Descriptions of news stories June 2005 with (category-location of the story)
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Welfare Report -- June 29. UK Animal Welfare Laws "failing" animals
Mice Escape -- June 27. Mice Escape Cruel Fate in Australia.
Lisa Leitten -- June 17. Uncovered, PETA spy says job at Sinclair was ‘tough’
Sacred Cow -- June 16. Boston, MA. Peace Abbey honoring its sacred cow
Ben White -- June 16. Crusader begins fiercest fight yet -- against cancer. Animal activist Ben White never expected a health battle.
Julia Palmer-Stoll -- June 12, 2005. 21 year-old German TV actress died after saving a small hedgehog in the street (Saints / Actors)
Vegan is Black - June 12, 2005. After 60 years of ridicule, Vegan is the New Black (Practical / Health)
Animal Lawyer -- June 11. Domesticated Disputes. Sandy Toye's pet practice.

KFC & Pam A -- June 11. Help end the suffering in a fast-food bucket, By Pamela Anderson (Factory Farms / Birds)
Mad Cow in USA -- June 11, Mad Cow disease confirmed in US (Practical / Health)
Iowa Ground 0 -- June 9. Ground zero of labs vs. animal-rights activists. By Kirsten Scharnberg and Tim Jones (ALF / Labs)
PA Considers Terrorist Law -- June 5. Pa. considers outlawing domestic terrorism. It is one of only 13 states that have not criminalized violence by animal and environmental extremists. (ALF / AgainstALF)
Cormorant Fire -- June 1.
In the line of fire. What drives those who insist on endangering their own safety for the lives of Cormorants?
Primate Plans -- June 2. Future Primate Facility Scuttled After Animal Liberation Front Attack (ALF-USA)
SHAC 7 -- June 3 update (ALF / AgainstALF)
Buy Wild Oats -- June. Wild Oats Markets Inc. making egg suppliers go cage-free (shopping)
Animal testing -- Israel news and opinion (vivisection)
Canada Law -- May 31. Justice Minister Introduces Bill to Protect Animal Rights, by Sharda Vaidyanath (legal)
Humane Solution -- Humane solution to animal cruelty, by LEONORA MERRY, Scottish SPCA

Swiss Parliment -- The three-week summer session of the Swiss parliament is focusing on public-spending cuts and amendments to the animal welfare law.
Animal Testing Debate -- May 30. Clearer information key to a constructive debate on animal testing, finds report (Animal Testing)
Witch Hunt -- May 26. Trial by Ordeal: The Modern-Day Witch Hunt
by Resist Witch Hunts! (ALF / AgainstALF)