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October 31, 2010
How the A.L.F. Raided the University of Arizona 1989
October 30, 2010
Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty
Southborough's Primate Research Center issued federal warning
Wildlife Services Dodges Disclosure on Animal Killing - US
Anjos dos Bichos - Spain
Bill to Ban Fur Gets Fuzzy - Israel
omunicato AmiciCani - Salerno - Cicerale - Italy
Comunicato AmiciCani - Agrigento - I cani di Aragona. Il Comune cosa fa?
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - England
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Ireland
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
October 29, 2010
Got Breast Cancer? Get Soy.
Filmmaker gets lesson in `Meatless'
Disguise idea, sponsored by Cheetos
How to Rescue Orphaned Kittens
Project Dog House Before Winter - Poland
China Zoo Cruelty, Abuse Crackdown
October 28, 2010
Young crows learn to make tools in 'tool school'
Uganda: Rafting for the Love of the Rhino
Troy Gentry Kills Captive, Tame Bear
New Research Shoots Down Justification for Wolf Hunts
An Eagle Named Freedom: My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
Current Animal Rights Prisoners of Conscience
Bears used in imprisoned circuses in cages in north Portugal
October 27, 2010
Unprecedented UDSA Inspection Team Descends on UW-Madison
Actions Reported to Biteback - France
October 26, 2010
Bold Native - first fiction about the ALF - reviews at bottom of page
Activists Visit California Institute of Technology
Cat rescued with mask donated to fire two little girls - US
LA County Quietly Killing Thousands
Judge fines Syncrude $3.2M over duck deaths - Canada
Protest Slaying of Stray Dogs in Ukraine
Italy minister backs move to ban Rome's horse-drawn carriages
German victory against Escada
Pets heading for dinner table prompts Beijinger to take action - China
October 25, 2010
UW animal research agenda merits closer community scrutiny
Lies and Medical Science
Group files complaint vs. Southborough animal research lab
Animal Testing Past - Present
October 24, 2010
Mark Stone - Cop - UK
Birdman - Finding My Calling
New SHAC Prisoners
Delegate slams animal lovers - Malaysiakini
October 23, 2010
A Point-By-Point Rebuttal of the Fur Council of Canada's 'Fur Is Green' Website
October 22, 2010
Cost of Grand Jury Resistance
Romanian Dogs and Cats Need Help
October 21, 2010
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Report - USA
Biteback Reports - Russia
Biteback Reports - Italy
October 19, 2010
ALF Graphics, p. 41    ALF Graphics, p. 42
Non-Vegan 'Food' & Child Pornography
Shocking Evidence of Monkey Suffering in Mauritius
Cat and Deer - photos
Macaque - kitten
Dog Nursing Tigers
October 18, 2010
Emily Deschanel Joins In Defense Of Animals To Promote Vegan Diet & World Go Vegan Week, October 24 - 31
Film-maker Ken Moore Discusses 'Spaceless in Seattle"
Briana Waters Released from Prison on Bail
German Based, Global Network Against the Fur Industry Gets Victory on Escada Campaign
Sankaty Advisors Dump Their Shares in Fortress
October 17, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
October 16, 2010
Diet to Reduce Breast Cancer Odds
Circus met with animal rights protests
Fur Farm Intelligence Unit Communique #3
Canberra Protest Over Dolphin Hunts
October 15, 2010
ARAs Vandalize Car in Vancouver
Advocacy Groups Call for Animal Testing Transparency at UBC - Canada
Canada Spends $75,000 Cyber Spying on AR Groups
ALF attempts raid on Mollala deer farm - US
October 11, 2010
The Holocaust Comparison Project: A Photo Essay
Was Jesus a Vegetarian? - Akers
Was Jesus a Vegetarian? - Pasha
Pembroke Pines Cop Caught Mooning Animal Rights Protesters
DeMuth accepts plea deal in animal rights activist prosecution
