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96. Little Chi

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This little Chi was dumped at the South L.A. Shelter after having a litter of puppies who were probably then sold; she was still engorged with milk.

This tiny unweaned kitten also found herself without a mama at the shelter which usually means a death sentence.

Thinking outside the box, Leslie Correa, South L.A's shelter manager, had an idea. Hmmmm. She placed the kitten with the Chi mama dog; they quickly bonded and became inseparable. When the Chi would be taken out of the cage, the kitten would cry and cry. When the kitten would be taken away from mama Chi, the little mama would furrow her brow with worry.

Leslie decided that they had to be adopted together. Thanks to Leslie and LIFE Animal Rescue, this pair will go to a foster home and then be adopted out together.


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