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May 31, 2007

Tiger Cubs Play with Chicks - photos

Animal Volunteers Change Strategy - US

May 30, 2007

Consolidating a 'mini-revolution' - Tibet

The Real Price of Fur

Morir_por_la_piel - Spanish

NYSE Sues Biteback - US

Exhibit Comparing Animal and Human Rights - US - Butterflies Katz

May 29, 2007

Take care with "eco-terrorist" label

Animal Rights Protestors Attacked - more reports

May 28, 2007

ARA's - Ruffling Feathers

Language Translations - French translations

May 27, 2007

Hen Rescuer - Czech Republic - updated

Report from Arrested Activist - UK

May 26, 2007

Primate Declaration - cartoons

Denali: Death For No Reason

Cat Nursing Puppy - photos

May 25, 2007

Miscellaneous - photos

May 4, 2007

Welfarism and Liberation

Categorizing the ALF/ELF members

The Dog of Peace

My Brother the Terrorist - US

AR Logic and FAQs - flash presentation

May 23, 2007

Miscellaneous - videos - photos

Anti-greyhound racing presentation

New Investigation Exposes Shocking Slaughterhouse Cruelty

Links to Vegetarianism and Religions

Anti-Animal Testing Law - Israel

Netherlands Bans the Import of Seal Products

Project Angel of the Horses - Brazil

Switzerland - Index - updated

May 22, 2007

Gay Flamingos Adopt an Abandoned Chick

When I Look Into Animals' Eyes, I See What I Felt

How Monsanto Destroyed Civilization - essay

Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes

May 21, 2007

Damage to Hunt Club in Wisconsin - US

May 20, 2007

Documents expose Police corruption in Oxford

UPS Copy Centre Attacked - Canada

Rats Capable Of Reflecting On Mental Processes

May 19, 2007

Donkey and Wolf - updated

Rules for Cats to Live By

Calcium 'causes brain damage'

May 18, 2007

Gerald the Field Mouse

Actions Reported to Biteback - UK

Actions Reported to Biteback - Ireland

Actions Reported to Biteback - France

Actions Reported to Biteback - Czech Republic

May 17, 2007

Cat and Chicks - photos updated

May 16, 2007

English Sparks Fly at Portuguese Bullfight

Cory versus Ringach

AR philosophy 2: 130 powerpoint slides (56Mb). May 2007

May 15, 2007

Battle of the Beagles

Does God Support Factory Farms?

Is Eating Meat A Catholic Sin?

May 14, 2007

Crows are no bird-brains, Japanese study finds

Environmentalists Should Be Vegetarians

Shelter, by Julie Chadwick - music

May 13, 2007

Duck Care Tips

French Cat - reader photo

May 12, 2007

Activists supported the Week of Actions Against Vivisection - Russia

Loving Arms - poetry

Animal Rights Lawyer - Steven Wise - New Zealand

International Anti-bullfighting Summit - Spain

Fur Devils - updated

Will Chimp Life Get Human Rights? - Austria

Buddha's Final Message

Useful Observations for Animal Rights Work

May 11, 2007

Scandinavian Anti-Sealing Coalition

Steven Seagal

Penalty for Animal Cruelty in Michigan

Police Bloody Field Workers Filming Bison Haze - US

PepsiCo Stops Funding Animal Testing

Scientists work on Encyclopedia of Life

May 10, 2007

Korean Dog Farms

ARANs April '07 Newsletter - Ireland

Actions Reported to Biteback - UK

Childless couple adopts monkey - India

ALF Rescues Fish - France

Vegetarian Kids

FBI Assists UK Arrest AR Activists

March of Crimes, 2007

Re: John Barnes Doggie U Dog Trainer - warning

Reasons for Actions - in French

Actions Reported to Biteback - Canada

May 9, 2007

Tao Lin - Excerpts from Interview 

Herbie the Rescued Calf - videos

May 8, 2007

Sgt. Carri Lucas

Hunting Towers Toppled - Poland

Dozens of Windows Broken at Fur / Meat Shops - Poland

Three Guinea Pigs Rescued - Russia

May 7, 2007

Laboratory Animal Use Figures for US, EU, UK

Kim Powers - updated

Dancing Bears in India and Pakistan

Activist Account of Raid - UK

Reader's Companion Animals - photo - parrot rescue org.