Dog Pound in Badojoz, Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Canada
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
October 10, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Turkey
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
October 9, 2010
In Solidarity with Austrian POWs, Protest at Belgian Consulate
October 8, 2010
Tennessee Firefighters Let Pets Die
A Christmas Prayer for Shelter Dogs
October 7, 2010
New setback for bullfights in Spain
Ho Lee Schitt - Humor
October 6, 2010
Bogota Commemorates World Animal Day - Colombia
God Bless Jack - Maria Daines
Animal Sacrifice in Islam
October 5, 2010
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - New Zealand
Biteback Reports - Mexico
Biteback Reports - Italy
October 4, 2010
Top 7 Reasons to Cut Out Dissection
Every year, more than 10 MILLION animals are killed for classroom
dissection even though modern alternatives exist. Here are the top seven reasons not to dissect! Read More:
October 3, 2010
Taiwan - Index - Animal Rights alliance launched
Stop the Baby (primate) trade
Fur, Fortune, and Empire: the epic history of the fur trade in America
Two-legged Pig Learns to Walk
A Christmas Puppy - Maria Daines
Everything We Know About Animals Demands That We Treat Them Better
Vegetarian Debate at Princeton
Another Action in Solidarity with Prisoner Walter Bond - Mexico
Blessing of Death Row Animals
Anti-AR Campaign Gaining Momentum in Austria and Germany
Cear�. Proteste! Veja carta abaixo. - Brazil
October 2, 2010
If You Love Something, You Don�t Kill It.
POW Viehl Released
Call Out for Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistor Jordan Halliday
America is Under Attack
Grand Jury Targets Activists in Connection with AETA
October 1, 2010
World Vegetarian Day
Canned Pigeon Hunt Exposed on CNN Headline NEWS
Animal Protection Trial - Austria Update
Swiss Rap for the Abolition of Animal Slavery in Circuses
Maggie Q - Nikita
September 30, 2010
Biteback Reports - Ireland
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Japan
Biteback Reports - Germany
Biteback Reports - Mexico
Biteback Reports - USA
Biteback Reports - Italy
Boos for Cheeses
The Dairy Cow : The most overworked mother on the planet
Alabaster group fighting for animal rights
September 29, 2010
Investigation Into 5,000 Mink Release in Ireland
Scottish Parliament asked to act on animal experiments
Da oggi nasce CPPA
L'olocausto Degli Innocenti - Manifesto Anti-Vivisezione!
Muslim Veg Americans: Islam's animal rights ambassadors
September 28, 2010
War On Dissent
Be Halal - Scotland
Primate Wars At KU
Lab Monkey - LTE
Italy-Index. Roma demo against vivisection -- 10,000 people joined.
September 27, 2010
Katherine Heigl pledges $1 million to help animal shelters
September 26, 2010
Animal Rights Essay - Adam Layish
Art against fur at Renmin University
September 25, 2010
Bye Baby - poem
17yo girl protesting animal cruelty at rodeo is roped, dragged like animal - Chile
September 24, 2010
Removing Fleas from Pets with Garlic
The dog that shook the internet last night is safe
Crows Using Cars to Crack Nuts
Thomas Clarkson, D.V.M. -- sadistic experimentation
Moon-walking Bird
Harley-Riding Lawyer Part of Biker Group That Helps Abused Pets
FBI investigated Greenpeace and AR groups after 9/11
Communique for Washington Mink Liberation - USA
Fa�a a diferen�a na vida dos animais - Spain
Shut Down All Zoo's and Circuses in India
September 23, 2010
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Portugal
Biteback Reports - USA
Biteback Reports - Germany
Biteback Reports - Argentina
September 22, 2010
A Reasonable Persuasion - Mira Fong
336. Meercat - Lioncub - photo / stories
337. Spaniel Befriends Sparrow
'Little Basis' for Probes of Animal Rights Groups
