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Most photos in this section show relationships between two different species. Such relationships are not unusual. Animals don't have the emotional and cultural hang-ups that humans do, and they let pure heavenly love happen.

Learning From Animal Friendships - NY Times Science

Reader's Companion Animals - Animal photos submitted by readers - AR photo gallery by Noah Hannibal - great website! - Baby animals
by Gregory Colbert: http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=30051& lang=en
Ray Drew, Australian photographer: unlikely_pairs/entry_image/92821-101910_584396_351_543055

Speciesism -- Index to articles that show the similarities between earthlings

Photos / Stories

    p466 - Stray pit bull found nursing two-day-old kitten on side of road
    p465 - Puppy with Boar Piglets
    p464 - Unlikely Friendship Of A Dog And An Owl
    p463 - Bird Feeds Dog Noodles
    p462 - Pitbull, Cat, and Chicks
    p461 - Lucky the Blind Circus Elephant Rescue

    p460 - Rampaging elephant smashes up house then saves crying baby
    p459 - An Elephant and His Sheep
    p458 - Gorilla Reunion: Damian Aspinall's Gorilla Encounter
    p457 - Lioness Adopts a baby antelope
    p456 - Squirrel Adopted by Cat Learns to Purr
    p455 - The Caring Owl and Cat
    p454 - Cat and Ducklings
    p453 - Baby Ostriches Comfort Baby Elephant
    p452 - A Beautiful Lesson For Us All
    p451 - Boxer and Kid

    p450 - Cat and Squirrel
    p449 - Yellow Lab and Duckling
    p448 - Pool Repairman Saves Squirrel with CPR
    p447 - Goat Won't Eat Until He's Reunited With His Friend
    p446 - Parahawking - Flying With the Birds
    p445 - Cat and Ducklings - Ireland
    p444 - Maggie the dog and her Magpie best friend
    p443 - Chicken saved from lab bonds with two-legged Chihuahua
    p442 - Sunshade and her piggies
    p441 - Rat Loves Cat

    p440 - Interspecies Friendships
    p439 - Baby Elephant and Sheep Become Friends
    p438 - Owl love for a dog
    p437 - Dog and Deer Share Unusual Love story
    p436 - Dog Saves Cat in Ravine
    p435 - Owner Makes Lifejacket For Pet Fish Who Can't Swim
    p434 - Cat nurses week-old abandoned puppy
    p433 - Baby Sea Lion Snuggles Sailor
    p432 - Dog and jaguar are best friends
    p431 - Starving Baby Goose Falls in Love with His Rescuer

    p430 - Orphaned Tiger Given Goat to Eat, Befriends it Instead
    p429 - Miscellaneous
    p428 - Baboon Adopts Stray Kitten
    p427 - Dog nurses feral kitten back to health
    p426 - Miscellaneous
    p425 - Man and Goose Form Friendship
    p424 - Pit Bull Adopts Abandoned White Lion Cub
    p423 - Belarus Soldier and Squirrel
    p422 - Orphaned kangaroo and wombat become best friends
    p421 - Dog and Deer (Kate and Pippin the Doe)

    p420 - Dog and Cat Take a Morning Walk
    p419 - Dog Adopts a Panther Cub
    p418 - Baby Monkey with Dog
    p417 - Recovery for fox thanks to orphaned kittens
    p416 - Miscellaneous
    p415 - Miscellaneous
    p414 - Tiger - Dog
    p413 - Deer and Goose
    p412 - Dolphin and Cat
    p411 - Miscellaneous

    p410 - Orangutan and Hound
    p409 - Gorilla - Rabbit
    p408 - Gorilla - Cat
    p407 - Dolphins Hitch Rides on Whales
    p406 - Dog and Monkey Wrestle
    p405 - 4Baby Monkey - Pig
    p404 - Baboon Adopts Bush Baby
    p403 - Miscellaneous Fawns
    p402 - Cat and Cockatoo
    p401 - Pitbull, siamese cat and chicks

    p400 - Potbellied Pig and Rhodesian Ridgeback
    p399 - Greyhound and Owlet
    p398 - Fawn and Kitten
    p397 - African Elephant and Sheep
    p396 - Kitten Bathes Baby Goat
    p395 - Tinsel the Turkey
    p394 - Miscellaneous
    p393 - Miscellaneous
    p392 - Dog, Leopard, and Piglet are Friends
    p391 - Saving Valentina the Humpback Whale

