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February 28, 2011
Farm to Fridge Exposes Truth
From Farm to Fork now in Schools
No evidence working with live animals makes better surgeons
Are Stand-Up Comics Disguised as Bird-Brained Scientists?
Eating Animals in College Classes- Support for
Duke, UNC Choose 'Eating Animals' for Summer Reading
Wave of Sabotage Reported at Iowa Factory Farms
Real Animal League Fights Back -UK
Finland Anti-Fur Farming Protest
Finland AR Org Reveals Cruelty on Fur Farms
Gross neglect of mink in Danish Mink Farms
US Gov. Software Creates 'Fake People' on Social Networks to Promote Propaganda
February 26, 2011
One by One - poem
February 25, 2011
WAR Returns to the Hack Line
Johns Hopkins under fire for using animals in doctor training
Gunman Accosts, Threatens SHARK President
Hawaii Teens Take Stand to Stop Animal Abuse
February 24, 2011
Biteback Reports - Spain
Biteback Reports - Russia
Why ARAs Should Support Incremental Reforms
Sheep Are Brighter Than We Thought
ALF Raid UK Lab Animal Breeders
Turkey Prepares to Pass Stringent Animal Cruelty Laws
Near-naked anti-fur girls strut their stuff in Shibuya - Japan
February 21, 2011
"Eating Meat" Conference - Germany
ARA's Ready Cameras for Seal Hunt - Canada
Women End Hen Protest After "Achieving Goal" - New Zealand
Become a Compassionate shopper in 2011 with BUAV'S new Little Book of Cruelty Free!
Russia: Web site created to find homeless animals new family
Shark Exposes Pigeon Shooting Cowards Again
Vegetarianism all the rage in MMA
February 20, 2011
WAR - Social Networking for Carriage Horses
Vegan Resource Material 2011
Oreo's Law ReIntroduced - Text and Commentary - USA
Miscellaneous - animal stories
Let the hunters kill the whales. They are doomed anyway: From pollution.
Infiltrator Apologizes to ARAs - UK
Scientist cooks veggies so amazingly yummy - Philippines
Shocking Pictures Emerge from Finnish Fur Farms
China row over synchronised goldfish magic trick
February 19, 2011
A Mother's Revenge: Elephant Kills 17 and Eats Human Flesh
Buehrle Not Backing Downn From Slam Against Vick
Lies of Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunts - Japan
ARAN - Carmody Confronts Gael Leader - Ireland
Those Eyes - poems by Sarah
Modern China
February 18, 2011
From Farm to Fridge
HLS using animals to test petrol, food additives, botox and cosmetic substances
ARA's Face Harsh Unconstitutional Consequences Others Don't
Activist Scott DeMuth gets 6 months for raid on ferret farm
Walter Bond's Final Statement to the Court at Sentencing
AR Group Upset with Emergent Biosolutions - USA
Fine Gael threaten to reverse stag hunt ban - UK
Riceviamo e pubblichiamo
Egypt’s animals suffer horrible fate during revolution
Macau Has No Agenda for Animals
10,000 Stray Dogs To Be Shot In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
February 17, 2011
Science Weighs In: Welfarist Reforms Cause People to Buy Significantly Less Meat
Hymn To The Voiceless - new Maria Daines song
Seal-Hunt-Supporting Senator Struts Her Ignorance - Canada
Stop the Cull of Crows and Magpies - Canada
Birdman- How a patient got the name Anchovy Angel
France - updated
Japan suspends annual whale hunt
