH) to investigate psychological experiments on monkeys being
carried out at an NIH lab in Poolesville, Maryland."

Roadkill to replace live possum at New Year's Eve Possum Drop

3 NYC fur sellers charged with dousing protesters with bleach

Enoch man faces sentencing for animal cruelty

Too Much Animal Testing in Europe, Regulator Says

Female Bullfighter Gored Twice While Attempting To Kill Animal (Video)
"Bullfighter Karla de los Angeles wasgored twice by the same bull at
an event in Mexico City on Sunday, according to reports."

Dog rape suspect controversially freed by animal-abasing judge

Rodeo to go ahead despite animal rights concerns
"Anti-rodeo protestor Lynn Charlton has been pushing for the Auckland
Council to pass a bylaw banning rodeos outright, but it hasn't gained
traction in time to stop tomorrow's event."

VegNews Names Esther the Wonder Pig as Person of the Year; Award Given
to a Non-Human for the First Time Ever vegnews_names_esther_the_wonder_pig_as_person_of_the_year_ first_time_ever_award_has_gone_to_an_anima.php

The Top-Secret Food That Will Change the Way You Eat

My child is a vegan too
"When Ms Tan Shel Lin found out she was pregnant in 2009, she decided
to go on a vegan diet and raise her son, Maitri, as a vegan too."

5 celebrities who were vegan and vegetarian during pregnancy

Food News: Vegans, paleo, and Palomar
"The vegan tidal wave has bubbled into Israeli army bases."
"Israeli members of the booming paleo movement ... researchers at the
University of Georgia in the US ... say there is no evidence the
modern paleo diet bears any resemblance to what our forebears ate, and
even if it did, the health benefits are questionable at best."

Pinch of Pigment: Can Black Paint be Vegan?

'Sexy lettuce ladies' brave cold with vegan hot cocoa

Designer/vegan Cornelia Guest launches cruelty-free jacket collection
"Designer Cornelia Guest shares her passion for animal-free products
through several fashion and food-related endeavors."

Dec 30

VIDEO: Fur Vendors Throw Bleach on Protesters and Splash Child, Police Say

Cockfighting operation busted in Sullivan County

Possums once again absent from New Year's Eve event
"BRASSTOWN, N.C. -- For the second straight year, the annual Possum
Drop to ring in the new year in western North Carolina won't feature a
live possum."

Once a Year, This Town Becomes the Rattlesnake Capital of the Country photographs_the_sweetwater_rattlesnake_round_up.html
"But animal rights groups have criticized the killings the event
condones, and environmentalists object to "gassing," the hunting
practice of pumping gas fumes in snake habitats to draw them out into
the open."

Documentary shows dogs hitting the road as sidecar buddies
""Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs," a documentary
that was largely funded by an online crowdfunding campaign and gives a
quarter of its proceeds to shelters and rescues. The movie is also
available for free to any animal welfare agency wanting to screen it
as a fundraiser."

Nevada coyote-killing contest raises activists' fur

2 arrested at British Virgin Islands dolphin park

Hippo Death Raises Weighty Questions About Taiwan's Private Zoos

Zlatan Ibrahimovic angers animal rights groups after shooting moose
"Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been criticised by animal rights groups in
Sweden after reportedly shooting a moose during a hunting trip."

Hippo killed in Italy after circus bid for freedom

Spaniards call for law against bestiality

Mazor Farm Monkeys to Finally Go Free

Price Of Eggs Is Going Up: Animal Rights Activists Abolish Cramped
Chicken Cages, Cause Egg Price Increase
"California is making more room for less chickens. Over the last six
months, San Diego County has reduced its amount of egg-laying hens by
half, in order to give each hen more living space. A simple supply and
demand can predict the price of eggs will likely go up if there are
less chickens to produce them."

Meatless Monday: Ready to Start

Go vegan this January, campaign urges

Resolve to observe Meatless Mondays

A sister and brother dream of making the perfect vegan Spam

Arizona Gets First Vegetarian Food Festival

Arty Water Company Announces Partnership with "The Vegan Roadie" to
Expand Into Vegan and Natural Food Markets

Dec 29

Landmark Irish court bid to free 'non-human person' apes

The Go-Go's star Belinda Carlisle to drive rickshaw in India for charity
"The charity helps to "train and employ vulnerable youth and women as
veterinary technicians, dog handlers and animal caregivers" in India."

Animal Crime: Monkeys trained to steal
[Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals]

Animal-free circus meets ice arena animalfree_circus_meets_ice_arena#.VKAsXsAQ
"When Maltese parliamentarians approved a bill in parliament banning
animal circuses from the island, long-time circus organiser Johann
Said was one of the few vociferous opponents of the law."

Pet advocates hold candlelight vigil to make San Antonio a 'no kill' city

Bill would require greyhound injuries to be reported to state

Leader of African Hebrew Israelites passes away at age 75,7340,L-4608650,00.html
"The members of the community have a unique vegan lifestyle and fast
every Saturday. The community sustains itself with vegan restaurants
located in Tel Aviv and Dimona, where they now call home."

Army to begin serving vegan food in mess halls
"IDF will offer alternatives to soldiers who opt for an animal-free
diet and for leather-free boots and berets"

Dec 28

Farmers to EPA: Don't tell activists where we are

Shelter offers reward for info on 3 dogs fatally hit by train

Coyote hunt draws controversy

Egyptian Author Facing Trial For Criticizing Muslim Animal Slaughter On Facebook

Vets to treat injured hippo at different location
"TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A well-known hippopotamus who lives at Taichung's
Sky-Zoo (天馬生態園區) was injured on Friday after it escaped in Miaoli
County and rammed itself into a parked car, scaring spectators."

