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Photo: Society for the Abolition of Vivisection

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Photo:Society for the abolition of vivisection
Interests obstruct reforms

'Those in charge of approving alternatives may benefit most from increased testing'

Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Testing efficiency doubted

Vets, doctors say animal tissue cannot be used to develop medicines for humans

Photo: Society for the abolition of vivisection
A call to arms

Sneak peek at anti-vivisection group meeting in Tel Aviv bar: It's us against the professors

Photo: Society for abolition of vivisection
Putting an end to the cruelty

Animal testing continues to rise, but anti-vivisectionists say all is not lost

Lethal injection

Experiments banned or restricted in Europe are being carried out unabated in Israel

Photo: CD Bank
Vivisection evades supervision

State Comptroller report slams council responsible for animal-testing supervision