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April 30, 2012
Animal Abuse in Iran
12 arrested in a protest at Green Hill in Italy and Anonymous fights back
April 29, 2012
To effect change, should the 99% go vegan?
Taking Trophies
30 Beagles Rescued from Green Hill Beagle Farms - Italy
April 28, 2012
Dog lover schools kids on lab-testing horrors
The U.S. May End Experiments on Chimpanzees
Animal lovers protest over lack of protection - Cyprus
Undercover investigation of a major UK piggery: more media coverage
Scientists take on activists, want ban on live testing on animals lifted - India
Iran Strays
April 27, 2012
Educating Emotions
Dog's Death Shines Light on Animal Laws - Korea
The Razor's Edge - Australia
April 26, 2012
(US) Animal rights activists have it their way
Academy Award-Winning Actress Anjelica Huston, Steps In to Ban Irish Fur Farms
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
New Case of Mad Cow Found in California
Science and animal testing - a minefield of necessity and emotion
How Do You Like Your Meat?
AR group calls for investigation of Alice research facility after monkey deaths - US
Lush animal testing protest Woman subjected experiments horrified shoppers - UK
Animal Activist Released from Jail After Attempted Mink Liberation
ARAs fined for Somerville protest - Australia
April 25, 2012
Fourth Case of BSE Confirmed in the U.S.
Welcome to the Jungle: States demand secrecy over meat filth and cruelty practices
Norfolk pig farm suspended by Freedom Food over 'disgusting' footage
Court suspends shipment of monkeys to US lab
April 24, 2012
Shamayim V'Aretz, Rabbi David Rosen on Vegetarianism & Jewish Law
The Animal Point of View - book
April 23, 2012
The Plastic Cow
Cruelty-Free Campaign To End Cosmetics Testing on Animals
NIH Spends Our Money to Torture Animals for No Good Reason
Vegans--Not Hunters--Are the Best Environmentalists
April 20th 500 caged dogs rescued in Kunming China
April 22, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
New Animal Equality undercover investigation reveals shocking brutality at East Anglian Pig Co. - UK
Circus, Ballarat races targeted by animal liberation groups - Australia
April 21, 2012
Which Oil is Healthiest?
Outraged Humans, Canines Target Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister over Stray Dogs
US/ca) AR Group Plans Protest at Lakeside Rodeo
ALF Graphics, p. 49 - ALF postcard
(US/ut) Animal activists protest Lagoon
Bird Nest Engineering
Sisypuss: Memoirs of a Vagabond Cat - by Patricia Halloff
April 20, 2012
Confessions Of An Eco-Terrorist
Gary Steiner on animal rights and the vegan imperative
Puzzling over links between monkey research and human health
ARAs to protest at VFF Annual Conference - Australia
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
April 19, 2012
Top Ten Tax-Funded Bizarre Experiments

University of Minnesota makes most ridiculous animal research list
Help for New Shelter in Chile
Mumbai Bans Use of Live Animals for Education, Research - India
How Factory Farm Drug Abuse Makes Vets Rich - Germany
Tracey Spicer - Australia
Turkey - Index of Actions - newsletter
Mary K. Lombardi - Marinda's Castle
April 18, 2012
One's Self Equates Experiencing Me As An Entity Alone - poetry
Birdman: 3 Pigeons With Feathers Cut
Activists ground primate flights - USA
ARAs Break Into Medical Centre - UK
People Vs. Circus in Italy
April 17, 2012
Lush Cosmetics and Humane Society International Launch Global Campaign To End Cosmetics Testing on Animals
China AR Groups Seek Performance Ban
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
April 16, 2012
US Release of Animal Rights Book Against Vivisection
Protest against live export regulations - Australia
The Only Animal Shelter In Afghanistan Facing Eviction
April 14, 2012
Eat less meat to prevent climate disaster, study warns
Prostrate Cancer / Diet Research
Animal rights at the circus: TheDC puts activists' claims to the test
May 2: Protest at Courthouse Against Dog Torture at Wayne State University
US Hunting Blinds Toppled
April 13, 2012
The Myth of Sustainable Meat
Pennsylvania Egg Factory Accused of Animal Cruelty, Filth
Missouri ponders protections for animal ag
Is an Egg for Breakfast Worth This?