Adviser on wild bird law revision had conviction for ‘callers'
"One of the first tasks the consultant to the Animal Rights
Parliamentary Secretary took on was to advise on the revision of a law
under which he was convicted four years earlier. Albert Pace, a former
Labour MP and a licensed trapper and hunter, advised Animal Rights
Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes on revisions to the
conservation of wild birds regulations."

ACT animal welfare groups reject NSW native pets proposal

Japanese vegetarians campaign for Tokyo's 50,000 restaurants to offer
meat free dishes
"Over the past decade there has been a rise in popularity in
vegetarian and vegan food in Japan alongside a boom in macrobiotic
food, which has led to the opening of about 500 vegetarian and
macrobiotic (which serve meat but have many vegetarian options) cafés
and restaurants, according to Tokyo Smile Veggies. The macrobiotic
trend started not long after Madonna appeared on the Japanese show
Smap Smap in 2006 hailing her macrobiotic diet, according to the owner
of one restaurant."

Dec 27

Euthanasia at Albuquerque shelter drops in 2014

Baby gorilla Kamina is leaving Cincinnati Zoo

Livestock see massive casualties in Upper Midwest farm fires
"Fires roaring through Minnesota farms this year have left a trail of
charred barns and more than 25,000 animal carcasses."

Animals' Writ of Habeas Corpus: Autonomy, Self Determination, and Chimpanzees
[audio; Steven M. Wise]

Should our leaders make an animal NHS their pet project?
"How about, I thought, a National Health Service for Animals (NHSA)?"

Delhi gang rape two years on: Shocking levels of animal abuse show
India has failed to change

Animal rights: Survey of privately-kept exotic animals sought
"High Court on Friday the city district government to conduct a survey
of wild animals being kept at farmhouses in the city"

Animal rights group to push for 'barbaric' fox hunting to be outlawed
"It's outlawed in the UK. We've got no reason for it to continue in
this country, considering how cruel and barbaric it tends to be."

There Is Nothing Pretentious About Being a Vegan

New owner and menu coming to Jazzy Veggie in downtown Ann Arbor

DF Mavens Now Serving Dairy-Free Ice Cream in the East Village

Dec 26

Dog willed to die begins journey to Utah no-kill shelter

Feral cats catch a break in Barnegat

Paws by Claus: Santa delivers for animal shelter
"MADISON, N.J. (AP) - Santa Claus is going to work for an animal
shelter in northern New Jersey."

Bear loose in suburban Phoenix is finally wrangled

A fortunate foreclosure for farm animals: Animals in the News a_fortunate_foreclosure_for_fa.html
"The house will be used for meetings and classes in farm-animal care
and vegan cooking."

Vegan soldiers force change in IDF menu
"As a result of an October protest by vegan soldiers who said the army
menu didn't suit their diet - which eschews not only meat and fish but
dairy products as well - the Israel Defense Forces has announced that
it will add to it new dishes based on soybeans and legumes, for
example lentil patties."

Vegan Diets Gaining in Popularity

Dec 25

In war on coyotes, some argue for learning to live with them

Carcasses of 3 missing dogs found in Hastings

Rock Creek Park deer meat helps feed the homeless and hungry
"Two years ago, an animal rights group and several local residents
sued the Interior Department in federal court in Washington. The court
ruled in the government's favor in March 2013, but the activists are
appealing, according to Anzelmo-Sarles."

Council passes Crowley's animal rights legislation animalrights_tl_2014_12_26_q.html

Merle Hay Mall animals moving permanently this weekend
"The animals held at the "mall zoo" in Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines
will permanently move to new locations this weekend, after a court
denied an emergency injunction by Pella Wildlife Company."

Costa Rica's capital is ready for holiday celebrations
"Unlike Spain's bullfights, in Tico-style bullfighting the bull is not
killed. However, animal rights activists still oppose the events."

Zimbabwe to export elephants in population curb
"...buyers from the United Arab Emirates want 15 elephants, China 27
and France between 15 and 20.
"But a local animal rights group claimed that elephant calves dragged
from their mothers were being sent squashed in containers to Maputo
for export to China."

Why Having a Happy Vegan Holiday Matters

"The Food Empowerment Project (FEP), a vegan food justice
organization, has been prodding Clif Bar for years to disclose where
it sources the cocoa used in its products. Many cocoa farms in Western
Africa use exploitive child labor, and Clif Bar's supposed commitment
to social responsibility yet lack of corporate transparency was a hot

Dec 24

Horse-drawn carriage ride drawn into ethical debate
"Unlike New York City, where carriage rides through Central Park are
commonplace year-round, or other cities, such as Philadelphia,
Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati and Boston, where carriages line up
downtown to offer Christmas tours, Pittsburgh hasn't warmed to the

Animal Rights Campaigners Get Little Traction At Hialeah Pig
Slaughterhouse Protest

Protesting the Cruelest Show On Earth

PETA launches Jesus People for Animals initiative
"A photo of a pig, with its snout pushed through the bars of a metal
cage, pleads: "I don't want to be your holiday meal. Celebrate Christ,
Not Cruelty.""

