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"Shot Trying to Save His Master"

August 14, 2012

I am the daughter and grand niece of former high ranking NYPD Emergency Service men, and a former Bellevue Clinical Nurse Specialist, who for many years helped save countless police officers lives while working in Bellevue’s Emergency Trauma slot!

Has anyone ever entertained the premise that perhaps one of the reasons for the rash of killings in our city has been catalyzed by the example set by these trigger happy bozos who are now blithely taking out dogs, like STAR, who has the “humanity,” (most of us humans are sorely lacking,) to defend their “guardians”! (Please, ~ refrain from using the term “master”) Shooting this formerly abandoned dog in the head was reprehensible, inexcusable, unacceptable and an act of blatant cowardice. Brutalizing any animal is abhorrent. The macho cop with his weapon “hot” and “smoking” probably lost it in his navy blues! Most NYPD cops today need intensive sensitivity training and a few perhaps, might actually be able to conjure up the intellectual acuity to benefit from it. God save us from these clowns. “POLICE” state that the DOG SURVIVED and is being cared for at an EAST HARLEM SHELTER? Which one? The ACC shelter on 110th, which is a “killing field”! PROVE IT!

PS By the way ~ I am Caucasian!

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