48% of Chicken in Small Sample Has E. Coli
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
April 12, 2012
Dairy-Related Outbreaks, Illnesses, Recalls: 2010 to April 2012
Five States Now Have 'Ag-Gag' Laws on the Books
Animal Cruelty Runs Rampant in Kuwait
Comunicato AmiciCani - Milano - Don Mazzi: "Basta dare soldi a cani e gatti"
Revisiting an Animal Researcher who Doesn't Get It
April 11, 2012
Sarah McLachlan pens letter urging Harper to end seal hunt
Inspirational AR Lawyer Coming to Sunshine Coast to Speak
Salt Lake Tribune: Ag-Gag Bills Chill Free Speech
Rabbits, Factory Farming's Best Kept Secret
Bail in Hastings for farm protest - Australia
Apartment blocks in city turn pure vegetarian - India
April 10, 2012
An Elephant mourns a fallen friend
Battle to Free Truck Stop Tiger Continues
California's Unhappy Cow Farmers
April 9, 2012
Delaware River Keeper sues Philadelphia Gun Club over pigeon shoots
Green - The Film - An Orangutan's Journey
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Russia
Equine Therapy: Learning Empathy from Horses
Mickey Rourke to Build Animal Shelter in Romania
April 8, 2012
Return to the Sentient - Mira Fong
ALF Graphics, p. 48 - new graphics
April 7, 2012
Industrial poultry about to get even crappier -- literally
A Horse Named Champ Rescues A Drowning Filly
Friends With Benefits
Announcement From Camille Marino
Activist Receives 60 Days in Attempted Iowa Mink Farm Raid
April 6, 2012
(US/al) ARAs Rally For Stronger Legislation
Museum To Offer Paintings Of Euthanized Dogs
(US/ca) Chef Sued Over False Advertising of Foie Gras
The Way of Purity - band
Macau's Canidrome greyhound track is targeted by animal rights groups
'They've upset the hens': charged activists in second chook break
April 5, 2012
A Burning Rage - movie
The Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control
Angry Cows Kill Dairy Farmers
New testimonies of conscientious objection to animal experiments
Animal rights activists arrested for boarding ship
Bowerbirds - Tuck the Darkness In
April 4, 2012
EVANA Interview with Dr. Richard Schwartz
The Biggest, Fattest Dairy Lie Ever
New Book from John Robbins - No Happy Cows
"Cruelty-free" cosmetics: are you being tricked?
The seal hunt is dead, thank God
April 3, 2012
How Can a Sinking Feeling Be So Elevating?
The Superior Animal? Who Do We Think We Are?
Dead wolf photos stir tension in the West
April 2, 2012
Anti-animal-testing billboard banned in Tasmania
Do Swans Mourn?
FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic
300 pitbulls saved from Philippine dogfighting arena
Chinese animal rights activism
April 1, 2012
What Can An Elephant Teach Children?
From Nathan Winograd: No Kill is Cost Effective
Lawsuits to Declare Animal "Persons" Coming Soon
Behind The Mask (Documentary)
March 30, 2012
Wolf Torture and Execution Continues in the Northern Rockies
Debating Against the Abuser's Excuses
The Dolphin in the Mirror - book
Activists slam meat producers
Who Will Speak for Lucy?
Headed For The Butcher, Chinese Dogs Are Rescued
Twas The Night In the Fur Farm - poem
March 29, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
March 28, 2012
Toward a Re-Cognition of Choice
Amazing Athlete/Animal Defender deserves our support
March 26, 2012
404. Baboon Adopts Bush Baby
405. Baby Monkey - Pig
406. Dog and Monkey Wrestle
407. Dolphins Hitch Rides on Whales
408. Gorilla - Cat
409. Gorilla - Rabbit
410. Orangutan and Hound
411. Miscellaneous
412. Dolphin and Cat
413. Deer and Goose
414. Tiger - Dog
Sanitized Milk Cleanliness Myths
Film o Animal Liberation Frontu i Earth Liberation Frontu
March 24, 2012 - expanded site
Actions Reported to Biteback - Ireland
March 23, 2012
Green - Death of the Forests
March 22, 2012
"Speciesism: The Movie" May Change Your Worldview
(US/wi) Animal rights group targets Kohl's
Animal rights protesters rally in town
The Adventures of Don and the White Animals
March 21, 2012
(AU) Animal-rights activists target factory farms
Action Alert from No-Kill Houston
Good science versus bad science
Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic
Peter Singer - The Genius of Darwin: The Uncut Interviews - Richard Dawkins
Vegan Diet Helped Prisoners
VIDEO--Refined Battery Cages: The Truth
Harvard Kills Primates demo, Sunday, 03-25-2012
March 20, 2012
They Taught How to Negate Animal Rights
Livestock Farming Raises Animal Rights Concerns
March 19, 2012
Does Meat Kill More Americans Than Cigarettes Do?
Billboard Links Hot Dogs To 'Butt Cancer'
(UK) The animal rights 'lone wolf' feared by the ferry firms
March 18, 2012
Animal Rights in the Human Legal System
Anarchist Prisoner Support Tour - USA
Cow Abuse: Undercover PETA Investigation Allegedly Reveals Brutal Treatment At Adirondack Farms - USA
March 17, 2012
Meat Consumption Linked to Increased Risk of Mortality
(US/ut) Hiding animal cruelty
Ricky Gervais launches global campaign to end cosmetic tests on animals
Harvard Halts Animal Research After Fourth Primate Death
March 16, 2012
Political party for animal rights formed in Turkey
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Australia
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Starlit - Betty - song lyrics
March 15, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - Canada
How the FBI Monitored Crusty Punks, 'Anarchist Hangouts,' and an Organic Farmers' Market Under the Guise of Combating Terrorism
March 14, 2012
Critical Theory and Animal Liberation
Healthful, Balanced Vegan Diet Battles Degenerative Disease, Climate Change
Monster zookeepers starve animals at Indonesia zoo
'Blackbird' strikes at Canberra egg farm - Australia
Animal activists' attack labelled 'industrial sabotage' - Australia
Angry workers picket chicken meat company - Australia
March 13, 2012
Cruelty concerns cause Australian's to avoid factory meat
Livestock Farming Raises Animal Rights Concerns
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the Suppression of Free Speech
Rhino poaching: to legalise or not?
