July 19, 2004: Unverified report from Utah: There are some things going on at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort that people need to know about. I have found out through several sources that the ski resort is doing things it should not be proud of. First, they are poisoning animals. The bait is set out in the late evening and by the morning a whole bunch are dead. They also destroy birds nests just because they poop on the cars. When they dump their fire sprinkler system it drains into the river next to the resort and this water includes glycol. There are a lot of great animals in our canyons and I feel that if we want to keep them around we have to do something about these issues.

July 21, 2004: Dear Animal Liberation Front,
     This letter is in response to a July 19, 2004 posting on the website www.animalliberationfront.com regarding practices Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort. The information below addresses each of the issues raised in the posting individually but it is critical that visitors to the website and members of Animal Liberation Front know the following: responsible stewardship of the Little Cottonwood Canyon environment – animals, plants, watershed and forests – is a top priority within Snowbird management and the foundation upon which our business is built. Without a healthy and vibrant ecosystem, Snowbird would cease to operate as a business.
     Through the replacing of thousands of trees removed during the Little Cottonwood Canyon mining era, the reclamation of abandoned mines, the planting of native seeds and other ongoing habitat efforts, Little Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Creek are cleaner and provide better animal habitat than at any time in more than a century.
     Unfortunately mice and other rodents are a common problem in and around many structures including hotels and restaurants whether located in valley or mountain locations. The July 19 posting brought to our attention the unacceptable use of bait to control rodents in and around one of Snowbird’s lodges. Snowbird management has ordered the immediate cessation of this practice in favor of non-lethal relocation away from the Snowbird village corridor.
     Any claims regarding the drainage of glycol into the watershed are absolutely false. Snowbird does not and never has discarded glycol into any watershed. Snowbird has an established procedure for recycling glycol at a facility in Salt Lake City. This process can be verified through Salt Lake City Municipal Water or Salt Lake County Service Area No. 3. This process includes a regular testing of Little Cottonwood Creek, results of which can be viewed at www.keepitpure.com.
     Snowbird uses a non-lethal method of removing unoccupied nests within its parking structure. Removal is only permitted before nests are occupied. No occupied nests are removed and no birds have been harmed.
     Many of Snowbird’s employees choose to work at the resort because of the setting and environment. These individuals are often times making less money than they could elsewhere so that they can be surrounded by the environment and animals to which ALF professes its dedication. Snowbird management is happy to discuss any concerns individuals or organizations may have regarding the treatment of animals or the environment.
     To contact Snowbird, e-mail management@snowbird.com and you will receive an immediate response.