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April 21, 2014

Animal activists aim to replace carriage horses
"FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) -- Kolette Winstead Frazier spent Friday
afternoon at her Huntertown farm loading up horses for a weekend
wedding in Michigan."

Making animal rights go viral
[music video]

Animal Rights Day promotes volunteerism, animal adoption and cruelty
free products
"When people entered the main entrance of the Massachusetts School of
Law yesterday, they were greeted by a donkey. Inside the school, dogs
roamed freely as kids ran around with different animals painted on
their face."

Scottish animal rights campaigners free 130 bears from captivity in
appalling Chinese medicine farms -animal-rights-campaigners-free-3435139

Breeding code changes anger Melton animal rights advocates -code-changes-anger-melton-animal-rights-advocates/

Ban sale of animal tested products: PETA to Government ban-sale-of-animal-tested-products-peta-to-government/articleshow/33991332.cms
"NEW DELHI: After strongly campaigning for a ban on testing of
cosmetics and household products on animals, the animal rights group
PETA has now urged the Health Ministry to ban the sale and marketing
of such products in the country."

People for Animals rescues 17 spotted doves
"Intensifying its drive against poaching in Manipur, People for
Animals (PFA), Thoubal, rescued at least 17 spotted doves from three
poachers in Imphal East district. The three poachers were arrested and
remanded to four days' police custody by a local court on Friday."

Land grabs by elites may endanger elephants across Africa

Spirituality And The Vegan Lifestyle
"The transition from a meat eater to a vegan is not without some bumps
along the way, but surmounting the challenge can reap a reward of
epiphanical dimensions."

Finding Religion in the Vegan Challenge

Bacon is not a vegetable
"You can't encourage other people to eat a diet that's better for them
and the planet by getting all vegangelical on them."

Annual Green Festival to take root in NYC
"With the arrival of Earth Week, some 200 local participating
companies, vendors and nonprofits are gearing up for New York City's
annual Green Festival, set to take over Pier 94 this coming weekend."

Cruelty-free is the new cool

Samuel L Jackson becomes vegan and loses 40 pounds on plant-based diet

April 20, 2014

Carriage horse foes picket Liam Neeson's NYC home
"Neeson didn't appear as about 50 demonstrators filled the sidewalk in
front of his apartment building on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Police
watched, and doormen photographed protesters hoisting signs with such
slogans as "Liam Neeson: Stop Supporting Cruelty!" and "Worked to
Death!" with an image of a dead horse in a park."

Revealed: UK aquarium cashes in on whale circus... despite 'leading
global fight to free captive animals'

Free Morgan: Sunday People and Born Free launch appeal to help scarred
and wounded captive killer whale

Dogs saved from catch and kill snatchers who bury them alive on
paradise island of Mauritius after campaign by Daily Mail

Pigs shot at and blown up in military exercises are treated
'humanely', insists defence minister who refuses to ban tests -refuses-ban-tests.html

Fur trade booms, fuelled by China – but bubble may be about to burst
"In a Copenhagen warehouse there's a throng of Chinese buyers. For
some traders, being anti-fur is one step from fascism"

Going through hell for leather
"The president of the Thai Footwear Association said the strong odour
makes dog skin a less attractive option for factories to manufacture
as golf gloves and drums, but the shortage of cowhide had prompted
some shoe-makers to use it as linings to lower costs."

Regulations should be introduced to ensure pet food is safe
"Food safety for pets is still a non-issue in Hong Kong."

Veal industry under scrutiny after hidden camera footage reveals
horrific conditions, abuse

Bearing witness in the save movement
"Hogtown. The moniker that Toronto has carried for a century. Because
of that, there is no better place to have given birth to the most
successful grassroots, farmed animal rights organization in all of

Morrissey's Not Happy With Canada
"It's not a day that ends in Y if Morrissey's not outraged by
something and this time it's a whole nation — in case you weren't
aware, the whole country of Canada is now "fashionably dead."
Morrissey took to his fansite to call the country out on its seal
hunt, which started on Monday."

BEING VEGAN – Horse Carriages Have No Place in Las Vegas

The doctor to the Clintons -the-clintons/
"Detox Diet author works with world leaders and the urban poor. He
treats Oreos and Coke like addictive drugs, and embraces the
philosophy of ‘functional medicine.'"
"Nine years ago, on their 30th wedding anniversary, Hillary Rodham
Clinton gave her husband a gift she hoped would ensure many more years
together: Dr. Mark Hyman."

