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The Effectiveness of Direct Action on Increasing Public Disgust with Vivisection

A recent poll cited by the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) shows that public attitudes towards the use of animals in medical research are changing, and not the way they had hoped. From the mid 1990s through 2008 the level of support among the public has fallen from 70 percent to 54 percent. Full Press Release Here

Animal Liberation Prisoner Walter Bond Transferred to Utah to Face Charges

A June trial date has been set for a Salt Lake City animal rights activist known as �Lone Wolf� for allegedly setting fire to a leather factory and restaurant in Salt Lake County last summer. A federal grand jury indicted Walter Bond, 35, in September with two counts of felony arson and two counts of force, violence and threats involving animal enterprises. Bond entered a not guilty plea on Wednesday before U.S. Magistrate Brooke C. Wells and was scheduled for trial before Judge Ted Stewart in June. Bond is already serving five years in prison for burning down a factory near Denver which specializes in sheepskin products such as shoes, rugs and seat covers.

Latest Writings and Events on Animal Liberation

'Negotiation Is Over' Interviews the Lone Wolf: Go Vegan and Break Something! The North American Animal Liberation Press Office is proud to announce the addition of 'Negotiation is Over' founder Camille Marino to our Advisors and Speakers Panel. In turn, Ms. Marino was recently honored when current Press Officer Walter Bond joined the NIO collective as the Senior Editor of Militant Direct Action. Her recent interview with the �Lone Wolf� brings out the "fanaticism" in the war for animal liberation that we all share. Walter has surpassed many in conquering his own fears and liberating his own mind � his transformation to warrior is complete. He may be locked away behind bars, but they can never imprison his spirit�(Read More)

NAALPO at Animal Liberation Forum, CSULB - Animal rights activists met at Cal State Long Beach this weekend for a four-day conference promoting the ethical treatment of animals. Representatives from many animal rights groups gathered for lectures and exhibits to raise awareness about their cause. The Animal Liberation Forum included forums about veganism, the abuse of circus animals and the use of animals in science. Nicoal Sheen is a CSULB alumna who now works for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. Sheen said her job as a press officer is to justify the actions taken by organizations such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). "We receive anonymous communications about underground actions that are happening for animals, whether it be animal liberation or economic sabotage," she said. "Anything ranging from arson to vandalism, and we contextualize these events historically as well as ideologically." (Read More)

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