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New from Mike Palecek - November 2010

A) Mike Palecek interview with Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio 
on American Freedom Radio Network, Saturday, Oct. 23rd

B) Karl Rove served subpoena for theft of election!
The Free Press

C) Roseanne Barr:
 911 Was An Inside Job

D) FBI Agent-
FBI & CIA covered up JFK killing,
both committed treason

1) Peter B. Collins interview with Mike Palecek,
talking about Palecek's new book, "Camp America"

2) John Judge:
Were there FBI agents in King's entourage?
Withers? Jackson? Young? Others?
Black Op Radio
Show #495
Original airdate- Oct 7, 2010 

3) Enjoying Your Freedom?
Thank A Protester

... or Love and Bigfoot in the Time of Swine Flu

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