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NAALPO March 2013 E-Newsletter
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200 baby chicks liberated from Massachusetts,
farmer suspects animal rights activists

A central Massachusetts farmer says 200 chicks were stolen from their pen, and he suspects animal rights activists are behind it, after he posted a picture of the birds on Facebook. Keith Kopley at Kalon Farm in Ashburnham says the Cornish cross chicks hatched in Pennsylvania were delivered to him on Wednesday, March 13, and disappeared the next morning.

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Cages Emptied at Italian Mink Farm (Communique) Received anonymously: We opened the cages and fences at the farm near the river on via Torre in Fiesso D'artico (PD) freeing hundreds of mink including many pregnant females who will now give birth in freedom.

Radicals claim responsibility for boutique attack
Activists from the Animal Liberation Front publicized their unapologetic communiqu� on Bite Back magazine�s website Wednesday morning, claiming responsibility for spray-painting �ALF� on the door of Glass House Couture and spraying a noxious chemical inside on Thursday last week. The activists targeted the store because Claman sells fur there and because she is known to wear fur on TV.

Vancouver Fur Profiteer Attacked by ALF (Communique) Received anonymously: During the night of March 21 we descended upon Vancouver to visit her horrid store. We squirted foul liquid in the door to destroy anything it touched. We also reminded the Glass House that they are under surveillance by signing our name ALF in large painted letters. We splashed the remaining paint on the front of the store to warn your community about what you do to innocent animals every single day in the name of your obscene �fashion sense.�

Political Prison- by Walter Bond Currently there are more than 2 and a half million people imprisoned in America. With more than 6 million on parole, probation or supervised release. That is approximately 1 out of every 33 adults in the U.S. which are in some stage of �corrections�. Nearly everyone in this system falls into one or more of four categories, those being: 1. Black, 2. Latino, 3. Poor, and 4. Uneducated.

Branded for Animal Rights In the United States alone, 8.3 billion animals were killed for food in 2012, according to the USDA�s National Agriculture�s Statistics Service. Given this data does not include fish, marine animals, crustaceans, rabbits, other farmed animals, or animals killed for their fur or other �by-products,� this figure is a gross underestimation.

Dancing the World Into Being (Interview by Naomi Klein) Over the past 400 years, there has never been a time when indigenous peoples were not resisting colonialism. Idle No More is the latest � visible to the mainstream � resistance and it is part of an ongoing historical and contemporary push to protect our lands, our cultures, our nationhoods, and our languages.

Hunters are terrorists of animal world by Press Officer Gary Yourofksy Animal rights humanitarians are fed up with hunters, their government cronies and their sick mentalities. Hunting is not sound science. It is sound fun for unsound individuals who commit unrepentant violence against animals.

The Freedom Fighters of the Animal Liberation Front By Press Officer Will Hazlitt
During the course of these interviews I referred to the Animal Liberation Front as Freedom Fighters, squarely knocking down the commonly used appellative of terrorist. As an example of a Freedom Fighter I pointed towards Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, and a renowned Freedom Fighter in his own right on the African continent in the struggle for the liberation of Rhodesia from the hands of white rule.

Deer Cul Sabotaged in Cranbrook, BC (Canada)
According to local media reports, on February 19 netted-cage traps used to capture deer as part of a cull in Cranbrook, British Columbia were vandalized. 24 mule deer were killed during the cull, which concluded at the end of February.


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