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28. The Story of Tom and DJ

The story of Tom and DJ is a story about animal intelligence. It's a story of animals making up games among themselves and having fun, even between different species. And most importantly, they do it on their own without human direction or prodding.

Peggy Couey of Dragonwood Farm, a pig sanctuary, wrote, "Today I was able to catch a shot of my little kitten Tom (aka Tom Mix) and his brother Jerry as Tom saddled up and rode out into the sunset on DJ, one of the little piglets here. This is an every day event here, and they both love it. Once DJ sets off Tom sits down lower and holds on. I didn't get the award winning picture but I did get one before they were both full grown!"






These two kittens were so tiny they fit easily in a teacup when Denise found them abandoned. They have grown up in the barn with the pigs, cuddled down on chilly evenings under the hay with their favorite giant. The pigs would never step on a kitten, or on either of the adult barn cats, though they certainly don't mind a bit stepping on my tender little toes!!

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Stories and pictures like these are glimpses into Isaiah's prophecy of the Peaceable Kingdom (11:6-9), where all humans and animals will live together in love and never again harm or destroy one another. Tom and DJ have established a relationship based upon love and trust, something that we humans need to learn to do more consistently, among ourselves, and among our fellow species who occupy this planet with us. When we learn to look upon all our fellow creatures as our brothers and sisters, as did St. Francis of Assisi, then and only then will we learn how to have true and lasting peace.

29 - Miscellaneous


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