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Results of a new study in the Netherlands: 'Meat-eaters are selfish'

'Eating meat brings out the worst in people'

25 August 2011

People who eat meat are more selfish, less social and more distant.

At least that's what three professors from Tilburg and Nijmegen report after having conducted several studies about the psychological impact of of meat and meat eating. According to the findings carnivores feel superior to others whilst vegetarians and flexitarians are happier and less lonely.

The studies were done by psychologist Marcel Zeelenberg, consumer scientist Diederik Stapel (Tilburg University) and psychologist Roos Vonk (Radboud University).

Experiments showed that insecure people preferred beef to eggs and fish. Furthermore groups having seen a picture of a cow and steak demonstrated a more selfish attitude in multiple choice tests, compared to those having seen a tree.

"Carnivores think more in terms of dominance and being the boss. Eating meat is a way to rise up above others," says Vonk.

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