Liturgies for Commemorations and Burials of Animals

May 6, 2007

Safe Hunting? - Accidents in US

Burberry Fur Protest - Russia

ALF POWs - updated

Review of Animal Experimentation

May 5, 2007

Inside Circuses

ARAs in Boston for Bio-tech Meeting

Vet Fined for Calling ARAs "Terrorists"

Animal Rights Protestor Attacked - UK

Activists want chimp declared a 'person' - Austria

Maneka Gandhi advocates ban on killing of dogs - India

Dog Rights vs. Human Rights - China - Animal Rescue Team Taiwan

Turkey - Index - new website added

May 3, 2007

Ten Little-Known Facts About Dogs

Amish Country: It’s not just buggies and furniture

Movie Review: Your Mommy Kills Animals

Chicken Rescued From Corpse Pit - NZ

Russian Activists March on Lab

First reports from those who were raided - UK

How To Spot A Terrorist

May 2, 2007

Animals On Film

Draize Testing is Outdated

ALF Visits Utah Vivisector - US

Thirty held over animal extremism - UK

No-kill Shelter in trouble - Canada

Wild Animals - updated

May 1, 2007

Otters holding hands - video

How Much Protein Do We Need?

Critters have feelings, too - novels reviewed

April 30, 2007

Into The Mystic - music

Europe set to outlaw cosmetic testing on live animals

The Buddha's advice on killing and consumption of meat

Safer Medicines Video

Body Art

Actions in Chile - add new web site

Kim Powers - singer/songwriter

April 29, 2007

Human-chimp Gene Study Upsets Long-held View

Doggie See, Doggie Do

Serbia Vegan Group / Action

New Home for Five Hens - Czech Republic

Body Shop = L'Oreal = Vivisection - France

April 28, 2007

Report exposes extreme animal suffering

Direct Action Trends - updated

Lady Squirrel Stubs - photos

April 27, 2007

King Violates Animal Rights' - Nepal

A good home environment boosts birds' morale

88-year-old woman caged - UK

Stand Up For Zeke - Song

Ira Glass Discusses Chickens on David Letterman

10 Reasons to Eat Vegan

Protest for the Harvard Primates - US

HLS Accuses Banks - UK

Dog Rescue Video - Germany

Seal Skin Ban - Austria

April 26, 2007

Worcester Animal Rights Report

Tianjin Cats - update

Is a chimp a person? – Judge sees apes now in a different light

Two Horses - story

Dance Monkey Dance

Miscellaneous - Animal Photos

World Hunger

Commentary: Do Elephants Cry?

The Least of These - poem

April 25, 2007

IFAW Podcast

Three Million Animals in Britain's Labs

Cruelty Free Research

Monkey Horror

Lab Animal - Commentary

Pet fish knows his name

April 24, 2007

Professor Stops Animal Testing - Vegetarian Pet Foods

Bollywood Stars Want Animal Cruelty to Stop

Animal Rights and Abortion Dilemmas

Extremism In Academia

Do Plants Have Souls?

What About Battery Hens Now? - Australia

France In Action

April 23, 2007

I Am An Elephant

I Don't Eat Animals - song, 1970 - song "Please Don't Eat Friends"

Drug Company Takes Action to Curb Protests - UK

Sow and Reap the Seed of Murder - YouTube video

Universities accused of 'cruel' animal tests - UK

LTE: Curb Animal Cruelty

Actions for One - from Ireland

Wachovia Executive Attacked in Portland - US

April 22, 2007

Will Tuttle. com - The World Peace Diet

Chimps 'more evolved' than humans

Why I Don't Wear Wool

Slaughterhouse Study - Taiwan

Parrot Trade - Mexico

Wolf Spirit - Serbia

Cruelty Free - New web site

April 20, 2007

No Kill Advocate Issue #2 for 2007 - shelters

Emily, Tyke, and animal escapes

Chicken S*** - story

Eric McDavid - POW update

April 19, 2007

King of Queens - TV

Activists Imitate Battery Hens - New Zealand

Schools Teaching AR - India

'Pro Animals' Newsletter - Romania

Sealing Boat Sunk in Newfoundland - Canada, updated

Direct Action Trends

What Defines an Animal Rights Activist?