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Argentina
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
February 12, 2011
Kill a man; Make a Wallet of His Skin
February 11, 2011
USA, Calif: Animal Liberation Forum April 2011
Emergent's Animal Testing Questioned
NY ARAs Continue Rally at Hempstead Animal Shelter
Korea Cull Stats, Feb 2011
Don't forget the seals, another animal slaughter
It's hard being a seal clubber these days
Death on the Ice: The Atlantic Seal Hunt Debate
Biteback Reports - Austria
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - UK
February 10, 2011
Welterweight Jake Shields Fights For Animals
WAR Operation: Have a Heart for Sled Dogs - USA
Animal Rights Activists Arrested In Jackson - USA
A Unified Website for NYC Animal Activism - USA
Denuncia cani Rusino - Italy
February 9, 2011
Anniversary of the Death of Jill Phipps
Charles River Lab Protest Feb 26, 2011
WAR Launches Feb 2011 Operation -1
WAR Op: Put a Little Love in Your Heart -2
Cookie Einstein: Dog Who is Good With Numbers to Save a Number of Dogs
February 8, 2011
Birdman Feb 2011
UPC Newsletter Feb 2011
Chicken Vanishes, Heartbreak Ensues
Tell Congresspersons to vote NO on the Patriot Act - USA
Cane Seppellito - Italy
il canile di Rieti - Italy
Heftige Website Aufgetaucht - Germany
February 6, 2011
Whole Foods starts animal welfare ratings on meat, poultry
Celebrities Pledge Support to ADI's Lion Rescue
Memorial held for Kimberly Blackwell slain in Costa Rica
Alicia Silverstone on Being Happy, Healthy, and Saving the Planet
Rodeo protesters fear for safety - Australia
UK: Vivisection Breeders Hit Hardest by Animal Rights Successes--More AR Protests Planned
Hare Coursing Finals Demo Hits National Television - Ireland
It's a Dog's Life, and it Matters
Parallel Vegan Universe(s)
Ugly Side of Net Vigilantes
February 5, 2011
Chimps Mourn Death of Children
"Canada has broad, well-crafted animal cruelty laws"? [that is clear nonsense!]
February 3, 2011
Biteback Reports - Italy
Biteback Reports - UK
Appeal to Ban Steel Jaw Leghold Traps Used on Strays - Taiwan
Ad for Building a No-Kill Community Workshop
DawnWatch: "Vegans Take America" on NPR's On Point
Oprah Vegan Week
Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010
Fox mauled arm of hunt supporter on her birthday 'in revenge' attack
Croatia Vs Seal Products
Two ALF Prisoners Released
Animal-rights commando goes after Santeria sacrifices - USA
Public opinion supports prohibition of seal products - Taiwan
Climate tax on meat/milk results in less greenhouse gases - Sweden
S. Korean livestock culling takes emotional toll on farmers
New Video Exposes Taiji Lies - Japan
PERRERAS - lettera denuncia - Italy
ACTAsia's Anti-fur campaign - Chian
Animals Australia Placed Ads in All Major Newspapers
February 1, 2011
Kids and Animals - Book
Arizona farmers, Humane Society at odds over animal rights
January 31, 2011
Grief of the penguins: Scores of birds bowed in mourning after the deaths of their chicks
Jack LaLanne
National Science Experts Refute Deer Killing Plan
Criminal Minds and Ecological Disasters
West Hollywood Anti-Fur Demonstration
Where Would The World Be Without Activists?
