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Instead of Heifer Int'l - donate to VEGFAM


100% Vegan ~ Please donate to VEGFAM
~ feed the world's hungry (humans), without exploiting animals or the environment.

Instead of Heifer Int'l, Oxfam, Christian Aid, and other such programs that exploit animals, and the environment, you will see on VEGFAM's website they are 100% Vegan. Excellent ... any time of year, and esp during the holidays (donations are great as a gift too).

In USA, donations may easily be sent through Vegan Society:

USA The American Vegan Society kindly accepts US dollar donations for Vegfam and sends them to us periodically, in British currency. Please make checks payable to AVS and state that it is a donation for VEGFAM - designated projects only or projects & administrative costs and marked for overseas relief.

Please send to:
The American Vegan Society, 56 Dinshah Lane, PO Box 369,
Malaga NJ 08328-0908.
(Ph: 856-694-2887. Fax: 856-694-2288. )

WHAT's WRONG with The HEIFER PROJECT - by Rev. Gary Kowalski

WHAT's WRONG with OXFAM - Liberty Scott
- and by Walden Bello -

WHAT's WRONG with CHRISTIAN AID - Andrew Tyler

Promote, support, donate to VEGFAM.

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