Vegan and vegetarian diets are growing in popularity

Nola Vegan Scene Grows from a New Seed

Rehoboth VegFest emcee and speaker lineup announced for June 13-15 event

April 19, 2014

"A government official announced Friday that Japan will resume its
whaling program in the Southern Ocean off Antarctica in 2015, a
highly-controversial move sure to stoke the passions of animals-rights
activists worldwide. The 2014 whale hunts had been cancelled following
a ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague that
Japan's actions were in violation of a treaty banning commercial
whaling internationally."

Law school hosts animal rights day tomorrow
"ANDOVER -- Massachusetts School of Law presents its eighth annual
Animal Rights Day tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the 500 Federal St. campus.,"

Two Florida Fetish Models Arrested on Horrific Animal Cruelty Charges two-florida-fetish-models-arrested-horrific-animal-cruelty-charges
"Two Florida fetish models have been arrested on animal cruelty
charges for torturing and killings chickens and other animals in their
porn videos."

Idaho farm protection bill faces legal scrutiny
"The Idaho Senate and the House approved the so-called the "ag-gag"
measure, as it is referred to by its opponents, by wide margins. But
less than three weeks after Gov. Butch Otter signed Senate Bill 1337,
the law "to protect agricultural production facilities from
interference by wrongful conduct" is being challenged in United States
District Court forcing the state of Idaho to defend it."

Could this electric car replace New York's horse-drawn carriages? -new-yorks-horse-drawn-carriages/

Philosophers to explore animal rights issues 04/19/2003588399
"A two-day international conference on animal liberation, animal
rights and equal ecological rights is to be held in Taiwan next
weekend, with participants including eminent philosophers, the Life
Conservationist Association said yesterday."

Animal sanctuary asks Belfast City Council to pay up
"AS FIRST REVEALED IN THE SUNDAY WORLD: An animal rights activist says
she's been left ‘saddled' with a bill of over £50,000 to foot after
rescuing 15 ponies from Cavehill."

AB 2343 California Animal Sheltering Disaster: The Animals and
Shelters Deserve Better

Horse sanctuary owners in court on animal cruelty charges
"Thomas Jessberger and Dalene Rindal, operators of Rocky Acres Horse
Rescue, made their initial appearances in court before Judge James
Reynolds, facing 34 felony counts of cruelty to animals."

Coto de Caza man must pay PETA $88,000 in animal-cruelty case
"The owner of a Lake Elsinore exotic animal business – where thousands
of dead or dying rats and reptiles were found in revolting conditions
after an undercover investigation by animal-rights activists – has
avoided jail time but was ordered to pay more than $190,000 in

PETA urges health ministry to ban sale of animal-tested products
"NEW DELHI: Animal rights group PETA has urged India's health ministry
to ban the marketing and sale of animal-tested cosmetics and household

Promoting a Vegan Easter

How going vegan for the environment works

Eating vegan on a budget

10 Tips for Easing Into Plant-based Eating

What is 'clean eating'? Six questions and answers about the trend
that's suddenly everywhere

April 18, 2014

Animal rights activist jailed for six years for Huntington Life Sciences plot
[Debbie Vincent; Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac)]

Ontario spring bear hunt to face court challenge from animal rights groups
[Animal Alliance of Canada and Zoocheck Canada]

The war on live-pigeon shoots
"The ongoing fight between Pennsylvania's proponents of live-pigeon
shoots and animal-rights activists has it all: shotguns, unmanned
drones, dildos, masked men, high-stakes gambling, interstate avian
kidnapping and 55-gallon drums full of dead and dying pigeons. Several
of these are dryly detailed ("rubber facsimiles of male genitalia") in
the civil suit that Bensalem's Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) filed April
4 in federal court against Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
(SHARK), seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages."

Providers of animal massage in legal battle with state veterinary board

Turn the tide on climate change: Try vegan for Earth Day

Local, organic or vegan: What's best for the environment?

Peter Dinklage fronts new vegan film for PETA
"GAME OF THRONES star PETER DINKLAGE has joined the likes of SIR PAUL
McCARTNEY and ALEC BALDWIN by fronting a harrowing new PETA video
promoting veganism."