Georges Laraque on his new image
Take part in National Anti Fur Day events
Chimpanzees Outsmart Hunters
Good News for Pigs in South Africa
Rescuing Dogs in Zagreb, Croatia
January 30, 2011
Police Disinformation on UK Indymedia
Video: Undercover video alleges shocking animal abuse at a New York Mills puppy mill
Activists against live poultry sales sue farmers' market and vendor
MPs back drive against animal testing - UK
UK: Activists Plan Demo Against Companies Transporting Animals for Torture
EU: Commission urges Sweden to respect endangered wolves
ARAs Demand Police Hunt Poodle Abusers - Malaysia
India for Animals - Webcast
Steven Best on Revolution in 21st Century, part 1; Revolution, part 2
Animal and Child Abuse - Making the Connection
Gorilla Walks Like Human, Upright on Two Hind Legs
Bulgarian Animal Shelter Appeals for Help
January 29, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback --Russia
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
January 27, 2011
Jonathan Safran Foer: environmentalists who eat meat have a blind-spot
World's Premier Food Services Provider Rolls Out Meatless Monday
Tip of the Ice Creamburg
Why mice are being gassed so YOU can look younger
Thailand Store Has a Zoo
Scare Tactics and Fishing Expeditions: A Response to Government Intimidation
ARAs Sue UCLA Police; Claim Harassment
Sweden: Unethical and illegal killing of wolves
January 26, 2011
2nd EU AW Strategy (2011-2015)
Danish Historical Success for Fur Bearing Animals
The Commercial Seal Hunt: Defamation and Heinous Propaganda
Guernsey ARAs Take Petition to the USA
January 24, 2011
Vegans - Now Mainstream
Legislatures in 4 states: Put vegan options on school lunch menus
Vegetarian Decides Murder is Morally OK
33 terrorist groups? It was "a big lie"
Animals and Souls
Brooklyn dance teacher Cynthia King has special passion for animal welfare and advocacy
The Night the Birds Fell From the Sky
Squirrel Appreciation Day
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Vegan Wolf Tribe
ARAN - RIP Greg Naughton
January 22, 2011
The Accidental Terrorist
Top Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants
EU: Implementation of ban on conventional cages for laying hens confirmed
The Hidden Costs of Factory Farming - Brussels
Torturing Animals for Fractured Science
No-Kill Advocate 2011-1
No Kill Shelters - Defined
January 21, 2011
A Ladder for Compassionate Hearts
Biteback Report - UK
Biteback Report - Sweden
Biteback Report - Germany
Biteback Report - Mexico
Double Blind Groundhog Day Experiment Trial - Robert Cohen
January 18, 2011
UK police-AR spy
Turkey Circus Protest
Sweden's wolf hunt heading to court
New Israeli Prisoner
Ireland Celebrities Support ARAN's Anti-Fur Campaign
India for Animals Conference to be Held in Chennai
Hong Kong Urged to Tackle Animal Welfare
China Bans Circuses
Ottawa ARAs Target Human Society's Meaty Menu
Armenia: ARAs Plan Suit Against New Yerevan Dolphinarium
January 15, 2011
Bardot group campaigns against halal animal slaughter
Carrie Underwood Defends Vegans
ARA Handbook
Animal rights campaigner claims he was sacked for his views on fox hunting
Bison Video Now on YouTube
Factory Farm Locations
Sea Shepherd E-News Jan 13, 2011
Stop Millions of Songbird Deaths
Are Human Beings Natural Meat-Eaters? - Dan Piraro video
Univ. of Michigan Torturing Cats and Pigs
Coakham Hunt's greatest game pits bloodhounds against man
UK Police Officers Unmasked
Animal group files complaint against Istanbul Mayor Topbas
Video: 36 Beagles Rescued from lab in Spain
January 14, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
January 13, 2011
Hit the Open Road at Bohemian Friday
Pigeon Shoot Cowards Intentionally Shoot Down Angel Aircraft - Corrupt Authorities Do Nothing
Vitamin B-12 Deficiency
Vegetarian diet can prevent cancer
Good Vegan Cheese Substitute
Lawsuit Claims Food Pyramid is Illegal
Animals culled in British safari park
Whale Wars Jan 11, 2011
Justice Department Warned FBI on Focusing on Environmentalists
Canned Hunting in South Africa
Police: Boat Vandals May Have Been From ELF - USA
Trial collapses after undercover officer changes sides - UK
Dutch Professors Join Forces Against Factory Farming
January 12, 2011
South Korea Buries One Million Pigs Alive
Comunicato AmiciCani - Pessime adozioni dal sud al nord.
