Links to news articles from June - September 2004

London ARs -- Crackdown on animal rights militants

Snowbird Ski Resort -- Response to complain about method of killing critters

7 Monkeys -- Seven Monkeys killed at UC Davis

ALF Ireland

Furry hats

Brazilian Rodeo

Hog Hunts

Dancing Bears


update: Galapagos

Trial for Saving Dogs

August 27: Unverified report regarding the station KRCA-TV in  Burbank, owned by Lenard Liberman ( Their new program "Gana La Verde" is already getting very bad publicity since they scam the undocumented Hispanic into believing they will "win the green" as in green card. To top this, in today's show they had the contestants eating live crabs on camera and chasing after pigs, tripping over them, etc. They use animals in many of their shows.

August 23, 2004
    Hi there
    I wonder if you can help. I am sending this email from my work email address and it is only being sent to you.
    I live with my wife, three children and various loved pets at Lode Hill, Downton, Wiltshire, UK, SP5 3PW.
    I am a yacht broker and my wife is a local community nurse working for Wiltshire PCT and based at Whiteparish Surgery.
    The reason for my contact is that about nine months ago my house was attacked and the front door badly damaged, then last week we suffered another attack where paint was thrown at the front door of our house.
    Why would anyone wish to attack our family is very difficult to understand.
    However, in looking for reasons why we are having these visits, we have discovered that the previous owner worked or works at Porton Down in the UK. Although he left Lode Hill nearly three years ago we were wondering if our address is still on someone's data base as the abode of a person of interest to animal rights organisations.
    Please understand this is not an accusation, I just hope you will know where such lists exist and checking if our address is on them. If this is the case, would you help by getting our address removed.
    If you can help I would really appreciate confirmation.
    Many thanks
    My best regards


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