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NAALPO Newsletter, April/May 2012

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Animal Liberation Front Targets Multiple Vancouver Fur Shops May 23 On the night of May 21st four Vancouver fur stores were visited by the ALF. Capilano Furs, Speiser Furs, Snowflake Furs and Pappas Furs were covered in red paint to remind the public of the innocent blood spilled every day in the vicious fur trade. Read the full communique here.

Animal/Earth Liberationist Prisoners Sadie and Exile Released to Halfway House May 20 According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons , ELF prisoners Sadie and Exile have been transferred to the custody of the Seattle Community Corrections Office after spending more than 6 years in full confinement.

"Early this morning in the USA, three anti-hunters toppled a hunting blind, three tree-stands, and smashed a trail camera." - Communique received anonymously April 12, 2012

FBI agents serve activist with a subpoena to appear at a grand jury investigating 2008 arson in Santa Cruz, CA May 11 One person in California has been subpoenaed to a grand jury by FBI agents. From the subpoena, it appears the grand jury is investigating a fire set at the home of a UC-Santa Cruz animal researcher in 2008. There was no claim of responsibility for the fire, and there is no evidence activists were responsible. More information here.

Fifth Midwest barn fire in one month destroys rodeo equipment and training arena May 10 A massive fire destroyed a barn used by a rodeo in southern Illinois last night. The fire consumed the entire building and its contents, which included "expensive" equipment used for an annual rodeo. The was no word from investigators about a possible cause. The destroyed facility east of St Louis used by "Optimist Rodeo". The organization holds an annual rodeo, which was scheduled to be held in June. There is no word on if the rodeo will be cancelled, or how the fire will affect the event. More information on this and the other fires here.

Victor VanOrden released after serving only three months of his five year sentence May 9 Victor has been granted parole and was released May 10th. In February he received an exorbitant sentence of five years for the �crime� of cutting a fence and opening a single cage at the Circle K Fur Farm in Sioux City, Iowa. This week, the judge granted Victor parole, reducing his sentence by over 90%. His codefendant (and wife) Kellie received a 30 day sentence for the same action. Read more here.

Animal Liberationist Prisoner Kellie Marshall has been Released from Jail Apr 21 Kellie Marshall has been released after her (relatively) brief sentence for cutting fences and releasing one mink at the Circle K Fur Farm in Sioux City, Iowa. The Circle K Fur Farm was first raided in 1997. 5,000 mink and 100 fox were released in that action. More info here.

Bite Back Magazine Publishes 2011 Year-End Report
Apr 21 New report from Bite Back covers an entire year of direct action and the ALF. The 12-page publication summarizes an entire year of actions by the Animal Liberation Front and other groups who work outside the law to save animals. The report includes: *Full color photos of animal liberations and sabotage actions (great photo of the torched Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur in Idaho + more) *�Ten Best� of 2011 list (including �most destructive� and �best camera work�) *A complete list of every reported ALF action (and actions claimed by other groups) worldwide. Get your copy for only a dollar here.

Settlement Reached Over Long Haul Raid Apr 11 The law enforcement agencies that raided the Long Haul in 2008 have come to a settlement agreement in the lawsuit filed against them by the anarchist library and community center, as well as the prisoner support group East Bay Prisoner Support (EBPS). According to the settlement, the agencies have agreed to delete the computer data seized in the raid and pay $100,000 in damages and attorney's fees. The 2008 armed raid by the UCBPD and the FBI was part of an investigation into a series of threatening e-mails sent to animal researchers at UC Berkeley. Read more here.

Latest Writings and Events on Animal Liberation

Servants of the Truth, by Walter Bond �The time has come for an Ideology and for a movement that is both physically and morally strong enough to do battle against the forces of evil that are destroying the Earth (and all life upon it). One that cannot be bought nor led astray by temptation, a movement free of the vices that sedate the mind and weaken the body. An ideology that is pure and righteous without contradictions or inconsistencies. One that judges all things by one standard and emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability above all else. Read more here.

The Iowa Dirge I hear so many screams Bestial cries Of terror and pain Cut off choked out throttled shocked into silence. And death. Death in obscurity and shadows Produced on an assembly line. Manufactured in factories, Industrialized Commodified More here.

On Analogies as Advocacy Tools: Some Thoughts on Appropriation A topic I've seen come up frequently on Tumblr and other social media sites lately is about privilege and veganism, which actually encompasses a broad spectrum of issues. Some of these are more clear-cut than others. While I think it's valid and useful to talk about economic privilege and the relative accessibility of vegan foods, I will not be focusing on that here. I think there is another very pressing issue that gets less visibility that should be constantly on our minds: appropriation of human oppression to describe exploitation of nonhumans. More here.

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