New circular protects animals used in experimentation
January 10, 2011
Bible Study Topic
RIP: Bob Chorush
AR Speech by Gary Yourofsky, Recorded in 2010
Revolutionary and Militant
Slaughterhouse Blues (Why I am Vegan Part II)
January 9, 2011
Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Involvement in Plans to Weaken Sea Shepherd
UK Activist Targetted a Bank
Hillside Animal Sanctuary Farm Animal Investigations
Taiwan ARAs Protest Eating Dogs
Spanish Broadcaster Bans Bullfighting
Comunicato AmiciCani
Grazie per l�attenzione
Nagpur: Animal rights activists roughed up
Veganism increasing in Germany
January 7, 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
January 5, 2011
Winning arguments on behalf of animals
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Russia
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
January 4, 2011
Letter from Jordan Halliday
Received from Political Prisoner Steve Murphy's Support Crew
I Am the ALF "Lone Wolf", by Walter Bond
January 3, 2011
A Time For Love - poems
Tom Turkey
Just One Voice
India for Animals Conference 2011 - Chennai
Forget Eagles' Vick; cheer for his victim Mel
NOT A SINGLE WHALE DEAD! Japanese Harpooners Preoccupied With Protesters Instead
January 1, 2011
Japanese whalers and activists clash off Antarctica
4-min video highlighting Compassion Over Killing's first 15 years of advocacy. 
ALF Graphics, p. 43
On the Side of the Animals by RSPCA
A Bleak Winter's Night - poem
Brian May & Bill Oddie support end to cruel monkey trade
Unite! - by Maria Daines
One Dog, One Life
Total Liberation: Revolution for the 21st Century - Steven Best
Don't Buy Any Food You Have Seen Advertised
I am a dog. Not a thing.
SHARK on Pigeon Shoots
Video - Respect Animals
Good Housekeeping Goes Vegan
Milk Does NOT Protect Against Osteoporosis
Where (milk) Ignorance Is Bliss
Latest Pus Cell Count in Your State's Milk
Milk Industry Salts the Pot
Trans-Fatty Acids are Good For You
Don't Eat Animals - IQ2 Debate
Animal Testing - Support Brands Not Tested on Animals
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback --Russia
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
December 31, 2010
Thailand Activists Vs. Elephant Exploitation
Gorilla Rehabilitation in the Congo
WI Vet Quits Over Animal Treatment
Oslo Fashion Week, Anti Fur
Large Animal Testing Lab in Japan
Crush Video Banned in China
Franken Fish and the Meaning of Human Evolution
December 30, 2010
2010 Wins for Animals
nyc animal contacts
December 29, 2010
ARAs Protest Live Poultry Market
A.L.F.-Raided Fur Farm Confirmed Closed by Anonymous Tipster
December 28, 2010
Taipei ARAs Protest Against Breeding Designer Cats
Belgrade premiere of "Kinofil" movie
Warsaw Activists Protest Animals Freezing in Nativity Scene
Israel Ministerial committee approves bill banning animal testing for cosmetics
December 27, 2010
Ecuador will hold a plebiscite on bullfighting
Farm Animal Rights Weigh Heavily on Minds of Canadian Residents
New Zealand Farm Workers Report Animal Cruelty
December 23, 2010
Gary Francione Argues Abolitionist Position in New Book
Watkins Memorial graduate's book fills void for vegan children
December 22, 2010
Out of the Box - Dog Training Game
The Miracle of the Seven Survivors: Pigeon Shoot Update - USA
Band of Mercy - Breakthrough on Pet City Campaign - USA
Help Protect Millions of Birds
2010 Animal Victories
Hockey Player Offers $100K to Move Elephant to a Sanctuary
December 19, 2010
The Silent Seers - Advent Poem
An Advent Reflection on God and Animal Cruelty
Preaching the Gospel of Violence
Badd Newz - The Untold Story of the Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case
12 Days of Xmas 2010 - NY Day 4
12 Days of Xmas 2010, Day 5 - Helping Save Death Row Animals
Be A Voice for the Chimps
Donate to VegFam
wolf hunt in Latvia is a sick joke
December 18, 2010
Mobile Vegan Video Projection HOWTO
Dauphin County gun club faces 60 counts of animal cruelty from pigeon shoot
Harness Horse Racing Cruelty to Horses Soon to End in New Jersey
Brazilian ARA Isabel
Conservatives Against Fox Hunting: placing animal rights over party loyalty
Scotland's farmers praised for supporting wildlife this winter
