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NAALPO E-Newsletter - September 2016

Direct Action of the Month
Chilean Butcher Shops Sabotaged by ALF

“…with simple materials we sabotaged the locks so that the owners of this so-called ‘job’ can have it clear in their heads that there are subjects that do not want and do not respect the commercialization of humiliation, suffering and death of animals.”
–Javier Recabarren affiliate cell of ALF

The ALF assumes the low-scale sabotage committed during the night of July 28 in the periphery of Santiago against 2 butcher shops, 1 private dwelling (butcher owner’s house), 1 access fence into the butcher and other shops, and lastly, 1 shop selling chicken.

The flow of commercialization in the shops selling dead animals was interrupted as we filled tens of their locks with liquid steel, which the bastard owners discovered later that morning with surprise. In the following days, we left a message on paper, making it very clear why this action was committed.

For the full communique
: NAALPO/2016/08/01/chilean-butcher-shops-sabotaged-by-alf/

Flashback Friday: May 1984 – Raid on the University of PA Head Injury Lab

Over thirty years ago the ALF exposed the horrors of vivisection when it expropriated sixty hours of audio- and videotape of footage shot by researchers inside the University of Pennsylvania’s Head Injury Clinic in Philadelphia.

The footage, released as a 26 minute film produced by PETA called “Unnecessary Fuss,” shows the researchers mocking and laughing at baboons as brain damage is inflicted on them with a hydraulic device.
(The title of the film comes from a statement made by the head of the lab, neurosurgeon Thomas Gennarelli, to The Globe and Mail newspaper before the raid. Gennarelli declined to describe his research because, he said, it had “the potential to stir up all sorts of unnecessary fuss …”)

As a result of the publicity generated by “Unnecessary Fuss,” the lab was closed, the chief veterinarian fired and the university placed on probation.

Sadly, though, Gennarelli continues to practice elsewhere.

You can view “Unnecessary Fuss” here

Find a detailed account of the ALF raid in Ingrid Newkirk’s book, “For the Animals”

Press Office Events
Gregston Van Pukeston Joins Press Office as Newest Press Officer

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office is very pleased to announce the appointment of our newest Press Officer, Gregston Van Pukeston. Greg has served for quite some time as a press office Advisor and liaison with environmental action groups, and is a journalist affiliated with R9 Media. Greg is a notable activist in his own right, not to mention a remarkable musician. Working with activist groups such as Hudson Valley Earth First!, Hudson Valley I.W.W.(Industrial Workers of the World) General Branch Headquarters, and the Green Party, he is a long-time activist in the struggle for Eco-Defense and animal liberation.

Gregston can be reached directly at: 

Please welcome him to a long line of dedicated press officers here at the North American Animal Liberation Press Office.

In the struggle:
The Animal Liberation Press Office staff

Featured Articles, Essays and News
Institute for Critical Animal Studies Publishes Interview with Press Officer Will Hazlitt

“The Animal Liberation Front continues to endure because the objective of total Animal Liberation and Animal Rights has yet to be reached. In addition, its rumored structure, or more accurately non-structure, allows it to operate with near impunity in the areas it seeks to target. It is a completely decentralized, nonhierarchical and leaderless group of anonymous cells. Decision making is based on consensus and information is shared strictly on a need-to-know basis. This methodology allows for maximum effectiveness while also providing strong plausible deniability in the event of operational difficulties.”

Security Tech Articles
Tradecraft: Multihop VPN

What is a multihop VPN?

When connecting to a normal singlehop VPN service your Internet traffic is routed through a single VPN server. With a multihop VPN service it is routed through 2 or more VPN servers in different jurisdictions. This provides an additional layer of security.

The Press Office is currently testing a multihop VPN service from: doublehop

From their website:
“Experience the luxury of pure privacy online. Your logs will always go into the black hole of /dev/null…We use AES-256 encryption between clients and nodes with RSA-4096 for key exchange and certificates…Your activities will be virtually untraceable. Traffic between nodes is multiplexed, defeating passive correlation surveillance…Double your security and privacy with double hops to ensure multiple legal jurisdictions to disrupt potential investigations.”

They also provide free access to those working in media or journalism.

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Animal Liberation Prisoners

Activist Support: Support Nicole and Joseph


A new website has been created for Nicole in preparation for her trial. Please check it out to learn more about her. Nicole and Joseph remain in solidarity with one another and all donations made through  will go directly into their joint support fund.



Animal Abuser Meets Justice by Animal Rights Activists

A MAN who allegedly livestreamed himself raping dogs was stripped and beaten by an angry mob of animal rights activists.

The unnamed man reportedly beat the poor canines into submission before having sex with them, while broadcasting the abusive content live to thousands of viewers.

Dog lovers first noticed the horrific streams three weeks ago and traced the man to the township of Shiling in Chengdu, China.

The alleged abuser was then lured to a ‘meet up’ by cunning animal fanatics who posed as fans.

The man was then attacked by dozens of activists who had set a trap in a rented room.

He was stripped of all his clothing and beaten for several minutes.

Viral footage of the incident shows the man sprawled completely naked in the street as the mob surrounds him carrying a banner asking for laws against the abuse of so-called ‘small animals’.

The beating was eventually stopped by local residents who called the police before the man was taken to hospital where he is recovering.

According to reports, the alleged dog rapist cannot be charged for abusing the animals, which were all strays, and can only be criticised from a moral standpoint for his actions.

However, authorities are investigating him for the disgusting content he streamed online.

Police are also investigating the actions of the angry mob although no arrests have been made.

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