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News Roundup, April 22-30, 2014

April 29, 2014

Judge dismisses bid to stop Ontario bear hunt

"ISTANBUL -- A draft bill approved by a subcommittee in the Turkish
Parliament looks set to bring a series of changes to regulations
overseeing pet ownership and animal rights."

US Military's Dolphin Use Prompts Animal Rights Debate
"After saying new technology replaced its need for marine mammals in
the 1990s, the U.S. Navy is back in the news for sending dolphins to
the Black Sea."

Harvard Historian Nancy Koehn On Animal Liberation
"Today Harvard Historian Nancy Koehn joins Jim Braude and Margery
Eagan to talk about Stephen Wise's mission. Koehn also explains why he
could succeed and why it is that the animal rights movement has gained
so much momentum in such a short amount of time."

Justin Bieber Campaigns Against Animal Cruelty Despite Abandoning Pet
Monkey Mally

Sketchy Horse-Drawn-Carriage Driver Isn't Doing His Industry Any Favors
"With debate over Mayor de Blasio's promised horse-carriage ban
pitting animal rights activists against Liam Neeson on a semi-regular
basis, it's a particularly bad time for sketchy behavior by the
drivers: Enter Frank Luo, who didn't do his industry any favors when
he put the I.D. number of a healthy, 12-year-old horse named Carsen on
the hoof of a sick, 22-year-old horse named Ceasar. (Ceasar has
something called "heaves," which is like asthma.)"

Anti-horse carriage activists shut down Mort Zuckerman's phone
"New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman's office phone was shut
down on Tuesday after anti-horse carriage activists blitzed him with a
relentless stream of phone calls, POLITICO has learned."

California Animal Rights Groups Offer $10,000 Reward for Pelican Slasher

$15K reward offered by animal rights groups for information on dead
cats found in Yonkers

Phoenix judge who spared life of dog that mauled boy will decide where
animal will live

Florida fetish models plead not guilty on charges they made animal
torture porn videos
"Stephanie Hird, 29, and Sara Zamora, 28, entered the pleas during an
appearance at a Miami-Dade County courthouse on Monday. The fetish
models are accused of making a sickening series of films that featured
them torturing and killing rabbits and chickens while engaged in sex

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James Cromwell leads PETA protest against Air France

Land activist to fight for animal rights
"RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh's social activist Ramesh Agrawal, who has been
felicitated with the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, has been
working for the last 20 years on the vital issues of 'jal, jungle,
jameen' (water, forests and land)."

Hurt Mongrel Ignored by Animal Rights Groups Rescued After Cops' Intervention

'Paleo Vegan' cookbook authors say you can be vegan on a Paleo diet

Jessica Chastain Only Wears Vegan Fur, So You Can Put Away Your Pitchforks

Veganism: More Than Just a Passing Trend

TCBY Introduces New Coconut Vegan Froyo

Hundreds visit the Incredible Vegan Roadshow at Gloucester Guildhall

STL Veg Girl Launches Line of Plant-Based Food Products stl_veg_girl_launches_line_of.php

April 28, 2014

Judge Orders NYPD Turn Over Public Records On Horse-Drawn Carriage Incidents

Animal rights groups expose Tennessee Walking Horse cruelty

More states working to protect right to hunt
"Jack, AL, United States (4E Sports) – The Alabama Dog Hunters
Association, headed by Don Knight, plans to court its 10,000 members
to back a proposed amendment that would enshrine the right to “hunt,
fish and harvest wildlife” in the state's constitution."

Women Plead Not Guilty in Animal Torture Porn Case
"Two women facing animal cruelty charges in South Florida in
connection to an animal torture pornographic video entered not guilty
pleas Monday."

Animal rights groups says testing doesn't work
"New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society spokesperson Stephen Manson says
that process should not involve animals."

Lab-grown artificial human skin may replace animals in drug and cosmetic tests
"International researchers led by U.S. and British scientists say the
first laboratory-grown examples of epidermis -- the human skin's
outermost layer -- possessed a permeability barrier similar to actual
skin, making it a usable material for cosmetic and drug research."

Group files complaint against Natural Bridge Zoo
"An animal rights group is asking Virginia officials to investigate
the Natural Bridge Zoological Park for exhibiting exotic animals
without the required permit."

Animal rights group seeks roadside memorials
"ALBANY (AP) -- An animal rights group wants to install 10-foot-tall
tombstones for turkeys and cows at the sites of recent truck crashes
in Iowa and upstate New York."

