Descriptions of news stories
April - May 2005 with (category-location of the story)

Foie Gras Law -- Starting today (1 April 2005): force-feeding of geese and ducks is illegal in Israel! (factory farming / birds)
Sea Shepherd -- In Canada, the eleven Sea Shepherd Crew members were released earlier today (fur / hunting)
Animal Laughter -- Animals enjoy good laugh too, scientists say. Excerpts in Spanish (morality / speciesism)
ALF vs. KFC in MS -- March 29, 2005 KFC in Hattiesburg MS was targeted by ALF. (ALF / USA actions)
Best testify -- Senate asks UTEP professor to testify about ecoterrorism

Pope & animals -- Pope John Paul II taught love for animals (philosophy / religion)
Pope and Cats -- Pope John Paul II had a dream about homeless cats (philosophy / religion)
ALF Fox Lib -- April 1, 2005. Fox farm raided by ALF in Bluffs, Illinois (ALF / USA actions)
Seal Commentaries -- April 2005. Two newspaper commentaries about the Canadian seal hunt (fur / hunting)
Dog Survives Dump -- Puppy Survives Euthanasia Attempt, Trip To Dump
Protest -- 4/29/05 Protestors march against animal testing on UCLA campus
ASU Web Devil -- Protesters object to animal testing at ASU
The Emory Wheel -- Yerkes Lab under pressure again
USCF_target_of_AR -- USCF target of animal rights protest
Kudos to Austria -- they enact tough animal rights laws
Animal Care head thinks outside box to cut killings -- in New York
Animals_Used_UCSF -- Decline in the use of animals at UC San Francisco
Chicken_Protest -- Animal rights fight not chicken feed
Forest_Labs_Protest -- Animal Rights Activists Step Up Attacks in N.Y. Families of Drug Executives Are Harassed (ALF / USA actions)
Geese Rescued --
Rescue/rehab of mutilated Canada geese (ALF / USA actions)
Live_Export_Protest -- Activists warn of renewed live export campaign
P_Watson_apology -- Reflections on Being Human – An Apology from the Front Lines
Protest_CU -- Message to Univ. of Colorado: Let my monkeys go.
UI_OpenLabs -- Groups ask Univ. of Iowa to open doors to labs.
Primate Research.htm --
Primate research is useless, brutal
SHAC7 --
California man, an animal-rights activist, is to be tried with six others for exhorting action against N.J. company that does animal testing
Man Who Rescued Dog
French Code -- Animals are for the first time to get an official status of their own under France's 200 year-old civil code, in a move that reflects the country's arrival from a rural to urban society.
Grad Returns Ph.D. -- Columbia Grad Returns His Ph.D. to Protest Animal Cruelty
Horse Saved -- Horse Intended For Good Home Is Saved From Slaughterhouse
CO2 Killing --
Canada’s Western Producer Cites United Poultry Concerns’ Opposition
FBI_on_Ecoterr --
FBI, ATF address domestic terrorism. Officials: Extremists pose serious threat (ALF / AgainstALF)
Photos de la Veggie Pride 2005 -- Veggie Pride 2005 in Paris
Chicken and Ducks --
An Unlikely Trio Finds Sanctuary Together
FBITrashPickers -- May 25. Taking out the trash post 9/11 by Leana Stormont (ALF / AgainstALF)
Wales ALF -- ALF in Wales. Chicken farm protesters chain themselves to cages (ALF / UK actions)
Tests Risk Babies -- May 27. Drug and Chemical Tests Using Animals Fail to Predict Birth Defect Risk Half the Time
AR Needs Push -- Animal efforts 'need bigger push' by Paul Rincon
CA Pig Killing -- Pig eradication plan out of control, by Michael Markarian
Go British Air -- May 25. British Airways stops all live trade for use in experiments. Air Mauritius no longer transports macaques
Russian ALF -- May 12. ALF activists rescue animals from the Biological Department of the Moscow State University
US Senate Refusal -- May 24. US Senate Committee Refuses Thompson's Request to Speak about Domestic Terrorism (ALF / AgainstALF)
Swedish ALF -- May 2005 actions. The struggle against the fur shops in Malmö, Sweden, continues.
UCSF Cruelty -- May 25. Activists Upset Over Animal Cruelty In UCSF Study
UK ALF -- May 17. ALF action in the United Kingdom (ALF / UK actions)
British Air -- May 28. Macaque business puts airlines on back foot
-- May 2005 -- A US federal investigation concluded that Nevada University mistreated research animals.
Peta Spy -- Lisa Leitten is finished living her double life.
NTP Testing Roadmap -- National Toxicology Program (NTP) offers one of the US government's strongest endorsements of the 3Rs of alternatives.