State launches investigation into PETA dog theft

Rep. Moran lauded for animal-protection efforts

The latest wedding accessory: exotic animals
[comments at link]

"Steven Wise, president of the Nonhuman Rights Project, says they need
to know more about what this ruling means. "It's not clear to us what
happened," Wise said in an interview with Fast Company. "We think that
something occurred, we just don't know what.""

EU chemicals regulator scolded over animal testing

Canadian Convicted in Body Parts Case
"Three years later, Mr. Magnotta was identified by animal rights
activists and later by the police as the source of several ghoulish
videos in which a man is seen killing kittens by various means. In one
of them, he wears a Santa Claus hat."

Tony Benn honoured by Peta for animal rights record
"Former Labour minister Tony Benn, who died in March, aged 88, has
been named Person of the Year by animal rights charity Peta UK."

Circus busted for disguising dogs as panda bears
"An Italian circus has been busted for trying to pass two chow chow
dogs off as panda bears."

Don't have to be animal lover to support PETA: Kajal Aggarwal

One loner and 27 dogs: A love of animals gone horribly wrong

Brigitte Bardot asks EU to ban French favourite foie gras

A Holiday Chain Restaurant Survival Guide for Vegans a_holiday_chain_restaurant_survival_guide_for_vegans.php

Life Lessons: 'Vegan-ish' holiday foods

Motobar revs its vegan engine, but peters out short of the finish line

Author wants to help make a healthful change
"Vegan Vitality," by Karina Inkster

Dec 23

Animal activists deny claims bear paw placed in Vernon yard is a publicity stunt placed_in_womans_yard_is_a_publicity_stunt.html

Starbucks Vows to Protect Animal Welfare Rights
"Starbucks has just announced a comprehensive new animal welfare
policy banning a breadth of inhumane farming practices, including
caging of hens, confinement of pigs in crates, as well as castration
and tail-docking practices without pain relief."

Massillon Washington High School's live tiger mascot to stay, boosters
say, despite growing criticism petition_grows_to_end_massillo.html

Animal cruelty charges dismissed in Green Acre dog boarding deaths

Bond set for Hixson man accused of hoarding more than 50 dogs, cats and a goat

Memphis man arrested after allegedly throwing puppy during domestic dispute

Texas lab faces fines, closure after 13 monkeys die from overheating

Israeli buys 1,300 monkeys, saving them from harsh fate,7340,L-4606975,00.html

When You Find Out What These Gloves Are Made of, You Won't Be Able to
Look Your Pet in the Eye
"Did that accessory come from the skin of a family pet in China?"

'Someone has to be punished for the cruelty these creatures suffer'

5 Vegan Holiday Survival Tips To Get You Through Christmas Meat-Free

Montreal's Aux Vivres Will Have Vegan Brunches Every Day Of The Holidays

Where to Find NYC's Best Gluten Free and Vegan Bakeries for Your
Holiday Party Needs

Vegan Chef Shares Secrets To Successful Holiday Feast, Recipes Included

Dec 22

As footage emerges of sheep being violently mistreated, is there
hidden cruelty behind your winter woolly?

Could this landmark animal rights ruling spell the end of zoos?
"A court in Argentina has ruled that a 29-year-old Sumatran orangutan
called Sandra - who has been in captivity in a Buenos Aires zoo for 20
years - is a "nonhuman person" and entitled to more freedom after an
animal rights group filed a writ demanding her release."

Cops break into VK flat, find 26 starving dogs inside

Animal rights activists get community service for stealing six dogs

Man facing three years for killing dog amid animal-rights protests,Man-facing-three-years-for-killing-dog-amid-animalrights-protests
"The 28-year-old faces up to three years in gaol, Polish Radio
reports. He has no education, profession or permanent address."

Can SeaWorld Really Send Our Killer Whales to China? Will They?

Judge returns Great Lakes wolves to endangered species list

Animal rights advocate says black bear paw was put in yard of her home _severed_bear_paw_on_front_lawn.html
"Cathy McCartney, who has been a member of the Bear Education And
Resource (BEAR) Group for the last 14 years, said she contacted Vernon
Police on Friday afternoon after her dog walker made the gruesome

Kentucky now home to a new breed of cat
"The DNA of that 125-pound male is being analyzed by scientists to
determine if it came from the wild or if it had been bred and raised
in captivity, either in a zoo or by a private collector of exotic

Veganuary is coming! Four tips for going vegan in 2015
"Matthew Glover and Jane Land, the UK-based duo behind the Veganuary
movement, offer suggestions and advice to help ease the transition for
carnivores who want to take part in the 31-day challenge."

Toddler dies from malnutrition caused by radical Christian parents'
faith-based vegan diet
"A couple in Calgary, Canada are facing charges after their 14-month
old son died from a treatable infection in November, 2013."

'A vegan diet won't help cure cancer': Doctors warn against 'bogus'
medical claims
"A group of Irish nutrition and cancer organisations hit back at what
they claim have been a "number of inaccurate articles and commentary"
recently about diet and its role in beating the disease."

A 100-Year-Old Surgeon Credits his Longevity to a Vegan Lifestyle

Meatless Monday: John Salley -- Making Life Betta

Shimmy Shack releases 'sexiest vegetarian' calendar
"Michigan's first vegan and gluten-free food truck released its 2015
Sexiest Vegetarians in Michigan calendar with a pin-up theme"

Dec 21

Captive orangutan has human right to freedom, Argentine court rules

French getting queasy over national delicacy foie gras
"Almost one out of every two French people now favour banning the
force-feeding of geese and ducks to produce the national delicacy,
foie gras, a survey has shown."