Operation: Twelve Days of Xmas 2010 - Day 1
    2 of 12 Days of Xmas - How Much is That Puppy in the Window
    3 of 12 Days of Xmas - Don't Leave NYC Animals Out in the Cold
December 17, 2010
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Italy
Biteback Reports - Mexico
Biteback Reports - Germany
Biteback Reports - Spain
December 16, 2010
Madrid Activists Get Publicity
Pig welfare takes major step forward as surgical castration will end by 2018
December 15, 2010
AmiciCani - Bologna - Lucia Leone, una volontaria - Italy
ARAN's Favorite Video - Ireland
A good life makes for happy cows at Hare Krishna farm - India
The Great Rainy River Canada Goose Fiasco
Inder Bedi's Via Vegan in Montreal
December 12, 2010
Mexican Liberation Prisoner Abraham Lopez Released From Prison
The Vegan Papers - USA
Meet the (Chinese) Vegans
Philippine AR Article
December 11, 2010
SHARK Rescues 21 Wounded Birds After Horrific Live Pigeon Shoot
Goldman Sachs Sues to Stop Protests - USA
TV News Shows Deer Killing - USA
Banned animal rescuers sue Hempstead - USA
December 10, 2010
USA: A ruling on animal rights
"Progress" but No Cures
Animals In Print - 20 November 2010
10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog Instead of a Facelift
Satire: Omaha School Field Trip Tour of Slaughterhouse Traumatizes Children
FBI Continues its History of Thwarting Peaceful Social Progress
How To Visit a Fur Farm - Without Being the A.L.F.
Animal advocate brings message to Fort Collins
Should people protesting the state bear hunt be arrested? - USA
Romania Animal Rescue
2-degrees mess, Italy
The Israeli Primate Sanctuary
Austrian activist trial may be reaching favorable conclusion
300 protest against circus animals exploitation in Malta
Best Day of Fishing Ever - photo-story
December 9, 2010
Biteback Reports - USA
Biteback Reports - Germany
December 7, 2010
"Delete article 51 A (g) of Indian Constitution - Naresh Kadyan"
New Zealand: Clubbing Murders of Protected Seals Outrages
(NZ) Consumers urged to make a difference
Sao Paulo International Animal Rights Day 2010
Bosnian Pyramid
December 6, 2010
Animal Liberation Forum 2011
AR Digest Dec 5, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic
Actions Reported to Biteback and NAALPO - Mexico
Ethiopian Vegan Association Inaugural Event to Take Place in Addis Ababa
Should Home Protests Be Outlawed?
Taipei Retailers Stop Selling Seal Oil Products
Animal rights groups: Bucharest stray dog problem could be solved by 2012
Indian ARAs Vs. Zoo Animal Shipments
Anti-Fur Exhibit at Punk Rock Show in Sao Paulo
December 5, 2010
No fights: ARAs bring jugglers and clowns to the Coliseum - Italy
A Song for Red - Maria Daines
December 4, 2010
Scotland Protesting Against Halal - UK
Wickham Laboratories: Lab animals 'may have suffered' - UK
TV Licence Protest Over Grave Robbers - UK
India for Animals Conference in Chennai
December 3, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
December 1, 2010
Animals Killed Worldwide - Counter
Lola Lollipop by Lara Matthews
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Uruguay
November 30, 2010
Russian Law Brings Harsher Penalties for Abuse of Animals
Court Trials of Animals, from Medieval Times to Today - USA
Inquiry Into 2004 UI Lab Attack Apparently Stalls - USA
A New Beginning for a Tortured Dancing Bear in Bulgaria
Free Free Friday Protest in Serbia
Worldwide Fur-Free Friday 2010 Sao Paulo Brazil
November 29, 2010
Anti-Animal Advocacy Cliches
Mask-Wearing Protestors in D.C. Can Now Be Arrested
Bold Native DVD is Released
USA Animal Damage Control Harms Wildlife
Action Plan for 'Devon Badgers' on proposed cull - UK
UK Government Scraps Protection for Animals
November 28, 2010
Animal rights advocate has legislative wish list for Alabama - USA
Activists protest puppy mills in West L.A.  - USA
Animal Rights Activists Protest at Fashion Valley Mall - USA
Israeli Anti-Fur Demo
November 27, 2010
News from Austria
November 26, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Turkey
November 25, 2010
FBI Rewards Silence In Iowa A.L.F. Investigation
20 Turkeys Liberated by the Animal Rights Militia - USA
Religious Excuse for Barbarity
Can Politicians Actually Think?