Minks starved to death during worker protest in Russia
Worldwide "Save Japan Dolphins" Rally
Israeli activists interrupted Davis Cup game
September 21, 2010
Biteback Reports - Ireland
Biteback Reports - UK
Biteback Reports - Germany
Biteback Reports - Italy
September 19, 2010
President Bill Clinton Confirms He's `Experimenting' With Vegan Diet
Earth Day. December 5, 2010
Of Resistance and Fighting for the First Amendment
Hunters, DEP, invent new justifications for killing
Are So-Called 'Eco-Terrorists' Falsely Prosecuted?  - by John Robbins
Pentagon Rebrands Protest as "Low-Level Terrorism"
Andy Stepanian's ARZone Guest Chat Transcript
September 18, 2010
Malaga - 13th International Vegan Festival
Japan Anti-Fur Demo
Appel � manifester contre l'exp�rimentation animale le 25 septembre 2010 - France
September 16, 2010
Romania AR Supporters
Appellate court overturns conviction in 2001 UW arson
CAFO Break; Hold the Cream & Sugar
Meat-eating Apologists Fail
Scott DeMuth Pleads to Misdemeanor
September 15, 2010
400 Mink Liberated in Washington State
Egg-loving salmonella bacteria have been sickening people for decades
Eating at McDonald's Can Kill You
Information on Managed Cat Colonies and TNR
September 14, 2010
Biteback Reports - USA
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Patriot Act Used Against Activists
Spence Labs Break-in Trial Begins
Support Animal Liberation Prisoner Walter Bond
Shortened Lifespan of Farm and Fur Animals
Secret Conference on 'Animal Rights Extremists'
Life in the Lab: Animal Experimentation
   Primate Experimentation in the U.S. - powerpoint
September 13, 2010
Clues to Human Thought Found in Worm's Brain
Hottest Woman in NASCAR is a Vegetarian
September 12, 2010
EU bans great ape testing
Murder and Genocide are Natural, therefore rebel!
Gary Francione Responds to UK's George Monbiot
September 11, 2010
Dillie the Deer
Cat Nurses Squirrel
Monsters. Now Available Online.
UW Abandoned Threatened Monkeys
September 10, 2010
Democracy Now Covers Rod Coronado's Arrest
FBI Still Hunting for Rebecca J. Rubin
Grand Jury Resister Faces More Time than Animal Liberationists
CrimeInc.: How We Raised $2000 for Scott DeMuth and Carrie Feldman
September 9, 2010
Oxford Theologian's Work for Animals Honoured
Wild chimps outwit human hunters
Australian Piggery Video to test Copyright
Interview with Joseph Buddenberg of the AETA 4
Mexican Actions Claimed for ALF POWs
September 8, 2010
Abolish Meat - Worldwide Day
Cher Ami - War Pigeon
Support Site Launched for AL Prisoner Walter Bond
Actions-Biteback Reports - Sweden
Actions-Biteback Reports - Germany
Actions-Biteback Reports - Italy
Actions-Biteback Reports - Ireland
September 7, 2010
I Don't Eat Arabs, Either  - by Jonathon Safran Foer
September 6, 2010
Guide to Direct Action, 2010
Dairy's New Partnership With Newsweek Magazine
Primate Products' Abuse
The Life of a Male Calf
Jason Miller Takes on KU Med Center
September 5, 2010
Folate Levels in Vegans, Vegetarians, & Omnivores
Milk & Multiple Sclerosis
"Why I am Vegan" By Walter Bond
Doubts about deer economic study
Puerto Rico Senator Joins PETA in Fight to Stop Monkey-Breeding Facility
Turkey - Let's Adopt
Vegan Prisoners Support Group Formed in Mexico
September 4, 2010
Spanish parliament approves 'human rights' for apes
Birdman of Long Beach
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Switzerland
Actions Reported to Biteback and NAALPO - Mexico
September 2, 2010
Saints and Angels - novel version
Brigitte Bardot pleads to Denmark in dolphin 'slaughter'
Food Justice is an Animal Rights Issue
Sick Pictures Leaked from Florida Lab
Comparison of Free Range vs. Battery Hens
September 1, 2010
Propagandhi Interview
Tory Island Dog Swimming With Dolphin
Surge of government repression: FBI visits, warrants, more.