    p390 - Dog-Barking Parakeet
    p389 - Dog and Orphaned Rabbits
    p388 - Bond Between Cheetah and Dog
    p387 - Raccoon with Ferret
    p386 - Baboon Adopts Bush Baby
    p385 - Dog and Ducklings
    p384 - Owl and Cat are Friends
    p383 - Lions Accept Man as Their Own
    p382 - Miscellaneous
    p381 - Monkey Adopts Cat

    p380 - Baboon - Bush-baby
    p379 - Miscellaneous
    p378 - War Pigeons
    p377 - Miscellaneous
    p376 - Animal Reunion Videos
    p375 - Bear Cub - Dog
    p374 - Kitten Puppy
    p373 - Chinese Cat - Chicks
    p372 - Bear Cub - Dog
    p371 - Miscellaneous

    p370 - Man can't shake off pigeon friend
    p369 - Deer-Goose
    p368 - Cat and Chicks
    p367 - Miscellaneous
    p366 - Mama Bear Saves Baby
    p365 - Match Made in Africa
    p364 - Pet Penguin in Japan
    p363 - Boy Rescues Baby Hummingbird
    p362 - Miscellaneous
    p361 - Baby Bats Rescued in Australia

    p360 - Men Save Whale from Netting (old story, repeated)
    p359 - Miscellaneous You-Tube Videos
    p358 - Goat and Two Dog Pals
    p357 - Best Day of Fishing Ever
    p356 - Rats work minefields
    p355 - Monkey - Parrot
    p354 - Lioness trusts man with her newborn cubs
    p353 - Elk Giving Birth
    p352 - Miscellaneous
    p351 - Hippo Helping Other Species

    p350 - Miscellaneous
    p349 - Miscellaneous
    p348 - Miscellaneous
    p347 - Dog and Cat Friendship
    p346 - Miscellaneous
    p345 - Miscellaneous
    p344 - Basset Hound and Owl
    p343 - Cats Among the Pigeons
    p342 - Seal - Human Interaction
    p341 - Dog Nursing Tigers 2010

    p340 - Macaque - kitten
    p339 - Miscellaneous
    p338 - Cat and Deer
    p337 - Spaniel Befriends Sparrow
    p336 - Meercat - Lioncub
    p335 - Cat Nurses Squirrel
    p334 - Dillie the Deer
    p333 - Cheetahs-Impala
    p332 - Tory Island Dog Swimming With Dolphin
    p331 - Miscellaneous

    p330 - Monkey Babysitter
    p329 - Goat and Dogs
    p328 - Jasmine
    p327 - Miscellaneous
    p326 - Miscellaneous
    p325 - Miscellaneous
    p324 - Seal With Girl
    p323 - Dog Adopts cat
    p322 - Gorilla Reunites With Man
    p321 - Miscellaneous

    p320 - Kitten and otter
    p319 - Hen and Puppies
    p318 - Cat and Deer
    p317 - Baby Hummingbird
    p316 - Miscellaneous
    p315 - Monkey Protecting Child from Dog
    p314 - Monkey Serving Water to the Blind
    p313 - Cat - Tortoise
    p312 - Dog-Piglet
    p311 - Miscellaneous

    p310 - Three Cheetahs Spare Tiny Antelope's Life
    p309 - Squirrel that thinks it's a kitten
    p308 - Lame duck teaches disabled Plymouth boy to walk
    p307 - Animal Friendships
    p306 - Duck-puppies
    p305 - Great Dane-cat-bath
    p304 - Dog Saves Kittens
    p303 - Beagle-Raccoon
    p302 - Unusual Friends
    p301 - Miscellaneous

    p300 - Cat Adopts Squirrels
    p299 - Andy the African Grey
    p298 - Dog Saves Cat from Freezing to Death
    p297 - I Fell In Love With a Baby Elephant
    p296 - Croc Whisperer
    p295 - Miscellaneous
    p294 - Police Dog
    p293 - Skunk Whisperer
    p292 - Cat Nurses Dog
    p291 - Dog Traveler

    p290 - Koalas in Heat Wave
    p289 - Leopard and Mouse
    p288 - Abandoned Piglet Saved by Farm Dog
    p287 - Miracle Horse Story
    p286 - Miscellaneous
    p285 - Dogs and Monkeys
    p284 - Bobcat and Fawn
    p283 - Pig - Lamb
    p282 - Miscellaneous
    p281 - Dog Named Faith