Chinese websites ban sale of bear gall, shark fins
March 12, 2012
Foodservice Company Takes Stand on Animal Welfare
Birdman: Baby with Feet Tied Together
Marine Mammals Need Rights, Too, Scientists Say
Dozens of Irish Actors, Film Makers and Producers Speak Out to Back a Ban on Irish Fur Farming
Help the Monkeys of Laos
March 9, 2012
AR Group Known For Protests Now Under Scrutiny
Pigeon Shooters Exposed: Operation Bright Light
China: The fur and the furious
30 Dolphins Rescued by Brazilian Beach Goers
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
March 7, 2012
Brown bear exfoliates using rock as a tool
An Elk Saves a Marmot
Bill in Iowa Threatens Animal Welfare, Human Health, and Civil Liberties
Sea Shepherd Activists Confront Japanese Whaling Vessel Nisshin Maru Near Antarctica
Silence of the Chicks
New York City Animal Shelters
Claim: New Video Shows Abuse Inside New Memphis Animal Shelter
Animal rights activist accused of writing blog posts calling for death of Wayne State researcher
Animal Experimentation at Donetsk and Vivariums Nationwide - Ukraine
Supporters of WFFT Protest Outside Thai Embassy, London
Animals Suffering at Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia
Facebook comments scupper AR protester's assault case - Ireland
March 5, 2012
ALF Graphics, p. 47
People Buying Fresh Meat - humor
Iowa makes it crime to lie to record animal abuse
March 4, 2012
Norwegian Anti-Fur Documentary
The Matador: A Cowardly Bully
Manager of El Escobar pig farm arrested
Seal hunt off Newfoundland 'in a state of limbo'
March 3, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Pete Singer, on Food
Cosmetic companies resume animal testing
Help Animals Confiscated From Thai Sanctuary
March 2, 2012
Opposition Confirms My Purpose
Dr. Gregor's new vol 8 Latest in Nutrition CD
US vegan grandmother 'looks decades younger'
Pig-Vision will be following the life of a pig in a typical intensive pig farm
Factory Farm Parody
When Lions eat Owls and Eagles at Zoos
Spain: Sadistic Torture/Murder on Pig "Farm" -- Please Sign to Shut Them Down
IPhone app targets seal hunt
Olivier Berreville: Codes of practice fail to protect Canada's animals from abuse and suffering
Sealers to activists: Leave us alone
February 29, 2012
Miami Marlins pitcher Mark Buehrle, wife make case for animal rights
Merrillville ARA working to save pets involved in fires
(US/sc) FMU ARAs meet Ringling Bros. Circus
Animal Friends Croatia presents a new AR video
The Polish government does not agree with the Law on the Protection of Animals
Italy: An Interview with Marina Berati
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
February 28, 2012
Manny Pacquiao vs. the Vegan
The University of Florida's Dennis E. Brooks order's the murder of monkey 44D
Gemma Ashford: Singlehandedly Saving Thailand's Street Dogs
Psychology Today: Is Chimpanzee Research Necessary? No, Say Many Scientists.
Crackdown on Anti-Corporate Dissent: AR Movement - UK
Rep. Noel on Utah Bill to Stop Farm Videos
Church of the Latter Day Aints
BUAV Releases Review of Primate Research Carried Out in the UK
NOA Bosna i Hercegovina
February 26, 2012
Got Cancer?
House passes bill to stop 'animal-rights terrorists' shooting video on farms
Again, fur flies over animal testing of cosmetics
February 25, 2012
Re: Self-Proclaimed Activist Tries to Hire Killer - USA
February 24, 2012
ARA's Plan Protest at Riverside McDonald's
Bartlesville Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charge For Burning A Mouse
Butterball workers arrested on animal cruelty charge
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback --Russia
We Are Anonymous (Animal Liberation #2)
Reward Offered in Harris Ranch Fire - USA
Woman Wades into Jordan River to Save Dove Discarded by Clergy
Canadian AR group hosts anti-fur demonstration
February 23, 2012
Book Review: Why Animal-Suffering Matters
"Not Abusive" - National Pork Board
Debate: What's the Difference Between Eating Plants and Animals?