Lewis Pogson Back in Prison
Alex Hall Arrives in Federal Prison
Hunts animal abusers in Serbia:
August 31, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Belgium
Actions Reported to Biteback - Greece
August 30, 2010
Phoenix - song by Maria Daines
August 29, 2010
Recognize Me - by Cheryl Greear
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Paul Seymore
Paul Nahay - Let the Animals Live
Rats Are People Too
Celebrities Speak the Ugly Truth About Cruel Botox
Eating Meat Is Not Islamic
Rat Taking a Bath
August 28, 2010
Dance of Death Documentary
Alternatives to Animal Testing Gaining Ground
New Writings by Animal Liberation Press Officer, Adviser
Is Banning the Sale of Animals Beginning to Catch On?
Man Arrested While Rescuing Dogs
Texas Egg Protest
August 27, 2010
Facebook "Friending" Lands Coronado in Prison
Alex Hall Arrives in Colorado Prison
Mink Liberation Reported in Idaho
Anti-fur Demonstration in Japan
Israel Poised to Ban Fur Trade
Jairam Ramesh, India's Green Minister
August 24, 2010
Biteback Reports - Italy
Biteback Reports - Greece
Biteback Reports - France
Biteback Reports - Sweden
August 22, 2010
Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for My Dog?
Inside a bear bile farm in Laos
Smart Parrot Gets Smarter
Preserving Humanity
Portugal Partido Pelos Animais
Ashley Collins
August 21, 2010
Guide to Direct Action, 2010
Louisville: No One Expects the Conspiracy: Puppets and State Repression
English Musicians Saving America's Horses
A Song For Angel - Maria Daines
Get It Right - Maria Daines
August 20, 2010
Biteback Reports - Spain
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Germany
Biteback Reports - Italy
August 19, 2010
"Compassionate" Vegetarians Who Eat Dairy
You Are What You Eat - Consuming Misery
Health foundation opposes monkey breeding for research
Hog Farmer Goes Vegan to Fight Cancer
Brazil: A woman's fight to shelter homeless animals
Police Department settles suit by Utah ARAs for $15,368
August 18, 2010
What's Wrong With Vivisection
The Horror of Sweden's Fur Farms Exposed
Truth on Earth - the band
August 14, 2010
Two More ARA POWs - Walter Bond and Bryan Monell
FBI Raids Utah Activist House for the Second Time
Vancouver ARA's Awareness Campaign
Cognition Paper Retracted
Orangutans Use Mime to Make Their Point
Who Are You Calling a Dumb Animal?
August 13, 2010
Letter From Jailed Activist Walter Bond
ALF Resurfaces in Guadalajara, Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - UK
Actions Reported to Biteback - Switzerland
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
August 12, 2010
SHAC Action Alert
S. Korea to Toughen Punishment for Animal Abusers
Animals Asia New Film Shows Performing Animals
Brazilian Biologist Fighting for Chimps
Email Bank Regarding Loans to Irish Coursing Club
August 11, 2010
Dutch AR Groups Attack Cheap Meat
New Zealand Jews Plan To Fight for Shechitah
Biteback Reports - Ireland
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Mexico
August 10, 2010
AR Themed Ballet, "Expose'"
Informant Offering Computer Security Advice
They Cannot Shackle the Truth or Blind Us From Seeing It
World Day of Action Against Swedish Fur Farms
August 9, 2010
Which Meat Increases Cancer Risk by 29 Percent?
Honey and Bees
Leading Health Researchers Lie about SSPCA Support
My Journey to Ethical Veganism
Food Industry's Scamming Reports
Triggers for Migraine Headaches
Debate: Eating Meat is Indefensible
Are All Proteins Created Equal?