Small Victories for China's Animal-Welfare Movement

Animals suffer a perpetual winter solstice

Canine unleash terror on roads

Activists demand rules on animal performances in Taiwan

NC officially bans gas for euthanizing shelter animals

Shimmy Shack releases 'sexiest vegetarian' calendar
"Michigan's first vegan and gluten-free food truck released its 2015
Sexiest Vegetarians in Michigan calendar with a pin-up theme"

Dec 20

UConn Ordered to Give PETA Animal Research Information

PETA chinchilla case could get tossed

SAN JACINTO: Missing dog turns up after being dyed all black (UPDATE)

Feral cat trapping and neutering eyed

EXCHANGE: DeKalb County has stray-cat saviors

Sandersville man charged with ten-counts of animal cruelty

Vassar College to conduct another deer cull environment/2014/12/19/vassar-college-fep-deer-cull/20642463/

Row over wild animal exports hots up
"ZIMBABWEAN authorities have maintained that they abide by
international treaties when sending live animals abroad, following
controversy over the possible export of baby elephants to China or the
United Arab Emirates, state media reported on Saturday."

Shoppers could be told how their meat has been slaughtered after halal
row over unsuspecting diners eating animals which weren't stunned

Love of robots may pave way for better treatment of animals

Cultural preferences should be considered in school lunch menus, N.J.
assembly says should_be_considered_in_school_lunch_menus_nj_assembly_says.html
""Making vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and other cultural dietary
options available can increase the likelihood that students will eat
the food on the menu and help ensure that New Jersey's School
Nutrition Programs reach their intended goal," said Gabriela Mosquera
(D-Camden), one of bill's sponsors."
Bill would expand school menus for N.J. vegetarian students

Alicia Silverstone talks about a plant-based diet

Martial artist to lead raw veganism workshops in WNY

Zen Wok opens second location in north Fresno

Dec 19

Chimp 'Personhood' Advocates Seek New Appeal in NY
"Animal-rights advocates seeking "personhood" for chimpanzees want to
take their case to the highest court in New York State."

Rossen Reports: Some 'faux fur' sold in stores comes from real animals

Ecoterrorism: threat or political ploy?
"Radical Environmentalist and Animal Rights (REAR) movement"

Handful of activists gather to protest circus in West Palm Beach

Spy Drones Over North Carolina Factory Farms Reveal 'Lagoons Of
Filth,' Filmmaker Says

Fleeing cows remain on the loose in Pocatello; Anderson Custom Pack
gets hate mail

Familiar Face Pours Her Passion For Animals Onto The Page
""This is love is through the Feline Rescue Association," said Jen
Kahn, Feline Rescue Association."

Court order puts Great Lakes wolves back on endangered species list

Black Rhino Hunter Slammed For Request To Import Animal's Carcass To U.S.

Should a Dead Woman's Dog Be Put Down Because Her Will Says He Should
Be Buried With Her?

50 dogs, a parrot and a goat rescued in Sequatchie County (with gallery)

Appeals court: Emotional damages allowed in dog shooting case

Who shot Dallas the dog? Humane Society offers $5G to collar killer

Spanish Ebola woman sues over dog's death

Dog Leather Video Viral: Graphic Footage Shows Dogs Being Brutally
Massacred To Manufacture Leather Gloves, Sparks Outrage

Activists demand rules on animal performances

Unilever drops lawsuit against vegan mayonnaise maker

I like it raw

Holiday traveling via PHL? Grab some fresh vegan food

Eating out with a dietitian's fork: Healthy picks at Philly's vegan restaurants

Dec 18

Cuomo vetoes bill that would have saved mute swans from DEC eradication plan cuomo_vetoes_bill_that_would_have_saved_mute_swans_ from_decs_eradication_plan.html

Animal rights groups sue Salinas Rodeo

Dog faces death after owner's will states that he be euthanized, buried with her

Victim, animal rights advocates hail FBI animal cruelty desgination

In war on coyotes, some argue for learning to live with them

Bullhook ban in California cities stops circus performances
Oakland joins LA in banning circus elephant tool

Senator wants PETA investigated for taking chihuahua

Small Victories for China's Animal-Welfare Movement

Calgary man who taped dog, cat to get psych assessment before sentencing

Expat campaign to ban animal circus in Manilva and Casares

Are Vegetarians Hot? Local Food Truck Comes Up With Sexy Calendar are_vegetarians_sexy_local_food_truck_comes_up_with_sexy_ calender#.VJLoF1WJNpA

Buy "Meat-Free Meat" at America's New Vegan Butchers

'Tis the time for a hearty, vegan Christmas feast

Dec 17

FBI adds animal cruelty to index crimes like homicide, arson

Animal Exploitation Worse Than Ever Despite Heightened Animal Rights

A Wrap-Up on Congress and Its Work on Animals in 2014

NY City council votes to ban sale of bunnies by pet shops

Gardiner says first Senate bill will be greyhound injury reporting

Lil B Says He's Been Banned From Facebook Following Rant About Rape,
Slavery, and Animal Rights

Two cows still on the loose in Pocatello; business receiving 'hate mail'
"Cows fled from Anderson Custom Pack at Garrett Way and North Main
Street on Friday and Sunday. One of the escaped cows was shot and
killed by Pocatello police, another was fatally shot by business
co-owner Jesse Anderson, one of the cows was recaptured and, as of
Tuesday night, two were still on the loose in Pocatello."