Dr. Tyson on the Human-Animal Connection from a Scientific Standpoint
Avon, Marky Kay, Estee Lauder Paying for Tests on Animals
Seal expert asked dumb and dumber questions - Canada
February 22, 2012
Scientists lobby for dolphin, whale 'bill of rights'
One Year in Prison for "Handing Out Pamphlets" - US
Woman Drives Hercules into Forest to Stop Hunters - 2 - Germany
China's AR movement gets boost from stars like Yao Ming
February 21, 2012
Cats Disappearing in Long Beach, California
Survey reveals animals killed in university teaching continuing despite available alternatives
How to Stop Dog Fighting
Finally, Outrage in China Over Bear Farming
HSI Canada Calls for End of Laying Hen Cages
The Rights of Animals
Super Predatory Humans
The Meaning of Life
February 19, 2012
(US/ut) Bill targets ARAs' videos, photos on farms
Research Reveals the True Cost of a Burger
(US) Whistle-blowing Expose Reveals Cruelty at Iowa Pig Breeding Factory Farm and Hormel Supplier
Circus Performing In Mississippi Is Target Of Federal Charges Following In Defense of Animals' Complaints - US
Discussion: The Arrest of Camille Marino - US
State police raid Wyoming County NY SPCA - US
Woman Drives Hercules Into Forest to Stop Hunters - Germany
Seal Products Ban - Germany
Animal rights advocates oppose IPO - China
Mercy in a Man-Eat-Dog World - China
S. Korea's Cruel and Gruesome Dog Meat Industry - Korea
Japanese Whalers Lose Bid To Block U.S.-Based 'Sea Shepherd' Activists - US
Utah Bill Would Make Videotaping a Factory Farm the Same as Assaulting a Police Officer - US
More arrests at Butterball facility - US
Sacked, Selfridges butcher who sold foie gras under the counter - UK
Kazakhstan ARAs Need Help - USSR
Help to stop misuse of tear gas which has killed many - Bahrain
University of Toronto stops research on live monkeys - Canada
February 17, 2012
Avon Fraudulently Claims No Vivisection
Anthropocentrism versus biocentrism: A False Dichotomy
Camille Marino Arrested -- Are Animal Rights Activists a "Hate Group"?
Corporate Power Vs. Animal Rights
Bird flu will remain a threat as long as factory farms exist
Arrests Made in NC Turkey Farm Abuse Case
Animal rights group rallies - Canada
February 16, 2012
The Field Guide To Anti- Hunting
February 15, 2012
Former Dancer and Philanthropist Killed Trying To Save Injured Animal
IDA News Release - Circus Performing In Alabama Target Of Federal Charges
Norfolk pig farmer criticises secret filming - UK
Activists protest animal testing - Taiwan
UBC Please Have Compassion - Canada
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
February 14, 2012
The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence - book
"Farm Animal Angst" on One Green Planet
Broken Movement
Animal Rights is Terrorism?
ASPCA's "Stealth" Bill to Undermine CAARA In NY
Prisoner Updates
February 13, 2012
Sea Shepherd Crewmember knocked into frigid Antarctic waters by Japanese Water Cannon
(US/ky) Protesters Line Streets Near Shrine Circus
(US/sc) Animal rights group criticizes magazine
Rescuer Saves 86 Animals From Northwest Side Chicago House
ARAN's Campaign to ban fur factory farming in Ireland gains momentum
Drug Firm Draws Fire from ARAs - China
The Cloak and Dagger Operation to Expose Cruelty - Australia
Labor Votes Animals Into Office - Australia
February 11, 2012
The Two Headed Dog
Sue Coe Tells Spencer Museum to Cancel Cruel Slaughter Exhibit
Undercover Activists Rescue Ducks From Foie Gras Farms in CA and NY
February 10, 2012
Got protest? Music mogul Simmons mad over milk
Animal welfare activists facing international state persecution
Police apologise after video showed PCSO accusing protester filming pet store of being a terrorist - UK
Bears Committing Suicide to Escape Bile Farm Horrors? - China
Covert evidence of cruelty halts abattoir - Australia
February 9, 2012
Please Support Camille Marino
Bulgaria - Index - updated
No Resistance - (I Just Want) Action
February 8, 2012
'Enslaved' killer whales case may mark new frontier in animal rights
Orangutans: The Burning Season Trailer
February 7, 2012
Boycott de la Coupe du Monde de Football en Ukraine cause tuerie des Animaux
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
February 6, 2012
Rescuing the Bird Many Love to Hate
Animal Rights Activists Protest Bullfighting in Colombia
February 5, 2012
Animal Photos - updated
Vegetarian diet would slash Britain's carbon footprint
Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Threatens Activism
Greece bans animal circuses
Rita Sarnicola
Terri Eather
February 3, 2012
Animals Lebanon
Foie gras fight far from over
Headline - Deadline
The Danger of Meat
So, what is an ethical vegan?