Jentsch moves in: There Goes the Neighborhood
Group criticizes UF for animal deaths in its labs
Informant Revealed: ALF Suspect Set-up By His Brother
ELF Attack Dedicated to ALF Prisoner Walter Bond
Zed urges Hindus for vow of animal compassion on Naga-panchami
Conflicted meat-eaters deny that meat-animals have capacity to suffer
Humane Teaching
Death at Primate Center Probed by Government
SHAC Releases Details on Deaths of Hundreds of Monkeys
August 8, 2010
Eurogroup calls for urgent and strict EU rules on breeding of farm animal
Animal Liberation Front: Complete Diary of Actions, The First 30 Years [Paperback]
Flashpoint: Addresses of Animal Abusers
Number 43 - poem
Peaceable Kingdom : The Journey Home
Vegan World Radio - NASA Engineer Resigns
Jane Velez-Mitchell - top NASA engineer to resign Video
Police - ALF Tactics Shut Down Astoria Mink Farm
�EL-MER iş�ileri fabrikayı işgal ettiler - Turkey
NZ Pork Industry Questioned - New Zealand
Italian minister: Palio horse races are cruel
Earth Crisis: Arson Case Creates Villain and Victim in the Media
August 7, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Italy
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
August 4, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - Switzerland
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
August 3, 2010
Rights groups halt plan to kill diseased dogs - Argentina
August 2, 2010
Hockey tough guy-turned-politician named Green party deputy leader
Chelsea Clinton�s Very Vegan Wedding
Solidarity with Auckland Animals Rights Activists
Beagle Freedom: Over 100 Beagles Rescued from Animal Testing Lab
Saving Billy
August 1, 2010
Catalonia bans bullfighting in landmark Spain vote
Nous avons fait de cette plan�te l'enfer des animaux - France
France AR Activism
Argentina AR Activism
July 31, 2010
Biteback Reports 2010 - USA
Biteback Reports - Netherlands
July 30, 2010 - New Zealand
The Vivisector's Tale
Exotic Meat in Glasgow - UK
Walter Bond - POW
Dubai Zoo Protest
Jordan - Lettuce Lady Arrested
Fire and Explosions Rock Oregon Mink Farm - US
Jane Velez-Mitchell Steps Up for Rescued Monkeys and Beagles - US
Russell Simmons Lends Support to Bold Native
July 27, 2010
Chicago Is Burning - music
July 26, 2010
Who Lives and Who Dies
Seven Animals Smarter than Humans
Science Article about Vegetarianism & the Planet Provokes Response
Are Geniuses a Dime a Dozen?
Getting to the Heart of the Cardiovascular Matter
Cure Cancer Naturally
Diabetes and a plant-based diet
Meat Eaters Pack on More Pounds, Regardless of Calories
July 25, 2010
Summer hunting is a waste of deer
Piglet playing
A man walks into a restaurant - this is a test
Abandoned by his mouse mommy at one day old ... - story
Why we do what we do
July 24, 2010
Artytou - Why
329. Goat and Dogs
330. Miscellaneous - photo / stories
Animal torture videos banned in US
Sri Lanka Rescue Shelter Video
FBI Makes Arrest in ALF "Lone Wolf" Arsons - US
Police detain Moscow forest activists - Russia
Fine For Cow Slaughter - India
Blood Sport: Rabbits & Dogs Brutalized in 'Hare Coursing' - UK
AR group claims responsibility for arson attack at a rabbit farm - UK
Roo Hunters Hopping Mad Over Call for Ban - Australia
Bold Native - first fiction about About ALF
New Animal Rights Film - Bold Native
July 23, 2010
Love Is The Pilgrimage - essay
Faeroe Islands: Sea Shepherd Undercover - Denmark
July 22, 2010
From Toxic Tests to Primarily Primates Sanctuary
Why Do I Support ALF?