Vegan soul-food whiz Bryant Terry is coming to Philly with his new book

WATCH: Vegan Kids Ask First Lady for an Eggless Easter

Samuel L. Jackson inspired to go vegan by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

3 Black Vegan Chefs You Should Know

April 17, 2014

Animals have feelings too, French MPs decree
"After a long and lively debate French MPs on Tuesday amended to the
civil code to upgrade the status of animals from furniture to
creatures with feelings. But they rejected proposals to ban bull and
Pets no longer just part of furniture in France /Pets-no-longer-just-part-of-furniture-in-France.html
"Pets - classed under French civil law as property like tables and
chairs - are to be given a new legal status as 'sentient beings'"

Appeals court says pets are 'property' as it throws out dog-starving conviction appeals_court_says_pets_are_pr.html
"The Oregon Court of Appeals Wednesday threw out the conviction of a
28-year-old woman found guilty of starving her dog based on evidence
from a veterinarian who tested and treated the animal without a

In campaign for carriage horses, N.Y. Times editorial chief fails to
disclose family tie

Liam Neeson takes on animal rights activists in defence of New York
City's horse-drawn carriages

City approves return of horse-drawn carriages to downtown
"AS VEGAS -- Horse-drawn carriages have not been seen in Las Vegas
since 1985, but soon that could all change."

USDA files complaint against Alaska university
"The U.S. Department of Agriculture accused theUniversity of Alaska
Fairbanks of possible Animal Welfare Act violations in the starvation
deaths of 12 musk oxen at the school's large-animal research station."

Animal rights group asks Pope to end Easter lamb 'slaughter'
""Holy father, stop the shameful slaughter of lambs killed only to
satisfy greed at Easter," Lorenzo Croce of the Italian Animal and
Environment Defense Association."

Undercover policeman poses as corporate security manager to convict
animal rights activist
[Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac)]

Bear bile farm in Guangxi to be turned into rescue center

Students rally for rights of hens
"More than a dozen students from Chung Yuan Christian University,
dressed in yellow chicken costumes and accompanied by animal welfare
activists, rallied in front of the Council of Agriculture yesterday
morning to call for healthier living environments for egg-producing
hens at chicken farms."

Egyptian animal rights activists accuse shelter of negligence and deception
"A group of animal rights activists in Egypt has accused an
unregistered shelter in Saqqara of letting dogs and cats starve and
freeze to death as their owners scammed volunteers."

Bio-security concerns around animal welfare inspections
"An email written by a Tasmanian farmer is circulating in the north of
the state, urging producers to be aware of their rights when it comes
to bio-security regulations, during an animal welfare inspection by
the Department of Primary Industries and the RSPCA."

"RIVERTON, Conn. — Valiant, an Alaskan malamute, dug his paws into the
damp grass and surged forward in his harness, determined to pull a
cart stacked with concrete blocks weighing 1,000 pounds."

Hilary Swank to be Honored for Animal Advocacy

Four reasons why veganism supports workers

Documenting my failures during the Vegan Challenge

The Indigenous fight against colonial veganism

Game Of Thrones - Peter Dinklage Fronts New Vegan Film For Peta

Music Icon Stevie Wonder Visits Local Vegan Restaurant
"Wright and Greg Brown own vegan restaurant "The Land of the Kush,"
where the legendary Stevie Wonder dined over the weekend."

Seed Food & Wine Festival: First Large-Scale Vegan Event in Miami and
Only One in Florida seed_food_wine_festival_first.php

Turn the tide on climate change: Try vegan for Earth Day

Vegans on Film
"After publishing a book called Vegan Lecker Lecker in 2010, Marc
Pierschel decided to take his commitment to veganism one step further
by filming a documentary to promote the vast environmental and health
benefits he believes are associated with the vegan diet. His film,
Live and Let Live, will makes its Santa Barbara premiere on April 22,
just in time for Earth Day."

Beyond vegan: Israel's fruitarians like it raw
"About 200 Israelis have gone to the extreme of eating only fruit −
lots of it. They even celebrated a fruit-only Seder."

Is a Vegan Diet Safe When You're Pregnant?
"Eating 10 bananas a day sounds crazy—and even more so when you're
pregnant—but that's what Australian bloggerLoni Jane Anthony did as
part of her vegan diet."

Cookbooks: ‘Vegan for Fit' and ‘Vegan for Fun' offer savvy advice

What if You Woke Up Tomorrow and Cinnabon Was Vegan?

April 16, 2014

Baby Chickens 'Cooked Alive' At Hatchery, Animal Rights Group Contends
"Maple Leaf Foods is facing allegations of animal mistreatment at one
of its chicken hatcheries, in the wake of troubling undercover footage
shot by an animal rights group and shared exclusively with CBC News."