Turkey makes signficant changes in the animal rights bill
"In Turkey, anybody who wants to have a pet at home will need to
undergo training. They will also have to provide suitable
accommodation for the welfare of the animal, as well as meeting its
ethological needs and care for its health. With the new arrangement,
sales of all kinds of pets and animals except for fish and birds will
be banned in pet shops. Also, prison sentences will be introduced for
torture and ill-treatment of animals."

No more slaps on the wrist for animal cruelty, rally demands
"Animal lovers from across Northern Ireland have sent out a strong
message to abusers – cruelty will not be tolerated."

$9,000 reward offered in animal cruelty case
"Fur-Ever Friends of NC and other individuals initially offered a
$4,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of
the person or persons responsible for the death of a 3-year-old
Australian Shepherd named Scottie, said Lois Smith, one of the
organization's board members. But the Humane Society of the United
States contributed another $5,000, she said."

Philadelphia: Birthplace of America's vegan movement?
"H. Jay Dinshah, the founder, in 1960, of the American Vegan Society."

'I wanted to see my grandkids grow up': The touching reason Bill
Clinton went vegan

'Today' hosts fooled by vegan meatless meats
"Matt Lauer and the gang sample Beyond Meat's plant-based chicken —
and come away impressed."

Vegan-Friendly Airports
"In her new book, How to Be Vegan, first-time author Elizabeth
Castoria offers 159 smart strategies and simple tips for every day
life without animal products."

Kate Mara goes vegan

Vegan Jerky Is a Thing That Exists, at Third Rail in the Dogpatch third_rails_carrot_jerky_is_a.php

April 27, 2014

Hundreds attend animal rights rally: Public protest in Belfast city
centre against animal cruelty
"A new support group – Northern Ireland Says No To Animal Cruelty – is
demanding a dedicated PSNI unit to tackle crimes against animals."

We are all Nazis when it comes to animal rights
["2013 documentary Speciesism"]
"While the majority of us reject the relatively recent beliefs that
women or people of different races are inferior, it's a reasoning most
humans still embrace as “obvious” or “natural” when it comes to the
rights of animals. We are their superiors; we can thus do with them
what we like."

Claims 100 stray dogs buried alive in China probed
"Beijing: Claims that about 100 stray dogs were buried alive in
northern China are being investigated, an official said Sunday, the
latest apparent case of animal cruelty to shock the nation."

Maltese police hold BBC star for attempting to expose annual bird massacre

NJ Dog Fighting Ring: Caurie Swinger Charged with 84 Counts of Animal
Cruelty, Dog Fighting and Killing Animals

Activists protest Ringling Brothers circus downtown
"YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Animal rights activists are in Youngstown,
protesting what they say is inhumane treatment of circus animals."

Animal rights groups push for cage ban
"BOSTON - While confining-cage techniques are virtually non-existent
in Massachusetts, supporters argue that a ban would prevent
large-scale factory farms that use the practices from coming into the

Activists Lobby for Animal Rights in Connecticut
"Activists are seeking legislation that would forbid the use of
gestation crates for sows. They're not used in Connecticut, but
advocates want to increase pressure on pork producers."

BEING VEGAN – We Must Press On
“The intrinsic meaning of animal rights is that no animal should be
used or killed for human purposes.  Their rights as individuals are
sacred, and no benefit to myself or my taste buds can trump their
right to be.”

The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants In LA
"Veganism is catching on. So much so thatChipotle even started cashing
in on the trendy diet with its tofu-based sofritas."

Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle leads to weight gain for many

April 26, 2014

FBI Investigates Whether Animal Rights Group Linked To de Blasio
Campaign Extorted Opponent
"The FBI has launched an investigation to determine if an animal
rights group behind Bill de Blasio's controversial pledge to ban
carriage horses in Central Park had tried to extort his opponent
Christine Quinn."

My protesting isn't terrorism: How Big Ag teamed with lawmakers to
criminalize speech _big_ag_teamed_with_lawmakers_to_criminalize_speech/
"Activists are being prosecuted for challenging the interests of
business. I should know — I spent 40 months in jail"

U.S. hunters may be invited to help control Ontario's bear population

Activists Protest Outside UCLA Over Animal Abuse In Laboratories

Animal rights activists march through Old Market Square
"The Anti-Vivisection Coalition (AVC), Nottingham Animal Rights and
Save The Harlan Beagles joined forces in aid of the World Day for
Animals in Laboratories celebration, which marked its 35th year."

Animal activists offer contraceptive alternative to roo cull
"Kangaroos can be put on the equivalent of birth control drugs to stop
them over-populating, effectively ending the need for future culls in
the ACT, according to Williamsdale-based organisation Alphadog, which
will make a formal offer to the ACT government next week to roll out
the program, including an undertaking to shoulder a significant
portion of the costs of the program."

