Descriptions of news stories Jan - March 2005 with (category-location of the story)

Tortoise -- Nairobi, Jan 6. Tortoise Adopts Stray Hippo at Sanctuary. (morality / speciesism)
CrowsMakeTools -- London. Study shows that crows have a natural tool-making ability (morality / speciesism).
SF LA -- Jan 14. SF: We kill millions of pets every year. Who cares if a few get posh shelters and humane laws? By Mark Morford. Jan 12, LA. Mayor Hahn shreds the constitution and serves specious warrants on activists. (practical / activism)
Best in Iowa -- Jan. Dr. Steven Best visits the Iowa campus to explain ALF's raid in November, 2004 (ALF / USA)
Fawn -- Nanaimo, South Africa. Follow up to 2004 story of "Dog fawns over orphan after boys rescue deer". (authors / stories)
Seal Editorial -- Jan. 19. Canada's National Post has come out forcefully against the seal hunt. (fur / hunting)
Horse Flames
-- Jan. 24. Spain. Flaming disgrace ... in Spanish ritual horses are forced over fire. (practical / entertainment)
Robyns Buddy -- Jan. Essay from lady who lost a dog (authors / essays)
Support-China -- "Friends of Animals Asia" Support Groups Established in China! (practical / activism)
Cops Help ALF -- March 5. Victoria, Australia. Police Help Animal Liberation Victoria Remove 55 Sick Birds From Factory Farm for Treatment at Werribee Veterinary Hospital (ALF / Australia)
Scientists Alter Findings -- Feb 10. U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings. More than 200 Fish and Wildlife researchers cite cases where conclusions were reversed to weaken protections and favor business. (hunting - fishing)
Werkzaamheden -- In German language. Sad photos of abused dogs. (practical / activism)
UnderHound -- Feb 9. UnderHound Railroad Transports 95 to Safety. Also a link to the "Snoopy Express" (ALF / USA actions)
Steve Harvey -- Feb 13. More Cruelty on 'Steve Harvey's Big Challenge' (saints / media)
Illegal Slaughter -- March 7. UK. Hillside's Investigation Exposes UK's Biggest Illegal Slaughterhouse! (practical / activism)
Debate Monkey -- March 27. A major study will examine what limits should be put on the continued use of non-human primates in UK experiments. (philosophy / animal testing)
Wickham Labs -- Wickham Labs on Trial. Activist uncovers inhumane testing. (ALF / USA actions)