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November 30, 2006

Win for Primate Freedom Project - US

Judge strikes down Bush on terror groups - US

FBI Spying on Quakers - US

What is broiler poultry farming in Australia?

Montreal Police Keeping Tabs on ARAs

November 27, 2006

Fighting Against the Conservative Agenda in the Academy

Oxford University Arson - UK

Animal rights extremists to face trial - UK

Labor vows animal cruelty crackdown - Australia

November 26, 2006

Art Gallery in Zagreb - Croatia - updated

November 25, 2006

A Bird Shall Carry The Voice - novel

Open Rescues in Czech Republic

35 Chickens Liberated From Egg Farm - New Zealand

November 24, 2006

What Is and Is Not Abolitionist

Mad Science Awards - UK

The Little Black Dog - poem

Vegetarianism & Thanksgiving = Scorn - US

Pigeon Feeding Day - UK

Lab Research Situation - UK

Feeding Turkeys - US

November 23, 2006

Netherlands - video of horse rescue

SPEAK forms a political wing - UK

Smart school of fish expose stupidity of a popular myth

101 Misleading Vivisection Results

A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation

November 22, 2006

Oxford Animal Ethics Center - UK

Egg Farm Bombed - UK

Shelter Tour

KFC Protestors Naked - China

Activists Support EU Ban - China

German & Austrian hunt sabs join forces

November 21, 2006

Group Alleges Cow Abuse - US

Every Dog Has His Day

New COK Investigation - US

Foie Gras -- slide presentation in Spanish

November 20, 2006

Activists Target Mayor After Deer Killing Resumes - US

Fast Food Nation - Reviews

Orly Degani - AR Lawyer - US

Intelligence Of Dolphins Cited in Fight Against Hunt

Public Opinion Poll on Fur Farming - Croatia

Fur Protest - Vancouver

Breast Cancer Risk Linked To Red Meat, Study Finds

Covance 2006 - editorial

Hawaii Pet Slaying - editorial

November 19, 2006

Pigeons - Rising Above Image -- book review

Estonia - first fur demo

Joaquin Phoenix - Interview

Spain-Index - updated

French Video

FBI Vists "Senior" Lady

Lawyers on AETA

AETA Questions/Rumors and Answers

Factory Farming is Harmful, researchers report

Grinch Thanksgiving

Ringling Employees Tell of Bloody Beatings

Chicken Smarts

Did Humans Invent Right and Wrong?

Millennium Restaurant, San Francisco

Primary Primates Haven Fight

New Food Seal

Donde Voy - poem

Geese and Humans: Can't we all just get along?

Cleveland Amory

November 18, 2006

First Baby Seal of 2007 - Help, Exhausted! - S. Africa

U.K. Police try again to muzzle campaigners

Liberated Wild Boar Seen

November 17, 2006

Animals Asia - Actions Update

Beijing Cracks Down on Dogs

Chinese Year of the Dog, by Kim Cooling

November 15, 2006

To Fast on Thanksgiving Day - poem

Political Party for the Animals - Netherlands

The heat is turned up in Austria

November 14, 2006

A nonprofit has rehabilitated hundreds of animals in distress

NY Hunt Protest - US

Dog Nursing Cat - photos

AETA Commentary - US

November 13, 2006

The Diet of Farm Animals - link

ARAs chain themselves to SA piggery - Australia

Crackdown on Dogs - China

SARC Liberates 22 Chicks - UK

Animal activists step up political pressure - US

DOJ Rejects 87% of FBI Terrorist Cases - US

Cat & Bird Dilemma

LA Activists vs. POM Juice Co.

November12, 2006

Liberation for Barry Horne - Spain

Manatee Brains

Animal Seem to Have an Inherent Sense of Justice

They Think, They Feel Pain

Dogs Electrocuted in Shelter in Mexico

Persuade and Convince - Don't Alienate - updated

November 11, 2006

Fur Devils - updated

Animal Photos - updated

November 10, 2006

Anneka Svenska

In Remembrance of Jill Phipps

Fast Food Nation - movie

Dead Dog Walking

Connection between family violence and animal cruelty

POM-maker killed untold numbers of animals

November 9, 2006

Shame on Hawaii. Paradise - NOT. - US

November 8, 2006

AR Ad in University Publication - US

Covance Fight - US

Vegan Vandal - Australia

Is Eating Meat a Crime? asks Jorja Fox

Liberation at Galicia Fur Farm - Spain

November 6, 2006

National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit - UK

CAAT Leading the Way

Charlize Theron's Ad

Coarse Fishing

Protest HLS in New York, Nov 12

Imagine - Two PPI Updates

Response to PBS Show on Chimps in laboratories

20 Battery Hens Rescued - New Zealand

AR Actions in Serbia

November 5, 2006

download or watch Video. (250 mb .mpg) AR in Israhell-Diary of Israel Actions 1995-2006

TV Review - 'Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History'

Serbia Activist Attacked

November 4, 2006

Street Exhibition to Celebrate 2006 World Animals’ Day - China

November 3, 2006

AR Youtube Clips, page 2

"ALF" Raided in Calif. - US

Animal Control in Dire Straits - US

SOS for Dogs and Cats - Serbia

November 2, 2006

Dogs In Istanbul - Turkey

NAALPO Raided - US

Behind the Mask, reviewed by Maria Daines

Forest Whitaker

November 1, 2006

COK's newest ad - A Side of Truth

An Evolutionary Theory of Right and Wrong

Stop, Look, and listen (.pdf file)

From Cradle to Grave

Activist's Pledge - poem

To A Fur Scarf - poem

Gay Animal Museum - Norway

Green for "Go Vegan"

UK Government Accused of Extremism

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