    p280 - Talking Animals
    p279 - Baby Dog
    p278 - Too Hot for Koalas
    p277 - Rottweiler Raises Wolf
    p276 - Smart Penguin
    p275 - Friends
    p274 - Pigeon With Bunnies
    p273 - Miscellaneous
    p272 - Monkey and Dog
    p271 - Spokane Ducks - 2nd year

    p270 - Tribute to Mothers on Mothers Day
    p269 - Chimps
    p268 - Mr. Clucky
    p267 - Baby Squirrel
    p266 - Monkey in Hand
    p265 - Miscellaneous
    p264 - Bear Family
    p263 - Cat and Fox
    p262 - Dog and Chick
    p261 - Pigeon Adopts Bunnies

    p260 - Miscellaneous
    p259 - Animal Parents
    p258 - Dog and Deer Story
    p257 - Duck and Dog
    p256 - Koala in Fire
    p255 - Woman Reunites With Feline Friend
    p254 - 'Thrown Away' Dog Saves Little Girl's Life
    p253 - What a Wonderful World; Deer and Kitten
    p252 - The extraordinary life of a roo called Myrtle
    p251 - Duck in a Truck

    p250 - Pit bull with Chicks
    p249 - Rat Playing With Cat
    p248 - Dog and Elephant
    p247 - Interspecies Friendship
    p246 - Dog and Wild Elk
    p245 - Cat Nurses Chihuahua
    p244 - Dog - Cat Love Story
    p243 - Cat Adopts Squirrels
    p242 - Mr. Joy
    p241 - Miscellaneous

    p240 - Bassett and Owl
    p239 - Duck Tale
    p238 - Miscellaneous
    p237 - Cheetah and Dog
    p236 - Pigeon and Bunnies
    p235 - Pit Bull with Kitten
    p234 - Miscellaneous
    p233 - Tiny Deer
    p232 - Chimp Surrogate to Two Tiger Cubs
    p231 - Schweinchen und Lowen Baby

    p230 - Miscellaneous
    p229 - Wylee and Widget plus Ultralights lead Cranes
    p228 - Roadside Fawn Rescue
    p227 - Shark Punched to Save Dog
    p226 - Dogs and a Wild Deer
    p225 - Piglet and Tigers
    p224 - Squirrel Vs. Dog
    p223 - Miscellaneous
    p222 - Fawn Follows Beagle
    p221 - Pit Bull with Siamese Kitten

    p220 - Duck Calls Cop for help
    p219 - Sir Penguin
    p218 - Joker the Dog and Dolphins
    p217 - Miscellaneous - kitten/chick, wild bird/puppy
    p216 - Baby Moose
    p215 - Parakeet and Kitten
    p214 - Kansas Dog Adopts Tigers
    p213 - Pandas After Earthquake
    p212 - Miscellaneous - pigs, tigers, dogs, lions together
    p211 - Dutch house cat adopts rejected red panda

    p210 - Jet - Fawn
    p209 - Miscellaneous - chickens, parrots, kittens, pigeons
    p208 - Cat and Bear
    p207 - Miscellaneous - blackbirds on hawk, two legged upright dog
    p206 - Spokane Ducks
    p205 - Miscellaneous - monkey/kangaroo, dog/rabbit, fawn, lioness/oryx
    p204 - Parakeet and Cat
    p203 - Dog Nurses Kittens
    p202 - Great Dane makes a deer friend
    p201 - Panda Growth

    p200 - Molly - horse with artificial leg
    p199 - Fawn with Woman
    p198 - Miscellaneous - pig/cow, giraffe at dinner
    p197 - Dog and Sheep
    p196 - Shark Love (interesting hoax)
    p195 - Love is Never Forgotten Energy
    p194 - Miscellaneous - dog/cow, cat/dog
    p193 - Billy the Boxer
    p192 - Dog Nurses Piglet
    p191 - Miscellaneous - cat/turtle, dog/chicken, dog/lamb, dog/squirrel

    p190 - Miscellaneous - cat/moose, frog/mouse, dog/fawn
    p189 - Cat and Parakeet
    p188 - Two Orphans at Wildlife Rescue - otter/badgers
    p187 - Pigs with others
    p186 - Miscellaneous - rooster/cat, otter/dolphin, lion/dog, rabbit/hamster
    p185 - Lila and Outlaw
    p184 - Miscellaneous - dog/cat, cat/mouse, cat/rabbit
    p183 - Coyote - Cat
    p182 - French Bulldog with Parrot
    p181 - Pit bull with Kitten and Cat