Animal activist rescues dog from illegal abattoir - Australia
February 1, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - Croatia
Trapped: Campaigners Overshadow Hare Coursing Final Attendees in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Trailer for the movie 'Cages of Shame'
Soi Dog - The Movie
January 31, 2012
Lebanese Activists Fight to Curb Animal Trafficking, Abuse
Animal fat and cholesterol may increase gestational diabetes risk: Study
Antioxidants: Plant Vs. Animal Foods
Borneo: Palm Oil Industry Behind Murderous Bounties on Orangutans
Hunt Sabotage
The Power That Moves - poem
January 29, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
January 27, 2012
Wonderful World of Chickens - video
Martha Stewart Takes On Factory Farming (Video)
First Vegan Radio Program Commemorates 11th Anniversary
Multiple Sclerosis and Dairy
Monsanto & Cancer Milk: Fox News Kills Story and Fires Reporters
Blood Pressure in Vegans vs. Vegetarians vs. Omnivores
Chinese Blogger Saves More Than 1,000 Dogs From Being Eaten
January 26, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Venus and Serena Williams Going Vegan
Don't Blame Other Animals For Human Violence
The Killing of Animals in Shelters and Pounds Is An Animal Rights Issue
Brian May joins BUAV campaign to stop plans to breed beagles for experiments
USDA Choice - poem
January 22, 2012
Udderly Awful
January 21, 2012
Three Sea Shepherd Activists Injured in Clash with Whalers
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Netherlands
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Bangladesh Animal Welfare Society
Furious Activists Broke Into Leather & Fur Fair - Turkey
Animal rights group calls for end to pig-fattening rituals - Taiwan
Supreme Court: No monkey farm in PR Help free Wenka
January 19, 2012
The FBI and Federal Prosecutors Say My Journalism Is "Extremist"
India Migration Birds in Danger
1,000 dogs saved from dining tables
Pet, by Blake Scopino
January 17, 2012
Turkish Mayor to give dogs in the horror shelter to animal activists
Moscow ARAs protest Chinese cat fur coats
You'll Spoil My Dinner - by Gia Campola
January 16, 2012
ONPRC "Chimeric" monkey research - Dark day for animal research says undercover investigator
A rabbit rescue is forced to return 17 rabbits liberated from a Portland butchery school
(Turkey) Activists furious as dog freezes in shelter
January 15, 2012
Chimpanzee Research Backlash - Scientific American
Where's the legal line drawn in animal-rights activism?
New Web Portal For Cosmetic Products
Bacon linked to pancreatic cancer
Dumb Dodos
Friends of the Earth Malaysia (FOEM)
800 Smuggled Thai Dogs Saved from Being Dinner
Are dead animal displays a good way to discourage animal cruelty?
Use humane methods to cull birds, pleads animal rights group
Brazil AR Website
A New Era for Animals in Australia
January 13, 2012
Singer: Europe's ethical eggs
AR group sues poultry hatchery, alleging animal abuse
A High School Student's Activism Against Factory Farming
FBI spies on prisoner advocates
Animal-Rights Activists Like Me Aren't Terrorists
January 12, 2012
Opinions About Milk
New academic database for alternatives in education and training
Can Nanosensors Curb Animal Cruelty?
January 10, 2012
Etre the Cow
Attorneys fighting for animals to be considered people
Animal's Empathy
Pilot Whale Commits Suicide in Taiji
3 Aussie activists board Japanese whaling vessel
Can becoming a vegetarian help save the planet?
The Yin & Yang of the Notmilk Agenda
Prayer of the Cows - poem
Judge orders UF to give ARA records on primates
ARAs protest Everett biomedical lab
Animal rights activists call for Irish horse racing ban
UK ARAs Vs Chinese Bear-Bile Farming
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic
January 9, 2012
George Monbiot: Why Vegans Were Right All Along
New film proving diabetes, heart attack and some cancers can be reversed by diet
How to Accelerate Bone Disease
Rabbits liberated from Italian nativity scene
Of Laws, Cows And People's Mutinies: Will The Beef Ban In BJP-Ruled States Fuel A New Mutiny? - India
We Can't Handle the Truth - Spanish Translation
Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights
January 7, 2012
Battery Hens with Waiting Homes Slaughtered by Irish Farmers
Binghamton Deer Cull Halted - USA
Students campaign against animal abuse - Malaysia

Persevering for animal rights
Eggs Are Filth
Lawsuit To Determine If Dogs Have Souls
January 5, 2012
Sculptured by Weights and a Strict Vegan Diet
Why You Can Be Branded a Terrorist for Fighting Animal Abuse
ARAs Stage Protest in Mexico City
January 4, 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - Ireland
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
January 3, 2012
Vegan 15 Peaks 2012 - the Running version!
Diabetes Cure
N.J. animal rights group adds forensic veterinarian
Cruelty Free Lies of the Cosmetic Industry
Inconvenient Truth about Dog Meat
New international site to support local AR groups
December 31, 2011
Christmas Tale for HLS Investor AstraZeneca, by ALF
Philippines: Dogs Rescued On Way To Slaughterhouse -
December 30, 2011
Project Nim 2011
Saving Chicklit
(AU) Damaged Sea Shepherd ship on heads to Fremantle
Japanese whalers ask Seattle judge to stop activists
FBI tracking videotapers as terrorists?
Public protest: 400 activists and 400 dead animals - Spain
AR group's video sparks search of North Carolina turkey farm
ABC News Investigations of the Year: What's In Your Egg McMuffin?