SeaWorld Trainers Barred From Contact With Killer Whales
"SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. lost its bid to overturn U.S. limits on
trainers' contact with killer whales imposed after one of the animals
drowned an amusement park employee during a 2010 show."

Dog Fighting: Buffalo Police Employee Accused Of Training Dogs To
Fight, Has Prior Pit Bull Cruelty Record

Animal Rights Group to Turn Bear-Bile Farm into Sanctuary
"A state-owned company that raises bears to extract bile for use in
traditional Chinese medicine says it will hand over 130 bears to an
animal rights group, and the farm where they were raised will be
turned into a rehab center."

Animal rights group accuses Yemassee monkey lab of inhumane conditions
Over a thousand monkeys are being used for research and testing in a
lab in Yemassee. Monday, a national animals rights group exposed
photos of what, they claim, are inhumane conditions causing dozens of
the animals to die at that lab."

Tightening leash on testing on animals
"China is set to improve the treatment and welfare of animals in its
laboratories, said YueBingfei, deputy director of the experimental
animal division of the National Institutes forFood and Drug Control."

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) campaign against Huntingdon Life
Sciences branded 'quasi-terrorist'
"A lawyer representing Novartis Pharmaceuticals told a High Court
judge that a campaign by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) against
Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) -- based in Alconbury -- amounted to a
"criminal conspiracy"."

This Billboard for Rabbit Pizza Is Made from Dead Rabbits
"In the walk-up to Easter this weekend, New Zealand pizza chain Hell
Pizza, known for its saucy marketing campaigns, has put up a billboard
that has stirred controversy among animal rights activists because it
is covered in rabbit pelts."

'I saved his bacon': Man denies mistreating pet wild boar 'Little
Tommy' after bite

Animal-rights activist Maneka Gandhi's assets worth Rs. 40 crore
"Pilibhit: Animal-rights activist and BJP MP Maneka Gandhi has
declared assets, including a rifle, worth about Rs. 40 crore."

Peta offers £1,000 reward to help catch pigeon killer

Pet boom in Mexico amid rising middle class

Easter rabbits as children's gifts could be a bad decisions for
families, bunnies

Rodeo in Coram denied permit for summer event
"Brookhaven Town Clerk Donna Lent has denied a permit application for
a Bronx-based traveling Latin rodeo seeking to host its fourth-annual
event in Coram this summer."

"California approved a resolution urging the United States government
to take measures against cosmetic animal testing. State Senator Marty
Block initiated the measure sponsored by several animal rights
organizations, including Cruelty Free International."

Asheville masses plead for animal rights
"AVA stands for Asheville Voice for Animals. Members advocate for
animal rights and animal welfare, and they tend to be vegans. As an
example of what they do, while the Cowz were picketing at the new
Chick-fil-A on Merrimon Avenue to get you to eat mor chikin, AVA was
picketing the Cowz."

Hometown Hero: East Bay man fights for justice on behalf of abused animals

Bensalem sponsor of pigeon shoots claims harassment by animal rights group bensalem/bensalem-sponsor-of-pigeon-shoots-claims-harassment-by-animal-rights/article_2c6ffdc7-9cd3-5532-b054-89bf07f45d6c.html
"The Philadelphia Gun Club of Bensalem has filed a federal lawsuit
against an Illinois-based animal activist organization for what it
claims is harassment and trespassing.
"In the suit, the gun club states that the nonprofit group, Showing
Animals Respect and Kindness Inc. (SHARK), is committing federal
crimes that include stalking and defaming club members through
Internet postings. The gun club is seeking $150,000 for each of the
seven counts filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia last week."

Oakulture: Bryant Terry's Afro-Vegan village party; Mara Hruby's
therapeutic journey into torch
"Bryant Terry's recent book-release party for his newest cookbook,
"Afro Vegan," wasn't just a personal triumph. It was a community
celebration, an affirmation of the hard-working folks in the food
justice movement, and a reminder that, sometimes, it does take a
village to raise awareness."

The Blender Girl: Super-Easy, Super-Healthy Meals, Snacks, Desserts, and Drinks

What You Should Know Before Starting a Raw Diet

Liberal' news organisation 'The Hindu' forbids employees to carry
non-vegetarian food on its canteen premises

Which "Game of Thrones" Star is a Vegetarian in Real Life?

April 15, 2014

Court: Police can enter homes to save animals
"BOSTON -- In a decision that could impact a local animal-cruelty
case, the state's highest court ruled Friday that police officers can
enter a person's property without a warrant in order to provide
emergency help to an animal."