April 18, 2007

Barcelona Fur Shop Painted

29 Hens Freed in Open Rescue - Czech Republic

April 17, 2007

April 16, 2007

AR Novels - updated

Animal Rights Strategy

Mexican Rodeo

Duke University Stops Using Live Pigs - US

The Wisdom of Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Keeping Cats Safe

ARAs are targeting farmers at a higher rate - UK

ARAs to pope: Stop wearing fur  - Italy

April 15, 2007

Lancet on Vivisection

Foie Gras Violent Food - song

Macaques May Have Plenty to Say About Us

Dumb Excuses for Dumping Pets

More On Don Imus

University to reduce animal tests

Santa Monica Cops Need Pampers for Lack of Control

April 14, 2007

"Committed" by Dave Mathews - novel

Posters 2 - anti-fur, updated

Cuba - AR Laws

Year of the Dog - movie review

Dog Slaughter - India

Lobster Liberation - US

April 13, 2007

Astrella Celeste

Tobey Maguire has imposed a leather ban on himself

April 12, 2007

Chickens Are Intelligent, Gentle Vivacious Individuals

Dolphin 'dying of broken heart' after keeper is stabbed to death

Nests removed but birds here to stay - US

New AR Prisoner, Wayne Bunch - UK

Live from the Ice 2007 - Canada

Slow Dance - poem

April 11, 2007

Meat Down, Veggies Up, Says New Research - US

Legal battle: My son, the chimp - UK

5th Annual Animal Liberation Conference Series - US

I found your dog today

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops

Campaign Against Extreme Cruelty In JAÉN, ANDALUSÍA

A moving confession of a Slovenian ex – butcher

Jeremy Kinsman: Diplomatically Speaking - Canada

April 10, 2007

Miscellaneous - photos

Tibetans pledged to shun non-vegetarian food

Circus Poster Destroyed - France

ARAs Uncover Illegal Dumping Ground for Chickens - New Zealand

Open Rescue Activists Rescue Hens - New Zealand

April 9, 2007

Super Charge Me Raw - updated

April 8, 2007

AR groups oppose proposed horse race betting - Taiwan

April 7, 2007

Baby Duck Feeding Koi Fish - video

Dog With Piglet - photos

Vivisection Info - link

Vegan Fashion is No Longer an Oxymoron

Rally for Grimes in Pennsylvania April 17

Do You Know What You Are Eating?

Meat and Cancer

April 6, 2007

Freed lab chimps to get own islands off Africa

Laboratory Animal Week, 2007

Religious Testimony Regarding Animals

Felix, revealed in video by Oxford University - UK

Salim Stoudamire - Vegan

Easter Message from Slovenian President

Easter 2007 Message - Croatia

April 5, 2007

Call on Protest Against Animal Abuse - Serbia

Animal Caring Groups MUZZLED by Govt. - Canada

Forum of the Freedom - Brazil

Horses - Brazil (in Portuguese)

Ireland - updated

Fur Shop Windows Smashed at Midday - Switzerland

26 Freed Turtles - US

April 3, 2007

Humane Alternatives in Veterinary Education

Could you be seen as the terrorist next door?

Cruelty exposed in circuses - Bolivia

Time in the Animal Mind

Meatless McDonalds - India

Buried Alive - Lebanon

April 2, 2007

Great Ape Trial - Austria, updated

Rights for Gorillas! Oh, and Humans

I Was a Vivisectionist - UK

The Horse Listener - Australia

The hidden cost of selling the public on "cage-free" eggs

Animal Rights Activists Praise Burger King

Wall Street On Animal Testing

The Rotten Truth Behind Iams' "Dental Defense" Diets

April 1, 2007

Emmylou Harris Develops Pet Adoption Program

Orangutan Diary - UK

March 31, 2007

Seal Protest 2007 - Contact Information

Charities Information

March 30, 2007

'Throwaway' Kids & Animals Find Each Other

Respect for Life - Monitoring the ethical practice of animal research

NETCU - Photographers arrested to gather evidence - UK

NETCU - Dodgy World of Protest Exclusion Injections - UK

NETCU - Harbingers of a Police State -UK

Should apes have human rights?

March 29, 2007

Dennis Kucinich for 2008 U.S. President

Treva Slote, founder of Arizona Humane Society

Leopard Saves a Baby Baboon

Burger King Improves

Why Don't You Drink Milk?

Wild horse preservation - link

March 28, 2007

Butterfly Highway - Taiwan

Beirut for Ethical Treatment of Animals - Lebanon

Know Your Rights & Resist the Police State

Body Art - updated

Arson Attack on a Meat Factory - Germany

McDonalds had windows smashed - Israel

March 27, 2007

Ringneck Parakeet Cull - UK

Monkeys Learn Stone Skills from Each Other

The Fast Food Kroc

Leo Tolstoy on Vegetarianism

1980's Documentary on vegetarianism hosted by W. Shatner

A short video on Felix - from SPEAK, UK

March 26, 2007

David Foster Wallace considers the lobster

The Reality of Feed at Animal Factories

Animal protein & fat raise endometrial cancer risk

March 25, 2007

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2007

Fishing - Index - updated, short whaling movies

Spanish islands extend "human rights" to apes

Lucky, the dog - Romania

Quebec Puppy Mills - updated

Vancouver Anti-Seal Protest

So, You Want a Parrot

March 23, 2007

Do Evil CEOs Sleep at Night?