4 Mississippi livestock auction workers guilty of cruelty

Veterinarian Charged With Animal Cruelty After 4 Dogs Found Dead,
Others Starving

Barnegat gives green light to feral cat colonies

Hendersonville punts on removing problem deer
"The animal-rights crowd opposes killing the deer, and so
Hendersonville is right back where it started, with no solution in

Hunter expects to get permit to shoot rhino in Africa, despite threats

China to Recognize Animal Welfare for First Time

Rights groups criticise use of dog skin in China

'I'll not step down over suicide gun comment' says councillor Tommy Woodward down_over_suicide_gun_comment____says_animal_rights_campaigner/
"Tommy Woodward, an animal rights campaigner, posted on the Hunt
Saboteurs Association Facebook page that the death of Alan Ellis, from
Bacup in Lancashire, was the "best use of a gun I can think of"."

Naked animal rights protestor from Earlswood wins acclaim

Well done! Animal rights groups laud 10-day jail term for dog abuser

Emiko Badillo - Owner of Food Fight! Grocery and founder of Portland
Vegans of Color

Strict Belief-Based Diet Contributes to Child's Death
Seventh Day Adventists, vegan

Bombay Food Junkies enable vegetarians

Seven Vegan, Holiday Dinner Items to Snag at Trader Joe's seven_vegan_items_from_trader_joes_to_make_your_holidays_ easier_draft.php

Does an Indian vegan diet have side-effects?

City Green Market launches all-vegan grocery store in Negaunee

Austin360 Taste Test: Can vegan cookie dough compare to the real thing?

The Lunch Room signs lease to open second vegan restaurant in Ann Arbor

Dec 16

Is personhood an animal right or human privilege? personhood-an-animal-right-or-human-privilege/5967094

Moreauville's repeal of pit bull ban inspires Morgan City campaign to scrap ban

Angry pet owners want to know why dogs are disappearing in George County

Opinion divided on Polish court's 'landmark' reversal of non-stun slaughter ban

Argentine zoo allows visitors to enter big cats' enclosures

Nativity donkey dies after being sat on in Spanish Christmas fair 11297926/Nativity-donkey-dies-after-being-sat-on-in-Spanish-Christmas-fair.html

Activists fear 'Kolubete' hunting festival may restart

Animal rights should be commonplace

Protest fails to win mercy for Beau


MooShoes's PETA-Approved Window Display Rules Out Wool window_display_rules_out_wool.php

Top 10 Vegan Cookbooks of 2014

100-year-old surgeon, WWII vet who retired at age 95 shares secrets to longevity
"Wareham himself adopted a vegan diet in midlife after reading
research that showed animal protein raises cholesterol. He credits his
good health— and his clearness of mind, the thing he's most grateful
for today— in large part to that decision."

How to have a happy vegan Christmas – and not a nut roast in sight
(even carnivores will be jealous)

New Vegan Creamery Seeks Funding Using Hashtag #NoScreamIceCream

Shankara to ring in 2015 with a raw vegan New Year's Eve celebration shankara_to_ring_in_2015_with.html

Montreal Now Has A "Vegan Sushi Shop" On Duluth Street

'But I Could Never Go Vegan!' tackles food myths with delicious
recipes: Cookbook review but_i_could_never_go_vegan_tac.html

Boy George Reflects on His Raw Vegan Diet

Iovate launches new plant-based, vegan brand for active individuals

Dec 15

EXCLUSIVE: Cuomo to sign law banning tattoos and piercings on pets

FSU law students advocate for animals

PETA offers underwater drones to target animal cruelty

Jackson man jailed for illegal turtle sales

Taking the Elephant Out of the Room

Gas chambers will soon be off-limits for N.C. animal shelters

Bill provides a reprieve for NY's mute swans

American furs are a hit in Japan, but will the love last?

Pierce Brosnan wades into Zimbabwe elephant row africaandindianocean/zimbabwe/11294567/Pierce-Brosnan-wades-into-Zimbabwe-elephant-row.html

Slaughterhouse 'sadism': Campaign calls for CCTV in abattoirs to end cruelty

Malaga to ban 'cruel' animal circuses

About 100 animals rescued after police raid foul-smelling bungalow in Selangor

German vegan supermarket targets 60 stores

Kickstarter Launched for Vegan Magazine Mainstream LAIKA

Meatless Monday: (Vegan) Holiday Party With Nava Atlas

Dec 14

Portrait of the apes
"Animal rights activists saw his work and contacted Moglia to ask if
he could help them out."

The Truth About Religion and Animals

Drummond: Oakland passes bullhook ban; city to bid adios to circus

Cops kill cow after wild chase through Pocatello's north side
"During the pursuit, the cow rammed a Pocatello animal control truck
and two police cars in residential neighborhoods."

Michigan Cop Kills Dog in Wrong Address Warrantless Home Entry

Sea cow makes rare appearance in Mississippi waters

Nicolino Camardi Pleads Guilty To Taping Shut Mouths Of Calgary Dog, Cat

Legal notice to Prakash Javadekar over permission for bullock cart races

Almost 100 animals rescued from foul-smelling, unkempt bungalow
"Yesterday, members of Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue and the
police swept into the compound which is believed to be an illegal
animal breeding facility, in what has been described as the "biggest
and worst case of animal abuse" in the country."

