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September 29, 2006

Milk exposed by MSN news

I didn't do it, activist says - Canada

Eternal Treblinka Released in Japan

September 28, 2006

Their Voice - documentary

Water park’s birds catch eye of AR group - US

Monk parakeets gain legal protection - US

Anti-fur protesters storm Cavalli fashion show - Italy

Retail giants go anti-fur - Scotland

Leigh Animal Sanctuary Protest - UK

September 27, 2006

Activists Score Victory Against Battery Cages - US

Life in the lab - Powerpoint presentation

Girl Hailed for Activism - US

Webb - Not the Face of non-existent Organization - UK

CD - Music United for Animals

September 26, 2006

George W. Bush - humor by Colbert

ALF POWs - added Madeline Buckler

Factory Farming Index - video link added

True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lioness

ALF release fish from a farm - UK

OrganicAthlete Launches Elite Vegan Cycling Team

Stop The Killing Campaign - US

September 25, 2006

Open Letter to Dr. Laura - humor

China - Index

Vegan Baby - Cage Hart

September 24, 2006

Hunting Season is here... And wildlife are running

September 23, 2006

Pro Meat Report Lacks Credibility - New Zealand

SHAC 7 Sentencing: History Repeating Itself

Experimenting on Chimpanzees

Betty White

Body Art - updated

September 22, 2006

New Prisoner - Dr. Joseph Harris - UK

T Grimes Arrested - updated

Your Meat Is Our Murder - new song

Brave Birds and Turtles - ESS newsletter

September 21, 2006

Ancient History Of Animals In Gods Kingdom

Animalearn Launches Student Choice Animation

23 Rabbits Liberated from Massachusetts Lab - updates

September 20, 2006

Precious Life Animal Sanctuary celebrates opening - US

Hi Willie - poem

Next Blood Bath - Spain

Vegan Challenges Professor to Triathlon - New Zealand

Scientist jailed for animal-testing sabotage - UK

Cruelty In Istanbul Shelter - Turkey

Spaymobile - US

September 19, 2006

Prison terms could drive stealthy violence

Conspiracy to Incite Vandalism

Support and Solidarity needed in Oxford - UK

Lab Eyewitness

WSPA Petition - law

Genetic Trespassing and Environmental Ethics

Animal Instinct - book review

Most Outrageous Bird Contest

Translation - to other languages

September 18, 2006

Lies and Truth about Heart Research

The 'starfish model' for the war on terrorism

Veterinarian says Jake was abused

What We Did To Rodney

Bodybuilder Williams - updated

Animal Photos

Dark Water Rising - movie

Forget Sept 11 - essay

September 16, 2006

A Hatful of Pain -- novel online

September 15, 2006

Anti-Bullfight - Spain

America's #1 Terrorists

Fawn and Deer -  photo updated

September 14, 2006

Fit For Purpose - essay

What a Waste of Funds - updated

September 13, 2006

The ALF and the miners’ strike - history

George W. Bush's Animal Abuse

Rescuers Need Rescue, Too

Skinned Alive - music

Meat Is Murder - two videos

Myth: Killing Can Be Kind

Rats and Cats - photos

September 12, 2006

MS Word format: NAVAL

Jewish Teachings Against Cruelty to Animals

A Champion for Animals - US

Tammy Grimes Arrested - US

September 11, 2006

Peter Singer answers your questions

Tordesillas Demo '06

Letter to Editor Regarding Juice Company

Hunt Sab Press Release

UCLA Presents Distorted Image of Animal Testing

September 10, 2006

Body Art

Hamburg Meat - Germany

30,000 Mink Liberated - Russia (video added)

Activists Target Juice Company

September 9, 2006

Off The Track - novel

September 8, 2006

Response to "Promoting Reform" (Sept 5)

Zoo Debate

Life at the Bronx Zoo - US

September 7, 2006

Recommended Reading by Bill Mahr

Dolphins: brighter than we thought

September 6, 2006

Chimps develop green cross code for highways

Court keeps poultry slaughter case alive - US

MEPs vote to halt seal slaughter - Europe

September 5, 2006

Surgeon Walks a Thin Line on AR - US

Promoting AR by Promoting Reform

Experts Call to Release Elder Chimps - US

Free Spay and Neuter listed - US

Body Art

September 4, 2006

Force feeding of birds a sin

"Anti-Bullfighting City" Campaign - Portugal

AR Meeting with UCLA - US

September 3, 2006

Hog Hell

Miscellaneous - photos

I Am Your Dog - story

Program offers alternative to dissecting in classroom - US

Why Young Children Choose to Become Vegetarians

How Should Pets Die? Gas Chamber vs. Injection

Liver studies hint veggies suit humans - health

Four Vegetarian Stories - health

Manatees: brains over beauty

What America Needs Most

Direct Action

Lindy Greene on "Violence

A Cure for What Jails Ya

FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned - US

Seal Alert - South Africa

End Circus Suffering in the Algarve - Portugal

September 2, 2006

Circus Protestors are OK - US

Abandoned In Romania - music

Reward for Arrest of Vivisector - US

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