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Animal Abuse Claims Against Santa Cruz Lab

Animal Abuse Claims Against Santa Cruz Lab
Apr 18, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011 11:02 AM ESTSANTA CRUZ, Calif - Monday morning an Ohio-based animal watchdog group will meet with media to show pictures and government documents that, it says, prove Santa Cruz Biotechnology is guilty of "massive federal violations."

Michael Budkie is the executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now. He says the company is mistreating animals in the name of science. He says that mistreatment includes starvation, insomnia and lack of veterinary care.

Allegedly, after a federal inspection, Santa Cruz Biotechnology is responsible for 170 sick animals.

Central Coast News is still waiting for the company's response. Budkie says his group has not reached out to them.

David Smith is a local to the area. He is an animal lover, but understands this complicated coin has two sides.

"If you are going to test on animals, it really has to be something that really needs it, and it has to have a very definite result that could lead to something like a cure to cancer," Smith said.

Budkie flew all the way from Ohio to the Central Coast for Monday's news conference. He says, "At the news conference tomorrow, you will see very unhealthy animals. The kinds of things that if they were found in your home, you would be charged with animal cruelty."

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