Dec 13

'Psychiatric review necessary' after Calgary man pleads guilty to animal cruelty necessary_after_calgary_man_pleads_guilty_to_animal_cruelty.html
"An Alberta man has pleaded guilty to using Kijiji to find pets, then
methodically abusing and dumping their bodies in an alley with their

Films on animals rights to tour Taiwan

Heston Blumenthal drops his foie gras supplier after video shows the
ducks being treated poorly

First video of Benjy 'the gay bull' as he begins journey to new home

Norway Scraps Controversial Seal Hunting Subsidy

New-age circuses after Mexico bans animals

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? Christians React To Pope's Comment

US SeaWorld to axe over 300 jobs

ACLU lawsuit: North Kingstown vicious-dog ordinance conflicts with R.I. law

Years-long animal cruelty case culminates with Hoskins' reporting to jail

Vegan teacher fired over Facebook post
"Away from work, Allison is also a vegan and animal rights advocate,
who openly posts his beliefs on his personal Facebook page."

Veganism and Spirituality: Making Connections

Native Foods Cafe Brings Vegan Fast-Casual Dining to Falls Church

Help - there's a veggie coming to Christmas dinner! How to cater for
festive vegetarians

Updated: Veganaroma Holiday Cooking Class Rescheduled for December 20 veganaroma_hosting_holiday_cooking_class_this_weekend.php

What Being a Vegan Runner Means to Me

What's 'in' with inn manager? Vegetarian (and dog-friendly) dining

Famed Manhattan Vegan Outpost Blossom Columbus Avenue Presents: Vegan
Blossom for Holiday Fanfare

Dec 12

SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison Steps Down Amid Plummeting Park Attendance,
Animal Rights Controversies

Dogs in Heaven? Pope Francis Leaves Pearly Gates Open

Lawsuit Targets St. Louis Cab Regulators
"Animal advocates in Missouri have filed a lawsuit alleging that the
St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission (MTC) failed in its
responsibility to regulate horse-drawn cabs in that city."

Animals should have rights

PETA calls for UVM suspected chicken-killers' expulsion

Want to help a homeless pet? Don't buy one as a gift

PETA wants punishment for Nebraska football player

Adams County rodent farm, Thornton pet store accused of animal cruelty

Animals rights activists want Chinese manja banned

Rhyl Animal rights campaigner convicted of common assault suffers
"hate campaign"

Vegan Chain Veggie Grill Opens (With Free Food!) in Pasadena Saturday

New You vegan festival changes date, name
"The New Year New You HealthFest is no more as it's undergone a name
and date change for 2015."

Vegan restaurant to open location under The Varsity in February

Sweet Spreads Selling Miami-Made, Vegan Coconut Butters spreads_selling_miami-made_vegan_coconut_butters.php

Dec 10

10 animal rights victories of 2014

The Dark Side of Donkey Basketball

UW cited in deaths of 3 infant research monkeys monkeydeathsxml.html

Animal rights group rallies outside hearing of accused dog killer

Moreauville repeals pit bull ban; Other Louisiana towns continue bans

Animal rescue advocates say shelter manager has increased kill rates

Delaware County Jail releases mugshot of corrections officer accused
of animal neglect

Entertainment vs. Animal Cruelty
"A local group protests Ringling Bros. Circus"

Animal activists worry possible puppy mill coming to Southern Colorado

Chinchilla rancher dies, but suit may live on
"Lurlie Adams, 90, of Vista, had a heart attack just hours after a
court hearing in her lawsuit against PETA"

Tanis Found Guilty Of Animal Abuse Charges

Accused kitten-killer, Andres Sanchez-Luevano, charged with felony
animal cruelty

Editorial: Labor's love lost - NY Daily News

British Animal Rights Group Speaks Out on Dog Deaths

Polish court finds ban on ritual slaughter 'unconstitutional',Polish-court-finds-ban-on-ritual-slaughter-unconstitutional

4,000 animals slaughtered, woman gang raped at "festival"

The data on ESCAS: animal welfare complaints and livestock exporter
breaches since 2011 bushtelegraph/escas/5957406

Dec 9

As Two Sides Rally, New York City Council Introduces a Bill to Ban
Carriage Horses
Three more City Council members come out against horse-carriage ban as
drivers, unions rally at City Hall

Chimps Aren't People—for Now
"Tommy, a 26-year-old caged chimpanzee, has been denied the right to
personhood and habeas corpus, but not for the reasons you might

Trial For Accused Animal Abuser Underway

The question of animal rights

Iranian Authorities Release Animal Rights Activist Without Charge

Animal rights activists face heavy penalties for entering farms in NSW
"Activists who break into New South Wales farms to secretly film
animal cruelty could be hit with heavy penalties under new biosecurity

IN PICS: Naked anti-fur demo hits Barcelona

Animal welfare campaigners can count on Israel's support

Veganuary campaign encourages people to go vegan in January

White Castle set to get into the greens
"Kelly-Bartley said the majority of feedback White Castle has received
from customers has been from vegans."

Azealia Banks Can't Stand Vegans and Their 'Paper Shoes'

Dec 8

Dueling Rallies Being Held As City Council Considers Ban On
Horse-Drawn Carriages

Bill that would save 'invasive' mute swans awaits Gov. Cuomo's signature save_mute_swans_awaits_gov_cuomos_signature.html

Animal Rescue May Be Trendy, But It's Not For Everyone

Would You Wear Roadkill? This Fur Designer Is Betting on It

St. John's chefs push benefits of seal meat

Horrific animal cruelty pictured in Russia as a poacher places a vodka
glass in the paw of dead beaver to 'toast its slaughter'

Paul McCartney sends abused animal images to the moon

Catawba County animal park under fire
"Buffalo Beals Animal Park"

Over 1,000 lab animals die in scorching conditions after ventilation
system fails

Would you eat reindeer meat?