Marie Mason: Victimized by Green Scare State Terrorism
Animal rights 'terror' law challenged
Solidarity with the AETA 4
Demo Vs. Dog-Meat - Seoul
'Go Vegetarian' Walk Photos, Osaka
Get Live Hare Coursing banned in Ireland
Anti-cow slaughter bill passed - India
Raiders Take Aim At Dodgy Breeders - Australia
July 21, 2010
Biteback Reports - UK
Biteback Reports - Italy
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Russia
Biteback Reports - Ireland
Biteback Reports - Australia
Biteback Reports - Austria
Biteback Reports - Germany
July 19, 2010
Bosnia Strays - Massive Killing of Stray Dogs in Bosnia, July 2010
July 17, 2010
Our Species Reeks of Arrogance...
Animal Rights Activists Take Aim At Yale
July 16, 2010
Animal Autopsies in Gulf Yield a Mystery
Biteback Reports - Mexico
Biteback Reports - Brazil
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Russia
July 15, 2010
Goat and Dogs - photo/story
Prunella's Story, Sri Lanka:
Simon's Last Photo
Maria - A Face to Launch Hearts
What Wings Are For: The Story of Heart
Are chimps cleverer than we are?
AETA Prosecution Thrown Out
July 14, 2010
The Spirit of a Greyhound
The Brutality of Factory Farms: An Inside Look (video)
Pembrokeshire badger cull halted after appeal
July 12, 2010
NM Chimps May Undergo Testing in Texas
UW Joins Move From Live Pigs for Med School
150,000 Stray Animals in Puerto Rico
Vegan streaker jailed for freeing mink - Netherlands
July 11, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
July 10, 2010
A Lobster Treatise
Canada Calf-Roping Under Fire by ARAs
Anti-Rodeo Support Growing
Why Bonobos Don't Kill Each Other
Nut? What Nut? The Squirrel Outwits to Survive
Monkeys use trees to catapault themselves out of Japanese laboratory
Some say monkey research is cruel, expensive and useless
Scott DeMuth support updates
Animal activist claims responsibility for arson fires
July 8, 2010
Michael McDade - Cyber Stalker
July 6, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Jane Velez-Mitchell Fights For Animal Rights
July 5, 2010
Lend Me a Bird - poems
Freedom For Birds
Operation: Liberate and Relocate - US
UK ARAs Planning New War on Test Labs
July 4, 2010
ARAs Target Calgary Stampede
advancedadvocacy.htm -
Lennox by Maria Daines - song
Not Guilty by Maria Daines
China: This vegetarian kid is kungfu fighting
July 3, 2010
Jasmine - photo-story
Trial By Tape Measure - The Story Of Lennox
July 2, 2010
Italy discovers the 'Consciousness of Animals'
Mazor Farm - Call for Action
Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks
Biteback Reports - Italy
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Switzerland
New SHARK blog
Biteclub: Combat Cruelty
Wild Bird Sanctuaries in Northeastern US
Going Vegan, from the Oregonian
Psychological Stress and Welfare in Fish
July 1, 2010
Abolitionism versus Reformism
Animals and Ethics
Trying to Prove the Abolitionists Wrong
Lewis Pogson, Animal Liberation Political Prisoner, released
Animal Actions of Barnette and LAAS - US
Five ARAs Arrested in Oregon
The Ward Union Hunt is Banned - UK
Korea Animal Rights Actions Newsletter
Indian Activist in Danger
Animals Australia Investigation into Chicken Industry
June 30, 2010
Animal Experiments - France
Frog Dissection Alternatives
Pets Alive org. regarding Oreo's Law and Winograd
NASA Engineer Resigns Over Primate Tests
Oregon ARAs Vs Primate Research
June 28, 2010
Biteback Reports - Spain
Biteback Reports - Sweden
June 23, 2010
Biteback Reports - Finland
Biteback Reports - Chile
Biteback Reports - Sweden
Biteback Reports - Italy
Biteback Reports - Spain
Biteback Reports - Germany
June 22, 2010
Canadian ALF Actions - video
Now We Are Free - video
Harp Seal Song - video
June 20, 2010
Animal Research Protesters Face Terrorism Charges - US
Man fined over bid to free battery hens - UK
Animal Extremism� Yes, yes it is.