Wolfgang Puck Announces Strict Animal-Welfare Policy

Team Vegan Cyclists - US

Pets’ Owners Angered by Delays in Response - US

This Is Your Brain On Meat

Horse Injury and Retirement Law

Cats Listening to Music - humor

March 22, 2007

Body Art - updated

Teen's love for animals prompted her to turn vegan

March 21, 2007

Quebec Puppy Mills - protest March 30

Mexico - updated

Madrid Protest - Spain

Seven Piglets Rescued - Italy

Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior

March 20, 2007

Can Diet Reverse Diabetes?

The Cry of Pakistani Animals

The Story of One "Unwanted" Horse

Thai Orangutans Traded to India

Seal Slaughter News, 2007 - Canada

List of Pet Foods Recalled

Pet Adoption Portal - link, US

Animal Protection Act - Croatia

Vivisectionists Are Protected - UK

Teen's anti-trapping protest draws crowd - US

Two ARA's Charged with "Illegal Gathering" - Israel

March 19, 2007

Animal Rights Increasing - China

Canada prepares 'historic' animal rights standards

March 17, 2007

Lobster Saved in Milan Theater - Italy

Pet Foods - link

NYC Meatout March 22

Regarding: Suzanne and Mark Taylor - UK

March 16, 2007

Confirmed: Your Daughter Is Merck's Guinea Pig - link. Turkey.

Seal Hunt Protest - Serbia

Chrissie Hynde Will Open Restaurant in Ohio

Vegan Cosmetics Launched - Europe, US

ARAN Seal Demonstration - Ireland

ALF in Greece - article in Greek

ALF in Chile

Heather Mills vs. Pig Farmers - UK

Miscellaneous - photos added

March 15, 2007

Farm Animal Adoption Network - US

Hunt Platforms Toppled - Austria

You Call Yourself a Progressive - But You Still Eat Meat?

Sociology announces a moratorium on animal testing

AR movement gains momentum - Estonia

Who Is My Killer? - Turkey

March 14, 2007 - US

When Animal Abusers Get Older

March 13, 2007

Jane Goodall Condemns Animal Testing

March 12, 2007

Fast Food Nation - Reviews - updated

Wachovia Securities Exec. Attacked by ALF in Portland

March 11, 2007

Learning from Geese

We're Not Unique, Just at one end of the spectrum

Save Babe Video

Maryland’s Alley Cat Rescue To Visit Mexico - updated

The Garroting of Commonsense - UK

Lab Animals Saved - Europe

Vegans, Ecology, and Animal Rights

Taste of Dog - Norway

March 10, 2007

Animal Rights Grandmother Sent to Prison - UK

Silent Spring at Asturias Extermination Centre - Spain

Rats Think Like Humans

Miscellaneous - photos

Dog protects Frog - photos

Ferret with Cat - photos

Fawn with Horses - photos

Cat with Hedgehogs - photos

Cat Nursing Skunks - updated

March 9, 2007

Horseracing 2006

March 8, 2007

Purim and Vegetarianism

Quebec Puppy Mills - updated

March 7, 2007

LSU vegetarian player a rarity

Indy - poem

Baghdad Zoo - Iraq

Puppy in Shelter - Chile

Brown Thomas Fur Protest - Ireland

Canadian Voice for Animals Argentina - updated

March 6, 2007

Former Beef Cattle Farmer Becomes a Vegetarian - US

Animal Rights Activist Mark Taylor Jailed - UK

Groups Rally To Support Telegraph Hill Parrots - US

Eternal Treblinka - updated

March 4, 2007

Mount Joy egg-farm cruelty case resumes - US, updated

Jesus Was A Vegan - novel  - slideshow of rescued China cats

March 3, 2007

AR FAQs - slides in jpg format

Critter Camp - link

Just A Dog - essay

A Christian view on animal testing

Owen and Mzee - update

Laurie Rosin's Cat - Declawed by Amateurs

March 2, 2007

Monkey Farm Drivers - UK

Fur Industry Attacked - France

Prince says ban McDonald's food - UK

March 1, 2007

Anti-Dairy Politics - Australia

Circus Education - link

Baby Tigers and Orangutans - photos

Original Graphics 1 - updated

Do You Remember Love? - video

Saving A Monkey - US, updated

New Prison Dispatch from Jeffrey Free Luers

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