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
December 29, 2011
Meet the New Meat
Beckoff - Dead Cow Walking
Deer kill will hurt children's psyches
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
December 28, 2011
(AU) Duck shooting season angers animal rights groups
In Defense Of Animals Wins Landmark Injunction To Stop Deer Massacre At Binghamton University
Milk Triples Prostrate Cancer Rate
Seasonal Autism & Attention Deficit
When Protesting Is Terrorism
Dyed chicks rescued from Dombivli - India
Truck set ablaze by ARAs - India
December 27, 2011
Article explores the human predictivity of animal models
The Mainstreaming of Vegan Diets
lte: Trapping: Time to evolve past cruel practice
Dog Rescued
The Vampire and the Vegan, Book I: Food
December 26, 2011
Sea Shepherd News
December 25, 2011
Hunting's Dirty Little Secret
CCR challenges the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act as a Violation of Free Speech
December 23, 2011
1st Global Multi-stakeholder Forum on Animal Welfare
Scientific Reports Says Chimp Experiments Not Necessary
'Ag Gag': Why Whistleblower Suppression Laws Are A Bad Idea
Cayuga Heights deer problem takes center stage
Fire guts the country's biggest fur feed supplier
December 22, 2011
Animal Rights Group Plans To Stop Culling - USA
Dogs Killed for Aesthetics - Ukraine
Man strips naked and cages himself to protest dog butchers - China
Thailand Animal Protection Actions
December 21, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
"The Barbecue" movie trailer
The Barbecue
December 20, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic
Alternatives in China - outreach report online
Lest We Forget --
Moby - by FAOcast
Celebrities to McDonald's: "I'm Hatin' It"
AR campaigners film 'shocking' conditions at rabbit farms - Netherlands
Russian ban 'spells the end of Canadian sealing,' activists say
19 Million Animals Saved? - India
December 18, 2011
The Baltic Sea, the food we eat, and what all this means
Amsterdam - Workshop: Sustainable Protein Supply
First Guidelines For Lab Chimps Drawn Up
NIH temporarily bans new chimpanzee research
December 16, 2011
Extreme Vegans Wanted!
We can balance animal research, animal rights
Assessing the necessity of chimpanzee experimentation
It Takes Courage to Support Animals' Dignity
ARAs and Commissioners Win One for the Circus Elephants in Margate
Small and medium-sized experimentation center project in LUGO (GZ, Spain)
Feds Seek Activist For Alleged Terrorist Acts
Lawsuit challenges animal enterprise terror law as unconstitutional
Charges withdrawn against Suffolk animal activist
"Ag Gag" Bill Reintroduced in Florida, as Animal Activist Faces Felony for Photography
Utah ARA loses appeal, makes music video about prison - USA
Second thoughts on extreme tactic - UK
ARAN Sparks National Debate with New Campaign to Stop the Killing of Dogs this Christmas - Ireland
Das Ende der Stierkaemp​fe - Germany
Another 200 dogs rescued in Sichuan by volunteers - China
AU Farmers Training to Tweet to Counter ARAs - Australia
December 14, 2011
Brazil ARAs Dec 2011
China (ACTAsia) Anti-Fur Campaign
Liberate 46 galline a Cesena
December 13, 2011
New Law School Unleashes Animal Rights
Bring Lennox Home
Forks over Knives documentary having impact on American diet
City's fur ban a first step in ending cruel industry
No meat for me, please, I'm a strictly vegan cat
AR fury as sharp-shooters kill 200 black bears in ONE day in annual hunt
Activists look to ban circus from Palm Beach County
Eastern Turkey - Wolves
At Sussex County bear hunt, same AR protester is arrested for second straight year
Israel JPost anti-horse racing article
(US/tx) AR group complains of injured monkeys at Alice research supplier
'They would wince, scream, tremble and shake': U.S. lab investigated for horrific abuse of test monkeys
Cats Endure Bleeding and Bruising in University of Virginia Training Program
Lab animals typically euthanized, not adopted out
Parliament row brews over animal experiments and new EU Directive
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Canada
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Finland
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
Walt Rave Appreciation
AR groups protest at Princeton
ARAs criticize Trustee's company
Correct NJ Bear Hunt info
Shark Fin Poison Threat and "Eco-Terrorism" in Canada
Vegan protest meats, greets - Australia
New Harris Interactive poll shows vegan eating doubles since 2009
December 11, 2011
Walter Rave passed this morning surrounded by friends
Aren't We Lucky? Another Phony Dairy/Calcium Conclusion!
Ban on Foie Gras Stepped Up
December 10, 2011
18.3 Million Unoccupied Houses in the U.S.
Activists still irked at North Chicago pound operations
Rats exhibit empathy
December 9, 2011
Quebec government to propose bill to raise fines, controls on animal cruelty
A Response to Animal Liberation Canada/USA's Racialized Rhetoric
China's Activists on Seal Products Trade - Satire
December 7, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - New Zealand
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback and NAALPO - Mexico
December 6, 2011
Animal activist group to protest Pasadena company today
Dog Rescues Kittens Sealed in Meow Mix Bag/Run Over by Cars
(US/nj) Animal activists fight gassing of geese in Ocean County
(MO) Hundreds walk for animal rights
Israelis Demonstrate Against Fur Trade Cruelty
(TW) Council to urge stringent monitoring of animal shelters
Dutch Restrict Maximum Building Size for Poultry Houses
Ric O'Barry of THE COVE in Puerto Rico for Dec. 13th event
(CA) U.S.-based AR group to rescue bountiful bunny population
Newswire: Undercover investigation reveals serious food safety and horse welfare concerns
Bahrain Tear Gases Birds
December 5, 2011
Officials reconsider Nevada animal abuse law's secrecy clause
Nothing biblical in factory farming
Anarchists sabotage rail line ... with revolutionary greetings and love to Walter Bond
Animal advocates hold protest - Taiwan
Animal Rights Protesters Take Over Madrid Protesting Fur Industry
Okrutna istina - Geri Jourofski (najbolji govor u odbranu prava �ivotinja) - Croatia
December 4, 2011
Dog, Leopard, and Piglet are Friends
Actions Reported to Biteback - Greece
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback --Russia
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Do I Go Home Today? - poem
Future of circuses with animals on county ballot
ARAs shoot new footage in piggery owned by chairman of pig producers' association
New Investigation Exposes Ireland's Shameful Fur Farms, Again!