June 18, 2010
European Parliament: Labelling 'Meat from slaughter without stunning'
Stopping farmed animal abuse, one meal at a time
Meat & Dairy Cause Cancer: com/watch? v=yfsT-qYeqGM
Primate research ethics resolution hearing
Denver Sheepskin Factory Fire - US
SHARK Unveils Operation Angel - US
Problem in Turkey - Laws Inadequate
Feiras de Ado��o em Alphaville, lindos animais - Spain
All Creatures Newsletter - Animals in Print
June 17, 2010
First Aid for Butterflies
Second Nature - book review
Support ARA POW Jordan Halliday
Animal Cruelty Syndrome article.... magazine/13dogfighting-t.html?ref=todayspaper
Support Animal Freedom Day, July 24
Japan writers' club concerned about 'The Cove' cancellations
China Mulls First Animal Protection Law
Turkey - Solidarity action for 13 Austrian ARA POWs
ARAs Obstruct Ahmedabad Municipal Corps Office - India
June 16, 2010
For the Love Of Dog - rehabbing aggressive and fearful dogs
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Biteback Reports - Chile
June 15, 2010
Animal Experimenters Face Criminal Charges
Malaysia probes British-funded animal testing lab
Japan Bribes Countries So They Can Continue Whaling
June 14, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - USA
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Austria
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
June 13, 2010
Blood of Slaughterhouses (in French)
Animal rights activists are making strides with new tactics
Requiem for a Bat
June 12, 2010
All Vegan Extreme Team Scales Wales
Animal Rescue Media Education Earns Gold Eco Certification
Critics of 'The Cove' Cancellations
Cities ban pet store animals
UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy-Free Diet
COK's Hatchery Investigation
New Hatchery Video Shows the Miseries Forced on Newly-Hatched Birds
June 11, 2010
The Mongoose Shows It Has Traditions
Arson Attack Closes Utah Leather Store
India Frames Rules for Dog Breeding and Sales
German Anti-Fur (in German)
French lawmakers move to ban bullfighting
Tasmania Bans Sow Stalls
June 10, 2010
Biteback Reports - Chile
Auntie Viv's Top Ten Ways to Help Animals
Faux Chicken - link to Time Magazine article
June 9, 2010
Vivisection in Scotland
Action - Barcelona - Spain
Protest For Strengthening Animal Protection Laws - Mexico
Monterrey Protest
June 8, 2010
Ty-Agored Sanctuary - update, UK
June 7, 2010
Why Bullfighting Is Making Spain See Red
June 6, 2010
Animal Protection Actions in Japan - a science oriented abolitionist site
Cetacean Rights: Fostering Moral and Legal Change
Shine light on UW animal research
Scientists Find Alternative to Animal Testing
watch-v=ZE_sy17OaFY - The Forgotten Disaster, Chile
June 5, 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - Spain
Actions Reported to Biteback - UK
Actions Reported to Biteback - Sweden
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
Actions Reported to Biteback - Germany
June 3, 2010
Bunny Trouble at University of Victoria
WAR Launches New Campaign : Agitate to Liberate
The Smartest Domestic Animal In the World
Science Shows Animals Have Distinct Personalities
June 2, 2010
10 Cutest Animals Threatened by the BP Oil Spill
Poland - Vegan Week 2010
Herzegovina - updated
Venezuela Actions - updated
Actions Reported to Biteback - Mexico
Actions Reported to Biteback - Chile
June 1, 2010
Conklin Dairy Farms Cited for Carcass Burial Pit
Protestors Still Against Vick in 2010
Minister calls for zoos to be closed
Gristle, a Book by Moby
Room In Your Heart - poem
The ALF vs Social Media: Frankenf�rde Trailer & Bold Native Trailer
Malaysia Minister for Animal Testing
richiesta info ALF - Italy
Myth of "Free Range" video
"The Witness" is Now Available for Free Online:
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