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News Roundup, April 1-7, 2014

April 6, 2014

Miami Woman Arrested for Animal Cruelty in Sex Fetish Porn Video
"A Miami woman, who allegedly engaged in sex acts while killing
chickens and rabbits in an animal torture pornographic video, was
arrested on Friday."

Milwaukee Dog-Fighting Ring Bust: 12 Arrested, 'Tentacles Reach
Throughout The Country'
"A year-long investigation into a brutal dog-fighting operation in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has resulted in twelve arrests and one suspect
still at large, according to Milwaukee County District Attorney John

Complaint accuses Yale in 33 animal deaths

Poland partially revokes its ban on ritual animal slaughter
"The Polish parliament has given in to worldwide pressure from Jewish
and Muslim groups and revised its ban on ritual slaughter of animals
without pre-stunning."

Group seeks investigation into Estherville pork producer

Animal Rights Activists Call on Lawmakers to Ban Killer Whale Shows
"Animal rights activists will gather at the state Capitol Monday and
petition lawmakers in support of a bill that would ban killer whale
shows and captive breeding in California."

Advocates, county at odds over animal welfare

Animal rights activists protest Oceanside pet store

PETA proposes vegan restaurant in Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home

VegFest expands to DCU center with more vendors; national speakers 2014/04/vegfest_expands_to_dcu_center.html

This vegan bakery could be the next Cinnabon

Deer Cow Pig: Why Intelligence Matters
"Thousands of animals can be saved if Americans cut back on meat one,
two, maybe three days of the week. This is why the intelligence of
cows, pigs, and deer matters, because life should be cherished."

The 'V' Word: 7 Delicious, Healthy Steps to Going Vegan

April 2, 2014

Jane Goodall on Climate Change, Vegetarianism and Chimpanzees

Economist pro-fur ads stoke Peta animal rights outrage
"The Economist has come under fire from the animal rights group Peta
over full-page ads booked this week across its international editions
for a pro-fur lobbying group."

Animal Rights Group Angered By Annual Crow Hunt
"PALENVILLE- An annual crow hunt held by the Rip Van Winkle Rod and
Gun Club has been criticized by an animal rights group.
"Brian Shapiro, the New York state director of the Humane Society of
the United States, said the fourth annual crow hunt scheduled to be
held over the weekend was inhumane and served no purpose."

Novak: New pig welfare code shows 'extremists' wrong

Polar bear center plans raise growls
"A Norwegian billionaire's plans to create a polar bear center in his
native valley of Hallingdal in southern Norway has stirred growls of
protests from animal rights group NOAH. Its leader claims that polar
bears should remain in their natural habitat, not held in captivity to
be put on display for profit."

More than a dozen headless animals found in Keys canals

Veganism Is A Woman's Lifestyle, According To Statistics
"According to data presented in an infographic by, out
of the mere 1 million Americans that are vegan, 79 percent of them are
women. That's a significant majority. When it comes to vegetarians,
the gender divide is not as severe. It's actually more equally split:
59 percent women and 41 percent men."

200 Frozen Pigs Fly Out Of Collapsed Truck - Reason To Go Vegan?
"But bystanders in central Sweden admitted shock at the scene of a
freak incident on a highway near Kumla, where they saw the carcasses
of 200 frozen pigs flying all over the highway."

Adventures in Veganism: Sofritas at Chipotle

Bethlehem VegFest, a vegan and vegetarian festival, moves to August bethlehem_vegfest_moving_to_au.html

HipCityVeg Debuts New Birthday Cake Vegan Milkshake

April 1, 2014

U.N. court rules Antarctic whaling by Japan illegal, orders halt,0,29986.story#axzz2xb9KdmMD
"The United Nations' highest court on Monday ruled that Japan's
Antarctic whaling operations are not for "scientific purposes" as
Tokyo claims and ordered an immediate halt to the practice."

The Japanese will keep hunting whales, even though they've lost their
appetite for them

Gassing used by Texas snake hunters outrages animal rights activists

Animal Rights Group Wants Utah 'No Kill State'

Luxury appetites and protectionism bring foie gras production to China
"For Chinese consumers, France is synonymous with "fancy." And few
things convey French luxury as conspicuously as eating the liver of a
force-fed fowl--which probably explains the surging popularity of foie
gras in China these days."

Israeli animal rights group drinks own blood in gory public demonstration
"Israeli animal rights group 269Life is known for its extreme public
demonstrations, but their latest display of solidarity with animals
was a bit much, even for them."

Animal Rights and Britain's Badger Cull

Exotic animal owners appeal court decision
"COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Exotic animal owners in Ohio are asking a federal
appeals court to reconsider its decision that upheld the state's
restrictions on exotic animals."

$3K reward offered in 'intentional and brutal' killing of 2 dogs found
by children near Syracuse creek offered_in_intentional_and_brutal_killing _of_2_dogs_found_by_syracuse.html

$7,000 reward for dog taken from Buffalo shelter

Speak Out: Animal abuse case ruling
"Animal abuse: This has really made me mad concerning the outcome of
the petting zoo case. Kane County Associate Judge Elizabeth Flood gave
animals back to the woman who (according to authorities) let her other
animals die during the winter due to lack of food and housing. What's
wrong with this judge?"

Vegan Foods You Already Love--and Didn't Even Know It

Health-minded entrepreneurs fill gap in market for vegan, raw food snacks
"A handful of entrepreneurs committed to healthier eating are filling
a gap in the marketfor vegan and raw food snacks, writes Jeanette

How to Eliminate Gluten from all your Plant-based Meals (with Recipes)

'Valley Vegfest' draws devotees of plant-based diet
"Organizers of Saturday's "Valley Vegfest" were guessing that 400
people might show up for the event, the first of its kind in
Northampton. When numbers swelled to over 1,100, the success of the
festival was unmistakable."

Vegan Buffet Table at 'Noah' Party

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