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Sea Shepherd Exposes Slaughter of 90,000 Baby Seals 12-08-27      
Feds close Hanford slaughterhouse for animal cruelty allegation 12-08-22 USA    
Former Marineland staff 'sickened' by park's explanations 12-08-21 Canada    
(CA) Marineland: Heartache for Smooshi the walrus as top trainer quits 12-08-15 Canada    
"Shot Trying to Save His Master" 12-08-14 US, NY    
Amidst dog shootings, Tennessee sheriff refuses to enforce animal cruelty laws 12-08-13      
(US/ga) Bluffton veterinarian involved in controversial primate testing industry 12-08-12      
Setting the Record Straight on Paul Watson's Legal Status 12-08-12      
Shell Gets Green Light to Harass Marine Mammals 12-08-07      



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