European Union takes major step to protect cats and dogs
Amici Cani - Italy
Italy/Monza: New shelter for small rescued lab animals
November 24, 2010
Liberationist Group 'Justice Department' Increasingly Vocal on Animal Abuse
November 23, 2010
Rocker Iggy Pop joins the debate about U of M medical students training on live animals
Animal Rights Performance: Animals on Trial
Trailer for film "Sanctuary"
Pasteurization Doesn't Destroy Paratuberculosis
And We Wonder Why - on Violence
The Cruelty of Leather in India
Celebrated London Store bans Foie Gras after Bond Appeal - UK
Cambridge Animal Torture Toll - UK
Fighting for Animal Rights in Lebanon
Green Hill, Montichiari, Breeds for Vivisection - Italy
Freedom of Religion Stops Where Animal Suffering Begins - Belgium and Netherlands
Two Hunter Councils Say No to Caged Eggs - Australia
November 22, 2010
Activist Relies on Islam to Fight for Animal Rights
Probable Religious Reaction to Chicken Murder
US Congress Bans Creation and Sale of "Crush Videos"
Texas Lawmakers Proposing Animal Abuse Registry
Expanding Domestic Violence Protective Orders to Include Companion Animals
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - Switzerland
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
November 21, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback --Russia
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
November 20, 2010
Barbi Twins Lobby to Stop Crush Videos
Jessica Simpson to Open Fast-Food Vegan Restaurants
Gov. Richardson's Quest to Protect Chimps
Baltimore Mayor Announces Abused Animal Commission
Animal Welfare must be central to revised Common Agriculture Policy
Pigeon Shoot - SHARK - undercover
How to Care for an Outdoor Cat
Dairy Farmers Can All Go to Hell
Intentionally Mis-naming a Hormone
Feeding the Hungry in Africa
Raw Food Vegan Diet Decreases Hunger & Obesity
New Horror Story About Miami-Dade Animal Shelter
You Have the Right to Remain Silent.pdf
Walter Bond Pleads Guilty To Sheepskin Factory Arson
Middle East
Unsanitary Conditions at Caboodle Ranch in Lee, Florida
November 19, 2010
Chicklett's poem "Just a Chicken"
Pop song raps for making milk a HOT ISSUE
Animal liberation at the movies
John Robbins Hosts Film Bold Native on the "Nation's #1 Domestic Terrorist Threat."
'Pig Business' the film exposes the true cost of cheap meat
YouTube - Interview with the Director of "Skin Trade" Shannon Keith SUPREME MASTER TV
Animal Liberation, Human Liberation and the Future of the Left
Cattle Inspector Faked Mad Cow Reports
UPC Winter 2010 Poultry Press
ARA plan to disrupt Providence dinner, foie gras menu - USA
ARAs Rail Against Live Bait Dog Training - USA
Perrera Torremolinos 2.230 mascotas
Prolongations - France
November 18, 2010
Circus of Dead Squirrels
Animal Rights Concerns in South Africa Continue Long After the FIFA World Cup
UK National Fur Demo
Turkish vegetarians call for animal rights during Kurban Bayram holiday
Comunicato AmiciCani - Lecce - Passeggia con il cane al guinzaglio, per i vigili disturba la riunione consiliare - Italy
UBC Researchers Concerned - Canada
Austrian Deer "Park" Annually Slaughters its Tame Residents
Ethiopian Vegan Association Takes Important Strides Forward
November 17, 2010
Animal Protection Actions in Slovakia
November 16, 2010
Dog Loyalty
Hawaii Teens Take Stand to Stop Animal Abuse
Help Keep No-Kill in KC Alive
Top Ten Reasons To Protest Harvard Saturday!