Bill would increase penalties for animal cruelty
"BOSTON — Animal rights activists and a bipartisan group of lawmakers,
citing the alleged torture of a dog nicknamed ''Puppy Doe,'' called
Thursday for tougher penalties against those convicted of cruelty
against animals."

Farm cage ban bill draws opposing views
"BOSTON – Animal rights activists are prodding Beacon Hill lawmakers
to revive stalled legislation that would ban the use of confinement
cages for farm animals, but farming industry officials say there's no
need to outlaw the practice."

Chimp Sues Over Living Conditions
Should a Chimp Be Able to Sue Its Owner

‘Eat Meat? I'd Rather Kill Myself'
"Lisa-Marie Williams and Kate Laycy explain why they're proud to be
among Britain's sexiest vegans"

Vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free? Six new cookbooks.
"More people are looking for new ways of cooking with fruits,
vegetables, "superfoods," and alternatives to meat, whether they are
aiming to be vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. Here is a sampling of
2014 cookbooks to guide home cooks toward fresh ideas in the kitchen."

Pretzels and vegan dips for a German TV night with Tatort
"Armed with a stack of fresh pretzels, artisan loaves and vegan dips,
Nadine Fleischer and Claudia Janke brought their friends together to
watch a cult German crime show on TV"

‘The Kind Mama', Alicia Silverstone On Vaccines, Tampons

April 25, 2014

Animal Rights Group Protests Circus Coming to JPJ
"CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (WVIR) - Lots of children may be excited about
seeing the clowns, elephants, and lions of the Ringling Brothers and
Barnum & Bailey Circus at John Paul Jones Arena next week, but Voices
for Animals, a Charlottesville animal rights group, is not happy about
the circus coming to town."

The day after Ted Cruz posed with a tiger skin ru

Manhattan Horse Carriage Incident Sparks Protests

Bill Would Increase Penalties For Animal Cruelty
"BOSTON (AP) — Animal rights activists and a bipartisan group of
lawmakers are calling for passage of a bill that would increase fines
and toughen prison sentences for those convicted of animal cruelty."

Ronan Farrow Calls Group Seeking ‘Personhood' for Animals ‘Heroes'
"On Thursday, in a segment with naturalist and television host Jeff
Corwin, MSNBC host Ronan Farrow took the opportunity to highlight the
issue of animal abuse in the United States. He appeared to advocate
for an extraordinary remedy in order to address this problem: the
extension of legal rights enjoyed by people to animals."

Cops make second arrest in illegal Miami-Dade slaughterhouse case
"Authorities have arrested the suspected butcher at an illegal West
Miami-Dade slaughterhouse where pigs destined for Christmas dinner
tables were shot, stabbed, beaten with sledgehammers and gutted and
boiled while alive."

Court won't rehear case on Ohio exotic animals law

D.A. Pennebaker Is Crowdfunding a New Documentary on Chimpanzee Rights

Saudi Prince Hunt: 2000 Bustards Killed For Fun, Why Did He Do It?

Brian May pledges to keep fighting those who threaten wildlife

Animal rights activists: Nixing veal import taxes will encourage animal abuse
""This is acute abuse of animals, publicly financed by tens of
millions of shekels," a statement from Anonymous for Animal Rights

When vegans and carnivores sit down to Seder
"This Passover in Israel, many a new vegan and veteran carnivore sat
together for the very first time as veganism in Israel takes off. So,
how'd it go?"

Canberra cyclist Tom Palmer to "go Vegan" in China
"Rising Canberra cyclist Tom Palmer says the thought of eating
contaminated meat in China is "terrifying", revealing he turns vegan
when travelling to avoid a clenbuterol debacle similar to Michael
Rogers' situation."

Low-Carb Vegan Diet Improves Cardiovascular Risk Factors
"A low-carb vegan diet leads to more weight loss and a better
cholesterol profile than a high-carb vegetarian diet, according to a
study conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto, St.
Michael's Hospital (Toronto), Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard
Medical School, New York Medical College and Solae LLC, and published
in the journal BMJ Open in February 2014."

Vegan Eats, Extraordinary Art at FEAST Dinner Sunday vegan_eats_and_extraordinary_a.php
"And this weekend's first installment of FEAST (Funding Emerging Art
with Sustainable Tactics) is putting two genres together for an
evening of cruelty-free cuisine and local art aid."

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in Livingston event_1b98e68a-c684-11e3-a0f0-10604ba0ccf0.html

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