Elephants turn restless; rights group blames poor upkeep

Dr. Oz: Robin Quivers credits vegan diet for 70-lb weight loss, cancer recovery

Kris Wessel on Oolite's Vegan Dinner: Omnivores "Will Not Believe That
Food Can Have So Much Flavor" wessel_creating_vegan_menu_for_conscious_bite_out_ dinner_at_oolite_draft.php

Five celebrities who were vegan during pregnancy

'Never too Late to Go Vegan,' title of talk

The top 5 vegan cookbooks of 2014, plus 5 great recipes to try: Going Vegan vegan_cookbooks_of_2.html

Dec 7

Animal Rights. Ongoing War Threatens Existence of Elephants in South Sudan

Animal rights campaigners are furious at Lidl for stocking reindeer meat.

Shearer slams bad sheep treatment claims

Animal rights advocates outraged after teeth taken from dead orca in B.C.

Russian Train Crew Intentionally Runs Over Wild Bear [Video]

Woman launches project to protect Va.'s white deer

After fatal bear attack, debate rages over hunt in New Jersey

When pigs fly: What rights do animals have?

Oceanside considers banning puppy mills

Legal eyes on animal activist crimes
"Mr Thorne also warned the Australian government could follow its
United States counterpart by enacting an Animal Enterprise Terrorism
Act (AETA) to address growing public concerns about the protesting."

PETA posts video of Maltese man beating horse; Animal Welfare 'aware
of the case and acting on it'

Forget the Hounds. As Foxes Creep In, Britons Call the Sniper.

Bears, Lynxes, Wild Horses and Wolves Return to Europe

Delhi govt to catch monkeys, stray dogs ahead of Obama's visit
"Manish Gupta, commissioner of south and east municipal corporations,
said, "We have prepared a comprehensive sterilisation programme for
stray dogs. As for monkeys, we will catch those in residential areas
and send them to Asola-Bhatti wildlife sanctuary.""

Kambala: Sport or cruelty?

Inside Asia's 'biggest cattle fair' protected birds, animals sold openly

Resist Porn Culture brands Peta dairy advert 'misogynistic'

Thrill of U.S. waterfowl lures South American hunters to Smithville Lake
"Sport hunting was banned in Brazil years ago, mostly because of
complaints from anti-hunters and animal-rights activists...."

City councilman who previously agreed to support ban on horse
carriages flips sides

Undercover Video Shows Alleged Suffering Animals At Colorado Pig Farm

Bullhook ban could mean no more circus in Stockton

Ariana Grande Rescued A Freaking Adorable Puppy

Joaquin Phoenix Rallies Celebs to Protest Walmart's Pig 'Cruelty'

Full Court Press: Fur flies in court over runaway cat full_court_press_fur_flies_in_court_over_runaway_cat

Ryerson's Vegetarian Education Group gives students veggie lessons
"Formerly known as the Veg*an Club, VEG is led by a team of devoted
animal rights advocates."

The Controversy: Death for Food

The Exact Vegan Diet of Beyonce

Siblings Build A Butcher Shop For Meat-Loving Vegans

My Hero: Áine Carlin, blogger and author of Keep it Vegan

Dec 5

Animal Rights Activist Arrested in Iran
"Friends and relatives of Ali Tabarzadi believe his arrest is related
to a call he and others had made for a protest on December 5 in
support of animal rights and against the killing of stray dogs and

Hundreds protest Ringling Brothers Circus for animal cruelty

Court ruling again threatens annual Possum Drop

Sorting out the rights: Not all 'service' animals allowed in airline cabins

Animal-rights activists or angry hunter?
"Fellow hunters were outraged at a recent photo posted by the
Department of Natural Resourcesshowing a sabotaged a tree holding a
hunters' stand."

Ohio national park plan calls for 4-year deer cull
"In 1997, the park proposed shooting up to 470 deer before a federal
judge rejected the idea following a lawsuit by an animal-rights

Hunters kill 20 alligators at refuge in controversial season

Coyote Booms, Bear Attacks And How Climate Change Is Wreaking Havoc On
The Animal Kingdom

Cute or cruel? Activists fear for the welfare of animals at this
Chinese wildlife park which is home to the biggest population of
koalas outside Australia

Animal welfare group urges removal of foie gras from MEPs' menu

Staff Faces Animal Cruelty Charges For Persecuting Brown Bear With Train
"In the Wild West, passengers would shoot bisons from train cars as a
sport. But a train crew in Siberia might just have one-upped them on
animal cruelty by chasing a bear with a locomotive and running it

Gift Guide 2014 with This Rawesome Vegan

A holiday roast that gives vegans reason to celebrate

It's Here: Vegan Cheese That Actually Tastes Good

Ariana explains vegan beliefs
"...the reason she's vegan is because she "loves animals more than people"."

DINING PROFILE: Happy Elephant Knows Vegan Food

Dec 4

Undercover police spy accused of encouraging activist to crime
"An undercover police officer has been accused of encouraging and
helping an animal rights campaigner to commit illegal acts which led
to his being jailed for four years, according to legal documents."

