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Paul Watson facing new extradition to Japan

27 July 2012

Today, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the organization founded by Captain <> Paul Watson and known as the organization that takes to the Southern Ocean to protect the whales on <> Animal Planet's "Whale Wars" series is now saying that Japan has taken legal action against Watson.

Watson, who was <> arrested in Germany on May 13, 2012 has since left Germany within the last week. Germany had been proceeding with Watson's <> extradition to Costa Rica. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had concerns that Watson's life would be in danger or he would be extradited to Japan. Today, those suspicions were confirmed by Watson's attorney.

"I received confirmation today from Germany's General Public Prosecutor that Japan filed an extradition request against Paul Watson on July 19th," said Oliver Wallasch, lead German Counsel for Captain Paul Watson.

"Germany was proceeding with Captain Watson's extradition to Costa Rica and, once there, there is no doubt he would have been delivered into Japanese custody," said Susan Hartland, Administrative Director for Sea Shepherd. "Upon being extradited to Japan, he would not have received a fair trial and would never have seen the outside of a prison again," she added.

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