    p180 - Cat - Hamster on Japanese TV
    p179 - Decatur Baby Squirrel
    p178 - Miscellaneous - crow/kitten, cat/seagull
    p177 - Dog saves girl from snake
    p176 - Dog With Monkey
    p175 - Bunny and Ducks
    p174 - Wild Polar Bear Playing with Sled Dogs
    p173 - Miscellaneous - dog/badger, squirrel/birds, cat/hamster, dog/fawn
    p172 - Retriever Nurses Kitten
    p171 - Calif. Bear Rescue

    p170 - Deer and People
    p169 - Lion Re-united with Men
    p168 - Miscellaneous -seagull thief
    p167 - Dog Adopts Four Baby Squirrels
    p166 - A Dog Swims Daily to Nurse Newborn
    p165 - Men and Bears
    p164 - Monkey Revived by the Love of a Bird
    p163 - Tigers and Puppies
    p162 - Miscellaneous - squirrels, cat/dog
    p161 - Da Bears

    p160 - Miscellaneous - mouse/cat, cat/puppy
    p159 - Chipper
    p158 - Young Antelope Found Playing With Dog
    p157 - Jessica The Hippo
    p156 - Miscellaneous - mouse/dog, cat/dog, rabbit/dog
    p155 - Finnish Squirrel
    p154 - Zoey vs. the Snake
    p153 - Cat with Chicks
    p152 - Tiger with Rabbits
    p151 - Miscellaneous

    p141 - Cat Nursing Puppy
    p142 - Tiger Cubs Play with Chicks
    p143 - Chihuahua-kitten
    p144 - Donkey and Dog
    p145 - Hippo Saves Antelope from Crocodile
    p146 - Miscellaneous
    p147 - Humpback Whale and Dolphin
    p148 - Dog Feeds Two Tiger Cubs
    p149 - Lion Hugs
    p150 - Baby Duck with Puppy

    p131 - Miscellaneous
    p132 - Miscellaneous
    p133 - Lady Squirrel Stubs
    p134 - Herbie the Rescued Calf
    p135 - Japan's odd couple
    p136 - Childless couple adopts F
    p137 - Donkey and Wolf
    p138 - Miscellaneous
    p139 - Miscellaneous - videos
    p140 - Miscellaneous

    p121 - Deych Family
    p122 - Baby Tigers and Orangutans
    p123 - Miscellaneous
    p124 - Dog protects Frog
    p125 - Ferret with Cat
    p126 - Fawn with Horses
    p127 - Cat with Hedgehogs
    p128 - Leopard Saves a Baby Baboon
    p129 - Dog With Piglet
    p130 - Baby Duck Feeding Koi Fish

    p111 - Heart to Heart
    p112 - Mice over Cat over Dog
    p113 - Miscellaneous - link to Cockatoo Love Story, elephant fetus
    p114 - A pair of turnstones take the ferry
    p115 - A Pigeon of Comfort
    p116 - Miscellaneous - Mandarin Ducks jumping from a tree
    p117 - Bunny and Cat - Cat befriends foster bunny
    p118 - Cat Nursing Skunks
    p119 - Cat Nursing Rottweiler
    p120 - Miscellaneous

    p101 - Rats with Cats
    p102 - Miscellaneous
    p103 - Miscellaneous
    p104 - Handfed Hummingbirds
    p105 - Miscellaneous
    p106 - Cat with friend
    p107 - Dog nursing Cat
    p108 - Chimp With Coloring Book
    p109 - Bear and Wolf
    p110 - Moose Story

    p91 - Dog and Ferret -- also, video of dog and cat getting along
    p92 - Miscellaneous -- Dog and mice. Dog and dolphins. Goat and Cat.
    p93 - Who you calling a duck?
    p94 - What Is It?
    p95 - Dog Instructions for Hugging a Baby
    p96 - Little Chi - LA Story
    p97 - Sam and Bluebell
    p98 - Miscellaneous
    p99 - Miscellaneous
    p100 - Miscellaneous

    p81 - Dog & Chipmunk -- Chihuahua nursing chipmunk
    p82 - Miscellaneous -- kitten and duck, baby birds, fox on trampoline
    p83 - Baby Monkey
    p84 - Cat Chases a Bear
    p85 - Miscellaneous -- boy & baby elephant, geese walking, gorilla & kitten
    p86 - Deer Hunter -- deer visits sleeping hunter
    p87 - Miscellaneous -- dog walks on two legs
    p88 - Mouse & Frog -- mouse rides frog in flood
    p89 - Cat & skunks -- cat nurses skunks
    p90 - Cat and mouse -- mouse staring at cat