New York court rules that Tommy the chimp is not a 'person'

Support for Animal Welfare Grows on the Right

Animal Rights Group Criticizes Wal-Mart Pork Supply

New Jersey Protesters Want to End Bear Hunt
"The protest by Friends of Animals is scheduled for Thursday."
Doughnut-Wielding Protesters Call on New Jersey to Scrap Bear Hunt
"Animal rights advocates with vegan doughnuts in tow rallied in
Trenton Thursday to call on New Jersey to ban hunters from baiting
bears and to bash Gov. Christie for allowing the hunt."

UL-Lafayette: Federal agency found no wrongdoing in primate incidents

Meat trend has some seeing red
"Death For Food"

Animal rights activists speak out about killer whale birth

Animal welfare group: Kennel froze dead animals

RSPCA not consulted on legislation around footage of animal cruelty
and trespassing on farms

Animal rights group PETA ordered to remove 'indecent' billboard in Nottingham

Animal rights campaigners want fur off Christmas shopping list in Limerick

Minneapolis vegan butchers challenge Jimmy Fallon to 'try it'
"Minneapolis vegan butchers and siblings Aubry and Kale Walch were the
butt of a joke in Jimmy Fallon's Tuesday night monologue."

Cory Booker and his Twitter feed go vegan cory_booker_and_his_twitter_feed_go_vegan.html

An open letter from a pizza hungry vegan in Sacramento

Jessica Chastain Buys Her Mom a Vegan Food Truck

Civil War artillery shell found at site of CofC vegan dining hall

The Lusty Vegan: A New Cookbook for Vegans & the People Who Date Them

Dec 3

The philosophy and tactics of Bryan Pease

NYCLASS hails de Blasio as an 'animal hero'

Court Hears Second Case for a Chimpanzee's Legal Rights
Personhood' for chimps would have broad impact, N.Y. judge says

New Jersey bear hunt fueled by emotion over mauling death

California becomes first state to ban hunting prizes

Animal activists, media kept out of zoo meeting

Animal activists zero in on Yuma County pig farm

Elephant advocates demand sanctuary for elephants during zoo board meeting

Lee repeals controversial spay and neuter ordinance

Conn C.A.R.E.S.: Students Develop an Organization to Recognize Animal Rights

Indebted hoarder kept 140 animals
"A German-born woman with property in Austria and Hungary has been
discovered to have around 140 animals, some of them kept in appalling

'We don't go abusing animals' - 'Bullmania' organiser snaps back at activists

Isabelle Morin presses the government to take action on animal rights

Trigger-happy hunter sparks fury with film showing how to lure and
kill parakeets in gardens

Coming Soon From 3 Vegan Scientists: Lab-Grown Milk
"What can science do better than a cow? That's the question a trio of
vegan bioengineers are trying to answer with Muufri, synthetic milk
made from yeast cultures and dreams."

Student leaders work with CDS to offer nutrition info, vegan dining
"The Missouri Students Association and the Residence Halls Association
are working with Campus Dining Services to make three major
improvements to the campus dining halls."

Vegan food can be as flavorful as any other, and healthier

Vegan Chef Seth Kirschbaum Returns to Darbster in Boca Raton vegan_chef_seth_kirschbaum_returns_to_darbster_in_boca_raton.php

Vegan Cookbooks for the Holiday Season

Montreal Is Opening An All New Vegan Restaurant On Atwater Tomorrow

Dec 2

Sponsor of horse-carriage bill makes comparison to human rights

Democrats Hope to Pass Horse Carriage Ban Next Spring

Lawmakers will try to override Chris Christie veto of N.J. pig bill as
Iowa governor cheers it lawmakers_will_try_to_override_christie_veto_of_nj_pig_bill_as _iowa_governor_cheers_it.html

'Jackass' star Steve-O cited for anti-SeaWorld stunt; PETA has his back

Drones about to be banned for hunting, harassing hunters

Moreauville repeals controversial ban of pit bulls, rottweilers, TV
station reports

Scaredy-cat: Accused Bronx feline slayer tries to duck court

Homeward bound: Vegans rescue unloved animals — seriously unloved

Cruise ship diners may be throwing lobsters overboard to 'save' animals

China: Traditional Dog Meat Recipes v. New Animal Rights Activism

Hunter criticised for video guide showing how to kill parakeets in back garden

Animal rights charity backs plans to break-up large sporting estates

University of South Carolina study: Plant-based, vegan diet most
effective for weight loss 141209927/1002/university-of-south-carolina-study-plant-based-vegan-diet-most-effective-for-weight-loss

Vegans Say Goodbye to Meat... and Misconceptions

5 Celebrities Who Were Vegan & Vegetarian During Pregnancy

All-vegan food truck opens in Ballard

Dec 1

Mayor de Blasio Unveiling Bill to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

The lion whisperer
[video; script]
"Clarissa Ward travels to South Africa and meets a man who has adopted
26 lions to save them from a tourism industry with a sinister side"

Animal Rights. Asking For Freedom For An Orangutan At Buenos Aires Zoo

Prince Charles Photographed Shooting, Charges of Animal Cruelty and
Royal Hypocrisy Reignited

Flooded poultry shed rebuild comes under fire from animal rights activists

Animal Rights Activists Say About 100 Dogs Burned Alive in Farm Fire
"About 100 dogs got trapped as a fire tore through a farm in Siberia
and were burned alive, animal rights activists said Monday."

Is Spanish Bullfighting on Its Way Out?

Do the right thing: free the orcas

Former Meat-Eating Celebrity Chef Says He Feels Better on a
Plant-Based Eating Lifestyle

Why You Should Be a Pegan -- Part Two

Musicians perform at world vegan day

Carrie Underwood taking break from veganism during pregnancy

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