Gail Shea says animal rights activists stopped seal meat sale to China
"HALIFAX – Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea says a trade agreement
to sell seal meat in China has been largely thwarted by animal rights

Novartis Wins Court Order Blocking U.K. Animal-Rights Protests

Inhuman transport of animals to become a crime
"NEW DELHI: In the next 1-2 years, transporting animals such as
cattle, poultry and others in inhuman condition for trading or
business won't be allowed. Responding to demands of animal rights
activists including Maneka Gandhi, government has started preparing
specifications for vehicles that will be allowed to transport

Dog Waits Outside Hospital For 8 Days Before Reuniting With Owner
[Brail; video]

From defending horses to protecting orcas: animal-rights historian
Diane Beers on today's SeaWorld debate

Did USDA mislead the public, Congress about injury risks for poultry workers?

The Chicken Caucus ducks legislative restraints
"Karen Davis, the pioneering founder and director of United Poultry
Concerns, a nonprofit advocating compassionate treatment of domestic
fowl, reports in the book Prisoned Chickens and Poisoned Eggs: An
Inside Look at the Modern Poultry Industry that when Congress enacted
the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act in 1958, birds were excluded even
though they were -- and remain -- 99 percent of land animals killed
for food."

Joan Jett appeals to Rhode Island officials to ban elephant bullhooks

SeaWorld fights back against 'Blackfish' documentary with 'Truth Team'

Gary Stein: Time to put down greyhound racing,0,6611020.column

Teen campaigns to end puppy mill sales in Illinois pet stores

Plenty of talking points in Kane animal abuse case
"The story made big headlines at the end of February when Kane County
authorities said they discovered dead and emaciated animals at the
Mini Zoo Crew farm in Hampshire Township."

Volunteers honored for rescuing over 90 animals from Hampshire farm

Bill Clinton May Cheat On His Diet — But Vegans Love Him

Bill Clinton credits Mark Hyman's sugar detox diet for weight loss, good health

James Cameron talks vegan diet, winery purchase
"I feel like I've set the clock back 15 years."

Alicia Silverstone Talks Vegan Pregnancy in New Book
"The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant
Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning"

NYC's Best Vegan Food Truck Asking For $82K To Get Back On The Road

Meatless Monday: Kosher Vegan

Making the most of the Vegan Challenge

What if we forget about being vegan, and just buy mostly vegan food?

Freelee The Banana Girl Credits Raw Vegan Diet For Her Weight Loss And Health

April 14, 2014

Horror at halal slaughterhouse: Shocking undercover film shows the
'needless suffering' of livestock that are butchered without being
stunned first

Zim, US lock horns on elephant trophy imports
"The US placed the ban on Zimbabwe and Tanzania because of allegations
about questionable management practices."

City horse carriage drivers relieved after Mayor de Blasio delays ban
"Legislation to ban the controversial carriage horses is still being
brainstormed in the City Council, but several council members oppose
the ban."

How they killed the Seaworld bill

Protesters gather at Salk Institute fundraiser
"SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - People who took part in the Salk Institute's Step
into Discovery and annual 5K were greeted by a group of animal rights

"Two weeks ago we ran an article about a lynx being killed in Bosnia.
The article discussed the reactions from the international community,
as well as reactions from Bosnians. The online petition, where 2,081 people demanded prosecution and
punishment of the Bosnian hunters who killed the lynx was also

17 Cats Found In Motel Room And Car, 2 Women Charged With Animal Abuse
"Linda Mitchell, 60, and her daughter Kristina, 26, were charged with
animal abuse on Thursday, after police officers reported finding 17
cats in their motel room and car."

Most people are repulsed by hunting

Animal rights: Clean kill still ends precious life

James Cameron praises vegan diet's anti-aging benefits: I feel 15 years younger

Vegan tastefest and expo to be held in Novi
"NOVI, Mich. (AP) — A vegan tastefest and expo is to be held at a
Detroit-area conference center."
Daryl Hannah, John Salley to appear at vegan tastefest, expo in Novi
"VegFest 2014 is set for Sunday at the Suburban Collection Showplace."

BEING VEGAN – It is Time for the Ridiculousness to End
"Once you cross over to this lifestyle, not a diet, there really is no
going back."

Inside a vegan wedding: No silk and a feast with tofu and soy milk
"MUMBAI: Good food is the raison-d'etre of a Gujarati wedding, a score
on which Ruchi Parikh and Jay Thakkar ensured there were no

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