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NAALPO Newsletter January 2016

Direct Action of the Month

December 8, 2015 - Germany
"Should those responsible not agree with our demands, you must expect not only other liberation actions for the foxes, but also personal
consequences in terms of destruction of private property and economic
damage in other areas of life. Until all the cages are empty!  --ALF"

For the full communique:

Animal Liberation Globally

December 28, 2015 - Turkey
"ALF activists in Turkey broke into the cages of partridge hunters. 3
partridge kept under captivity have been rescued and released into the
wild where their natural habitat is. The activists dedicate this action
to all ALF activists."

Press Office Events

NAALPO Adds Two Advisors, Reaching out to International,
Environmental Movements

Yesim Nurova: Press Officer Advisor and Liaison, Europe

A notable animal rights activist known throughout Turkey and Europe, Yesim has organized and led some of the largest animal liberation and animal rights demonstrations and protests, many with a Direct Action component, in Asia. She is the Founder of the Spanish language A.L.F Frente de Liberacion Animal Community, the largest animal liberation and animal rights online resource for Spanish speaking activists around the world. Yesim can be reached at:

Gregston Van Pukeston: Press Office Advisor/Liaison, Environmental Action/Activist Groups

A notable activist and musician, Gregston is working with activist groups such as Hudson Valley Earth First!, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, Hudson Valley I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World) General Branch Headquarters, and the Green Party. He is a long-time activist in the struggle for Eco-Defense and animal liberation, and can be reached at:

Featured Articles, Essays and News

Animal Liberationists: Why We Must Take The Fight To Human Targets

By definition, terrorism is violence against the innocent. Terrorist organizations hope to influence the actions of governments by paralyzing populaces with fear and uncertainty.

We see these tactics employed by jihadist Muslims, right wing hate groups, and radical separatists. Government response, predictably, is repression and fascist legislation. Voices of reason and of tolerance are drowned out by demagogues and political opportunists.

In the US, the irony of such a reaction is that the very police that the public demands protect it in fact kill nine times as many Americans as do terrorists.

Read more here:

Security Tech Articles
Yull Encryption Pro

Yull is a new encryption program which runs on Windows, with features
not found elsewhere. Yull doesn't use AES. For Yull, encryption is
handled in two parts which relate to each other. One of the bases of
modern cryptography is Kerckhoffs's principle, which states that "A
cryptosystem should be secure even if everything about the system,
except the key, is public knowledge.

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