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Kraft Foods Switches One Million Eggs to Cage-Free press_releases/2010/11/kraft_111110.html

Kraft Foods will switch one million eggs within its supply chain to cage-free in 2011.

It sounds wonderful, but, sadly, this may well be just a huge PR move on the part of HSUS ('we did something and are worthy of more donations') and on the part of Kraft ('we are caring! Buy our products').

Like re products made by companies which use the words "we do not test on animals" (note that particular wording) as part of their labeling, there may be more to the picture. "We do not test on animals" allows companies to be able to legally send their products to outside labs *which they pay* to test their products on animals while being able to distance themselves from a practice they well know horrifies so many, instead of using alternative testing. Clever. (Well, as one writer put it about another subject: "In my day, clever and criminal were two different things".)

As for cage-free chickens, if one goes to a thorough search engine like (note: is porn) and
click on 'scroogle scraper' and a window will appear. Putting the term ' cage free does not always mean cruelty free ' into the window one gets many hits about how the term 'cage free' is freely used to deceive caring people.

About cage-free eggs, we are warned:

""But most cage-free chickens never peck in a barnyard during their lives, which last from 12 to 18 months. The term 'cage free' is lightly regulated. Companies get approval to use it on their labels through the Food Safety Inspection Service of the Agriculture Department, which does not actually inspect laying operations. (snip)"

Some egg ranches keep their lights on the chickens 24 hours to stimulate egg-laying, and "produced locally" is not guarantee that that facility does not engage in that practice.

To find truly cruelty-free eggs:

2. Free Farmed (AHA)

"The American Humane� Certified program (formerly known as the Free Farmed program) ... as created by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ... Humane Certified, attesting to its humanely raised cage-free eggs. ..."

3. *100%-Cruelty-Free Companies | Living Cruelty Free

"17 Nov 2008 ... Yeah for those of us who want to be cruelty free, there is some (at times a ... rabbit logos on any brand that isn't certified cruelty-free. ... Another cruelty-freeist! You're in luck � free-range eggs are out there! ..."

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