Scientists, ARAs Meet in San Diego
November 15, 2010

Thanks, Turkey (Thanksgiving prayer)

How Turkeys Are Killed

Kraft Foods Switches One Million Eggs to Cage-Free
How A Security Consultant Got Inside Animal Research Labs
Reliance Security muscles in on animal rights - UK
Chimpanzee Omega Rescued, Now in Brazilian Sanctuary - Lebanon
Edmonton ARAs descend on Rodeo - Canada
November 14, 2010
Hunting and Predators--does it work?
Robo-Deer Protects Innocent Wildlife from Poachers
Hippo Helping Other Species - photo story
Dog and Cat Friendship
The shocking truth about Miami-Dade Animal Services
Primate Center On Alert After National Threat Animal Rights Group Targeting Mail, Letter Says
AR Betrayal - UK
Campaign Against the Fur Trade Marches through London
Chinese contemplate cost of wearing fur as industry booms
November 13, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback and NAALPO - Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
November 12, 2010
Ukraine uses mobile crematoriums to destroy homeless dogs
Victory in FOI appeal against Newcastle University over controversial monkey tests - UK
ALF claims raid on Molalla deer farm - USA
November 11, 2010
9OYS Investigates Animal Research in NC - USA
US California ARA Jailed for Stalking
Calif Chicken Hatchery Abuse Revealed
Protest Animal Experiments--San Diego Convention Center-- Nov. 13
Billionaire's Will Benefits Animal Rights
Factory Farmers Exposed in Israel
Chinese chemists have joined animal rights groups
Coqui Montiel: A One-Woman Dynamo
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
November 10, 2010
Review of "The Vegetarian Myth"
Book Discussion: Ethics, Humans, and Other Animals
Go Vegan Radio
Arizona Activist Responds to Gentry's Bear Killing
Exposing the Dolphin Killers
November 9, 2010
Fur Farm Nov. 2010 Supplement
Humans More Equal
Justice Department Issues a Call to Action
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Animal Research
Pigs have psychological issues from earthquake
INDIANA: Concentration Camps For Coyotes And Foxes To Become Legal
November 8, 2010
New from Mike Palecek
The Rise of the Power Vegans
S Korea activists use G20 to highlight bear farms
(NZ) Reward offered in factory farming fight
November 7, 2010
Under the Knife: the Club for AR Education
Citizen Group Aims to Protect Animal Rights
BARC - Houston Through the Looking Glass
Leaked Newsletters Reveal Spying on Animal Rights Activists - USA
November 6, 2010
Halliday Sentenced - USA
Um Pedido Especial - Spain
Japan dolphin hunt town meets with activists
Shoo! Another, kinder, response to a bear in Canada
November 5, 2010
On Grand Jury Resistance
Defiance in the Face of Adversity
Animal-rights Activist Jordan Halliday Sent to Federal Prison
The Urban Housewife Shares Girl's Guide to a Cruelty-Free Life
Finnish animal rights group publishes fresh abuse footage
November 4, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
November 3, 2010
Alexandria Mills - Miss World 2010 - Vegetarian
Rescue Ink - updates
Fur Farming in Norway Exposed - Again
November 2, 2010
Prostrate Trouble and Diet
ARAN Advertisement - Ireland
Bullfighting comes under attack in France
Another Victory for the Harp Seals - Canada
November 1, 2010

StARS, Stray Animal Rights Society, now online

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