Hate crimes unit called in after purported animal-rights group threatens to poison food in Chinatown
December 2, 2011
Sir Paul McCartney attacks French school over vegetarian ban
50% discount off animal experimentation book
Animal ethics article shortlisted for media award
(US/mn) Animal rights group files complaint against Sparboe Farms
Israel Bans Declawing
Shark Fin Soup: Underground AR Group Threatens To Spread Poison In Toronto's Chinatown
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
November 30, 2011
USDA fines Ringling Bros. Circus over treatment of animals
Vegetarians Eating Fish
Recent coverage regarding dolphinarium planned for San Juan, Puerto Rico
les manifs mensuelles pour la lib�ration animale, on commence le samedi 7 janvier 2012
Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series
(US/tx) AR group complains of injured monkeys at Alice research supplier
Free E book on anti hare coursing campaign
November 29, 2011
Soy Intake and Lung Cancer Risk
USDA's Secret Garden
Milk stimulates growth of prostate cancer cells in culture
UTC will no longer use wild caught baboons for medical research
'Micro-lungs' could bring an end to animal testing, say Cardiff University bioscientists
About a proposed new animal welfare act in Sweden (with comment from Animal Rights Sweden): ;
Turkey - update
November 26, 2011
Protesters mark Fur Free Friday in San Luis Obispo
Occupy Portland takes part in demonstrations throughout Black Friday
Animal Protection Actions in Bolivia - updated
Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
New law school program unleashes animal rights
AstraZeneca Sues Animal Rights 'Terrorists'
Stop wasting tax dollars on chimp abuse
Cats force-fed Mr. Clean made by Proctor and Gamble (graphic)
Food standards embarrassing - US
Warning: Faux Fur May Not Be So Faux
Hope for Christian Hunters?
AR group for action against wildlife law violation - India
ARAs carry dead pigs in downtown Helsinki protest - Finland
November 23, 2011
ARA Yourofsky likens livestock to slaves
AR group erects sign near Butterball headquarters urging people to go vegetarian
Protest against Puerto Rico dolphinarium
New video by ARAs shows that little has been done to improve conditions at Finnish pig farms
Rise, Sleeping Giant
Speciesism and Veganism: Transcending Politics and Religion
ARM Releases 16 Turkeys, 2 Geese
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Switzerland
Actions Reported to Biteback --Russia
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
November 20, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Brazil
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Marti Kheel passed away
Music and the Animal Liberation Movement
Animal rights activists plan protest - New Zealand
November 18, 2011
Animal Liberationists Make Claim for Oregon Mink Release of Sept 24
Why (Even If You're Not for Non-Human Rights) You Should UN-OCCUPY Big-Ag
(UT/US) Support Jordan Update for November 2011
Constitutional Right to Farm? Or Legal Right to Torture Animals?
Meat Industry in Supreme Court
Animal-based diets are inconsistent with basic religious values
Ukraine calls for dog killing ban
Hunger strike for animal rights - UK
November 16, 2011
AR group releases commercial about University
AR Campaigners Win FOI Battle Against Newcastle University Monkey Experiments
Drustvo za zastitu prava Zivotinja Noa - Herzegovina
The Thoughts of "H" - poem
Man Convicted of Killing Mother Duck
'Flexitarians' challenge meat, poultry industry
SHARK Documents Unbelievably Vile "Tower Shoot"
ARAs cleared over pig farm filming - Finland
Subway Riding Pigeons Think Flying Is For The Birds
How many animals suffer to death?
