June 10, 2005
Darya Update

Greetings, my name is Darya Dasha Vyaersi, and you had information concerning the case of police brutality against me when I was shot down in a hospital in August of last year. I have been released from jail, the charges were dropped, others changed to not even an assault charge since the accusations were false. I just wanted to update you.
    I've also recently been signed up by a modeling agency, making me perhaps one of the few vegan animal rights activist models. I work part-time as a medical researcher and webs-site reconfigurer for a vegan based (The founder and main doctor is vegan, as is his family, they also have 3 vegan doctors on staff) medical facility in Hawaii that runs partly on solar panels. Just wanted to let you guys know. They can imprison, starve us in the jails, even abuse us with excessive force, but our ethics shall never lessen or change.



- Daria Vyaersi
101 East San Fernando St.
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 295 - 7536