    p71 - Miscellaneous -- dog licking rabbit, bears, penguins
    p72 - Argentine Lemurs -- Christmas celebration
    p73 - Owen the Cat -- Male cat nurses kittens
    p74 - Rescued Orangutan
    p75 - Miscellaneous -- Man with opossum, beast and beauty, bird on lama
    p76 - Miscellaneous -- baby sloth, bomb-sniffing rat
    p77 - Bill Lytle and Mr. Waddles
    p78 - Monkey & Kitten
    p79 - Baby Weasel
    p80 - Baby Raccoon

    p61 - Miscellaneous -- Feeding rats in India. Washing snake in Thailand.
    p62 - Rabbit & Deer
    p63 - Dog nurses cats -- after mother cat dies
    p64 - Suki with Kittens -- another dog nursing cats
    p65 - Shih Tzu nurses -- Dog who longed for puppies nurses kittens
    p66 - Mitchie -- another dog nursing cats, and second story
    p67 - Houston dog -- Houston dog discovered nursing kittens
    p68 - Guinea Pig -- Beautiful pet of an ALF supporter.
    p69 - Chihuahua - Kitties -- Chihuahua nurses kittens
    p70 - Heron Rescue

    p51 - Cat adopts bird
    p52 - Elephant Sanctuary
    p53 - Cat helps blind - Cat helps blind dog.
    p54 - Miscellaneous - baby anteater
    p55 - Baby Macaw
    p56 - Bear Feeder
    p57 - Lion's Plane -- Lion's hijack an airplane
    p58 - Bear & Cat
    p59 - White Bear Cub
    p60 - China Dog & Cat

    p41 - Mother Rhino - Mother Rhino with Newborn in Indian Zoo
    p42 - Hurricane Family - A family born from a hurricane
    p43 - Miscellaneous -thumbnails, plus link to video of adorable Dancing dog
    p44 - Dori - Dog looking like she's about to eat a cat
    p45 - Dog adopts cow
    p46 - Horse adopts kitten
    p47 - hamster & snake
    p48 - spider-monkey
    p49 - pig nursing dog
    p50 - Raven feeding vulture

    p31 - Finch and Cat
    p32 -  Miscellaneous - thumbnails, plus talking dogs .wmv
    p33 - Dog-Squirrel
    p34 - Miscellaneous -thumbnails, plus Einstein the parrot .wmv
    p35 - Sobe
    p36 - Dori and Django
    p37 - Finnegan the Squirrel
    p38 - Vivaldi Playing "Cat Scratch Fever"
    p39 - Miscellaneous -thumbnails
    p40 - Kids / Dogs - human/animal connection

    p21 - Rat & Love Birds -- Love birds raise rat
    p22 - Asian Elephants -- in Circus, in Canada
    p23 - Miscellaneous plus cat giving massage to dog wmv.
    p24 - Hummingbird Nest, 2003
    p25 - Hummingbird Nest, 2005
    p26 - Miscellaneous
    p27 - The Horse that helped save the fawn
    p28 - Tom & DJ cat and pig
    p29 - Miscellaneous
    p30 - Cat and Squirrel

    p11 - Orphan Deer in Romania with man
    p12 - Rhino & Goat -- Buddies
    p13 - Fireman and dog -- North Carolina, United States
    p14 - Donkey is Barman -- Huckleberry, in South Africa
    p15 - Baby Rhino in Belgium --
    p16 - Camel Kiss --
    p17 - Baby Vervet Monkey --
    p18 - Tolerance -- Dog with Kitten
    p19 - Tonkean Macaue --
    p20 - Zurich Bull Elephant --

    p1 - Miscellaneous -- Animal photos from around the world
    p2 - Miscellaneous
    p3 - Hippo and Tortoise after the Tsunami, plus story of Owen and Mzee
    p4 - Fawn and Dog become friends in South Africa
    p5 - Kipper & Mi-Lu
    p6 - Tiger & Piglets -- From zoo near Bangkok
    p7 - Chickens & Duck
    p8 - Miscellaneous -- inter-species harmony
    p9 - Miscellaneous -- inter-species harmony
    p10 - Dog & Tiger -- Dog is a Tiger's mom

Ashes and Snow- Feather to Fire

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