The ASPCA's War on Animal Lovers
Production Fur In Belarus and Elsewhere
Animal welfare laws one major step closer
Birdman - Guardian Angel and the Rooster
Activism Cancels Deer Hunt in Darien, CT
Hero Uses Pocket Knife to Free Trapped Lynx in Canadian Wilderness
November 15, 2011
Protester on hunger strike in city centre over animal rights - UK
Actions Reported to Biteback - Poland
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
November 14, 2011
Review of Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes
Example of Research Scientist's Ignorance
The ASPCA's attack on 'extremists'
Letter From Walter Bond's Mother
Killing Migrating Birds with Glue Traps - Spain
Lutte Contre L'Hippophagie - France
New Anti-Fur group in Action, Sao Paulo - Brazil
NZ must toughen up pathetic animal welfare laws - New Zealand
November 11, 2011
Bill Clinton: From McDonald's to vegan
Comment: Against Dolphin Captivity
West Hollywood To Fur Buyers: You Could Be Banned
Angry workers picket chicken meat company - Australia
Animal testing under the microscope - Australia
Voice of the Voiceless is now Animal Liberation Frontline
Desespero no Canil Municipal de Laguna Photos of Go-Veg Walk in Osaka
November 9, 2011
Ban children under 16 from buying pets, says SPCA - Singapore
Bristol Royal Infirmary hospital stops Pigeon cull
Huntingdon town centre shut for animal rights protest march
The Big Top-ple, Daily Activist Article
Pak liberals oppose sacrifice of animals on Eid - Pakistan
Activists Dive In to Help Dogs Abandoned in Floods - Thailand
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Bolivia
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
November 6, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
November 5, 2011
Lecture links animal cruelty and human violence
Campus security identifies potential threat for campus locations - USA
November 4, 2011
Humane Society files SEC complaint against Smithfield
Miss Sport Croatia Launches anti-Hunting Campaign
Puerto Rico Halts Construction of Monkey Breeding Facility
Home and Car of AstraZeneca Executive Vandalized by Animal Liberation Operatives - USA - Thailand
November 3, 2011
A Chicago Area Protest Against Dolphin Slaughtering in Taiji Japan
November 2, 2011
Leading Australian Professor supports Vegan Warriors' Circus Condemnation
Historic U.S. Bill to end cruelty to wild animals in circuses
SUPREME COURT: Ramos defends anti-cruelty animal law
Activists Must Remain United Under the Banner of Ending Animal Suffering
Vandal Ransacks Lackawanna Livestock Market - US
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
October 31, 2011
U.S. Supreme Court takes up treatment of pigs
Birds fly in frenzy amid firecrackers
Andrew Wilkie introduces Indonesian cattle cruelty Bill into Australian Parliament
'Veg only' apartments in Mangalore
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Dr. Steven Best - Fuck the Law - Riot now!
Untold Story Behind the Captive Whale and Dolphin Industry
October 29, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
October 27, 2011
Prostate Cancer & Diet
Occupy Wall Street: The Interconnected Movement for Social Justice
(NL) Animal testing losing favour
Wrong to call animal activists 'terrorists'
ISRAEL: anti-horse racing article
October 25, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
October 22, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Canada
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
October 21, 2011
Where are the Churches?
Conference: Animals and the Law
TV Star Alesha Dixon appeals on behalf of the League
October 20, 2011
Buffalo Opens Butchers' Eyes
Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes Delicious Dishes With Hellfire and Brimstone
Keith Olbermann reads Occupy Wall St Statement which includes animal concerns
Moscow activists demand protection for stray dogs
ARAs Face Trial Over Moscow Protest
Go-Veg demo - Japan
October 19, 2011
Ending animal dissection in India
Five Reasons Why ARAs Should Occupy Wall Street
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
October 18, 2011
Dr. Greger's Nutrition DVD Vol. 6
Chinese Activists Save 1000 Dogs from Chop
Animal-rights proponents demonstrate outside MPI Research in Mattawan
October 17, 2011
Most Serious Charge Dropped Against Pair Caught at Iowa Fur Farm
In California, Going All Out to Bid Adieu to Foie Gras
(US) Protestors target lab treatment of animals
Why the Caged Bird Does Not Sing
October 16, 2011
Third Fur Farm Raid in Two Weeks: 1,000 Mink Released in Washington
FBI investigating mink farm raid near Gifford Washington
October 15, 2011
Two Arrested For Attempted Break-In at Iowa Fur Farm
'Serial arsonist,' animal rights activist ordered to prison
Government of Madhya Pradesh Directs Egg Producers to Discontinue Starvation Force Molting of Laying Hens
Protesters gather in Helena to protest wolf hunt
A letter and article about Ontario's Spring Bear Hunt
October 14, 2011
AR groups defined as terrorists on government website
Extremists Claim Responsibility For Attack On Gifford Mink Ranch - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
October 13, 2011
70 Malls Across US To Ban Pet Sales
Irvine Bans Retail Dog and Cat Sales, Rodeos and Circuses with Exotic Animals
Activists demand protection for Moscow stray dogs
Dutch govt orders whale transfer to Spanish zoo
October 12, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Activist Secretly Videotapes FBI Visit Investigating Mink Liberation
Dolphin Project: Celebrity Video
October 11, 2011
Activists in Israel to Protest the Ukraine's Animal Cruelty
Coordinated & Strategic Disruption at a Bullfight - France
Vandals strike again in Tiburon, freeing the last 20,000 juvenile salmon into the bay
October 9, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Norway
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Free Roaming Refuge Saves 1,200 Dogs, Cats, Horses and Bunnies
New Animal Advocacy Group in Texas
The Need for Animal Protection Laws in Bolivia
Thank you to Puerto Rico's Congressman Pedro Pierluisi
Mink Released at Farm in Rural Jewell
October 7, 2011
Eighth World Congress on Alternatives report (I): Multimedia Exhibition
FBI: Fur factory fire was domestic terrorism
The Dark Side of Religious Belief
Steve Jobs, Innovator And Vegetarian, Praised By PETA
October 5, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Data Dump, Defacement of Fur Store Website
400,000 people in Israel demonstrated
Manifestation contre l'experimentation animale - Belgium anti-viv demo
Pigs Investigate Thefts of Hundreds of Pigs From Farms
Saboteurs Release 40,000 Fish in California
October 3, 2011
Saving Valentina the Humpback Whale
Activists sabotaged a fishing tournament in Croatia
Activists to protest poisoning of dogs in Venezuela
Cyprus Joining Together to End Animal Cruelty
October 1, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
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